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Thread: Pokemon Collector from SG

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    Talking Pokemon Collector from Singapore

    Hi all, I just started picking up and playing Pokemon again recently so I joined this forum. I've been collecting Pokemon games, guide books and some figures, so do let me know if you have any to spare - especially if you live in Singapore since I live in Singapore and it'll be easier for us to trade.

    Currently, I'm looking for US (not Europe, Australian, etc) Pokemon games from RBYG, GSC, RSE and LGFR generations that are authentic, in very good condition and complete (with box and all the inserts).
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    I'm Skull-Kid(not emo). Nice to meet you!

    Good to hear you're picking up pokemon again It's an awesome game I've never used a guide book, is it useful? Do you get to know where all the items and that are? Just asking. Singapore sounds nice. Oh and what I would do for a Typhlosion figurine *sighs*

    There's a wi-fi section full of people willing to trade so you can exchange pokemon. If you want games go to eBay. We don't sell them here, sorry

    I hope enjoy the forum. I'll add you as a friend Hopefully your first of many

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    In your grass being a Ninja!


    I used to collect pokemon cards haha! Collecting is fun
    My pokemon bring all the nerds to the yard,
    and they're like,
    you wanna trade cards
    damn right i wanna trade cards
    ill trade my pikachu ,
    but not my charizard

    This is my Meowth. So far he has picked up a Nugget, TM10 and a PP UP

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