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    Quote Originally Posted by Edward Elric
    He usually referred to himself by saying atashi which only girls should be using when they refer to themselves. Males use watashi to refer to themselves. Didn't help that he laughed in a very feminine way (laughing in the traditional "Ohohoho" laugh while holding his hand in front of his mouth) and the clothes he wore seemed abit..I dunno, FFIX Kuja-ish? Seemed to try showing off the shape of his body and how he had a part of his shirt with a hole in it to expose his stomach.

    ....I can only imagine that tons of fangirls of feminine guys are already drooling just by that explanation. >_>;
    ...And fanboys of feminine guys, like me. XD *huggles his preciousness Kuja plushie*

    Also, question... I thought 'Watashi' was just a formal way of saying 'I' (Used by politicions, etc, and with people you don't know.) while 'Boku' and 'Ore' being the word for 'I' used only by guys. (Ore is a rough and gruff version of 'I', I believe.) Can someone clear that up? (In other words, can and do girls use 'Watashi'?)

    Oh, and anybody that dresses like Kuja is awesome.

    Edit: Just a thought, but am I the only one who thought it was a little TOO suspicious that May just HAPPENED to teach her Bulbasaur Petal Dance in the episode before the contest, and it didn't really seem hard for her to do so?
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