I got in the Azalea Town Gym and I got into a spider cart and I traveled around the spider web and I battled a Gym trainer. I defeated him with Onix and then I headed to some of the other webs to battle the Gym trainers there. I managed to get to Bugsy's place after a while and I challenged him. I used Onix against his Scyther, but it used U-turn and I had to fight Metapod instead. I took a gamble and used Bayleef against Metapod. I managed to beat it after a while and I used Mareep against Bugsy's Scyther. I barely managed to take it down and I sent out Wooper against his Kakuna. I defeated it and then I obtained the Hive Badge as well as a TM, then I healed at the Pokemon Center and I saved at Kurt's house.