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Thread: If You Were in Charge of the Anime (*POTENTIAL SPOILERS*)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mudkip Oshawott Piplup View Post

    Diamond & Pearl:
    -Paul would be an overall better character, maybe some what like Gary Oak.
    I disagree, I thought that Paul was treated way better than Gary, he appeared and battled Ash more, while Gary rarely ever battled with Ash, and Also Paul felt more like a rival to Ash then Gary was imo, because of how their battling styles and personalities clashed with each other. Paul was actually the best rival for Ash imo.

    -Brock & Misty would return again for a few episodes. They tell Ash that they are officially dating, and it makes him feel happy for them, but also kind of like the third wheel of the group. Also, after thet leave, Ash calls them on occasion. Sometimes individually or together.
    I really don't think Brock or Misty need to return as they have no relevance at all in XY or ORAS. They pretty much have appeared in some shape or form in every series so far anyways, so I would like a break for a while from seeing either of them again.
    -Serena would be a Coordinator, have a career we've not yet seen, or be a Connoisseur.
    I agree with this, it would be great to see either as long as she gets more screen time and is more active.
    Quote Originally Posted by Canada View Post
    Biggest Fan of the Diamond and Pearl Series: Dawn+Serena Fan

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    If i was in charge as far as giving second chances to older characters goes i would bring Misty back to main cast.

    Not forever, but for one more region as way to tie up lose ends, enjoy in her full of energy and endearing flare recognizable personality. Seeing her in actioon moving forward with her dreams again using collected experience at gym as mean of having easier time in coping with new challenges, trainers and more demanding obstacles she would need to overcome to develop more ingenious techniques, get enriched with new knowledge.

    She is imo great character having full of color dynamic and best chemistry with group. Knowing how to bring lot of energy and life in just about any group combination enjoying in her antics, flirty escapades and spunky, curious nature.

    Purpose being return would be in advancing her goals of becoming water pokemon master , learn about new water pokemon and ways how to bring their full power on surface, Meet legendary water pokemon coming to realization how to bond with them on closer level and learn from other water experts.

    There would be chain of water related tournaments similar to Whirl Cup expanding on what sea priestess Maya said about water heroes in past and what future steps are required to accomplish in achieving title of master.

    Also this would raise up opportunity to learn more about her character,backstory,her family(aside from sisters) etc,bringing more comedy and something fresh on show,aswell getting to see her pokemon more often.

    With there existing potential to be done a lot more with her character, unexplored fears and issues aside from her water dreams(ill list just two of many examples through which i would develop this character more;
    1.)-Surskit both big and water pokemon opening pandora box of character going through struggle and selfquestioning with her prejudices getting a way of accepting it having to learn how to get over her despise making massive step forward as trainer,

    2.)-or introduction of parents who could be high class water trainers with Misty feeling resentment over abandoning her and sisters at very young age having to grow up fast while being insecure and fearing of not meting up their expectations becoming rebelious in wanting to prove them wrong). Shippers would say there is that romantic angle to character too which was also left wide unanswered regarding main protagonist.

    Along with battling special evaluators and passing various tasks in trying to be noticed for her abilities and get taken as E4 apprentice(like either her idol Lorelei, Wallace or E4 of water pokemon Siebold learning how to become best water trainer in world).

    At end of saga Misty would be parting ways with Ash and her new friends after accompanying them on journey to go on next ladder as water enthusiast, someone who is greatly defined by them being her way of living joining one of water experts taking her as their protege .

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    Most significant change I can think of doing would be to do a complete overhaul of Dawn's arc, and have it essentially be the opposite to May's arc.

    Dawn was all set to be a great coordinator like her mother from the start. It would have served as excellent growth and deconstruction to have her try out Contests and find that she's just not cut out for the job. Have her win her first two Contests against Kenny and Zoey (the latter just barely), go into a rut, win against May (The one who started as nothing and is now the "Princess of Hoenn") to renew her confidence, but then have her lose to Lila and make her realize that she just doesn't have it in her. All the while, she would resist giving up, as a testament to her pride as the daughter of a Top Coordinator (and as a reflection of Piplup's own habitual pride). There really would be A Need to Worry.

    She would still have her battle with Maylene, but this time it would give her her first insight to the fact that there are other things to do with Pokemon besides coordinating. The Hermoine episode would still occur for this same purpose. Dawn would battle Johanna at Jubilife, but Johanna would have Dawn think about what she wants to do that would please herself, not her mother.

    Ash would still encourage her to keep pursuing the Sinnoh Contest Circuit, which she would continue to do, albeit with slightly less heart to it. She would battle Ursula, who would be retconned to also be a daughter of a former Top Coordinator and be incredibly smug about it, and she would serve as a foil to Dawn in that, holy ****, she could have been just like her. In due time thanks to encouragement from her friends, she would get her Five Ribbons (there would be no Princess Silva episode).

    In the meantime, she would frequently meet up with Gary Oak, who himself would appear much more frequently in the Sinnoh Saga. She would see that she and him are similar in many ways - they're both legacies of a popular person in the Pokemon world, and they each experienced a rut in their career. Dawn would talk with Gary on why he gave up his original desire to be a Pokemon Master, and he would confide that he saw that 1) He himself was not cut for the job, and 2) He originally wanted to be one to keep the Oak legacy alive, but eventually realized that there are other ways do so. Gary would serve as the catalyst for Dawn's character development and ultimate decision.

    (Related: It's my opinion that this was the original reason why Gary was given cameos in DP: To give Dawn a look at a result of someone giving up on their original dream and it turning out to be for the better. Dawn's fangirling over him and his grandfather's legacy is possibly a relic of that concept.)

    Grand Festival would proceed as it did originally. Dawn would kick Ursula to the curb and prove that Dawn had grown to be a much better person, and Dawn would eventually make it to the Grand Finals. But, during the Grand Finals itself, she would admit to Zoey that this would be her last Contest, and that she would give it all she's got to end her Contest career with a bang. She would still lose, but Dawn would take solace that she ended it on her own terms, and would begin anew to find something that would establish her own legacy.

    Dawn's Unova cameo would show her going with Cynthia to investigate the Undersea Ruins, and revealing that during her time away, she's been trying something similar to Gary, and looking at being a researcher.

    tl;dr: Instead of being another Contest retrek like May's arc, Dawn's arc would basically be what Gary's arc would be if we had been following Gary this entire time. A self-reflection on what it means to be the best, what is left after everything is lost, and what it takes to make someone and yourself proud. That's something that could have been worthy of the co-star name and as a contrast to Ash's "Never say die" attitude towards Pokemon Training, particularly against Paul.

    As for other stuff, I might have retconned Tracey to be a former Pokemon League Champion who had retired early on to focus on his love for Pokemon Watching, in order to give Ash a "Yay, I'm Pokemon Champion! Now what?" type of development. I'd also make Misty's Togepi/Togetic the only one of its kind in the Pokemon World, as it was originally before the Evil Togepi filler showed up. I like mythos. :3

    Speaking of Misty, have her go through internal debates on if her desire to be a Water Pokemon Master is simply that, or just a desire to be noticed and respected, just with a title added on to it. Being completely ignored by her sisters and possibly her parents should have had more psychological impacts beyond being tsundere to everything in sight. Her bonding with Togepi would not only give her growth, but since Togepi's a Normal-type, give her the idea that maybe being a WPM was a facade she herself believed.

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    To Sonic Boom:
    very interesting ideas. Some of things you guys come up with are much more innovative and engaging than what writers are capable or willing to deliver with their story and characters., Budget and resources obviously aren't issue, hence making it all that more frustrating that so much unlimited potential this anime has isn't properly used,.

    I especially like your idea of Tracey character. He definitely seemed much more mature and knowledgeable about pokemon, regulations and how world functions than Misty and Ash does with anything prior to meeting them being complete mystery.

    We dont know anything about his past, from where he comes from, who is his family, what he did before. Absolutely nothing and its very possible that occupation of becoming pokemon watcher may not be initial desire he developed in his mind.

    Afterall its not unusual that people change multiple careers in life before discovering one which truly fulfills them. Sometime that searching lasts for whole life existing cases of people in already advanced age quitting with job changing it.

    I always felt Tracey continuing with Ash, Misty in Johto would have made sense . His Scyther could have evolved, he could catch Smeargle and serve as mentor to Ash helping him in overcoming rivalry with Gary and preparing himself for Johto league.
    With region containing multitude of unique pokemon he could research and expand horizons.

    As for Misty interestingly enough there were moments where Misty showed internal doubts and struggles of being overshadowed by sisters and underesimated for her own abilities by others revealing how it had negative traces on her character to extent. Deconstructing sense of security and self preservence, building rough, more violent facade to cover up her own insecurities, fears and desire to be noticed for her own strength,.

    In addition to that it did seemed like she never received parental love or support with Takeshi Shudo in novelizations showing how just like with Brock parents abandoned Misty and sisters when they were little.

    With addition of two new persons in her life Ash and Brock along with responsibility with Togepi starting to leave influence on character becoming more open as pereson and less difficult over time developing appreciation for her friends, more tolerance and independence breaking free from sisters influence.

    Maintainin need to be selfreliant, tough and rebellious not letting others to tailor her destiny, but being more reasonable with time.

    Masin issue is that development happened, but it was at times inconsistent and scarse that way to get there didnt fluently followed final results. And that writers never dived deeper into this problems and on more noticeable level giving just hints and sometime situations when this issues came to surface.

    Speaking of her water pokemon master career i like premise of character facing dilemma of whether becoming top water trainer renowned and honored for her abilities is really something she wants to do or its just consolation mindset she developed as result of neglect and downplaying to prove how she isn't useless and has her own talents?

    Although through series writers showed how this aspect of her character is more driven by enormous love and passion for water pokemon wanting to learn as much as she can about them, become strongest user of that specie in world and eventually revealing from where such love steems from(in "Some Like it Hot". Dreaming to meet legendary water pokemon realizing their origins and secrets and what it takes to become master.

    Hoenn had excellent material to take advantage of that with Kyogre or even Manaphy in movie. (Whats with writers removing characters before regions they could fully benefit from?)

    Wanting to achieve high class status as user of this type and not hiding interest and enchabtment with strong water users like E4 member Lorelei,

    Viewing her ads idol and someone she would like to become herself one day.

    Indirectly connecting her water master career with desire to reach E4 sttrength and fame status. Which i guess made sense because her game counterpart worship Lorelei too planning to go on journey to improve skiklls and meet stronger trainers showing affinity to become more than gym leader,.

    Hence why i think taking Misty down E4 route trying to become first female E4 of water pokemon in history would be viable solution in advancing her dreams and make creative story arc out of it. Either through spin of(another set of chronicles) or by giving her temporary return in main series competing in tournaments, going through rigorous training and meeting other experts to learn about moe complex battle strategies before she becomes E4 apprentice(Siebold could be good mentor making her all fangirly lol) and eventually takes over position once older one retires.
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