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  • Falkner

    5 62.50%
  • Bugsy

    2 25.00%
  • Whitney

    3 37.50%
  • Morty

    3 37.50%
  • Chuck

    0 0%
  • Jasmine

    3 37.50%
  • Pryce

    1 12.50%
  • Clair

    4 50.00%
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Thread: Favorite Johto Gym Leader

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    Default Favorite Johto Gym Leader

    The Johto games had eight amazing Gym Leaders; which were your favorites?

    I personally loved Jasmine the most because she was a reserved and quiet character and I found that endearing, plus as an avid fan of Steel-types, I admired her for her type specialty. I also liked Morty’s and Clair’s designs, plus Whitney wasn’t too bad either.
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    I would say my favourites are:

    Falkner: probably my overall favourite of the Johto leaders, I've always really liked his design
    Bugsy: he's always seemed like a cute, sweet little kid to me. Plus, I've always been quite amused by all the "I thought Bugsy was a girl!!1!" posts I've seen over the years.
    Clair: I've thought she was a very strong trainer ever since I lost to her many times back on Gold. I like her personality too, even if she can be annoying, e.g. by refusing to give you the badge right away.

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    My favorites are Falkner and Pryce. Falkner because I think his hairstyle is awesome, and he is a Flying-specialist which I like as it used to be my favorite type. Pryce because I think he is cool (not only because he uses Ice-types) and because he uses a Mamoswine (in the rematches).
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    Probably just plain old Falkner for me. I love his design and battle start animation.

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    Clair is my favorite of all the Johto Gym Leaders.I like her design and her attitude after you finally beat her.Defeating her can also be difficult because of the annoying Thunder Wave and Kingdra's type combination.Her rematch team in the remakes is very disappointing,though-Dragonair isn't even a fully evolved Pokemon.She should have replaced it with something like Flygon.Morty is pretty mysterious and cool,too.

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    Falkner, Whitney, Morty, and Jasmine.

    Falkner because I loved his design since the original GSC.
    Morty would actually be the top of my favorite Johto Gym Leader list. I loved everything about him since the original too, but those droopy eyes! His redesign was awesome too because I love the color purple. lol
    Whitney because she, to me, absolutely adorable. lol Loved her bubbly personality and she likes cute Pokemon too. :P
    Jasmine I thought was pretty since the original. She was cute and simple, but I guess it's the fact that someone so shy commands a a giant steel snake... It's polarizing to me.

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