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    Hey guys! I'm entering University in Multimedia and Design and I want to practice a bit before going in.


    1.Use the Forms
    2.You rush me, I don't do your request
    3.Give me everything I need, don't tell me " w/e you think is cool"
    4.I choose the font
    5.I'll try to make things as quickly as I can with good quality.
    6.The images you propose must be high quality. I like when they're at least 800x600.
    7.I wont redo a banner....unless I made a spelling mistake or some major crap on it.

    You start with 5 hp.
    An avatar costs 2hp
    A sig costs 2,5 Hp
    A wallpaper costs 5 hp

    When you run out of HP, it takes a week to regenerate them.


    [BIG Example]


    Type: ( Banner, avatar, wallpaper)
    Size: The size...(I typically enjoy working with 400x100 for signatures)
    Images ( LINK THEM) Images in the graphix (Big please)
    Textwhat text u want in the graphic
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