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    Default & ▫ [ice] pokemon club ; vx

    ever green trees and a minty fresh sea

    & ▫ [ice] pokemon clubb ; vx - sppf's snow hearted mistress
    version ten - don’t let this die dammit!

    & ▫ [epic] // xx
    Welcome to the ipc, the place for ice pokemon lovers.
    Here we’ll discuss ice types and anything concerning them.
    Ice pokemon are delicious and i strongly intend to keep this alive.
    Be active – there’s snow way out once you’re in.

    & ▫ [laws] // xx
    [x] all sppf rules (ie no spam. spam is bad)
    [x] write like a human ; don’t make your post spammy
    [x] absolutely no posts under two full lines
    [x] members can start a topic whenever they wish
    [x] it’s not necessary to stay strictly on the topic, just as long as it deals with ice types
    [x] don’t ask to be co-owner
    [x] feel free to advertise with the club banners – but give credit [also don’t be afraid to post your own art work]
    [x] if you want to join, PM ME asking to join. do not post it here - don't be afraid to pm me lol ^_^ ; if accepted i’ll tell you what the topic is to post here
    [x] if I ask you to edit your post to make it longer, then please do it
    [x] break a rule, and immediate ban (but i'll be lenient depending on which rule)

    & ▫ [body] // xx
    | member | artist | [co]owner | banned |
    Mr. Joker
    The Jman
    Skyler 99
    Pokemaniac Erika

    & ▫ [news] // xx
    mascot voting
    every member can give two pokemon out of the five, elimination strikes
    once everybody has voted, those two pokemon shall be eliminated
    then, members can "nominate" two of the remaining three pokemon
    for elimination, and once we have the bottom two, a vote will decide
    which of the two is eliminated. finally, a vote between the two and
    whichever with the most points wins. further details to be given later
    1. Sealeo
    2. Cloyster
    3. Delibird
    4. Dewgong
    5. Sneasel
    current contest

    & ▫ [pics] // xx
    credit ; azure wolf

    & ▫ [archive] // xx
    the snowball effect
    ΩOmega WeavileΩ - ipc version one
    SlipKnoT - ipc version two
    Mamoswine Power - ipc version three
    Alkaide - ipc version four
    GT4GTR - ipc version five
    Mangaeyes - ipc version six
    Alkaide - ipc version seven
    Mangaeyes - ipc version eight
    CyberBlastoise - ipc version nine
    Alkaide - ipc version ten

    Delibird wants
    you to join ~
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    into all colors of the rainbow. take your own color in the
    pattern and be just that. so spread your wings and let your
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