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Thread: Official HG/SS Recent Happenings Thread - [READ THE FIRST POST]

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    Alright, I started on April 1st. Traded in an EV'd Level 30 team (Kingdra, Ampharos, Marowak, and Xatu) from Platinum when I reached Jasmine since I didn't really like the team I was using at the time. I've beaten all of Johto's Gym Leaders and caught Lugia with a few Ultra Balls.

    I traded some other Pokémon over, too. Planning to trade more Pokémon over from Platinum once I catch more Pokémon in SS. Or I might breed some of my traded Pokémon instead, since I need/will need the 'Dex entries anyway (hopefully I have a Ditto stored somewhere on Plat...)

    I've just gotten past Tohjo Falls, and my Darkrai found my first Shiny Leaf.
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    I beat LT. Surge and Misty couple hours ago.Currently training my team To beat sabrina.
    Also,Ive been trying to cacth suicun for a while,BUt it is a pain!
    Lvl 56 feraligatr
    Lvl 55 heracross
    Lvl 52 noctowl
    Lvl 52 umbreon
    lvl 54 ampharos
    Lvl 53 ambipom
    Boredom is boring

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    Started over b/c I didn't like the way my team was going. Megainum wasn't really pulling its weight. So, I started over, chose the boy and named myself Ven, and am now choosing my starter Pokemon.

    Probably going to pick Totodile~

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    I haven't been playing much recently, but I'm back in. After taking forever to realize how to get to Jasmine (seriously, how was I supposed to know that was an entrance?!) I'm busy driving out Team Rocket from Goldenrod. I managed to catch a Diglett and level it up like crazy to match the rest of my team, thanks to grinding/Pokewalker. Here's my team:

    Lv. 39 Feraligatr
    Lv. 39 Pidgeot
    Lv. 38 Dragonair
    Lv. 38 Dugtrio

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    Beat the Pokemon League for the first time in any Pokemon game. Took the S.S. Aqua to Vermillion City. Ran around Kanto for a while. Imported some Pokes from the Pal Park.

    All's good.

    Kudos to Gladeshadow

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    i finally found out how to get to the place in the ruins of alph and got a smeargle now i just gotta get it to knwo hypnosis and false swipe at least for now so i can finish getting the rest of the natures of dittos i already caught 6 but then i thought that smeargle with those moves would help everything go by faster
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    In the real world.


    I just bred an Adamant technician Scyther with these IV's 23/31/31/14/31/31. =p
    "Your future is not ahead of you."

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    beat red............................................... ............... thats it what i ment to do now?
    R.I.P Dusk i miss you

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    Well I finally caught Entei and Raikou. It took me a while but I caught them. My Raikou is in a Fast Ball and my Entei is in a Quick Ball. But I got another Raikou in my LeafGreen at a higher level, so I might transfer that one and put the other one up for trade.
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    I beat red a few days ago. Havent really touched the game since. I'll probably go and catch all the legendarys sometime during the week.

    ~Current Team~
    Typhlosion lvl 60 (Astroid)
    Sceptile lvl 60 (Blitz)
    Ampharos lvl 60 (Sparkle)
    Farfetch'd lvl 61 (CH'DING)
    Lanturn lvl 60 (ThundaFish)
    Snorlax lvl 50 (Used it to get up Mt.Silver with rock climb)
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    After my last post I've managed to get a fair amount done.

    Battle Morty. Gastly went down to togetic, haunters to Umbreon and Gengar to Umbreon and Quilava.
    Released the legendary beasts.
    Did a bit of training to get my team to roughly lvl 28.
    Defeated Chuck, Primape took down Togetic after one attack, Grotle took down both after that.
    Saved Amphy
    Just caught Entei on the water near route 34! Bit odd.
    Heading to battle Jasmine now.

    Current Team

    Notch - Quilava - Mild
    Fable - Togetic - Mild
    Luna - Umbreon - Rash
    Giga- Grotle - Adamant
    Will - Lanturn - Hasty
    Shinys I own

    X 3DS Friend Code - 1263-6687-4320. Please feel free to add, though please PM me if you do so I can return the favor!

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    I started again As I got bored, and I wasn't happy with my team, but however I'm going to summarize what's recently happened with me and my team:

    Started my journey, and called myself Ethan.
    I chose my starter which was Chikorita.
    Received the PokeGear from Mom.
    Got Elm's Number.
    I went to Cherrygrove City, and a man gave me the Running Shoes and the Map Card for my PokéGear.
    Battled a red-headed male.
    Revealed his name to be Soul.
    Gave Egg to Elm.
    Left New Bark Town, and Lyra gave me Poke Balls x5
    Battled many trainers from cherrygrove city to violet city.
    Caught a Mareep.
    Caught a Hoothoot
    Caught a Wooper
    Did Sprout Tower
    Defeated Faulkner
    Defeated all trainers from Violet City to Union Cave
    Defeated all trainers in the Union Cave
    Defeated Anthony
    Met Kurt in Azeala Town
    Defeated TR at Slowpoke Well

    Currently Challenging Azeala Town Gym Leader Bugsy.

    CHIKORITA Lvl. 15
    HOOTHOOT Lvl. 16
    FLAAFY Lvl. 16
    WOOPER Lvl. 14
    SLUGMA Lvl. ???

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    A few days late but oh well~

    Beat red with the team:

    Onix (was for rock climb)

    but I used a LOT of max potions, revives and full restores, I just wanted those new starters so bad >:l Now training to fight Red again, currently have:

    Lv. 85 Espeon
    Lv. 83 Magmortar
    Lv. 78 Feraligtr
    Lv. 75 Scizor
    Lv. 46 Charizard
    Lv. 43 Sceptile (this and charizard will be trained to atleast 70 before fighting red again)

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    -Mareep evolved
    -Totodile evolved
    -Obtained Hive Badger

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    Entered Kanto.
    Beat Lt. Surge, then Sabrina.
    Current Team:
    Feraligatr lv. 44 (Carnivore)
    Ampharos lv. 43 (Lighthouse)
    Togetic lv. 43 (Faith)
    Miltank lv. 42 (Devon)
    Dragonair lv. 42 (Tess)
    Gallade lv. 42 (Gallade - damn traded pokemon)

    Moving on to Cerulean next.
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    I guess I should probably do one of these.

    I've been playing the game since early April and, and have been taking my EXTREME time, as I'm only at the 4th gym after 30+ hours (of mostly grinding) EB0 has gotten me into a bad habit of extremely overgrinding. All of my Pokemon (including my awesome HM slave Raticate) are about level 30 now. Instead of going into detail of the past 4 badges I'll just list the great and not-so-great moments I've had.

    - The adventure begins. I read the tutorial for nostalgia's sake.
    - Totodile obtained, and is a Hardy nature. Not that great, but not terrible either, for an ingame pokemon.
    - Trained up to level 8, and got the RUNNING SHOES, Map Card, and an Apricorn Box.
    - POKEDEX GET and a Togepi Egg as well.
    - Totodile destroys the Rival's Chikorita with a single scratch after about 5 leers. Rival (now Silver) complains that I'm too weak.
    - Got some Pokeballs. FINALLY
    - Caught a Brave Guts Rattata on my sixth try. The nature isn't all that great, but plus attack is nice and it IS an HM Slave.
    - Totodile trained up to level 10 on the way to Violet City and Rattata hits level 8. Lyra gives me a VS Seeker, and Rattata single handedly (except for the Hoothoots) takes down Sprout Tower.
    - More grinding, with both Pokemon at level 14.
    - Totodile sweeps the first gym and Falkner is easily taken down. 1ST BADGE GET.
    - Mareep egg from Primo is hatched and sent the Pokewalker in search of a Surf Pikachu. After using 1000 watts and only catching !! Pikachu, I give up and get back to the game.
    - What? Totodile is evolving?
    - Made it to Azalea, and enjoyed the awesome music.
    - Liberated the Slowpoke (<3) from Team Rocket.
    - Bugsy and his gym are destroyed (again by Crocnaw). 2ND BADGE GET
    - Crocnaw beats up Silver's weaker Pokemon and Rattata takes out Bayleaf.
    - What? Rattata is evolving?
    - Raticate masacares everything up to Goldenrod.
    - After spending almost 4 hours at the Game Corner, I buy a Dratini.
    - And begin sloooooowly grinding it.
    - Dratini gets some training in Whitney's gym.
    - Raticate utterly destroys Whitney and her infamous Miltank.
    - I check the Pokewalker and bring Mareep back.
    - CUT (the level 3 bellsprout) makes my capture of Sudowoodo possibe with it's vine whip that brought it down to just one hp. HOORAY FOR CUT
    - Made it to Ecruteak City.
    - Raticate (the HM Slave) destorys Silvers entire team. Silver claims to be going easy on us. I claim he is just terrible.
    - I trad eover a Charmander egg and hatch it.
    - I grind everyone up to level about 30 before taking on Morty.
    - What? Your Charmander is evolving?
    - What? Your Dratini is evolving?
    - What? Your Crocnaw is evolving?
    - Raticate destroys (again lol) Morty and his gym with crunch.


    Blue - Feraligatr - Lvl. 32
    Green - Raticate - Lvl. 32
    Gold - Dragonair - Lvl. 31
    Red - Charmeleon - Lvl. 29
    Yellow - Surfchu - Lvl. 28
    Cut - Bellsprout - Lvl. 3

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    Been a little while since I posted. Anyways, after I got dratini at the gamecorner I went to get chinchou on route 41. After alot of fishing, and catching I settled with a female chinchou with volt absorb. So I started training it with all the trainers on route 40, and 41. It finally evolved at level 27, so I went to train dratini at the lighthouse. After doing that, I surfed over to Cianawood(sp?) and beat Eusuine(can't remember his name), and then beat Chuck. Taught Togetic fly, and flew back to the lighthouse to cure Ampharos. Then I went into a bug catching contest, and got second place with a syther. Got beat by a paras. Went off to lake rage to train dratini on the trainers there, then caught gyarados, and beat the trainers that appear after you catch him. Then decided to go to union cave and beat all the trainers there. Finished doing that, and now I'm solving the puzzles in the ruins of Alph. After that I'm training dratini until it learns dragon rush, then evolving it.


    krabby-lv.20(HM slave)

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    I got Soulsilver on Tuesday, but seeing as I have to borrow my sister's DS, I can only play this game at a hour or two at a time. Anyway, off I go.

    >I picked the boy, named him TheAWSM, because, why not?
    >Did everything I had to do.
    >Got a Totodile, and I named it Argydile, pronounced Arg ih dile.
    >Customised the Pokégear, changed the color to the Aqua pallette.
    >Did the stuff.
    >Screw the generic Berries, ARPICORNS! =D
    >I fought the Passerby Boy, made fun of him because he acted so big and bad, and he only had a Chikorita.
    >Named him Tracy, as Arpicorn didn't fit.
    >Caught a Zubat, named him Emps. I have a Crobat named Emp'ror in my Ruby, and Emps is just the shortened version of Emp'ror. I love my Emps'.
    >I had some PokéWalker shenanigans, getting Yellow Forest and getting shittons of items, and getting two she-Nidorans, a Kangaskhan, two Pikachus, a Magby, a Ponyta, and something else.
    >Fought my way through the Sprout Tower.
    >Beat them.
    >Fought Faulkner, who was easy peasy. I didn't even know Pidgeotto knew Roost until I got the TM.
    >Got my egg.
    >Caught a Mareep, and named it Doctress.
    >Caught a Bellsprout, named is Belldon. (Like Sheldon, but with Bell? HEHARHEE.)
    >Togepi hatched before entering Union Cave. Named it Pogeti, after a joke me and my friends made.
    >I breezed through Union Cave.
    >Did the Slowpoke Well Mission, and beat Proton. (Toughest and cruelest? BAH.)
    >Beat Bugsy. He actually gave me trouble. I Ember'd a couple of times, and Scyther got burned by Magby's ability before U-turning. Magby was defeated by one of the cocoons, as he was pretty damaged by Scyther and I had no potions. Argydile Raeged the two cocoons to death, before getting owned by Scyther. He then proceded to rape my team, and only Belldon survived, as Scyther had succumbed to its burn. That is when I realized how underleveled my team was.
    >Even though I barely won against Bugsy, Tracy was a breeze. Pogeti absolutely destroyed his team. I love Extrasensory.
    >I did the fairly easy Farfetch'd puzzle.

    Armygod, I am dreading Whitney. She kicked my *** in Gen II, and something tells me it'll happen again.

    And as for my team, I dunno the levels and natures.

    Magby, who I'll nickname later.

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    Well, I recently defeated Clare on my fifth or so try. So I decided to post this as what's happened with leaders so far.

    Falkner was easy - I traded a Bellsprout for the Onix and also caught a Mareep. Trained up a team and got through on my first try.

    Next up, Bugsy, who shares a name with my Butterfree. I was fortunate to have picked Cyndaquil as my starter, and that and Pidgey were a great duo to take down Bugsy and that Scyther.

    Next up, Whitney. My friends who'd got the game earlier than I had complained about Milktank. Most of my team was male, which worried me. I caught a Drowzee in the route south of Goldenrod, which, by luck was female. I traded it for Machop in Goldenrod, and as a result the Machop was also female. Trained it up and bam, Milktank beat.

    Morty was harder, though a combined effort of all my Pokemon led me to victory. I was trying to get Eevee to evolve, but it didn't until Jasmine...

    Chuck, I hated him. His Pokemon seemed a big leap in levels, especially Poliwrath. I trained up on the various Tentacool and Tentacruel on the water route neighbouring Cinawood, and that helped. It did take me several tries. I was active though, and prepared to surf back to Olivine, then ride my bike back to Goldenrod just to get Fire Blast for my Quilava. I used that and it one hit KO'd Primeape, but Poliwrath took Quilava down, but Pidgeotto beat it up >

    Jasmine's easy, after Chuck. Combined effort of Quilava, Machop used against Milktank and my HM slave Krabby, beat up her Magnemite and Steelix brutally >

    Er- I forgot who's next.... Ice guy... Price? I dunno. All I know is he was also easy, more free EXP points like Jasmine.

    Clare's annoying. I spent ages on her, because Ice Path really didn't help. Red Gyarados kicked her water pokemon's butts with thunder learned from a HM, and Typhlosion got in some strong fire-type moves, along with Pidgeot who's fly used twice took down the Dragonairs!

    Current team:
    Typhlosion (Lv. 39)
    Pidgeot (Lv. 38)
    RED Gyarados (Lv. 36)
    Butterfree (Lv. 35)
    SHELGON (Lv. 35) [Friend migrated it and gave me it, cuz Dragonite doesn't look like a scary dragon :L]
    Umbreon (Lv. 35)

    Need to train before I take on the Elite Four, but I'll do it >.

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    For the past couple of days I've been training my Pokemon to level 25. After that I decided to take on Whitney. I sent out Gallade to do some damage, and it did. It took a combined three Rock Smashes for me to acquire my third Gym Badge. After that, I cleared the path to Ecruteak and backtracked to the Ruins of Alph. I opened up the first chamber and took all the items inside. I then went straight to Ecruteak and back to Goldenrod to get my Eevee. I applied a Fire Stone to it and it became a Flareon. I trained Flareon to level 25 and then began training everyone else to level 30. I've only completed Bayleef's training, then I began on Marshtomp's. While I was training Marshtomp, I decided to complete my team and add Magnemite. I'll have to train it after I finish Flareon's.

    My team:

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    Finally got round to getting an English copy of HG.
    Started it this morning and my progress is as follows:

    - Chose Totodile
    - Completed all the mandatory tasks up until Falkner.
    - Tried beating Falkner with my Lvl 14 Totodile but his haxxed Pidgeotto ruined me with Gust/Roost haxxy combos.
    - Went for him again and this time won, tried to save and got some previous save data error nonsense.

    Had to restart. -_-

    After doing so and reaching Falkner again

    - Defeated him with my Lvl 16 Totodile
    - Caught a bunch of filler monsters.
    - Traded my Japanese HG team over + event Arceus
    - Did a bunch of other stuff I cba to remember and document

    My current location: Route 32 Pok&#233;centre.
    My current team:

    Croconaw - Lvl 19
    Quilava - Lvl 24
    Flaafy - Lvl 25
    Weepinbell - Lvl 25
    Origin Forme Giratina -Lvl 27
    Togepi Egg

    Deciding not to touch any of my team except Croconaw as I dont want to spoil the game even moreso xD

    Also aiming for 10,000+ steps on my Pokewalker so I can go for a Flying Pika Currently on 3897.

    3DS Friend Code: 2750-1184-2669 (Pokemon X - 3DS/Game Name: Dave)

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    I haven't posted here in a while, heh.

    I beat the Champion Lance today! Super nervous. I rolled through the Elite 4 easily, but Lance made me spam potions and revives. Tough fighting and I probably didn't deserve it, but I'll take Red more seriously than him. I just didn't want to do the Elite 4 over again.

    I'll probably ship out to Kanto tomorrow as well as begin transferring over my main team from Diamond and Platinum.

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    haven't post in 2 days so ehem I'll start afterthe second gym:

    -totodile evolved into croconaw
    -did the birdie puzzle :P
    -catched a Oddish
    -arrived at Goldenrod City
    -Pidgey evolved into Pidgeotto
    -defeated the 3th gym whit ease that miltank is a joke now
    -tried the bug catching contest but failed
    -catched a growlithe
    -catched sudowoodo
    -got a shiny leaf from my Pidgeotto I was like OMG
    -said hi to bill in ecruteak
    -defeated my rival (I was really unlucky in the fight must me to compensate for the shinyleaf
    -Oddish evolved into Gloom
    -defeated the ghost gym whit my Pidgeotto as bigest help
    -went to olivine
    -was amazed that Gloom can learn drain punch
    -arrived at Olivine
    -did the lighthouse thingie
    -surfed to cianwood
    -training atm for the gym

    - gust
    - quick attack
    - whirl wind
    - twister

    GLOOM LVL 25
    - mega drain
    - sleep powder
    - Acid
    - cut

    - bite
    - reversal
    - flame wheel
    - helping hand

    - thundershock
    - thunder wave
    - Cotton Spore
    - charge

    - surf
    - bite
    - ice fang
    - flail
        Spoiler:- My latest challenge:

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    -Beat the Electrodes in Rocket Hideout.
    -Beat Pryce pretty easily - Cotton beat Seel, Tails beat Dewgong, Jaws beat Piloswine.

    Jaws [Feraligatr] - Level 31
    Tails [Furret] - Level 31
    Gusto [Noctowl] - Level 30
    Cotton [Jumpluff] - Level 30
    Beacon [Lanturn] - Level 30
    Indigo [Grimer] - Level 30

    @ Mahogany Town Gym, staring at Pryce's back

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    Beat the Kimono girls and caught Lugia. Made it through Victory Road (with Quilava and Pigeotto evolving along the way) beat my Rival.
    Now going back for some serious training and hopefully pick up a Leaf Stone along the way for Weepinbel

    White FC: 0389 7992 5329 Trainer Name: Tudor

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