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Thread: Official HG/SS Recent Happenings Thread - [READ THE FIRST POST]

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    Anyone got some advice for my HeartGold nuzlocke? My friend set the rules. Species clause, start with an egg he gave me (turned out to be Sunkern lol). Get a Primo egg instead of Togepi (got Slugma because I had Mareep and a water-type and a ground-type already. What can I do that won't end up with Chuck destroying my team?

    Here are my Pokemon that aren't too low-levelled to bother with:
    On team:
    Geodude Lv 24 (magnitude, rock throw, headbutt, rock polish)
    Croconaw Lv 25 (ice fang, shadow claw, headbutt, water gun)
    Fearow Lv 25 (peck, aerial ace, fury attack, pursuit)
    Scyther Lv 25 (U-Turn, Fury Cutter, Wing Attack Pursuit)
    Slugma Lv 24 (Ember, Rock Throw, Yawn, Recover)
    Sunflora Lv 25 (Mega Drain, Ingrain, GrassWhistle, Leech Seed)

    If you notice anything particularly horrible on those movesets, it's likely that pokemon was left in the daycare at some point

    Pidgey somewhere in the mid-20s (daycare)
    Stantler somewhere in early 20s (daycare)
    Voltorb Lv 20

    I just got the Voltorb from the Krabby trade in-game. I've got the first 4 badges. I'm pretty worried about chuck. IIRC he has a primeape with rock slide which is a real concern. Also is it worth replacing a team member with Voltorb or should I just chuck him in daycare?
    My team is a little awkward when it comes to Chuck. My recent deaths have been Flaaffy, Drowzee and Furret. Drowzee would've been a big help here.

    I think I can handle the Poliwrath ok, but the Primeape using rock slide and double team concerns me. I think my best bet for him is Croconaw for taking his hits but Croconaw has no SE moves.

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    Previously, I went back to Cinnabar Island to heal my Pokemon after beating Blaine and then I headed on over to Viridian City next to challenge the Viridian Gym now that Blue returned. I got inside and I started moving on the movement tiles. I was pushed towards some Gym trainers and I had to battle against them. I had a difficult time with that though since the Gym trainers used different types of Pokemon as opposed to just one like in previous Gyms. I eventually beat two of the Gym trainers at the Viridian City Gym and then I healed at the Pokemon Center. I returned after stocking up on items and I challenged the other Gym trainers inside. I eventually beat them and I saved before challenging Blue.

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