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    Quote Originally Posted by Devastator1 View Post
    Ok james won but he hardly "beat" dawn
    You just contradicted yourself. That makes no sense.
    Quote Originally Posted by Devastator1 View Post
    Dawn never got the chance to be in control of her battle. Mamoswine got angry because carnivine stole it ice shard and stop listening and james capitalize on this. im pretty sure if mamoswine had listened, dawn probably would have won. having mamoswine disobyed was thev writers way of giving team rocket the victory with out trivializing dawn's skills or accomplishments as a trainer.
    So what exactly would be wrong with Dawn losing to Jessie or James without Mamoswine's temper problems? Jessie does have a measure of talent in Contests, as her two ribbons before this episode attest. And when given the chance to have a longer battle, James has held his own on many previous occasions. Since he has helped and supported Jessie in every single previous contest, he's clearly learned a lot about them. A loss to a disguised Team Rocket member in a legitimate Contest battle is exactly the same as any other loss.
    Quote Originally Posted by Caseydia View Post
    And how could she even think of usng Mamoswine when she darn well knows it hasn't been trained well to listen to her enough? Often she doesn't seem to think.
    Kotone brought up this exact question, though in a much more polite manner. Dawn's response was that she was treating it just like any other Contest.
    Quote Originally Posted by BM14murph View Post
    The final battle was amazing with Mamoswine going back to his roots and being really tempermental
    Mamoswine's "roots" are in disobedience due to lack of respect for Dawn. What happened here was simply that it lost its temper. It's still a problem that Dawn and Mamoswine have to work on, but there is a distinct difference.
    Quote Originally Posted by Meron View Post
    No, no, NO. She was angry that she didn't get her screentime, and then she announced something that she is the real Candy Musarina and put her dress on.
    She didn't say those exact words, she was just re-stating her Top Coordinator goal.
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