Here it is - the revived, renewed, refurbished sticky thread to let the world know who your favorite character in the Pokemon Anime is (lost count of the version)! Are you a diehard fan of a certain cast member? Is there a more minor character that you just couldn't get enough of? Express yourself here!

However, there are a few basic rules you should abide by:
- No bashing of other characters! This is a thread merely for your FAVORITE characters! Character bashing is against the forum's rules, and if somebody praises a character you are not a fan of, please keep it to yourself!
- No wars over which character is better than another! This can also qualify as bashing. However, if you'd like to add onto somebody else's discussion of a certain character, that is certainly welcome as long as it's considerate.
- Give reasons for why you love your favorite characters! In other words, at least provide a sentence instead of a simple list with no purpose.

Hope this can help re-invigorate the discussion in this sector of the forum. Have fun!