Harley should be in more episodes. I haven't liked any Pokemon characters other than TR and kept that opinion everytime I've seen them.. I did like Max for a minute or so in his first ep but first impressions never count for me.

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How many times should I say this: I don't like Jessie. Sure there may be plenty of those who like her, but I'm not one of them. Of course, nothing I say can easily persuade them.
If you mean persuade them that you don't like her then I find that hard to believe, though considering you talk about her a lot people make think it's really a love/hate thing :P lol

I only keep picking at you cos a lot of your posts in these topics go something like this "I dont like this cos Jessie/TR.." or "Jessie's so brainless".. opinions are good, I have no problem with them but a lot of your posts annoy me I'm sorry, they'd annoy me even if they were about Max and I hate Max. Yes I agree Jessie has her moments (Stun Spore Detour is a big example), I'm not a biased TR fan who thinks they're perfect etc.. but you don't have to comment about her or her teammates in almost every episode topic and just leave it as that, isn't there anything else you like to say about the episode besides what she/they got up to?

You know I should just ignore it, I'm being annoying myself I know that. I tell you what I'll skip your posts from now on.. that'll help