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    Default Episode 1: Black Jack’s here…

    This story is rated PG - PG13

    Chapter 1:
    There were two brothers walking their way from school. One of them was called Jack and another was called John. They were both born on the same day, making them twins. Both of them have a pokemon, Lavitar, each. As they got near to their house they saw an ambulance outside, the boys decided to check out what’s going on. They saw two body bags containing one body each. And to their tragedy, their mother and father died of murder…

    At that time, Jack thought of why anyone would want to murder his parents. They didn’t do anything wrong, they never hurt anyone, they never had any enemies, they weren’t not even rich. All these questions and facts were always inside his head.

    After their parents’ death, they were forced to live in an orphanage until a rich man, Jason Hummingburg, adopted them. Jason was a president of a company called “Burgcrop”, which was famous for selling high-tech pokemon products. John became interested in the company while Jack focused more on becoming a pokemon trainer studying the ways of pokemon, and at the same time trying to find the murderer of his parents. But it was no use since the murderer was no longer in town. The only way to find him was to start the journey.

    On the twin’s tenth birthday, Jack was excited about being a pokemon trainer. He and John were at a park staring at the pond, knowing with sadness that Jack would have to leave the next day to start his journey, while their Lavitars played with each other.

    “Yes, Jack?”
    “Do you remember the day our parents died?”
    “I’ve been trying to forget that… but go on…”
    “Do you know what I’m gonna do? I’m going to find that creep and take him down, just like he did to ma and pa. For the both of us.”
    John became shock at John’s announcement. “Jack! No!”
    “I don’t want you to hurt anyone! I won’t let you leave if you’re going to do that! I don’t want you to risk your life against this guy, even if he is a creep! We’ve lost mum and dad already! Please, I don’t want to lose you either. Don’t you understand?”

    Jack became silent at John’s words about losing him. Jack knew that John felt the same way he did, but he didn’t want to risk himself in case he gets killed too, His brother would be missing him. After all, Jack’s body and size wasn’t strong enough to go against anyone.

    “Plus, if you act like him,” John continued. “You would become him.”

    Jack became speechless of what John said.

    “Promise me, brother…”
    It took a while for Jack to respond. “……… Alright, then.”

    John puts his hand on Jack’s shoulder, hoping that Jack would keep his promise.
    “Sorry, about the yelling.”
    Jack began to sob a little. “It’s alright. You had to say something.”

    Later, they were called to blow out the candles of their birthday cakes. They came running to a table filled with food and there were two cakes in front of them with candles on top.

    John closed his eyes and made a wish. He blew out the candles while Jack stared at the candles. He didn’t feel like celebrating at that time. Everyone got worried about him. His foster father Jason and John knew why Jack had that sad look on his face, but with different reasons. Jason walked over to Jack.

    “Listen, Jack,” said Jason. “If you don’t want to go on your pokemon journey, then you don’t have to.”
    “I do want to,” Jack responded. “I’m just thinking about something.”

    Jason realised what Jack was talking about. “Ah… I know it’s hard for you. But let me tell you something, as long as you keep your mum and dad in your heart, they will always be there for you. Okay? Make a wish…”

    Jason backed away from Jack. Jack made a wish. His wish was to find the murderer of his parents one day. Then he blew out the candles…

    The next day…

    Jack was getting prepared to set on his pokemon journey. Lavitar was sitting on his bed, watching his trainer getting ready. Jack chose his Lavitar to be his first pokemon. This Larvitar has been at Jack’s side since Jack was four years old, and Larvitar was a baby back then.

    “Today’s the big day. Are you ready?” Jack asked with a smile.
    “Larvi!” Larvitar replied cheerfully.

    Jack was about to leave when John entered the room.

    “Jack, I want to give you this before you go.”

    John handed Jack a photo showing that was showing a picture of them with their real parents before they died. Jack had a tear running down his face.

    “John, I…”
    “It’s a little something to keep your spirits up, to remind you that you’re never alone.”
    “Thanks, bro.”

    Later, Jack, John and Jason walked outside the mansion, where a lot of people were waiting for Jack. They all knew Jack had to leave home at some level, they all cheered for Jack, saying…

    “We’ll miss you, Jack!”
    “All the best, Jack!”
    “You can do it, Jack!”

    John was right. Everyone that Jack knew and loved in life will always be beside him, believing in him also.

    “Thanks, everybody.”

    Jack walked through the crowd and walked into a whole new adventure, along with his Larvitar.

    “Your brother’s a brave man, my son,” said Jason. “And one day, he’ll become a strong man.”
    “Thanks, dad…” John replied tearfully.
    More coming!!
    So, what do you guys think so far?
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