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Thread: Official HG/SS Recent Happenings Thread - [READ THE FIRST POST]

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    Default Official HG/SS Recent Happenings Thread - [READ THE FIRST POST]

    So, since the game is officially out, it'd be great for people post their recent happenings.


    • All posts must be at least three sentences. You don't need to make each happening a post, edit it.
    • If you don't have the game, DO NOT POST. We do NOT care.
    • Do not discuss anything illegal, like where to download HG/SS or et cetera.
    • If you need help, use the help thread.

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    Just finished off Route 40 and arrived in Cianwood! It's a really nice touch that while Cianwood and Ecruteak share themes, Cianwood's is different (remixed)... very soft and emotional, makes you feel like you're near the sea, whereas Ecruteak's is very historical, and Japanese. My Flaafy evolved into Ampharos, and I've put my Eevee into the daycare. I had to reset so many times for a girl! I plan to evolve her into Espeon. Mmm... I think that's about it! :3
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    I have left Violet city, and am bound for Union Cave.

    Chose Chikorita as my starter.

    Chikorita lvl 15 *Faroh
    Mareep lvl 11 *ZapU

    Mareep took out Pidgey, while Chikorita took care of Pidgeotto.



    Caught a Hoppip. Hmm, it knows synthesis now! so it's not as helpless as before, yay!
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    I recently beat Falkner, and have nothing besides a level 18 Croconaw.

    Also, I ran into and captured a shiny Ekans.

    I believe that Pokemon besides the Gyrados and Pichu have already been confrimed to follow you, but here it is. Feel free to use it or whatnot if necessary.
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    Well not recently but a while ago i beat Whitney she was pretty easy lol since she never used rollout
    Curently im heading to olivine

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    Eevee finally evolved to Espeon at level 30. I am currently in the rocket place below the store. Rival has just came, but did not battle. Oh, rocket executive fight

    My level 30 Heracross just out-sped Lances level 40 Drangonite. Just caught an Electrode
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    Navigated through Dragon's Den today after defeating Ibuki a few weeks ago. Went up to the Dragon Master person or something and attempted to understand the questions he set. I got the meanings, more or less. Others I just random the answers. Deposited a Pokemon in my team into the PC and went back for the Dratini. Checked the moveset and found out that I got the one with ExtremeSpeed 8D
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    Soul Silver Started-
    Chikorita (Quirky)
    Just got my 5 Poke'balls

    Heart Gold-
    Totodile (Hardy)
    Sentret (Jolly)
    Pidgey (Naive)
    On Route 30
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    Soul Silver:

    Just send Shaymin and some others Pokemon of mine to the game. I got Gracedia flower by taking my Shaymin to Goldenrod flower shop Yay for Skymin!

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    After searching like crazy for that Elm-assistant with the Mystery egg just too realize hes in the Pokemart and not in the Pokecenter..Before that I went to the beginnig and back to find least my Zubat shoud be happier now so it will evolve to Crobat..Btw. I got a Super Potion from a red deliveryman in the Pokemart. Anybody else seen him?
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    Just beaten the second gymleader. I was surprised that Bugsy has Scyther as his first Pokémon. The Team Rocket plot in Azelea is pretty awesome. Slowpoke Well looks great. Too bad Executive Lance has such a weak team..
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    I'm in Olivine City now, just raised my pokemon battling a bunch of Tentacool and Tentacruel in the shore, it's a nice spot because Tentacruel gives a lot of EXP and they are only level 20-25.

    I'm going to surf to Cianwood, i'm looking for a good sixth pokemon, i want something i can use to fly, i don't really want to use Crobat (or anything Normal/Flying) so maybe i will trade for Aerodactyl with my other version.

    PS. Yes i saw the deliveryman, and i was looking for the egg too, and i checked last of all the stupid mart >>. And Scyther was first to show off it's u-turn!
    Kotone Lyra is awesome kotto ne?!

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    Just defeat red up on Mt Silver which was no easy task, now i'm heading on over to Pallet Town and Saffron to see if Oak and Steven Stone have any pokemon to give me. I think i'm going to go and round up Suicune, Entei, Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno, Mewtwo, Lugia and Latias after.. Love this game.

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    I just defeated the rocket and saved my game.
    I also obtained some key item, but I don't know what it is yet.

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    Evolved my Caterpie into Metapod, which I then evolved into Butterfree. Defeated Falkner, he was easy. I also got the Togepi egg. Caught Mareep, trained it to level 10. I got the Old Rod and went back to catch Magikarp, its evolution could be useful.. I'm in Azalea Town now. Going to go down Slowpoke Well >:3

    Cyndaquil: Level 13
    Butterfree: Level 11
    Mareep: Level 10
    Magikarp: Level 10
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    Finally, it is my turn to post

    - Started my game with male named Gold
    - I have chosen Totodile for my starter.
    - Trained it all the way up to level 8.
    - Battled ??? and his Chikorita.
    - Named him Soul for some reason
    - Obtained 5 Pokeballs from Kotone.
    - Got a male Sentret and saved the game.

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    On HG. I have beaten Gym leaders 1-5 and Pryce. Went to the Safari Zone and caught a whole heap of average Pokemon. After all, it's 500p for 30 Pokeballs right? My Pokedex still looks pretty skimpy though... My team so far:
    Lv34 Quilava, Lv32 Ampahros, Lv26 Fearow, Lv28 Golem, Lv18 Horsea, and HM Slave Furret.
    I've had a go at the Pokethlon games. Sure are hard and stupid on my dis-calibrated NDSL. Same with choosing somewhere to fly. I recently encountered Raikou while surfing in Route 32/33. It ran faster than me arse after dimsims. Looking for suggestions for a last Pokemon before taking on the l33t4.
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    Well, just beaten Clair, got the Badge and an Extremespeed Dratini. Then I got called by Elm, so I went to his Lab and got a Master Ball. After that I went to Ecruteak City to own the Kimono Girls and after that catch Lugia. Since my Pokémon are heavily underlevelled (ranging from 34 to 37) it was actually quite hard to beat those eeveelutions at level 38. But then when I beat them, and healed my Pokémon at the Pokécenter, I got a surprise... Suddenly the Nurse started to talk about Pokérus, LOL. Now my Pokémon are all infected by it, and this is the only time it has ever happened to me. Now I'm going to spread it to some other Pokémon and box it, then gonna catch Lugia. Wish me luck
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    OMFG. It can learn Harden and String Shot? That obviously makes it an uber.

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    Got the egg from Elm's assistant, hatched the Togepi (ZuoCi) showed it to Elm, and have started onwards to my next gym. Been training ZuoCi and HMSlv on the way (SunCe is Lvl 15... Bugsy is going to burn.) And ZuoCi's first Metronome... was Spacial Rend, quite a O.O moment.

    Also, the new Firebreather's sprite is ugly.

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    Well,I am playing SS.I picked Cyndaquil,caught a Pidgey,raised both to Lv 14(Cyndaquil evlved)and thrashed Falkner.Right now,I am near Union Cave,training my just-caught Mareep.
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    Ah! I was looking for a recent happening thread.

    -Started the game with Cyndaquil
    -Beat rival
    -Caught Hoothoot, Lediba and Pidgey.
    -Leveled up Hoothoot Pidgey and Cyndaquil
    -Got to Violet city.
    -Wrecked Sprout Tower
    -Cyndaquil evolved!!
    -Decided to use Pidgey > Hoothoot, so boxed Hoot.
    -Beat Falkner
    -Caught Mareep
    -Union cave
    -Slowpoke well
    -Mareep evolved
    -Beat Rocket Exec. Lance
    -Ravaged Bugsy's gym with Quivala and a newly evolved Pidgeotto
    -I love battling my rival. :P
    -Farfecth'd's puzzle is alot more interesting this time. I enjoyed it.
    -Togepi hatched.
    -Avoided all the trainers along route 34, passed through Goldenrod to 35 and caught a Nidoran (male)
    -Now back to route 34 training up Nidoran

    As of now my team is

    I LOVE that the Rocket Exec's finally have names. I always thought it'd be great if these "Rocket Executives" were actual important characters, instead of just nameless grunts.
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    Just explored the safari zone. I get the feeling there is new Pokemon each day. Just ran into Raikou, done quite a bit of damage. Flew to GPS to trade some Pokemon with my Platinum. Doing sme last minute training/catching on route 43, but the pokemon are too weak, about to leave but just saw Raikou again, threw a dusk ball. CAUGHT FIRST TIME!!!

    In Goldenrod Radio tower fighting the rockets. My level 33 Heracross just defeated my Rivals team single hand. Fighting Rocket executives, Quilava just evolved!
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    I started SS yesterday, wanted to play HG but it wouldn't work, whatever.

    Anyway, playing as the boy, named him Soul.
    Picked Cynda
    Did the exposition stuff, not understanding a word of it but whatever XD
    Kotone and her Marill amuse me, though, not as much as Hibiki with a Marill XD

    Today I headed to Violet City, caught a Mareep whom I'm currently training and a Hoppip that I will figure out a way to train some how... despite it's crappy moveset right now.

    My Current Team
    Cyndaquil lvl. 11
    Mareep lvl. 8
    Hoppip lvl. 6

    Goals for today:
    Beat Falkner
    Get a Slowpoke

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    I captured gyrados, got the red scale, went to mr.pokemon's house to trade it for exp share, did my normal apricorn run, beat the first part the TR quest in the radio tower, and am now battling silver in the Goldenrod Underground.

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    Well, i finally managed to move some woman away from the goldenrod gym and after beating some trainers i got to Whitney. I beat Clefairy with ease but couldn't manage to beat Miltank.

    My team is small:

    Quilava, Lv.21
    Flaaffy, Lv.20
    togepi, Lv.1

    Togepi isn't a team player i just haven't put him into the PC yet.
    Favorite Pokemon: Mew and Charmander because they win at life.

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