I thought the episode was very good and for me the best of this whole tein leaf festival thingy

Mime jr appeared again omg it's been like 10 episodes since we've seen it
Woo Croagunk confirmed as a male - possibly done at the croagunk festival
Palmer shwing off his dragonite great
The only bad thing about the ep was how rushed the battles in the tournament were like they could have at least shown the semi final battles and kept the montage for the preliminaries
I almost screamed with joy when they played the Battle Frontier music
The grotle vs rhyperior battle was absolutely epic
Overgrow was really cool
Thank god Ash lost it would have been wrong to make him beat Palmer lol
Cool how Dawn is gonna use dat strategy with her pokemon in contests
They referenced the full battle with Paul which is always good
Yes Sunnyshore city here we come..................agter we play some more johto pokemon lol