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Thread: Favorite HG/SS E4 member

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    Default Favorite HG/SS E4 member

    Johto had four fabulous Elite Four members that we could battle: Which ones did y'all like the most? Please try and explain your thoughts thoroughly, not just "I like ____".

    I personally loved Will and Karen, mostly because I didn't like the idea of Bruno hanging around and Koga's promotion never interested me. Will and Karen were fresh and Will's design in particular was pretty amazing; he looked like Prince in my opinion. Karen being the first Dark-type specialist was cool too.
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    My favorite is Karen,because I like her design and the famous,albeit overrated,quote about using your favorites.Still,it is a shame that she doesn't use the two remaining Generation II Dark-type Pokemon(Sneasel&Tyranitar)in the first battle,could've been a neat idea.

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    Bruno is the one I like the best from them, and technically the only one I like at all. But I don't really have any reason for that other than I find him being rather cool and the others doesn't interest me. Bruno being the only one left from the original Kanto E4 is one other thing I like about him. I don't really care much for the others to be honest, I never found Will to be interesting, Koga hadn't changed much from being a Gym Leader and I find Karen and her quote about strong and weak Pokemon to be very overrated. Bruno for the win.
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    My favourite would have to be Will. The main reason for this is simply because I like his design, especially in HGSS. It's just so...elegant, I guess? I also remember really liking his portrayal in the Pokemon Adventures/Special manga as well. So yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

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    I didn't like any of the E4 back in GSC era. Wills room was dumb cause it was STILL ice from Lorelei. Koga? Eh, he's a gym leader in my eye (and damn annoying in Stadium 2). Bruno, yawn, generic. Karen was weird to me. I found she looked like an older stripped woman in a one piece swimsuit o.0

    HGSS fixed -most- of that though. Wills new design + room is the coolest looking. Kogas room looks good (but again, gym leader in my book). Bruno got a nice room I guess. Karen, well she has style now and seemed to de-age a few decades lol.

    Anyway I voted will.

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    Karen is one of my favorite E4 members ever!

    First of all, she wears bright colours and thus doesn't look like a Dark-type specialist, which is pretty cool considering one of the concepts behind this type is deception (just take a look at Zoroark).

    Secondly, she advises the player to use the Pokémon they like the best. There's no advice better than this!
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