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Thread: Dressed for Jess Success! (614)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ash_forever View Post
    Moreover, this episode once again showed why James is the secret mastermind of the Rocket trio. If he weren't a member of said team, I bet you that he would be a highly successful trainer, and I dare say perhaps even a gym leader.
    When I read that, I actually visualized him as being a gym leader. That would be pretty neat. James as the future gym leader for Viridian City. Awesome!

    I thought Dawn was going to quit doing contest for good after what happened with Mamoswine! But, wow, she really took it well afterward, didn't she? I was like O__O! How can you be all calm and happy like that after what just happened? I applaud you!

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    Finally contest time! Seems like ages since Snowpoint, since I watched that in April.
    As promised Mamo gets his first contest.
    And Cyndaquil doesn't, at least she does appear to care for a newborn's safety.
    Interesting appeal yet short-lived. At least Dawn remembers Piplup knows Bide.
    James is in for the sickie jessie, why is it that TR have the best disguises when they're not screwing the twerps over. Meowth has a great appeal too, nice to see Mr. Ramen noodles still supporting his mentors.
    Johto obsessia, so much johto pokemon it's ridiuculous.
    Mamo's big debut his opponent is...
    It's a me, Mario! He sends out Yoshi Pink edition.
    Yoshi's had a chilli pepper, Mamo dodges with amazing grace.
    Mamo transforms into Ice Sonic! It's the biggest battle since Brawl.
    Using the power of Mamo's new-school chaos pearls he smashes through chilli pepper yoshi in one big yellow luminescent hit.
    Johto obsessia montage, yawn.
    And that's the end of Mamo, going absolutely beserk. I would like to smash Carnivine's head in too but alas that shall never happen.
    And dawn's OK with it. Suprise Mamo wasn't banned after smashing the judges table.
    Meh, Dawn was handicapped greattly by the seemingly forced temper of Mamo. And I hate Carnivine for being such a b**** too. 6.99/10
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    You're saying some really smart stuff there.

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    After watching Jessie for such a long time in contests James has gathered some experience himself

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    Good contest episode, really enjoyed it. James as Jessalina was fantastic, his accent actually had me giggling. Lyra continues to be fantastic - I'm going to miss her! Appeal with Piplup was a bit boring but ah well, James' was much better! Mamoswine going off the handle was sad for Dawn, hopefully she can control Mamoswine's temper for the next contest. Nice to see James winning. Fun episode
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    This episode was good. It was cool that James entered the contest for Jessie, because she was to sick to enter. It was cool that James won his 1st contest, so now Jessie had 3 Contest Ribbons after he gave it to her. It was shocking to see Mamoswine go berserk and smash the Judge's table. Carnivine was just too good and strong against Mamoswine in this episode.


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    Its nice from James to replace Jessie =3 never tought he would do such a nice thing for her..i really like the episode
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    You just knew James's talent for cross-dressing had to come in handy for something someday besides fooling the twerps. This was my second-favorite of the Sinnoh contests, after the one where Jessie won her first ribbon, and I'm glad Jessie finally got her third ribbon here. I also like it that it's Dawn James beats for the ribbon. About time one of the twerps lost to "Jessie" in a contest (Jessie beating Dawn with Aipom in "Borrowing on Bad Faith" doesn't count, because it wasn't an official contest). I also loved how Carnivine owned the battle with Mamoswine. He just ticked Mamoswine off and held the lead from then on. Mamoswine knocking over the judges' stands was hilarious too.

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    Wow James should do Contests and Jessie do sometrhing else. This was pretty great. I wonder why James never battle wise like this against Ash and Pikachu on normal circumstances? Weird. But I love this episode. It was so funny. Poor Mamoswine.

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    Great to see Kojiro to dress up as a woman! Moreover this win for the contest is certainly memorable and much better than the last one which was too brief. Also this makes a defeat of Hikari by quite a margin which is rarely seen. Awesome episode in my opinion.

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    This was surprisingly good. It showcased James as a competent and skilled Pokémon trainer and brought out the Bon between him and Carnavine. It was nice to see TeamRocket get a legitimate win given how badly they get defeated in every other episode and how Jessie totally sucked in Hoenn and Kanto contests. I was surprised Meowth performed so well. As for Dawn. She totally deserved the loss. She was unable to work with mamoswine in that battle against James even if it was partially not her fault it went crazy. I'm happy for Jessie that she got her ribbon
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