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    face-offs // the directory

    This has been long overdue for an overhaul.

    You don't need to submit entries to new face-offs - I'll be the one putting them myself. =)

    Should there be any problems like change of owner/co-owner, change of title, or whatever, don't hesitate to PM me.

    It's in alphabetical order, and its format is much like the previous one.

    Face-Off Name + Link - Owner, Co-owners, Tallyists

    Adventure Face-Off Fast Forward - Jonessodaco.Chris, YellowHat, fosterfossil, pikasaur, WaterDragon trainer, Brodioh
    Anime Character Face Off - Sweet May, Moogles4ever
    Ashs pokemon face-off - Jonessodaco.Chris, Squirtleboy12, FosterFossil, Tyranitarphantom, pikasaur, legendofFire, Brodioh
    Battle Tournament Face-Off Version 2 - Jonessodaco.Chris, YellowHat, Neos345, fosterfossil, legendofFire
    Characters Face-Off! V.2 - Avegaille, taitofan, Medea
    Shipping Face-Off - taitofan
    Simply The Best - Pokémon Face-Off - Sinnohdragon, Master Blastoise, pika3, noobiess
    Starter Pokemon Face-Off - Dramatic Melody, Brodioh, Nebbio, Sinnohdragon
    The Gym Leader's Pokemon Face Off - Blaperile
    ~The Pokémon Awards V4.0~ - Master Blastoise, Sinnohdragon, Kyogre35, ~Shadow Espeon~, shy taillow, Woliwo, pikasaur
    The Regions Face-off - Sinnoh Champion, Kyogre35, OrangeDonphan
    The Worst Pokemon Face Off - pikasaur
    Ultimate Character/ Pokemon Face-off - Jonessodaco.Chris, pikasaur, fosterfossil
    Last edited by Dramatic Melody; 28th October 2009 at 10:11 PM. Reason: Put in Sinnohdragon as Tallyist of Starter, Removed Anime/Game Music and Oscar for Best Picture Winners

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