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    Very cool! The battle with Mewtwo was pretty good as well. Keep it up!

    All your base are belong to US.


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    Oh yeah, I love this part. Mewtwo defeats all three of Black Jack's pokemon and then the two have to fight. This is my favourite part of the whole story. I can't wait til the next chapter.

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    Giga Groudon, why spoil it? Oh, wait a second, that was too obvious. Some of the plot elements can be predicted, but it's original nonetheless. You shift between the past and present tense. The grammar is sloppy. It seems like Black Jack will never lose. But I still like it, because it's different.

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    Dark Charizard: Thanx *Thumb's up*

    Giga Groudon: The next chapter is here, Double G. I don't mean to moan but please, can I do the spoiling?

    The Trainer: I knew that someone is going to write that, thanks for noticing. I often overlook on things when write stuff up, I just let my imagination do the talking.

    Now, on with the story!

    Chapter 3

    Black Jack was now at a 4-Vs-1 advantage as he and his pokemon defeated all three of Mewtwo’s chosen pokemon. Now it was Mewtwo’s turn to face them.

    “Impressive so far,” Mewtwo said. “You must’ve taught you’re pokemon well. But, the tide is about to turn.”
    “Don’t be too sure,” Black Jack replied with a smirk. “You’re strong, but defeating my boys won’t be easy. Go! Feraligatr!”

    Black Jack tossed out the pokeball that contained Feraligatr and he came out of it while yelling out a loud roar.

    “Feraligatr!” Black Jack ordered. “Slash attack!”
    “Foolish man,” Mewtwo thought to himself while smirking. “He suddenly became overconfident.”

    Feraligatr leapt into the air and his slash attack was about to reach Mewtwo, but he raised his arm, using his psychic powers, to stop him in his tracks. “No!” Black Jack thought.

    Mewtwo held him there at close range until Feraligatr spat at him in the face, temporarily blinding him. When he can see again, he saw Feraligatr coming at him with another slash attack. Mewtwo countered with a Psychic attack, blowing Feraligatr away and knocking him out.

    Mewtwo sternly looked at Black Jack not liking the underhanded move that Feraligatr pulled. “Feraligatr can be sure tricky, eh?” Black Jack said as he shrugged while calling back his Feraligatr. “And you sure tricked him there, so that makes us even.”
    “So now that I have defeated your Feraligatr, who else will be my next victim?” Mewtwo asked.

    Black Jack picked another pokeball and tossed it out. “Nidoking! It’s punch bag time!” Nidoking popped out of his pokeball while crying out his battle cry.

    “Nidoking!” Black Jack ordered. “Mega Punch attack!”

    Nidoking ran at Mewtwo at the speed of a bullet. But as he gave a big punch, Mewtwo dodged the attack. Mewtwo stepped backwards while dodging each of his attacks until his back hit the wall. Nidoking saw this as a chance to finish Mewtwo off for good. He gave one big punch but Mewtwo dodged the attack again, making Nidoking smash the wall instead, making a pile of rocks to fall on top of him.

    Nidoking became buried underneath the rubble. Black Jack looked at it, waiting for Nidoking to come out. Nidoking broke out of the rubble, but he felt that his arm and legs were hurting.

    Black Jack turned to Mewtwo’s direction and saw that he was about to throw another fireball. “Nidoking!” he warned. “Watch out!”

    Nidoking looked at Mewtwo as he threw a fireball at him. He tried to dodge the attack but to no avail, as the fireball collided with him, causing a major explosion. Nidoking was sent flying until he fell and crashed on the ground. He picked himself up again and gave a loud roar, but he suddenly fainted. “Nidoking!” Black Jack cried.

    “Two down,” Mewtwo said. “Do you surrender?”
    “Fat chance,” Black Jack replied as Nidoking returned to his pokeball.

    This time Black Jack sent out his Tyranitar. “Tyranitar!” Black Jack commanded. “Tackle attack!”

    Tyranitar ran at Mewtwo. “Fool,” Mewtwo criticised as he threw a fireball at him, causing an explosion upon impact. He expected Tyranitar to be knocked out. But to his surprise, Tyranitar suddenly ran out of the smoke and dust of the explosion and shoulder tackled him.

    Mewtwo was sent flying until his back hit the wall and felt that his shoulder was injured. He slowly picked himself up. “How can this be?” he asked himself.

    “I guess the dark defences of Tyranitar here seem to be a little bit too much for you,” Black Jack replied. “Don’t ya think?”
    “I’m afraid not,” Mewtwo replied in a struggled tone. “It’s not just psychic attacks that I can use.”

    As the blue aura surrounded Mewtwo, the white clouds became black. “Oh man,” Black Jack thought in a down tone. “What’s next?”

    Suddenly a huge blizzard that Mewtwo summoned came raining down on everyone. “Not another blizzard!” Black Jack complained, as he couldn’t see a thing. Tyranitar couldn’t see either and was getting hurt by the blizzard. Suddenly, a huge light beam came and hit him, causing an explosion upon impact.

    Black Jack heard the explosion and hoped that the explosion didn’t concern his battle against Mewtwo. But to his disappointment, it was. As the blizzard cleared, his Tyranitar was lying on his front unconscious and he called him back.

    Now it was Black Jack’s turn to battle. Even though Mewtwo has beaten Nidoking, Feraligatr and Tyranitar, he was still hurt due to Tyranitar’s attacks.

    “It’s kind of strange when you think about it, Mewtwo,” Black Jack said. “A human fighting against a pokemon to see who’s better.”
    “You’re not the first human who fought against me,” Mewtwo replied.
    “Have you heard of another human named Ash Ketchum?”
    “Yeah… world famous he is.”
    “He was no match for my psychic powers. But when he sacrificed himself to save all the pokemon and the clones that were fighting to the death, Mew and I noticed how special he was.
    “Sacrificed? You mean he was…”
    “Correct. But he was saved by the pokemon’s tears.”

    Black Jack had a surprised look on his face. “A kid sacrificing himself to save the pokemon?” Black Jack thought. “This Ash Ketchum is sure a gutsy kid.”

    “So now let’s see if you’re not as weak as the other humans I’ve faced,” Mewtwo demanded.

    Black Jack looked at Mewtwo and gave a nasty smile and an evil s******.
    More coming! Reviews please!
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    Pokemon Impact (PG13):
    Series: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 (Cancelled)

    Starring Black Jack, a veteran pokemon trainer who saves the lives of others while breaking necks of his enemies in cold blood. You want action? You got action!
    (Continue or Reboot? That is the question.)

    Goldenrod High (Chaptered Comedy Multishipping fic PG13) Updated: 02/12/09
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    It was cool! Very.... I hope the next chappy is up soon!

    All your base are belong to US.


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    If you stick to one tense, it will be better.

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    Dark Charizard: Thanks, DC. The next chappy is here.
    Trainer: I can't help it... *sob*

    Chapter 4

    At that moment, it was now a one-on-one fight; it was now Black Jack versus Mewtwo. At first, Black Jack’s pokemon defeated Mewtwo’s clones and had a four-on-one advantage, but Mewtwo retaliated and defeated all three of Black Jack’s pokemon.

    Black gave a small s****** and then ran at Mewtwo, but he summoned up his psychic powers again and threw him into the wall of the cave. Black Jack fell to the ground and another pile of rocks fell on top of him.

    Mewtwo stopped his psychic powers as he waited to see if Black Jack could break out of that rubble. As expected, Black Jack broke out. He looked battered and bruised, and unlike Tyranitar he was bloodied as well.

    “As I thought,” Mewtwo said.
    “Did you really think that some rocks would take me down?” Black Jack snarled.

    As Mewtwo raised his arm to summon up his psychic powers, Black Jack started running at him. Mewtwo’s blue aura surrounded him. To his surprise, a mixed dark and light aura surrounded Black Jack.

    “What?” Mewtwo said in shock. Black Jack didn’t take notice of his aura as he ran faster and faster until he was able pummel him like a punching bag. The last punch knocked Mewtwo down.

    Mewtwo was down, but he quickly picked himself and was still seeing the aura around Black Jack. He suddenly sensed something inside him, he looked into his mind and saw shadows of a rare pokemon, and one of the pokemon was familiar to him. “Could that be… Mew…?” Mewtwo thought with bewilderment.

    While Mewtwo was distracted, Black Jack ran at him, unaware of his distraction, and gave him a shoulder tackle. This time Mewtwo was sent flying to the cave wall. As soon as he fell and crashed through the ground, another set of big rocks fell. This time it was on him. Mewtwo used his psychic powers again to break out of this predicament.

    “You do have something about you,” Mewtwo said. “We have no time for games.”
    “You couldn’t be anymore right,” Black Jack replied, not knowing what Mewtwo was actually referring to. “Now let’s see who’s stronger out of both of us.”

    Mewtwo, the one-time self-proclaimed strongest pokemon in the world. Years ago, his first look of the outside world was horrendous to him. His first view of life was when he was stuck in a tube and was surrounded by scientists. When he was told that he was an experiment, he wouldn’t take it. After he destroyed the laboratory, Giovanni convinced him into working ‘with’ him. Mewtwo soon gained full control of his psychic powers, his psychic powers are more powerful than any psychic pokemon. After working for Team Rocket for so long, he soon discovered that Giovanni was only using him as a slave. Mewtwo’s anger got out of control again and destroyed the whole Team Rocket base. He kept on wondering on what his destiny was. He soon felt that his destiny was to conquer the entire planet and sets out on his own tasks. In time he discovered a young trainer named Ash Ketcum and challenged him. Even though Mewtwo defeated him, his plans were being held by Ash and Mew’s interference. As two of the most powerful pokemon on earth were about to finish each other off in one final blast, Ash sacrificed himself to stop them. After the tears of the pokemon and their clones that were involved in battle have revived Ash, Mewtwo saw the error of his ways and dedicated his life to protect the clones he created from the outside world.

    Black Jack, the man on his winning streak and also earned the reputation as the toughest trainer in history. Back then, he wasn’t known as Black Jack; he’s real name was Jack Hummingburg. When he was at young age, both of his parents died of murder. His twin brother, John, made him promise not to find the murderer. When he started on his pokemon journey, he did the things that a normal trainer would, capture pokemon, win badges, learning, the usual things. The one thing that he did everyday is that he’d call his brother to check up on things. That was until Jack was forced into working for Giovanni. Jack became from a kind and gentle trainer to a cold-blooded and cold-hearted trainer known as Black Jack. Deep inside, he felt too ashamed to call his brother anymore. He, too, worked for Team Rocket for a very long time but also discovered Ash Ketcum. After learning much about Ash for so long he couldn’t take anymore of Team Rocket. Like Mewtwo, he destroyed another Team Rocket base. Now he travels around the world, looking for challenges. He has been challenging trainers and won. He has got himself into the dangers of the outside world and out. In his own words, he would say to you that he has been “drinking beer and smashing heads”.

    And at that moment, they’re facing each other one-on-one, human versus pokemon. This battle wasn’t about greed. It wasn’t about personal matters. This battle was a test of who was stronger out of the both of them.

    Mewtwo threw a fireball at Black Jack, but missed as he dodged and ran at him. Mewtwo was about throw another fireball but Black Jack quickly grabbed his head and smashed against the wall.

    Black Jack backed away to let Mewtwo pick himself up, ready to strike. As Mewtwo stood up, Black Jack ran at him but Mewtwo sensed that coming at quickly turned round while giving a backfist punch to him.

    That punch made Black Jack turn around while he staggered. Mewtwo took this as the time charge up his powers and tackle Black Jack, sending him flying until he fell and crushed through the ground.

    Black Jack picked himself, momentarily dazed with an angry look on his face. As he turned round, Mewtwo used his powers to hold Black Jack where he was standing. He struggled to lift him up, but Black Jack remained where he was. He also struggled to stay where he was.

    “That aura,” Mewtwo thought to himself as he struggled to lift Black Jack up. “Something tells me that he has great power within him, but he doesn’t seem to notice it. I’m certain that he’s not even aware of it.”

    “I’m losing it…” Black Jack thought as he struggled against Mewtwo’s grip. Suddenly, a child’s voice appeared in his mind again.
    “You can’t give up!” said a voice.
    Black Jack’s face of strain turned to a face of shock. “What the?”
    “After everything you’ve been through, you can’t give up like this! You still have loved ones that are always behind you!”
    “I don’t know about that… but you’re right about the ‘not giving up’ part… I have a **** good reason why I shouldn’t give in… I’m Black Jack!”

    Black Jack suddenly broke out of Mewtwo’s bindings using his strength. “That power again!” Mewtwo thought as his eyes widened.

    Black Jack ran at Mewtwo and tackled his body, knocking him down. “This is what I taught my Nidoking!” snarled Black Jack as he started pummelling his face like a punching bag. Black Jack lifted his hand to give him one more punch but missed as Mewtwo slightly moved his head to the right and gave him a punch to the face, knocking him off.

    Black Jack and Mewtwo quickly stood up, despite the aches and pains in their bodies.

    Black Jack looked down, wondering where that kid’s voice came from. Was he hearing things? Was he going crazy? Was he being watched? At that moment, it didn’t matter. He had a battle to fight. He looked up and looked at Mewtwo with determination and ran at him to continue battling.

    As he ran, Mewtwo shot a psychic blast at him but missed as Black Jack stepped sideways and continued running and gave a kick to Mewtwo’s face, knocking him down. “Good thing I learned a thing or two from Blaziken,” Black Jack thought.

    Mewtwo quickly picked himself up and caught Black Jack running at him to attack. Mewtwo quickly and instinctively grabbed Black Jack’s arm, floored him and held his arm in an arm lock. He then used his psychic powers to increase his strength to hurt Black Jack more.

    Mewtwo held Black Jack in that hold for a long time until Black Jack found the strength to lift himself up slowly and then by elbowed Mewtwo’s face to make him break the hold.

    Black Jack walked back a couple of steps away from Mewtwo and then stared at him while giving a nasty smile. They then continued to battle.

    Black Jack started to run at Mewtwo again to attack. Mewtwo countered that with another one of fireballs and tossed it directly at him, exploding on impact. Mewtwo thought that he was done. But to his surprise, Black Jack ran through the smoke and punched him in the gut.

    Mewtwo spat out some blood out of his mouth as he felt the pain. After the punch, Mewtwo staggered backwards holding his gut and coughing out blood. Black Jack did the same, only he held his right arm as he used it not only to defend himself against Mewtwo’s attack but he also used it to hit Mewtwo with it.

    Mewtwo’s aura glowed around as he threw another fireball at Black Jack, causing another explosive impact and knocking him down before he collapsed.

    As they stayed down to take a breather, Mewtwo looked back in his days when he and the clones were in battle against Mew and the others. Black Jack looked back in his days when he got into many dangers and out. They were looking back so much that they felt that this could their last battle.

    Not willing to quit, both of them stood up. They were both spent, barely able to stand and barely able to breath. Black Jack, with the last energy with his body, ran at Mewtwo to give him possibly his last punch. Mewtwo gathered the last of his energies, to counter whatever Black Jack’s attack might be.

    Black Jack gave Mewtwo a hook on the side of his face. But at the same time, Mewtwo gave Black Jack a punch of his own.

    Both of them staggered backwards and at the same time fell to the floor, unconscious. At that moment, the aura that surrounded Black Jack slowly disappeared. A pikachu and the other clones came to their aid. Blaziken, Salamence and Metagross popped out of Black Jack’s pokeballs, knowing what happened.

    “Blazi…” Blaziken said as he looked at both Black Jack and Mewtwo with shock. Which meant, “****…”
    More coming! Reviews please!
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    Pokemon Impact (PG13):
    Series: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 (Cancelled)

    Starring Black Jack, a veteran pokemon trainer who saves the lives of others while breaking necks of his enemies in cold blood. You want action? You got action!
    (Continue or Reboot? That is the question.)

    Goldenrod High (Chaptered Comedy Multishipping fic PG13) Updated: 02/12/09
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    This time, pretty good. I didn't notice tense problems. But you used cold-bloodied. You should use cold-blooded.

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    Thanx, Trainer. I'll change that when I have the time.

    Chapter 5

    A few hours later, Mewtwo woke up from his unconsciousness. He quickly sat up to find the battered and bruised Black Jack and all of the pokemon sitting around a campfire in the beautiful scenery of flowers, grass and trees. “Well, there’s no point shouting ‘wakey wakey’ now, eh?” Black Jack said.

    “What happened?” Mewtwo asked.
    “I hate to admit it,” Black Jack replied. “But I get the feeling that we were both knocked out.”

    Mewtwo looked down in disappointment.

    “Me…” he thought. “Being beaten by a human. How can I call myself the most powerful pokemon in the world now? But wait… I did sense that there was something about him before and during the battle…”

    “Snap out of it, Mewtwo,” Black Jack interrupted as he instinctively knew what Mewtwo was thinking. “Neither of us has won and neither of us has lost. I guess we can leave it until next time.”
    “…I agree,” Mewtwo replied. “By the way, why did you leave Team Rocket?”
    “That punk, Giovanni,” Black Jack said in an annoyed tone, he hates it when he or other people (or pokemon) had to mention that name. “He sees pokemon as a bunch of tools, and I wasn’t having that.”

    Mewtwo’s eyes glowed for a brief moment. That name always made his blood boil.

    Black Jack soon changed the subject and he and Mewtwo got into other conversations, like where did Mewtwo’s clones came from, had bad life can get, how Black Jack got into life threatening situations and out, etc.

    Suddenly, an explosion was heard from the other side of the cave. Black Jack ordered all his pokemon to protect Mewtwo’s, while he and Mewtwo left to investigate.

    (Author’s note: The pokemon speaks for this part, so I’m going to do some translation.)

    “Huh!” Nidoking moaned. “How come he gets to have fun?”
    “You already had your turn battling,” Blaziken replied. “You need to rest.”
    “But I’m feeling fine!”
    “Same here!” Feraligatr continued. He suddenly felt the pain in his back. “Ouch…”
    “Somebody’s got to go with Jack,” Blaziken said. “He’s bound to get into trouble without us and he’s not one hundred percent healed yet.”
    “I’ll check them out,” Salamence said volunteering. But Metagross got in his way.
    “No you won’t, my friend,” he replied, getting in his way. “I’ll go. You always have trouble with not just against icy attacks, but weathers too.”
    “True…” Salamence admittedly thought to himself.
    “I’ll come with you,” Tyranitar said.
    “You’re injured too. So stay here, Tyranitar.” Metagross said. “But if we don’t get back in five minutes, come get us.”
    “I’ll stay here to guard the others,” Blaziken said, suspecting that Nidoking and Feraligatr would do something stupid like getting themselves hurt again.

    Metagross walked to the cave leaving the others to heal themselves and protect Mewtwo’s clones.

    (Author’s note: Translation ended.)

    The weakened Black Jack and Mewtwo ran outside to see what was happening. They saw a lot people in black warm clothing holding guns, struggling through the mountain snow.

    “Who are those humans?” Mewtwo asked. “Do you know them?”
    “They don’t look like Team Rocket grunts,” Black Jack replied. “They must be from somewhere else.”
    “Whoever they are, it’s clear that they’re trying to get to me.”
    “No kidding.”

    Black Jack picked up some snow and made a snowball out of it.

    “What are you trying to do with that?” Mewtwo asked.
    “Just having a little fun,” Black Jack replied.

    With a small evil smile, Black Jack bowled the snowball down the mountain. As the snowball rolled, it got bigger and faster. Soon it became as big as a Snorlax and it knocked down most of the grunts.

    “I never saw that coming,” Mewtwo said as he clapped his paws, appreciating Black Jack’s smarts. “I’m impressed.”
    “Why are you so impressed?” Black Jack asked in a down tone. “I didn’t get a strike.”

    The grunts started to pick themselves up and made their way up to capture Mewtwo. “Look at that! Heh!” Black Jack said with a sadistic smile. “They don’t want to be next to Magikarps on the weaklings chart, do they!”

    Mewtwo and Black Jack had no choice but to defend themselves against them. Mewtwo, even in his weakened state, used his psychic powers to fend off the grunts, while Black Jack wipes them out with his bare hands.

    Mewtwo and Black Jack showed a great deal of teamwork between them. At one point, Mewtwo was about to get stabbed in the back by one of the grunts. But luckily for him, Black Jack threw a snowball at the grunt’s face and then punched him in the face.

    Meanwhile, far away, in a base, a man with blond, fluffy shoulder length hair in a grey tuxedo was watching in a dark room watching a visual monitor. “What!” he thought to himself in shock. “Who’s that man?”

    Back at the mountain, Mewtwo and Black Jack finished off most of the grunts while the other grunts ran away. “Looks like they’ve found another useful thing to do besides getting beaten by us,” Black Jack said. Mewtwo smirked at that remark.

    But to their surprise, a huge stomp can be heard. The stomp was so loud that it caused quite a short earthquake. Black Jack and Mewtwo looked at the mountain behind them, hoping that it didn’t cause an avalanche. To their relief, it didn’t. They turned their attention to the sound’s direction. It turned out that a huge robot was coming their way. It was twice the size of a Snorlax. It had a two-sectioned body part, top and bottom, huge arms, legs and head. It had missiles on his shoulders and chain guns on his wrists.

    “Only one of them?” Black Jack asked in a disappointed tone. “I can’t believe that they would stoop that low!”

    Mewtwo gave Black Jack a surprised look, sensing that he was going fight this robot. “A human facing a gigantic attacking robot?” he thought to himself. “This is no ordinary human!”

    Soon, Metagross came running out of the cave and saw Black Jack and Mewtwo about the face the huge robot.

    The robot raised its arms and started shooting everywhere like wildfire. Mewtwo instantly raised his arms to create a shield around Black Jack and himself. They soon spotted Metagross running down to them dodging each and every bullet.

    “Meta gross gross!” Metagross said, which meant, “let me take care of that thing!”

    Understanding what Metagross wanted to do, Black Jack shrugged and smiled as he replied, “Suit yourself.”

    Metagross quickly ran at the robot, dodging bullets and gave it a mighty punch, creating a huge damaged hole in the robot’s armour and circuits inside it. It kept on crushing the robot continuously while climbing until the reached the robot’s head, smashing it also. After the head was smashed, a massive explosion occurred from the robot.

    Mewtwo still held the shield while bits and pieces of the robot were flying about. Black Jack noticed Metagross being blown away with an injured look on its face. Black Jack attempted to catch Metagross, but being a huge and heavy pokemon Metagross crashed on his body, but neither were hurt as they quickly got back up.

    “Are you okay, bud?” Black Jack asked. Metagross nodded in response. Suddenly, a voice was heard. “Tyranitar!”

    It was Tyranitar and the others, coming out after five minutes have elapsed, just like Metagross said.

    As they went back into the cave, everyone rejoiced that Mewtwo, Black Jack and Metagross were safe.

    “No point in celebrating forever,” Black Jack said in a down tone. “We have to split up or else those goons will turn up again.”
    Mewtwo smiled slightly at Black Jack. “It has been a real honour battling with you, Black Jack,” he said. “Even though we must part ways, we shall meet again.”
    “So be it,” Black Jack replied as they shook hand / paw.

    Soon, everyone waved their goodbyes, hoping that they will see each other again someday.

    Back at the base, the man in the suit switched off the monitor. “Hmm…” the man murmured. “Black Jack, eh?”

    Next episode: Black Jack enters the Hoenn League where he meets someone very famous.

    Spoiler:     Spoiler:

    More coming! Reviews please!
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    Check these out:

    Thanks for the card, Skiks
    Pokemon Impact (PG13):
    Series: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 (Cancelled)

    Starring Black Jack, a veteran pokemon trainer who saves the lives of others while breaking necks of his enemies in cold blood. You want action? You got action!
    (Continue or Reboot? That is the question.)

    Goldenrod High (Chaptered Comedy Multishipping fic PG13) Updated: 02/12/09
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    OMFG that's a piece of s***! ... Oh, sorry, wrong thread =P It was pretty cool, but I noticed some tense errors. Oh anyway, keep goin'!

    All your base are belong to US.


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    Wow, this is awesome. I'm sorry I spoiled the rest of this part, please forgive me big evil. It's still good, even though I knew what was comin'.

    Heh heh, I remember the next part. It's cool how he meets up with Ash Ketchum, so I can't wait.

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    Dark Charizard: You got me going for the moment there... :P hehe. Thanx for the review anyway.
    Giga Groudon: Apology accepted. Everyone was going to find out at some point. Oh, I got another nickname for you: Double G.

    Episode 5: A whole new level

    Chapter 1

    Black Jack was now on a path to the Hoenn League Stadium, where strong trainers gather to compete to become the next Hoenn League champion. But he was not interested in becoming Hoenn League champion; he was only interested in smashing heads.

    Over the passed number of weeks, he kept on thinking about whom or what has spoke to him in his mind when he and Mewtwo fought against each other.

    Upon arrival, a lot of people soon recognised him and ran over to him, asking for his autographs and photos. “Oh shoot!” he thought. “How do these people know me?”

    Pokemon fans surrounded Black Jack and he felt like he was being forced to sign autographs. But luckily for him, a police officer blew her whistle for their attention.

    “Alright!” she ordered. “What’s going on here?”
    “Let me guess,” Black Jack said. “You’re Officer Jenny right? Not that I’m looking for you.”
    “Ah, Black Jack, you must be the man who helped saved the children from the Rocket Revengers.”
    “Oh no, don’t mention them. Makes me wanna puke.”
    “Why are you here?”
    “To look for some real challenges.”
    “Are you qualified?”
    “My winning streak is 2000-0.”
    “Only competitors are allowed in the league if they have at least eight gym badges from the Hoenn region. Do you have at least eight gym badges?”
    “I lost count on that. Let me see.”

    Black Jack reached down his jacket pocket and took out small black bag, which was full of different badges from different regions that he visited. The crowd gasped with amazement. “He’s overqualified!” shouted one of them.

    “Is that the famous Black Jack I’m looking at?” asked a voice.
    “Yep, I am Black Jack. But I wish I wasn’t famous,” Black Jack replied, as he turned round to look at the person who asked the question.

    To his surprise, he was looking at a trainer who had the most potential and enthusiasm to become Hoenn League champion. He was wearing blue jacket, red hat, black shoes and dark blue jeans. That pokemon trainer happened to be none other than…

    “Ash Ketchum,” said Black Jack.
    “Pleasure to finally meet ya,” Ash replied as he and Black Jack shook hands.
    “Pikachu,” Pikachu said, who was riding on Ash’s hand.
    “Yep,” Black Jack said as he shook Pikachu’s paw. “And you as well.”
    “Thinking about joining the tournament?” Ash asked.
    “Maybe,” Black Jack replied. “But I have no interest in becoming champion or becoming a pokemon master. I’m just here to look for some heads to smash.”

    Ash gave a confident smile. Black Jack soon realised what that meant. “You’re joining too, huh?” he asked.
    “Yeah,” Ash replied.

    “Oh ho,” said another voice, only this time it sounded from a guy more arrogant.

    Black Jack turned around to see a man with blond shoulder length hair. He was wearing a designer shirt, trousers and black gloves. “Let me guess,” the man said. “Black Jack isn’t it? The most talked about guy in the Hoenn region next to Ketchum. If there’s one guy that people should be talking about, it’s me.”

    Ash didn’t seem to like the man’s attitude. “Who are you?”
    “You don’t know who I am?” replied the man in an arrogant tone. “I’m gonna tell you who I am before I humiliate you in front of everybody. The name is Chris Jolteon.”
    “Chris Jolteon, eh?” Black Jack said. “Did your mum name you that or is that the best you can do for a stupid persona?”
    “You’re now asking for it, punk!” Chris Jolteon yelled. “Don’t you know what I did to get here? I travelled all around the world defeating trainers and gym leaders non-stop! I collected more pokemon than anyone collected stamps! I became part of TV shows and movies! I have done everything!”

    While Jolteon kept on boasting, Black Jack and the others were becoming bored of him. “But there are two things that I have not done!” he continued. “Is kick Black Jack’s or Ketchum’s butt in a pokemon battle!”

    Black Jack smiled evilly when Jolteon mentioned “pokemon battle”, as he knew what’s coming.

    “So, answer me, Black Jack,” Jolteon demanded. “You and me, any round. What do you say?”
    “Officially,” Black Jack replied. “I accept your match. This match is gonna take pokemon training to a whole new level.”
    “Too right! I will show everyone that I am more charismatic, more skilful and more stronger than anybody! No one will be comparing me to anybody else!”
    “You can keep thinking that way, kid, but I’m just gonna show you something that you have never received… no mercy.”

    As everyone watched, Black Jack turned round to enter the Hoenn League stadium to sign up for the tournament.
    More coming! Reviews please!
    Formerly known as Brian Powell

    Check these out:

    Thanks for the card, Skiks
    Pokemon Impact (PG13):
    Series: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 (Cancelled)

    Starring Black Jack, a veteran pokemon trainer who saves the lives of others while breaking necks of his enemies in cold blood. You want action? You got action!
    (Continue or Reboot? That is the question.)

    Goldenrod High (Chaptered Comedy Multishipping fic PG13) Updated: 02/12/09
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    Pretty... Cool and a bit short O_o But it's ok. Keep it up!

    All your base are belong to US.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark_Charizard
    Pretty... Cool and a bit short O_o But it's ok. Keep it up!

    Thanx, I intend to make up for it by making the other chapters longer.

    Chapter 2

    Black Jack stood at the entrance of the battlefield of the arena, getting ready for his first round of the tournament. He can hear the crowd giving some huge cheers from the outside, but he never felt nervous one bit.

    “Time to whip some,” he said to himself as he walked out into the arena, clenching his fists.

    “Will you please welcome,” shouted the announcer excitedly. “The man who is on his winning streak of 2000-0 and the man who has more badges than a normal guy has teeth, please cheer for the man known as Black Jack!”

    The crowd was giving some great big cheers for Black Jack. He walked into the arena and waited for his opponent. Chris Jolteon came out, as he is Black Jack’s first opponent.

    “And his opponent, from Canada,” cried the announcer with excitement. “The man known for his famous Eevee evolution team and he also claims to be the most famous man in the world… Chris Jolteon!”

    Chris Jolteon walked down to his respective part of the field, posing and showing off along the way. When he got there, Black Jack sarcastically opened his finger into his opened mouth with a bored look on his face. Seeing that, Chris Jolteon had a vain on his forehead and shouted, “I’ll make you pay for that!”

    Elsewhere in the audience, Ash sat and watched the action with focus in his eyes and Pikachu sitting on his lap. There were four vacant seats on his left.

    “Ash!” a girl’s voice called. Ash turned round to find four people were looking for him. One of them had a yellow tanktop, short blue jeans with straps to hold them and ginger hair with a ponytail at the side of her head. The other had spiky brown hair and small eyes and wore a green jacket. Another had a red bandanna, red jacket and tight shorts that nearly reached her knee. Another one was a child, who wore glasses, a green shirt and brown shorts.

    “Misty! Brock! Max! May! Over here!” Ash called waving his arms for their attention.
    “Pika pika!” Pikachu cried also waving his arms.

    Ash’s friends ran to their seats in case anyone would get there first. “Ash,” Misty said happily. “Who’s battling right now?”
    “Take a look,” Ash replied as he pointed at Black Jack.
    “Is that Black Jack?” May exclaimed.
    “Yeah!” Brock replied. “He’s the guy who helped this girl named Cassandra save the kids in Rustboro City.”
    “I heard that Black Jack got himself into many dangerous situations and out,” Max continued. “With his winning streak of 2000-0, I bet that he’ll win this one for sure.”

    “In the first rounds, the participants can only use one pokemon each,” cried the announcer. “The big screen will now select who will choose the trainer to select his pokemon first.”
    The big screen of the arena circulated between the pictures of Black Jack and Chris Jolteon. The picture stopped at Chris Jolteon’s picture.

    “Alright then, punk,” Chris Jolteon said. “I choose Jolteon!”
    “Figures,” Black Jack replied. “I already knew that you would choose him, since he must be your favourite.”
    “All of my pokemon are more than enough for you!”
    “We’ll see about that. Tyranitar! It’s your time to shine!”

    Black Jack threw out a pokeball and out popped Tyranitar. He gave a loud roar as he prepared for battle.

    “Tyranitar versus Jolteon?” May asked.
    “Yep,” Brock replied. “Both pokemon have their advantages and disadvantages against each other. A Tyranitar has higher physical defence and attack stats, while Jolteon has high elemental attack power and speed.”
    “And that’s not all,” Max continued. “Tyranitar is a rock and dark type, while Jolteon is an electric type. There is only one bug type attack that Jolteon can learn and that is the Pin Missile attack, and dark types are weak against bug type attacks. But having heard of Black Jack and his pokemon’s ability of being unpredictable in battle, I have no clue what he or his Tyranitar has in their minds.”

    “Now without ado,” cried the announcer. “LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!”

    Chris Jolteon got his pokemon ready to attack. “I’ll finish you off real fast!” he taunted. “Jolteon! Thunder attack!”
    “Already?” Black Jack asked with a confident smirk.

    Jolteon charged himself up until his electric powers were full; he then let out a huge roar as lightning was shot out from him and went into the clouds and then dived down at Tyranitar.

    “Too easy,” Black Jack criticised. “Dodge to your left, Tyranitar.”

    Tyranitar did what he was instructed as he confidently took one step to his left, making the lightning hit the ground instead, missing him by an inch. A lot of people in the audience had surprised look on their faces and gasped.

    “Whoa!” Brock said. “Smooth move, if that Thunder attack did hit Tyranitar, it would’ve done a lot of damage.”
    “I told you guys,” Max said. “Black Jack is unpredictable, he just showed that his Tyranitar can move fast.”

    “Now, Tyranitar!” Black Jack commanded. “Mega Punch attack!”
    “Jolteon!” Chris Jolteon yelled. “Pin Missile attack!”

    Jolteon shot out his Pin Missile attack like wildfire. The attack did hit Tyranitar, but he wasn’t even fazed as he continued to run at Jolteon at high speed.

    Tyranitar went on to hit Jolteon with Mega Punch, but he jumped out of harm’s way, making Tyranitar punch the ground instead. The punch was so hard that it created a hole in it.

    “If that’s the way this is gonna be,” Chris Jolten thought to himself. “I’ll have to worn him out.”

    “Jolteon!” he commanded. “Agility now!”

    Jolteon started to run rings around Tyranitar. “Stand still,” Black Jack said. “Don’t worry too much about it.”

    Jolteon has been running around Tyranitar for a long time, but Tyranitar didn’t show any sign of confusion or tiredness. Chris Jolteon was beginning to get frustrated. “Jolteon!” Chris Jolteon ordered. “Tackle attack!”

    “In front of him?” Black Jack asked with criticism. “Tyranitar! Shadow Punch!”

    Tyranitar gave a stretched and swift punch to knock Jolteon down, like a seviper would strike a pidgey.

    May gave several blinks. “What happened?” she asked. “I’ve never seen a pokemon punch like that before.”
    “A shadow punch?” Brock asked. “I thought that only Dusclops’ learn that move.”
    “I guess Black Jack has his own way of teaching moves,” Max replied.

    Misty couldn’t help but noticing Ash concentrating on the battle.

    Jolteon slowly picked himself up. “Jolteon!” Chris Jolteon commanded. “Thunderbolt attack!”

    Black Jack gave a confident smile as Jolteon charged himself up. Jolteon tried to let the electric attack but it was no use, as he suddenly felt worn out.

    “Hey! What’s going on here?” Chris Jolteon asked.
    “Batteries have their own limits,” Black Jack replied. “And it looks like your Jolteon has reached his.”
    “Since Jolteon has been running around Tyranitar for a long time, he has been growing tired. That means that he had no longer had the energy to use his electric attack, let alone carry on with the battle. In other words… you’re finished.”
    “No way!”
    “Tyranitar! Focus Punch attack!”

    Tyranitar turned around as he charged himself. Jolteon had no more energy to move, as Tyranitar slid quickly at him while giving a devastating punch, which caused an explosion, sending him flying. “NO!” Chris Jolteon cried as his Jolteon fell to the ground unconscious

    After that, everyone stood and gave a deafening cheer for Black Jack.

    Chris Jolteon fell to his knees and was in tears as he called back his defeated pokemon.

    “Loser,” Black Jack disappointedly thought as he walked to the back of the stadium. Even though he won, he felt nothing. He felt that something was missing in his life of adventures.

    A few minutes later, Black Jack was at the pokemon center, waiting for his pokemon to be healed. He also waited to find out who his next opponent might be. “Hi, Black Jack,” said a girl’s voice.

    Black Jack turned around to see her acquaintance, Cassandra. Along side her was one of the students from the Flaming Fist School, fifteen years old. “Cassandra and Lao Ping,” Black Jack said. “Long time, no see. What are you guys doing here?”

    “Did you actually expect us to miss your matches?” Cassandra asked. “I promised Gardevior that she’d be able to see how you and your pokemon were battling.”
    “And I’ve been chosen to see how Blaziken was getting on,” Lao Ping replied. “Surely you must’ve trained him well.”

    Before Black Jack could answer, the big screen circled around to find the pokemon trainers battling for the next round. It turned out that Black Jack’s opponent would be a man known as Mr. Mack. He was wearing sport and street clothing.

    “Mr. Mack?” Cassandra said. “I never heard of him.”

    Black Jack gave a nasty smile. “Might as well whip his as well,” he thought.
    More coming! Reviews please!
    Spoiler:     Spoiler:
    Formerly known as Brian Powell

    Check these out:

    Thanks for the card, Skiks
    Pokemon Impact (PG13):
    Series: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 (Cancelled)

    Starring Black Jack, a veteran pokemon trainer who saves the lives of others while breaking necks of his enemies in cold blood. You want action? You got action!
    (Continue or Reboot? That is the question.)

    Goldenrod High (Chaptered Comedy Multishipping fic PG13) Updated: 02/12/09
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    Hmm! That's cool!

    All your base are belong to US.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark_Charizard
    Hmm! That's cool!

    Thanx, DC.

    Chapter 3

    Ash and Pikachu were at the pokemon center desk, followed by their friends, Brock, Misty, May, Max, Cassandra, her Gardevoir and Lao Ping.

    “Has anyone seen Black Jack this morning?” Cassandra asked.

    Everyone shook their heads sideways, indicating that they haven’t seen Black Jack since his first round battle against the loudmouth, Chris Jolteon. “Would’ve been great if he gets to see any one of Ash’s matches,” Misty said. “He would’ve been so impressed.”

    They looked at the big screen as it showed Ash’s first opponent. It turned out to be a boy younger than Ash. He had brown hair, a white shirt, blue jeans and brown shoes. The trainer’s name was Wally.

    “Wally,” Ash said. “Never heard of him.”
    “I’ve heard that he is a gutsy trainer,” Brock said. “I have a feeling that he’ll be just as determined as you, Ash.”
    “Haha! Who wouldn’t be?”

    Suddenly, a voice was heard from the nearby speaker. “Would Ash Ketchum and Wally walk over to the stadium please?”

    “That’s us, Pikachu!” Ash cried excitedly.
    “Pika!” Pikachu cried.

    They all made their way to the stadium. Ash proved to the security guards that he was there to compete and was told to take a different entrance to the stadium while the others entered at the main entrance. While Ash was getting ready, the others were surprised to see Black Jack already seated as a spectator. They all sat close to him.

    “Black Jack?” Lao Ping said. “When did you get here?”
    “Early,” Black Jack replied. “I just hate long cues.”
    “This guy’s really weird,” May whispered to Misty.
    “I second that,” Misty replied.
    “He’s got good ears too,” Black Jack warned.
    “C’mon you guys,” Cassandra said. “Black Jack’s not all that bad.”
    “Gard,” Gardevoir replied.
    “Thanks, kids,” Black Jack said.

    “Ladies and Gentlemen!” the announcer cried. “We are about moments away from another great pokemon match! Are you ready!?”
    “YEAH!” the crowd yelled, everyone except Black Jack.
    “I can’t hear you!”
    The crowd yelled even louder.

    “Okay! First up, from Pallet Town, he is one of the top sixteen top trainers in the Kanto Region League, the Orange League champion, the Johto League semi-finalist, and now he is hoping to become Hoenn League champion and the next pokemon master… ASH KETCHUM!”

    As the crowd gave a deafening cheer, Ash nervously walked to his respective part of the field, trying to keep his focus on his upcoming match, along with Pikachu riding on his shoulder. When he reached his part of the field, he let out a small sigh of relief.

    “Strange,” Black Jack said. “For a great trainer, he’s very nervous.”
    “Don’t worry about that,” Misty said. “When he battles, he’s like an button. Once he starts battling, there’s no way that he’ll back down from anything.”
    “I must admit… looks can be deceiving.”

    As Ash waited patiently, the announcer announced his first opponent. “And his opponent, from Petalburg city, he is known as the ‘rookie of the millennium’, for the first time ever, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome… WALLY!”

    As the crowd cheered, a ten-year-old boy was nervously walking down to his respective part of the field. He had green hair and was wearing a white-buttoned shirt, brown jeans and black shoes. “He must be Wally,” Ash thought.

    “He’s from Petalburg city?” May said. “That’s where we live Max!”
    “I know,” Max said. “I noticed that he was with this guy when they were going into a forest while you were out getting your first pokemon.”

    Black Jack intently looked at both trainers. “Wally must be either strong or lucky getting into this league,” he thought theoretically. “Either way, Ash will beat him easily, thanks to his experience, titles and innovations.”

    “The computer will now select which trainer will release his pokemon first,” cried the announcer. The computer began circulating and randomly selected Ash to be the first trainer to pick his pokemon first.

    “Sorry, Pikachu,” Ash said as he took out a pokeball off his belt. “I choose you! Sceptile!”

    He tossed out his pokeball and Sceptile came out of it. He landed on his feet and placed a small twig in his mouth.

    “Okay…” Wally said nervously said as he took out his pokeball and tossed it. A Gardevoir popped out of it.

    “Huh!” Black Jack said in a slightly surprised way. “I never thought that a rookie trainer could find a pokemon like that, let alone catch one.”
    “Hey!” Cassandra said. “It’s the same species as you, Gardevoir.”

    She and her friends turned to her Gardevoir’s direction and noticed that there were sparkles in her eyes. “Uh-oh,” Black Jack teased, noticing that Gardevoir had fallen in love with Wally’s Gardevoir. “We’re losing her.”
    “I just hope that she doesn’t act up like Brock does,” Misty said.

    “Cassandra’s got a Gardevoir,” Ash thought to himself. “I know stuff about her but I don’t know much about this one, so I have to be careful.”

    “Sceptile!” he yelled. “Slam attack!”

    Sceptile leapt into the air and aimed his attack on Gardevoir.

    “Um… Gardevoir! Psychic attack!” Wally yelled.

    As Black Jack looked on, he knew that when a trainer attacks physically he shouldn’t attack head on; he must trick his opponent first.

    Wally’s Gardevoir shot out a Psychic blast but missed as Sceptile dodged out of the way and spun his tail to whack Gardevoir across the face. It staggered backwards, trying to regain balance. Cassandra’s Gardevoir was in shock.

    Gardevoir tried to regain his senses while Sceptile attempted another Slam attack.

    “Gardevoir!” Wally yelled. “We can’t get hit with the same attack twice! Dodge it!”

    Gardevoir barely dodged out harm’s way as Sceptile slammed his tail on floor, created a big dent in it. “Way to go!” Wally said. “Now Shadow Ball!”

    Gardevoir charged up its powers. “Stand your ground, Sceptile!” Ash instructed. “Don’t move until I say so!”

    Gardevoir finished charging up its powers and shot a large black energy ball at him. “Now, Sceptile!” Ash yelled. Sceptile did as he was told and dodged underneath the fireball as he ran towards his opponent.

    “Now we got him!” Ash yelled. “Slam attack!”

    Sceptile leapt into the air and aimed his tail again towards. His attack was coming quite close to giving it more damage. When suddenly, a black energy ball came zooming in on Sceptile, causing an explosion upon impact. This move has shocked everyone in the entire stadium, including Black Jack himself.

    “How did that happen?” Ash said in astonishment as Sceptile fell hard on the floor.

    “It looks like that I’ve underestimated the rookie… or more technically the pokemon,” Black Jack said. “Gardevoir must’ve unnoticeably used his psychic ability to control his attack.”
    “You noticed that it was a male?” Cassandra asked. “How do you know?”
    “Instincts,” Black Jack replied as he looked at Cassandra’s Gardevoir who was clapping with joy, supporting Wally’s Gardevoir.

    “I can’t believe it…” Wally said as he sweated heavily. “I never thought that I could win this until Gardevoir taught me a little something. I owe him something.”

    He shook his head, trying to get back to his strategy. “Okay…” he continued. “Ash’s Sceptile has been weakened and lying on the floor. And Ash is in panic mode. All I got to do now is attack with Shadow Ball and I would actually beat him!”

    “I’m gonna win!!” he yelled excitedly. “Gardevoir! Shadow Ball attack!”

    Seeing that there’s no reason to charge up his attack, his Gardevoir shot out a smaller sized Shadow Ball at Sceptile. But suddenly, the wood gecko pokemon glowed vigorously green much to everyone’s surprise, except Ash.

    “Sceptile!” Ash yelled. “Knock that Shadow Ball away!”

    Sceptile immediately stood up and whacked the attack away with his tail, sending back to Gardevoir! The energy ball was a lot bigger and faster than it was before when Gardevoir shot it out.

    Gardevoir was hit by the attack and was knocked down before Wally could react. He was deeply shocked. “What’s going on?” he cried in a confused tone. “How can you attack back when your Sceptile was weakened?”

    “Cos he has a special ability called Overgrow,” Ash replied. “If Sceptile is at a losing end, he’ll gain more attack strength.”

    Wally looked down on his weakened Gardevoir in a defeated look. “It’s over… I surrender, Ash!” he said.
    “Wally surrenders the match!” the referee cried. “Ash Ketchum wins!”
    “Wha…” Ash said. “Giving up just like that?”

    Gardevoir looked back at Wally with great shock. “I’m sorry, Gardevoir. I don’t want you to get hurt anymore,” Wally said as he looked down in shame. “Plus, I’m not ready for leagues like this.”

    Ash walked over to him and placed his hand on his shoulder. “Don’t feel sad, Wally,” he said. “That attack you’ve pulled really had us shocked, and I can tell that you’re a great trainer.”

    “Really?” Wally said happily. “You mean that?”
    “Sure I do.”

    They both shook hands. Every spectator stood and gave out a standing ovation, apart from Black Jack who remained seated and gave some applause.

    Gardevoir walked over to Sceptile, who was still glowing, and wanted to shake his paw. Sceptile was about to accept his hand of friendship when suddenly he stopped glowing and fell on the floor holding his injured arm.

    Ash turned round to see what’s going on and saw Sceptile on the floor and in pain. He quickly took out his pokeball and got him to return. Wally did the same and they both immediately ran out of the stadium, much to everyone’s worry.

    “Well done, Ketchum,” Black Jack thought proudly as he and his acquaintances got off their seats and made their out.

    A few hours later, Ash and his friends, apart from Black Jack, were at the pokemon center, where Ash was waiting to get his Sceptile healed. His new friend, Wally was waiting to get his Gardevoir healed. They were waiting outside the operating room.

    Cassandra’s Gardevoir had a worried look on her face. Her trainer couldn’t help but notice. “You like Wally’s Gardevoir, don’t you?” she teased.

    Her Gardevoir quickly shook her head sideways as she blushed a bright pink. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone if you don’t.”

    Gardevoir let out a small sigh of relief.

    Meanwhile, Ash couldn’t help but worry about Sceptile, remembering that blast Sceptile took was purely damaging. Suddenly, there was a ‘ding’ sound, signalling that the operation was over.

    As Nurse Joy came out, Brock quickly zoomed over to her and gently grasped her hands. “Oh, Nurse Joy,” Brock said dreamily. “I’m suffering from a broken heart and you are only person that can fix it for me.”

    Brock suddenly felt Misty’s hand tugging his ear and whimpered in pain. “You’re going to be suffering a cracked skull if you carry on like that,” she growled.

    Ash and Wally quickly walked over to her, followed by their friends. “Nurse Joy,” Ash said desperately. “How is Sceptile?”
    “And Gardevoir?” Wally asked.
    “Gardevoir is fine and you can pick him up tomorrow. But Sceptile is in pretty bad shape and would need a long rest.”
    “No way!” Ash cried.
    “Yes. He has been suffering a lot of damage because of his continuous battling before the tournament. I can tell that he’s never 100% healed after recovery.”

    Ash remembered the fact that Sceptile enjoyed battling a lot, but he never wanted Sceptile to be reckless in battle. “Perhaps, I was being reckless when I battle with him,” he said in a down tone as he looked down in shame. “I’m the one to blame.”
    “Don’t put it on all on yourself, Ash,” Brock said. “We all make mistakes sometimes.”
    “I didn’t make a mistake, Brock. I made a bad choice.”

    He looked up at Nurse Joy. “Can I see him?” he asked.
    “Of course, you can,” she replied.

    Ash and the others entered the room where Sceptile and Wally’s Gardevoir were recovering. Ash walked over to the bed where Sceptile was lying on where while Wally walked over to his Gardevoir.

    It didn’t take for Sceptile to slowly open his eyes. “Scept…”
    “Sceptile,” Ash whispered. “I’m glad you’re okay.”
    “Er, Ash,” Wally said. “If Nurse Joy said that Sceptile wouldn’t be able to fully recover for the next couple days during the tournament, who’s gonna take over?”

    Sceptile’s eyes widened with shock. He struggled to get from his bed but he felt the aching pains in his body. “Sceptile! Calm down!” Ash said. “Just listen to me!”

    Sceptile did as he was told as he tried to lie comfortably on his bed. “Sceptile,” Ash started. “I know how much you love battling. But I can’t risk your health just to win this competition, cos if I do, chances are you won’t be able to battle again. Besides, you have got to rest sometime.”

    Sceptile agreed that he’d relax until he was free to battle again. “They were some strong but smooth things to say, Ash,” Brock said.
    “I know,” Ash said. “But who can I think of to take over Sceptile?”

    Suddenly, a loud roar was heard from outside, a roar that was familiar to Ash, Brock and Misty. “It’s Charizard!” Ash said happily, as Charizard was flying outside the window. Ash opened the window to let Charizard in and they both gave each other a great big hug. “Are you here to battle with me?” Ash asked. Charizard gave a positive growl and nodded, much to Sceptile’s disgust.

    “Hey everyone,” Ash said. “Meet my old buddy, Charizard.”

    Charizard let out a small growl. Everyone introduced themselves to him, except Sceptile and Wally’s Gardevoir. “Er… Ash,” May said. “If you’re allowed six pokemon on you, how are you going to get Charizard on your team.”
    “Simple,” Ash said. “I’ll ask Prof. Oak to take care of Sceptile for a while and Charizard will be easy to carry. Is that okay, Sceptile?”
    “Scept…” Sceptile replied tonelessly.
    “Sceptile…” Ash said in a concerned tone.

    Nurse Joy walked into the operating room and was shocked to see a Charizard in the operating room. “What is a Charizard doing here?” she cried.
    “Nurse Joy,” Ash said. “Does Sceptile need any more medical attention?”
    “No. But he needs a long rest.”
    “Will it be okay if I sent it to Prof. Oak to rest?”
    “You know him?”
    “Yeah. Not only that he researches on pokemon, he’s good when it comes to medical stuff.”
    “Well, I’ve never been in this situation. But since Prof. Oak knows a thing or two about medicine then it’ll be fine with me.”
    “Thanks, Nurse Joy.”

    While they were talking, Cassandra’s Gardevoir couldn’t stop staring dreamily at Wally’s Gardevoir while he was asleep.

    Outside the Hoenn League village, Black Jack was lying by a tree with a straw in his mouth. He was reflecting on what has happened over the past few months after he left Team Rocket. First, he became Blaziken’s new trainer after his old trainer passed away. Then he helped Cassandra save the children of Rustboro’s Pokemon School. Then he noticed that someone or something was calling for him while he was battling Mewtwo.

    He always saw himself as a tough and merciless SOB, but for some reason he always helped others in need. While he thought about it, his Nidoking came into his view. “Finished your dinner already?” Black Jack asked.
    Nidoking nodded.
    “Nidoking,” Black Jack continued. “Do you think that I have gone soft?”
    “Nid?” Nidoking asked. Which meant, “huh?”
    “Ah, forget it,” Black Jack replied, realising that Nidoking wouldn’t understand.
    More coming!! Reviews please!!
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    Pokemon Impact (PG13):
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    Starring Black Jack, a veteran pokemon trainer who saves the lives of others while breaking necks of his enemies in cold blood. You want action? You got action!
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    Goldenrod High (Chaptered Comedy Multishipping fic PG13) Updated: 02/12/09
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    Whew! That was the best chap so far!

    All your base are belong to US.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark_Charizard
    Whew! That was the best chap so far!

    Thanx, DC. I just hope everyone else agrees, even if they don't review. But this chapter will knock you off your feet... you'll see what I mean.

    Chapter 4

    The next day, Black Jack was getting ready for his second round of the tournament. He walked out on the battlefield and waited for his opponent while the announcer introduced Black Jack to the audience. His opponent came out wearing sport and street clothing. He had a radio in one hand and a microphone in the other as he spoke in rhymes, introducing himself. In other words, he was rapping.

    “So you is the famous Black Jack!”
    “I is also famous!”
    “I is known as the famous Mr. Mack!”
    “Now dat I is in the Hoenn League Championship!”
    “I’ll go on the attack!”
    “And making you go ‘what dat!’”

    “Sad…” Black Jack whispered as he gave Mr. Mack a bored look.

    “In the second rounds,” cried the announcer. “Only two pokemon can be used by each trainer! Are you two ready?”
    “Yeah! I’m ready, fools!” Mr. Mack yelled.
    “Ready to be smashed you mean,” Black Jack replied confidently.
    “Well then… LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!”

    The huge screen chose Mr. Mack to choose his pokemon first.

    “Before we start, fools,” Mr. Mack said. “How about it if I play a little music!”

    He placed his radio next to him and played a tape, which played rapping songs.

    Ash, Pikachu, Misty, Brock, May, Max, Wally, Cassandra, her Gardevior and Lao Ping sat as part of the audience, watching the match. “Why would he want to play some music?” Ash thought. He then gasped as he remembered. “Wait! I’ve seen that strategy before!” I remember now! It was a couple of years ago while I had a pokemon battle against Rudy back in the Orange Islands!”

    “Now I choose Hitmonlee, fools!” Mr. Mack yelled as he threw the pokeball. Hitmonlee popped out of his pokeball and kept on jumping in a single spot while preparing himself for battle.

    “Hmph! Metagross!” Black Jack yelled. “I choose you!”

    Metagross popped out of his pokeball, getting ready for battle.

    “Huh? What’s that?” Ash asked as he checked on a small gadget called a pokedex, which can describe any pokemon.

    “Metagross, an Iron Leg pokemon,” the pokedex described. “It has four brains in total. Combined, the four brains can breeze through difficult calculations faster than a supercomputer. This pokemon can float in the air by tucking in its four legs.”
    “Hmm,” Ash murmered. “Let’s see what it can do.”

    “Metagross!” Black Jack commanded. “Psybeam attack!”

    Metagross aimed and shot out two powerful psybeams out his eyes. But Hitmonlee dodged them as he leapt into the air while doing a leg split. As he landed on his feet, he started dancing again.

    “Never seen that before, but it’s obvious the reason why he’s dancing.” Black Jack thought as he spotted a radio next to Mr. Mack. “That must be he’s strategy.”

    Black Jack took out his pokeball. “Metagross! Return!”

    “It looks like he’s got some other plan in mind,” Ash thought.

    “Blaziken! Go for it!” Black Jack cried as he tossed another pokeball.

    Blaziken popped out of his pokeball. “Blazi…”

    Lao Ping nearly got off his seat as he saw his friend on the battlefield. “Blaziken…” he said to himself.

    Blaziken stood poised for battle and noticed that Hitmonlee was dancing, meaning that he must be very careful.

    “That punk kid’s waiting for me to attack,” Black Jack thought. “But as soon as I do, he might be able to counter it.”

    Blaziken’s eyes narrowed, trying to predict what Mr. Mack and his Hitmonlee were planning.

    “You’re keeping us waiting, fools!” Mr. Mack shouted.
    Black Jack and Blaziken realised Mr. Mack’s weakness. “Well, if you hate waiting,” he replied. “Why don’t you attack first?”
    “Hitmonlee! Rolling Kick now!”

    Hitmonlee ran forward. Blaziken stood poised, ready to counter. But to his surprise, Hitmonle flipped forward to do a handstand while both his feet grabbed Blaziken’s head.

    Hitmolee flipped his body backwards while his feet held Blaziken’s head and dragged it, flipping Blaziken over, and landing on his back. Both pokemon quickly picked themselves up with Blaziken being momentarily hurt as he held his back.

    “I meant seismic toss, fool!” Mr. Mack taunted. “Hehe!”

    “That punk!” Black Jack thought. “He tricked us!”

    “That’s what you get when you face Mr. Mack!” Mr. Mack said. “Don’t forget, He has seen you battle against Chris Jolteon and he knows you’re strategy, sucka!”
    “Battles are more than just strategies, weirdo.”
    “Yeah! It’s about brawn as well! But judging by your Blaziken, I’d say that he has neither!”

    Black Jack’s eyes narrowed. “Brains and brawn, eh?” he thought. “He won’t know what’ll hit him…”

    Blaziken looked at both Hitmonlee and his trainer. He motioned Hitmonlee to come and fight him. “I agree!” Mr. Mack shouted as he saw that. “Let’s get back to kicking their butts, Hitmonlee! Jump Kick attack!”

    Hitmonlee kept on doing the cartwheels towards Blaziken. Blaziken stepped back a few steps until Hitmonlee leapt into the air.

    “He’s gonna come down real fast,” Black Jack warned. “Get ready to dodge!”

    Hitmonlee performed a dive kick at Blaziken, who dodged out of the way. “Big mistake!” Mr. Mack taunted. “Mega kick!”

    Hitmonlee switched his jump kick attack to a Mega kick attack where he attacked Blaziken’s head with a spin kick. But to Hitmonlee’s surprise, the attack was blocked. “Blaziken!” Black Jack yelled as he saw the attack coming. “Counter attack!”

    His fist of the other arm burned an angry red fire as he gave Hitmonlee a hefty punch to the gut. Hitmonlee was sent flying to the end of the field until he fell to the ground.

    It took a few seconds for Hitmonlee to slowly pick himself up, who was in immense pain as he held his gut.

    “Now do you see why you shouldn’t playing around with other people, let alone me?” Black Jack asked. “This is what you get for annoying us!”

    Mr. Mack had a cold sweat on his head, not knowing what to do next. “Don’t feel like dancing now huh?” Black Jack taunted. “Now Blaziken! Blaze Kick attack!”

    Blaziken ran like a speeding bullet and aimed his blaze kick attack at Hitmonlee’s gut. “Block that attack, Hitmonlee!” Mr. Mack ordered.

    Hitmonlee held one of his hands out, ready to defend while the other held his injured body part. But Blaziken tricked Hitmonlee by jumping on his defensive hand and then both of his feet smashed and bounced off Hitmonlee’s face. Blaziken somersaulted backwards and landed on his feet while the back of the head of Hitmonlee hit the ground hard, knocking him out. “It looks like we’re even,” Black Jack said.

    Hitmonlee was no longer able to battle. With frustration in his eyes, Mr. Mack called him back. “Golduck!” he shouted. “Go smash that Blaziken to bits!”

    Golduck pooped out of his pokeball. He does his little dance routine because of the music that Mr. Mack’s radio was playing while Blaziken responded by folding his arms and tapping his foot, waiting for Golduck to make his move.

    “Golduck!” Mr Mack cried. “Ice Punch attack!”

    Golduck began moving towards Blaziken while doing flips and somersaults, trying to confuse him. Black Jack focused on Golduck’s movements, so did Blaziken.

    Golduck leapt into the air. “It’s coming from above!” Black Jack warned.
    “Blaze!” Blaziken replied.

    Golduck went to land his icy fist on Blaziken’s face. Blaziken went to counter the attack with his fire punch attack. Both punches collided; only Goldick’s ice shattered to pieces and his fist took damage at the same time. Golduck landed on his back, holding his injured paw.

    As Golduck picked himself up, Blaziken got himself ready to attack again. “Blaziken!” Black Jack yelled. “Comet Punch attack and Rolling Kick!”

    Neither Mr. Mack nor Golduck could react when Blaziken leapt forward and performed a series of punches and kicks on different parts of Golduck’s entire body.

    “Fury attack and Sky uppercut!” Black Jack ordered. Blaziken continued his attack when he formed his hands into a type of a bird pokemon as he kept on poking viciously at Golduck’s chest, ending the attack when he sent Golduck into the air with an uppercut. Golduck fell hard to the floor.

    Having enough of seeing his Golduck getting beaten up by Blaziken, he decided to use his elemental advantages against him. “Golduck!” he cried. “Water gun attack!”

    Golduck immediately got up, leapt backwards, breathed in and let out a huge foam of water out of his mouth.

    “Blaziken!” Black Jack ordered. “Counter it with your Sky Uppercut and Fire Spin!”

    Blaziken’s paw burned an angry red fire. He let out a huge uppercut into the air and a huge fiery whirlwind came from the ground because of his momentum to counter and evaporate Golduck’s attack. Not only that the air was hot, but there were also strong and heavy winds around everyone in the arena, threatening to drag the audience members off their seats.

    Everyone held on to their seats, trying not to get sucked into the fiery whirlwind. Some of them covered their eyes so that dusts wouldn’t get into their eyes. Misty lost her grip of her seat and was being sucked in. “Misty!” Ash cried as he grabbed hold of Misty’s hand while he held on to his.

    The only person and pokemon was standing confidently was Black Jack and his Blaziken.

    The one that was mostly in danger was Golduck as he looked at the whirlwind with fear and took a few steps back while it was coming closer and closer. Mr. Mack was too distracted by the whirlwind’s force, trying to not get sucked in. There was nothing they could do.

    Golduck tried to run away but was caught by the whirlwind. The force around him made him spun around and around. Not only that, he was also receiving damage by the heat of the fire.

    It took some time for the attack to end. As the whirlwind slowly disappeared everyone looked back on the battlefield. It turned out that Golduck was lying on the floor, unconscious. Mr. Mack and his Golduck lost the battle, and Black Jack and his Blaziken won.

    “No! No! No! No! No! NO! NO! NO!” Mr. Mack cried as he fell to his knees. He then got out his pokeball. “Golduck, get back in here…”

    Everyone stood up and cheered after seeing an amazing victory that Black Jack and Blaziken pulled. The one that was the most enthusiastic was Lao Ping. “Blaziken! You did it!” he cried.

    Black Jack walked close to the spot where Blaziken was standing. Blaziken turned to see his current trainer. “Old man Wong must be very proud of you,” Black Jack said in a caring tone.
    “Blaze…” Blaziken replied as he looked up to the skies while a small teardrop ran down his face.
    More coming!! Reviews please!!
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    Yeah man, awesome chapters. The Ash vs Wally is a new chapter, I think (didn't see it last time you post this story. Anyways good luck.

    PS: You can call me Double G if you want. I kinda like it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giga Groudon
    Yeah man, awesome chapters. The Ash vs Wally is a new chapter, I think (didn't see it last time you post this story. Anyways good luck.

    PS: You can call me Double G if you want. I kinda like it.
    Thanx, Double G.
    *Checks watch* what's taking Ed so long with the groceries?

    Chapter 5

    The next day after Black Jack defeated Mr. Mack in the second round of the Hoenn League, Ash and Pikachu decided to take a walk around the Hoenn League village a few hours before his second round match. Ash held up his pokeball that contained Charizard.

    “I’m glad Charizard came back for me,” Ash said. “He must’ve heard that I was participating in the league, so he flew all the way from Charizard Valley to get here.”
    “Pika,” Pikachu replied happily, saying that he missed Charizard as well.

    A few years back, Ash and his friends visited Charizard Valley where a trainer was training a vast number of Charizards. Ash’s Charizard wanted to train there so much. Knowing that Charizard’s dream was to become the strongest there is, Ash left him there… even though it pained him so much in his heart.

    Back at the present, Ash then had a down look on his face. “But what about Sceptile?” he said.
    “Pika pika?” Pikachu asked.
    “Sceptile also likes to battle a lot… I don’t know if he’ll ever forgive me after what I did.”

    Ash remembered that Sceptile was badly hurt after taking a Shadow Ball attack by Wally’s Gardevior during their his first round of the League. Ash had a difficult time choosing which one of his pokemon to replace Sceptile until he was fully recovered. That’s when Charizard returned to help Ash out.

    Pikachu leapt onto Ash’s shoulder and patted him on the head. “Pikapi! Pikachu!” Pikachu said, comforting his trainer.
    “Thanks, Pikachu,” Ash said.

    “How is your training, Ketchum?” a familiar voice asked.

    Ash turned to the voice’s direction and it turned out to be Black Jack calling him. “Hey, Black Jack,” Ash said. “I didn’t get the chance to talk to you since walked out of the stadium after you won that match yesterday.”
    “What about it?”
    “That Sky Uppercut and Fire Spin combo had literally got me off the edge of my seat.”
    “Thanks. By the way, how’s Sceptile?”
    “Not so good. He has to rest for the rest of the tournament unless he’s fully recovered.”
    “So, who’s taking over?”

    Ash showed Black Jack the pokeball that contained Charizard. “My Charizard,” he answered.
    “Nice choice,” Black jack replied. “Just make sure the rest of your pokemon don’t need any more medical attention.”

    Ash smiled at that remark. “Do you know who you’re next opponent is?” Black Jack asked.
    “Yeah,” Ash replied. “His name is Brendan Birch. We’ve met at the pokemon center and we wished each other good luck.”
    “Hmm… well, I better go in case there would be a long cue at the stadium. See ya.”
    “Bye, Black Jack.”
    “Good luck.”

    Black Jack walked away from Ash as Ash got himself ready for his upcoming battle. As Black Jack walked, he said, “You’ll probably won’t be needing it in the second round but still… a little luck doesn’t hurt anybody.”

    A few hours later, the whole stadium was packed with spectators who were looking forward to the next match. Wally was among the group, along with Black Jack and others. Ash was once again introduced to the crowd as he made his entrance. The spectators gave some deafening cheers for him.

    Ash waited for his opponent as he walked to his respective part of the battlefield. The announcer then introduced Brendan Birch. He came out wearing a black and red jacket, black jeans and red and white trainers. He has a bandanna with a picture of a red pokeball on it. He also had white hair and a confident look in his eyes.

    “He’s the guy who helped me catch Gardevior, when it was a Ralts,” Wally said.
    “Did you guys travel together?”
    “Yeah, we did. Brendan knows a lot about pokemon, but being a cheeky guy he likes to play tricks on me sometimes, in and outside of pokemon battles.”
    “Tricksters tick me off,” Black Jack snarled.

    “It’s a good thing Wally told me some stuff about him,” Ash thought to himself. “I know Brendan likes to play tricks so I better beware.”

    Brendan gave a cheeky smile with confidence. “Ash may be good, but he has no idea what I have planned.”

    The two trainers were reminded that trainers that it was a two-on-two match but one pokemon must be used at a time.

    “Gentlemen,” the referee said as the computer circulated to select which one of the two trainers would send out their pokemon first. “Are you ready?”
    “Yeah! I’m ready!” Ash yelled.
    “Course I am! You had to ask?” Brendan said.

    The computer chose Ash to be the first to pick his pokemon. “Alright then!” Ash shouted as he took out his pokeball. “I choose you! Swellow!”

    His Swellow came out of his pokeball and landed safely on the ground, ready for his opponent to come out.

    “Hehe!” Brendan s******ed as he took out one of his pokeballs off his belt. “Go! Camerupt!”

    He tossed out his pokeball and a Camerupt came out of it, ready for battle.

    “Go! Camerupt! Flamethrower!” Brendan commanded.
    “Swellow!” Ash yelled. “Fly high in the sky now!”

    Camerupt shot out his flamethrower attack but missed as Swellow flew high in the sky. “Looks like Swellow has an advantage over you, Brendan!” Ash said.
    “Don’t be too sure!” Brendan replied. “Camerupt! Eruption!”

    Camerupt yelled out his battle cry as huge fireballs shot out of the small volcanoes of his back. Swellow barely dodged each one of them. “Good job, Swellow!” Ash said. “Now! Aerial Ace!”

    Swellow flew directly at Camerupt and struck his face with its wing. Camerupt staggered backwards but regained his senses. “Hang in there, Camerupt!” Brendan yelled. “Now, while it’s flying back, use Eruption again!”

    Camerupt let out another bunch of huge fireballs out of the volcanoes. “Swellow!” Ash yelled. “Behind you!”

    Swellow looked at the incoming fireballs and dodged them, suddenly a huge flamethrower came and it scorched Swellow’s wing. “No!” Ash yelled. “What happened!?”

    “Brendan and his Camerupt got Swellow and Ash distracted when Camerupt was shooting out his Eruption attack, followed by his flamethrower,” Lao Ping said as he was observing the match. “Another distraction or mistake like that and it could be all over.”
    “Inexperience is one Ash’s weaknesses,” Black Jack thought deeply. “Brendan’s younger than Ash and is also inexperience but he is more knowledgeable about pokemon since his dad is a pokemon researcher and that he might’ve some clever strategies to trick Ash… but I have a strong instinct that Ash will win this match but not because of having more experience than Brendan.”

    Swellow fell hard on the floor. “We got it now, Camerupt!” Brendan yelled. “Body Slam Attack now!”

    Camerupt leapt into the air as Swellow struggled to get to his feet. “Swellow! Get out of the way!” Ash cried.

    Swellow looked at the incoming Body Slam and instantly rolled out of the way, barely dodging the attack.

    “Phew!” May said as she began to sweat. “I almost had a heart attack there.”
    “I forgot to breathe myself,” Max said. “And I’m only watching the match.”

    “Swellow return!” Ash yelled as he held out his pokeball. The injured Swellow was zapped back into its pokeball.

    “Ash has called back Swellow and may use it again as a reserve,” the referee announced. “Ash, choose your second pokemon.”

    Ash smiled confidently as he chose his second pokeball. “Go! Charizard!” Ash yelled as he tossed it out.

    Charizard materialised out of the pokeball and let out a loud roar.

    Black Jack sensed the fire, passion and rage within Charizard. “Hmm. I can tell that Ash has trained him very well,” he thought. “Brendan can try to knock him out but there’s nothing he can do here.”

    “A fire type versus fire type,” Brendan said. “Even though you reserved you’re injured Swellow, you shouldn’t make too challenging for yourself, since you’re on your second pokemon!”
    “Don’t worry about me, Brendan,” Ash replied. “Just worry about your Camerupt and your second pokemon.”
    “I won’t need to,” Brendan thought to himself. “You’ll see why.”

    “Charizard!” Ash yelled as he pointed at Camerupt. “Headbutt attack!”
    “Camerupt!” Brendan shouted. “Flamethrower attack!”

    Camerupt shot out his flamethrower attack but Charizard confidently dodged the attack as he flew towards him. As Ash expected, Charizard headbutted his opponent in the face.

    “Way to go, Charizard!” Ash yelled. “Now Mega Punch attack!”

    Charizard did as he was instructed and gave a hefty punch to the side of Camerupt’s face sending him flying. “Camerupt! No!” Brendan yelled worringly.

    “Now! Body Slam attack!” Ash commanded. Charizard leapt into the air and grabbed Camerupt by the neck and slammed his face on the ground, knocking him out.

    Realising this, the ref raised a coloured flag. “Camerupt is no longer able to battle, Charizard wins this round and Brendan is now on his last pokemon.”

    “Way to go, Charizard!” Ash yelled happily as Charizard roared triumphantly.
    “Don’t get too excited,” Brendan replied as he called back his pokemon. He picked out his second pokemon. “Go Swarmpert!”

    A large blue mudfish pokemon came out of his pokeball and yelled out his battle cry. “Hmm,” Ash murmured as he checked his pokedex.

    “Swarmpert, the mud fish pokemon,” his pokedex stated. “Swarmpert predicts storms by sensing subtle differences in the sounds of waves and tidal waves with its fins. If a storm is approaching, it piles up boulders to protect itself.”

    “I can tell it’s a water type,” Ash thought to himself. “Still, I can’t withdraw Charizard to get Swellow out, cos it’ll get him even more hurt.”

    “Why isn’t Ash withdrawing his Charizard?” Max asked. ”I hope he realises that fire types are weaker than water types.”
    “He does,” Misty replied. “You saw how injured Swellow was… and knowing Ash, he doesn’t know how to quit.”
    “Brendan is being less brave than Ash is,” Black Jack thought. “Water types have an advantage against fire types, not that it matters since Charizard will win in the end.”

    “Go for it, Charizard!” Ash yelled. “Fly attack!”
    “Swarmpert!” Brendan yelled. “Water gun!”

    Swampert shot out a large spray of water out of his mouth. Charizard flew high in the air before Swarmpert’s attack reached him.

    “Charizard! Attack Swarmpert with your Mega Punch!” Ash yelled.

    Charizard dived down at Swarmpert and aimed his punch at him. “Swarmpert!” Brendan yelled. “Water gun again!”

    Swarmpert sprayed another water attack at Charizard but missed as Charizard quickly dodged out of the way. Charizard went to give Swarmpert a punch to the face but Swarmpert grabbed it.

    “Use your other paw, Charizard!” Ash yelled.
    “Swarmpert! Grab it!” Brendan yelled.

    Charizard used his other paw to punch but Swarmpert grabbed that as well. “Charizard! Try to break out of that hold!” Ash yelled.
    “Swarmpert! Seismic Toss!” Brendan ordered.

    Both pokemon were struggling in their test of strength to gain an upper advantage until…

    “Swarmpert! Use water gun!” Brendan yelled.
    “What!” Ash yelled in shock.

    Swarmpert spat some water out of his mouth and it landed in Charizard’s eyes, making him lose concentration. Swarmpert used the advantage to grab Charizard round the middle and leapt into the sky.

    “We got him now,” Brendan thought.

    “This is the part of your loss, Brendan,” Black Jack thought as he observed Swarmpert attempting to slam Charizard.

    “Charizard!” Ash yelled. “Flip Swarmpert over to counter!”
    “Say what!?” Brendan yelled in shock.

    Charizard turned Swarmpert around in mid-air and Swarmpert fell hard on his back, letting go of Charizard.

    Charizard became free as he flew high in the sky. “Charizard! Finish it off with Flamethrower!”
    “No way!” Brendan said still in shock as Swarmpert to get up. “Swarmpert move out of the way!”

    Charizard shot out a huge and powerful lick of flame, Swarmpert wasn’t able to move out of the way because of how much damage he took thanks to Charizard’s counter.

    After catching the flamethrower attack, Swarmpert became dizzy and was covered with burnt marks. Swarmpert fell to the floor once again but this time he was knocked out. “Swarmpert! No!” Brendan cried as he ran over to him.

    “Swarmpert is no longer able to battle,” the referee cried. “Charizard wins the round and Ash Ketchum wins the battle!”

    “We did it!” Ash cried.
    “Pikachu!” Pikachu squealed happily.
    Charizard roared loudly in triumph.

    The crowd went wild as the stood up and gave a deafening cheer. “As I suspected,” Black Jack thought, as he remained seated while clapping his hands.

    Ash walked over to Brendan. “Great match,” Ash said.
    “It really was,” Brendan replied as he smiled while calling back his Swarmpert.

    Ash offered his hand of friendship and sportsmanship to Brendan and he proudly accepted it. “I thought that water pokemon can take fire attacks,” Brendan said. “I guess life is full of surprises.”
    “You certainly surprised me a couple of times,” Ash replied. “If you can come up with tricks as good as that, you’ll do well.”
    “Thanks, Ash.”

    Black Jack was the first person to leave the stadium as usual. Cassandra couldn’t help but wonder why he was always the first person to leave…

    A few hours later, Wally had a backpack over his shoulder was about to leave. But first he had a visit from Ash and friends, including Black Jack. “Leaving so soon?” Ash asked.
    “Yeah,” Wally replied. “Sorry I can’t stay for the rest of the league but I had a call from my parents asking me for my help back home in Petalburg city.”
    “Say hi to my mom and dad for me and Max,” May said.
    “Aren’t you gonna wait until the officials give you a badge for participating?” Brock asked.
    “Nah… I think I’ll leave it,” Wally replied.
    “Suppose I can help you out,” Cassandra said as her Gardevior walked beside her.
    “Gard, Gard Gardevior,” Gardevior said while blushing.
    “I think Gardevior wants to talk to yours,” Balck Jack said.
    “Er… okay,” Wally replied as he let his Gardevior out of his pokeball.

    Cassandra’s Gardevior walked over to Wally’s, who was also blushing when he looked at her, and took his paw and they walked over to a corner where they won’t be disturbed.

    “I think my Gardevior has got a crush on yours,” Cassandra said while giving Wally a wink.
    “Really?” Wally asked in a surprised tone.
    “Yeah, and if things work, I bet Gardevior would want to see him again.”
    “I have all the time in the world,” Black Jack continued. “After this tournament’s done, I’ll take the badge to you by motorbike. Along the way, I’ll pick Cassandra up and so that her Gardevior will visit yours.”
    “Sounds great,” Wally replied.
    “I never knew you’d be thoughtful,” Misty said.
    “Well, I try my best,” Black Jack replied.

    When they walked to the exit of village, the Gardevior were still holding paws while Wally and Cassandra looked at their pokemon happily. “C’mon, Gardevior,” Wally said. “Let’s go.”

    The two gardevior looked into each other’s eyes and nuzzled each other one more time before they departed. As Wally and his Gardevior left they waved goodbye to their friends. “To tell you something, Cassandra,” Black Jack said. “I think we should come up with a nickname for your Gardevior.”
    “Hmm… I don’t know”, Cassandra said. “Why don’t we let Gardevior decide?”

    Gardevior shrugged, meaning that she didn’t mind. The gang walked back to the pokemon center discussing ideal names for Gardevior.

    “How about Jenny?” Brock suggested.
    “You’re not naming her after Officer Jenny are you?” Misty said nastily.
    “Er… no,” Brock responded nervously.
    “How about Kelly?” May suggested.
    Gardevior shook her head.
    “How about Snow White?” Max suggested.
    Gardevior shook her head again.
    “Well, we can’t name her after me,” Cassandra said. “Jesse?”
    Everyone shivered at that name (apart from Lao Ping and Gardevior) as Gardevior shook her head again.

    “Sandy? No?”
    “How about Gardy? Not that either?”
    “How about this, Shelly?”
    “No? How about Joy?”
    “Oh, sorry.”

    “Oh man,” Black Jack moaned, wishing that he had never started this in the first place.
    More coming! Reviews please!
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    Chapter 6

    The next morning at the pokemon center of Hoenn League village, Black Jack was checking to see who was his next opponent. He was looking at the big screen as it showed him his next opponent. It turned out to be a twenty-year-old woman dressed in traditional yet beautiful Chinese dress. The screen stated that her name was Cecilia Stansfield

    “I never heard of her,” he replied.
    “But I have heard of you,” said a girl’s voice.

    Black Jack turned around to see the person that was identical to the picture on the screen. “It’s an honour and pleasure to finally meet you, Mr. Black Jack.”

    She politely bowed to him while Black Jack smiled. “Likewise,” he replied.
    “I have heard many and great deeds you have done, sir.”
    “… And I haven’t heard anything about you. But getting this far, you must be good.”
    “I look forward to our battle. And I hope that it’ll be a great one.”
    “You can count on it.”

    They both shook hands.

    “And may the best trainer win.”
    “I plan to.”

    Cecilia giggled at that remark as she turned to exit the center. “Finally,” Black Jack thought as he shrugged. “A trainer who isn’t a freak!”

    The next day, Black Jack got himself ready for his semi-final round as he walked into the battlefield waiting for his next opponent, Cecilia. Black Jack’s ‘acquaintances’ sat as part of the audience.

    “So who’s this Cecilia?” Ash asked.
    “I heard that she came from Mossdeep city,” Max replied. “She trained at Mossdeep City gym to learn about psychic pokemon, but she likes to learn other styles too and she trains her pokemon in different ways.”
    “What kind of ways?”
    “Well for example, she might’ve taught a Scyther to use a poison type attack, like Toxic.”

    As Cecilia came out, Brock immediately fell for her and blushed. “She’s beautiful as well!” he cried. “She can train me anytime!”

    Both Misty and Max pulled each one of Brock’s ears to make him snap out of his daydream.

    “In this round,” The announcer cried. “Both trainer’s are allowed to use three pokemon each but only one at a time! The screen will now show who will be the trainer to start first!”

    The big screen had chosen Black Jack to select his first pokemon. “I think I’ll use the pokemon that I haven’t used yet,” he thought. He remembered using Tyranitar in the first round, and he also used Blaziken and Metagross in the second round. That meant that he had Feraligatr, Nidoking and Salamence left. He picked out a pokeball out of his trainer belt. “Feraligatr!” he cried as he tossed it out. “Go for it!”

    He tossed out the pokeball and Feraligatr popped out, giving a loud roar. Cecilia picked out one of her pokeballs and tossed it out. “Scyther!” she cried. “I choose you!”

    Scyther popped and got into his battle stance as he prepared himself for battle.

    “Scyther!” Cecilia shouted. “Slash attack!”
    “Feraligatr!” Black Jack shouted. “Dodge it now!”

    Scyther’s slash attack was coming down on Feraligatr like a falling tree, only Feraligatr barely dodged out of the way. Scyther kept on slashing at Feraligatr but it kept on missing each time. Suddenly Black Jack noticed the moment when Scyther’s movement slowed as Scyther leapt into the air.

    “Feraligatr!” Black Jack shouted. “Grab the scythes!”
    Feraligatr quickly grabbed Scyther’s scythe as soon as they were coming down on him.

    Scyther landed on his feet as his scythes were caught, and he wasn’t able to struggle free. Cecilia had a shocked look on her face.

    “Now feraligatr!” Black Jack ordered. “Headbutt attack.”

    Feraligatr opened Scyther’s arms apart and headbutted him in the head, knocking Scyther down. “Now Feraligatr!” Black Jack commanded. “Finish him off with your slash attack!”

    Feraligatr leapt into the air and was about to defeat Scyther. “Scyther!” Cecilia cried. “Toxic attack!”

    Scyther opened his mouth and spat a huge poisonous vomit at Feraligatr. Feraligatr fell down hard on the ground as his entire body suddenly felt weak.

    “See?” Max said. “I told ya!”

    “Shoot!” Black Jack thought. “Feraligatr’s hit!”

    Feraligatr struggled to get to his feet, as did Scyther since he vomited out the poisonous sludge. Both pokemon were feeling quite weak. Ash noticed that Black Jack isn’t calling back his weakened pokemon.

    “Why isn’t he calling back his weakened pokemon?” Ash asked. “Doesn’t he care about his pokemon?”
    “Pika?” Pikachu.
    “Of course he does,” Cassandra replied. “I’ve seen how the way he treats his pokemon. From what I saw, they are more than just a trainer training his pokemon. One time, Black Jack and his pokemon fought together as a team against those thugs, the Rocket Revengers.”
    “I remembered reading about that,” Brock replied. “Black Jack’s way of training must be very different to everybody else’s.”
    “True,” Max replied. “I heard that he trains them by battling them himself. And judging by the way Black Jack look, I’d say that he must’ve trained them very well.”

    “Even though Feraligatr’s hurt, I know that he won’t give in,” Black Jack thought, feeling Feraligatr’s determination, his will to fight and his will to win.

    “Scyther!” Cecilia cried. “Now that Feraligatr’s weakened, finish it off with your Slash attack!”

    Scyther leapt into the air. “Jumping with swords again, eh?” Black Jack said confidently. “Feraligatr! Grab Scyther’s neck!”

    As Scyther’s cutting edges were coming down on Feraligatr’s head, he instantly grabbed his neck, stopping the attack. “What?” Cecilia said in shock.

    “Slam him now!” Black Jack commanded. Feraligatr lifted Scyther up the neck and then slammed him on the ground, knocking him out. Scyther was no longer able to battle.

    Feraligatr was no longer able to battle either as he fainted due to the poisonous effect of Scyther’s Toxic. It turned out to be a draw. Both Black Jack and Cecilia called back their pokemon.

    “Nice work, Feraligatr,” Black Jack said to Feraligatr’s pokeball.

    “Since this is a draw, ladies and gents,” cried the announcer. “The computer will now select who’ll be the first to pick their next pokemon.”

    This time, the screen chose Cecilia to choose. “Mysterio!” she cried as she picked out another pokeball. “I choose you!”

    Another Scyther came out as he gave out a battle cry. “Another Scyther huh?” Black Jack asked. “I think you made a bit of mistake, using the same pokemon type for this battle.”
    “I’m afraid not,” Cecilia replied confidently. “This Scyther’s different from the one you’ve defeated.”
    “Okay then… Nidoking! Your turn!”

    Black Jack chucked out another pokeball, which contained Nidoking. He popped out of his pokeball and gave a loud roar as he prepared for battle.

    “You think that roar would scare us?” Cecilia taunted. “Mystrerio! Sword Dance and Cut attack!”

    Mysterio spun round as he dashed towards Nidoking like a small tornado. “Nidoking!” Black Jack yelled. “Jump over it!”

    Nidoking attempted to jump over Mysterio's Sword Dance and Cut combo, Cecilia had another attack in her mind. “Mysterio!” she cried. “Sandstorm now!”

    Mysterio spun faster and faster a huge tornado was picked up and caught Nidoking. He was taken by surprise as he spun round and round. “Shoot!” Black Jack thought as he was surprised by that move as well.

    Nidoking’s face turned from being surprised to being dizzy and nauseous. “Mysterio!” Cecilia ordered. “Stop the attack!”

    Mysterio stopped spinning and looked up. As Nidoking fell down, everyone thought that Nidoking was knocked out by the Sandstorm. “It looks like Nidoking’s out,” Cassandra said sadly.

    But to everyone’s surprise, Nidoking retaliated from his dizziness as he spun round and instinctively aimed his stomp move on Mysterio. “Mysterio! Dodge!” Cecilia ordered. Scar Maker barely moved out of harm’s way as Nidoking’s feet landed on the ground, making a huge crack.

    “Look’s like Nidoking’s not out yet,” Black Jack said confidently. Nidoking gave a nasty growl to his opponent.
    “Mysterio! Swift attack!” Cecilia commanded.

    Mysterio leapt into the air and quickly spread out his scythes as he shot out tens of energy fireballs that looked like stars.

    “A swift attack,” Black Jack commented confidently. “A move that never misses… and neither does this! Nidoking! Counter attack!”

    Nidoking swung his tail round to bounce the Swift attack back at Mysterio. He tried to dodge the attack but it was no use.

    As Mysterio fell to the ground, Nidoking gave a loud roar. Black Jack noticed what his pokemon wanted to do at that very moment. “Now Nidoking!” he shouted. “Thrash attack!”

    Nidoking tackled Mysterio to the floor and began his trademark pummelling. “Now finish it off with your Mega Punch attack!”

    Nidoking lifted his right arm and punched his opponent right in the face, knocking him out. The punch was so hard, that it made most of the audience hurt.

    “Mysterio is no longer able to battle,” the referee announced.
    “Mysterio!” Cecilia cried. “Return!”

    Scar Maker went back into his pokeball. Cecilia took out her third and final pokeball. “Edge!” she cried. “I choose you!”

    A Scizor popped out of his pokeball. “Scizor…”

    “Hmm…” Cassandra thought. “Her battling tactics seems strangely familiar to me…”

    “Take a breather, Nidoking!” Black Jack said as he took out his pokeball. Nidoking was sent back into the pokeball. Black Jack took out another pokeball. “Salamence! Go for it!”

    Salamence popped out of his pokeball and gave a loud roar as he prepared for battle. “Edge! Metal Claw!” Cecilia commanded.

    Edge charged up the power of his claws and Black Jack noticed the weakness of that move, so did his ‘acquaintances’.

    “Hmm, normally, anytime a fighter charges up his power,” Brock said, informing the others. “They wouldn’t be able to move because they are focusing on their energy, just so they can unleash their attack.”
    “And Black Jack isn’t going to take any chances waiting for Scizor to attack,” Ash replied as he had noticed in Black Jack’s previous rounds that not only he’s got strong and powerful pokemon, he and his pokemon have an unorthodox ability of being unpredictable.
    “Wait a minute!” Cassandra thought. “I’ve seen that move before! I wonder if she knows…”

    “Salamence!” Black Jack yelled. “Fire Blast attack!”
    “Edge! Attack now!” Cecilia yelled.

    Salamence blasted out a huge fire in a form of a giant symbol. Edge ran towards and dodged underneath the attack and smashed him in the face with his closed pincers, knocking him down.

    Salamence slowly picked himself up, shaking off the dizziness. Edge was about to attack Salamence again, but missed as Salamence dodged the attack and flew up high. “Salamence!” Black Jack shouted. “Flamethrower attack!”

    Salamence shot out multiple flames but Edge dodged each and every one of them. “Edge!” Cecilia cried. “Metal Claw again!”

    Edge leapt into the air in front of Salamence and slammed his pincers on his head, sending him crashing to the ground, making a huge crack in it.

    Scizor safely landed on his feet after the attack. Black Jack began to s******. “Is that the only move you know?” he asked in a confident tone.
    “Edge!” Cecilia cried, ignoring Black Jack’s criticism. “Finish it off now! Slash attack!”

    Scizor charged at Salamence. Salamence and Black Jack noticed the weak point of that strategy straight away as Black Jack stood their ground and Salamence struggled to get to his feet.

    They waited, and waited until…

    “Now Salamence!” Black Jack commanded. Salamence lifted up his front legs and grabbed Edge by the waist. He lifted him up and slammed him on his back. Edge tried to pick himself up but Salamence stopped the recovery as he jumped a small height and slammed his front on Edge, using his weight to squash him!

    Salamence picked himself up to see Edge squashed. “Scizor…” Edge moaned. “Scizor is no longer able to battle!” the ref cried. “Salamence wins the battle and Black Jack wins the match.”

    The crowd went wild as they once again gave a deafening cheer as they stood up.

    “Edge,” Cecilia said. “I’m very proud of you… return.”

    As Edge returned to his pokeball she looked at Black Jack. “Hmm,” she thought. “I better keep an eye on him.”

    “Nicely done, Salamence,” Black Jack said with a proud and praised tone. Salamence responded as he gave a triumphant roar.

    Ash looked at Black Jack with determination, as he knew that Black Jack was now in the grand final. He predicted that if he gets into the grand final with him, it would be a heavy and great battle.
    More coming! Reviews please!
    Spoiler:     Spoiler:
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    WOW! Det woz reali kul!... Oh, sorry for the bad spelling/grammar/whateva -_- That was really cool!

    All your base are belong to US.


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    tHANX, dc

    Chapter 7

    A few moments after Black Jack defeated Cecilia in his semi-final match, he and his acquaintances waited patiently for Ash and his next opponent.

    “So, who is Ash’s next opponent?” Black Jack asked.
    “It’s Steven Stone,” May replied. “He won last year’s Hoenn League championship.”
    “I know.”
    “I hear that steel-type pokemon are his specialty,” Brock replied. “So Ash has to be very careful in this one.”
    “Just a couple of Ground and Fire attacks should do the trick,” Max said.
    “It takes more than that to beat strong steel type pokemon,” Black Jack said. “You’ve been with Ash for a long time, Max. You should know how he battles.”

    The announcer introduced Ash to the crowd as they gave him a deafening cheer. Ash smiled as he waved to them. The announcer then introduced the Hoenn League Champion, Steven Stone.

    Steven came out wearing a smart suit but his arm sleeves were each wrapped by small belts. His hair was grey but the sun made it shiny.

    “Nice to see you again, Steven,” Ash said as he smiled. “I was surprised that you would be my opponent in the semi-final.”
    “I, too, was surprised, Ash,” Steven replied. “I just hope that you’ve trained well, for I do not plan to lose anyway.”

    They both met on separate occasions. In particular, they first met in Granite Cave just outside Dewford city where Steven was looking for some rare stones, but they were attacked Team Rocket. Luckily, Steven’s Aggron sent them flying with his Hyper Beam attack.

    Everyone was anxious as they waited for the computer to select which trainer would choose his pokemon out first. It chose Steven to pick first, possibly giving Ash and advantage.

    Steven took out one of his pokeballs and tossed it out. “Skarmory!” he yelled. “Go!”

    The metal bird pokemon popped out and gave a loud screech, as it readied for battle. “Good thing Brock gave me some details about Steven’s pokemon,” Ash thought. He pointed his finger at Skarmory.

    “I choose Pikachu!” he yelled.
    “Pika!” Pikachu cried as he ran onto the battlefield.
    “BEGIN!” the referee cried as he raised the two different coloured flags.

    “Pikachu! Thunderbolt attack!” Ash cried.
    “Skarmory! Take flight!” Steven yelled.

    Pikachu charged up his electric powers and shot out his attack, but missed as Skarmory flew high in the air.

    “Pikachu! Thunderbolt again!” Ash yelled.

    Pikachu shot out his attack again, but missed again as Skarmory flew sideways. “This isn’t working!” Ash snarled.

    “Skarmory!” Steven yelled. “Drill Peck attack!”

    Skarmory dived down at Pikachu while spinning like a drill, the attack missed as Pikachu barely dodged out of the way. Skarmory used the attack repeatedly but missed each time. “Skarmory is too fast for Pikachu,” Ash thought in a frustrated tone. “Wait! I know!”

    Skarmory dived his beak at Pikachu again. “Pikachu!” Ash yelled. “Jump on Skarmory!”

    The metal bird’s attack missed as the little yellow rodent leapt into the air and landed on the back of Skarmory.

    “Enjoy the shocking experience, Skarmory… up close,” Black Jack thought as he smiled sinisterly.

    “No!” Steven yelled. “Skarmory! Shake it off!”

    Skarmory flew high in the air as he attempted to shake Pikachu away. “Pikachu! Thunder attack!” Ash yelled.

    “Pika… CHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!” Pikachu cried as he let out his strongest electric attack. Skarmory screeched loudly in pain.

    After feeling the pain of Pikachu’s Thunder attack, Skarmory fainted as he crashed on the ground. Before it did, Pikachu jumped off Skarmory and landed safely on his feet. “Skarmory is no longer able to battle,” the referee announced. “Pikachu wins the match!”

    “Good going, Pikachu!” Ash said, congratulating his pokemon and friend.
    “Pika Pikachu!” Pikachu squealed happily.

    “You did your best, Skarmory,” Steven said as he called back his unocnoscious Skarmory. He took out another pokeball and tossed it out. “Go! Aggron!”

    A huge Aggron came out of his pokeball and gave out a loud roar, attempting to intimidate little Pikachu but to no avail.

    “Pikachu! You need to rest!” Ash yelled. “Return!”

    Pikachu did as he was instructed and ran back to his trainer. Ash took out another pokeball. “Torkoal! I choose you!”

    He threw a pokeball and Torkoal came out of his pokeball. Puffs of smoke came out from different parts of his rocky shell as he prepared for battle.

    “Aggron! Tackle attack!” Steven cried.
    “Torkoal! Flamethrower attack!”

    As Aggron ran towards Torkoal, Torkoal shot a lick of flamethrower out of his mouth and was coming straight at Aggron.

    “Ash might be in luck,” Brock said. “Both Torkoal and Aggron have high physical defence stats but they are low on elemental defence. We all know that Torkoal is a fire type and Aggron is a dual rock and steel type.”
    “That means that if Torkoal can hit Aggron with his flamethrower attack, Aggron would be knocked out straight away because Steel type pokemon are weak against fire attacks,” Max continued.
    “Good thinking,” Brock replied.

    Black Jack let out a small sigh. “If they want to be smart, they should say things in every little detail,” he thought.

    Back on the battlefield, the flamethrower attack was straight at the charging Aggron. “Aggron! Jump to dodge the attack!” Steven yelled.

    Aggron did as he was instructed and leapt into the air, dodging the flamethrower attack at the same time. Aggron landed on top of Torkoal’s shell, attempting to cause damage but to no avail. Noticing this, Aggron immediately jumped of his shell.

    “Hmm, that didn’t work,” Steven thought to himself.
    “Aggron didn’t have much chance against Torkoal’s defences,” Ash thought as he smiled confidently.

    “Aggron! Thunder attack!” Steven commanded.
    “Thunder!?” Ash yelled in shock.

    Aggron let out a small growl as electricity surrounded his body. He then let out a huge roar as a huge spark of electricity was flying at Torkoal. “Torkoal!” Ash yelled. “Dodge out of the way!”

    Torkoal barely dodged out of harm’s way. “Aggron! Take down attack!” Steven yelled. But Aggron wasn’t able to attack as he felt the recoil of his electric attack as he became paralysed, much to Steven’s shock.

    “I don’t get it,” May said. “Why can’t Aggron attack?”
    “He used up too much electricity,” Black Jack replied. “Ever heard of power overload?”
    “No. I’ve never watched Star Wars.”

    Ash took his chance to make his attack. “Torkoal! Flamethrower!”

    Torkoal shot out another lick of flame at Aggron. This time the move connected as Aggron felt even more pain in and out of his body, passing out in the process.

    “Aggron is no longer able to battle,” the referee announced. “Torkoal wins the round and Steven Stone has one pokemon left at his disposal.”

    “That was great Torkoal!” Ash yelled triumphantly. “One more pokemon to knock out and we’re in the grand final!”

    Both Pikachu and Torkoal cheered happily at the announcement.

    “Maybe,” Steven replied as he took out another pokeball. “But this battle is far from over, Ash.”

    He tossed out his third and final pokeball. “Go! Metagross!”

    Metagross came out of his pokeball.

    “Steven has a Metagross too!” Ash said as his eyes widened.
    “You’re my last hope, Metagross,” Steven thought to himself. “But with you, the battle has just begun.

    “Things are about to get interesting,” Black Jack said as he closely observed the match.

    “Let’s see,” Ash thought deeply. “Black Jack used his Metagross against Mr. Mack’s Hitmonlee in the previous round. His Metagross’s kept on missing of Hitmonlee’s dancing techniques. A lack of speed might be Steven’s Metagross’s weakness.”

    “Torkoal, return!” Ash yelled as he took out his pokeball. Torkoal went back inside it. Ash took out his other pokeball and tossed it out. “Charizard! Go!”

    Charizard came out of his pokeball and let out a loud roar. “Alright, Charizard!” Ash yelled. “Flamethrower attack!”

    Charizard aimed and shot out a lick of flame out of his mouth at the Iron Leg pokemon. “Metagross!” Steven yelled. “Counter with Mirror Coat!”

    Metagross glowed vigorously and the fire attack bounced away from and was coming back at Charizard. “Charizard! Dodge!” Ash yelled.

    Charizard barely dodged out of the way as it flew high into the air.

    “Ash, look out!” Misty cried as the flame attack was coming at Ash. Luckily, he dodged out of the way.

    “Phew!” Max said as he wiped away some sweats off his forehead. “I thought Ash was a goner there.”
    “I was worried too,” Misty said. “Ash got himself seriously hurt at times.”
    “So have I,” Black Jack thought as he continued to watch the match.

    “Charizard!” Ash yelled. “Knock Metagross down with your headbutt attack!”

    Charizard did as he was instructed and dived straight down at Metagross like a speeding bullet that was shot out like a gun. “Why would Ash command his Charizard to use an attack that wouldn’t do much to Metagross? Black Jack thought. “Unless…”

    “Aim for the leg!” Ash yelled.
    “Dodge to your right, Metagross!” Steven yelled.

    Charizard barely missed one of Metagross’s legs as it dodged out of the way. “Now Metagross!” Steven yelled. “Give that Charizard a headbutt of your own!”

    Charizard turned around in mid-air and attempted another headbutt. But as he dived down, Metagross leapt into the air and headbutted him in the face. “Great job!” Steven yelled. “Finish with Psybeam attack!”

    “No!” Ash yelled.

    Metagross safely landed on the ground, which caused a small earthquake. It then aimed its eyes at Charizard and shot his two Psybeams out of them. The attack hit Charizard, knocking him out.

    Charizard fell hard on the floor. Ash ran over to his defeated pokemon. “Charizard! No!” Ash cried worryingly. “Are you okay?”

    Charizard let out a small growl but wasn’t able to move because of the damage Metagross caused. “Charizard is no longer able to battle!” the ref cried. “Metagross wins the round.

    Ash took out his pokeball and got Charizard to return. He now has two pokemon remaining, Torkoal and Pikachu.

    Ash took out the pokeball that contained Torkoal. “Torkoal! Go!” Ash cried.

    Torkoal came out prepared for battle as puffs of smoke came out of different parts of his shell. “Okay, Torkoal! Tackle attack!” Ash yelled.
    “Metagross! Headbutt attack!” Steven yelled.

    Metagross and Torkoal ran at each at their highest speed. Metagross lowered its head, attempting to give Torkoal his attack. But the fiery tortoise ducked and tackled on of Metagross’s legs, tripping him over.

    Metagross landed on his back, unable to move physically. “Metagross!” Steven yelled. “Use your psychic powers to get back on your feet!”

    Metagross summoned up his psychic powers and slowly floated into the air. It turned itself sideways and landed on its feet. “I oughta catch me a Metagross,” Ash thought.

    “Torkoal!” He yelled. “Tackle it again!”

    Torkoal leapt into the air and tackled Metagross in the face with its shell. Metagross staggered backwards. “Metagross!” Steven yelled. “Shoot out your Psybeams!”

    Metagross shot out two psybeams out of his eyes at Torkoal. “Torkoal!” Ash yelled. “Flamethrower attack!”

    Torkoal shot out a lick of flame out of his mouth. The attacks collided and both pokemon had to push their powers to their limits. It was quite a struggle for both pokemon but Torkoal lost it as the two psybeams caught him, causing static around his body and knocking him out. “No!” Ash cried in a desperate tone.

    “Torkoal is no longer able to battle,” the referee announced. “Metagross won the round and Ash Ketchum has one last pokemon left.”

    Ash called back his knocked out Torkoal and sent out his last standing pokemon, Pikachu. Black Jack unfolded his arms and pressed his hands on his knees, he leaned slightly forward and smiled.

    “What is it, Black Jack?” Lao Ping asked.
    “I think Mother Nature has something planned for Steven,” Black Jack replied.

    A small drop of rain fell on the field. Suddenly, it began to rain. Some people in the audience opened up their umbrellas while others covered their heads with books, bags, newspapers or hands, etc. Black Jack took no notice of the rain as he continued focusing on the match.

    The rain also surprised Ash, Steven and their respective pokemon. Regardless of the bad weather, they decided to continue.

    “Metagross!” Steven yelled. “Meteor Mash!”

    Metagross quickly glowed vigorously as he started floating into the air. Its front legs aimed at Pikachu as he charged like a Rhydon.

    “Pikachu! Dodge!” Ash yelled. Pikachu leapt into the air to dodge the attack and landed on top of Metagross.

    “No!” Steven thought in shock. “If Pikachu uses an electric attack, Metagross will be knocked out because of the rain!”

    “Pikachu!” Ash yelled. “Thunder now!”
    “Metagross!” Steven yelled. “Shake it off!”

    Metagross, still airborne, was zipping through the skies trying to shake off Pikachu while the yellow rodent was hanging on to it for dear life. Metagross finally to shake off Pikachu and Pikachu was now falling at a great height.

    “PIKACHU!” Ash cried in shock.

    Pikachu retaliated as he charged up his powers and shot out his Thunder attack at Metagross, shocking it until it fainted. Pikachu safely landed on his feet while Metagross fell hard on the floor. As Pikachu landed, he was breathing heavily, feeling worn out after giving out his most powerful attack, which was enough to knock Metagross out.

    “Metagross is no longer able to battle!” the referee announced. “Pikachu wins the round and Ash wins the match!”

    With that announced, the crowd went wild as they got off their seats and on their feet.

    “He… beat me,” Steven said in a surprised tone.
    “Pikachu! We did it!” Ash yelled triumphantly.
    “Pi Pikachu!” Pikachu squealed happily as he held up a ‘V’ sign on his paw.

    “Impressive,” Black Jack said as he stood up applauding calmingly. “Very impressive. Even I would have a difficult time battling Steven.”

    Steven called back his Metagross and looked at it. “We have lost the title, Metagross,” he said with a smile. “But I am so proud of you and the others.”

    Ash walked over to him. “Steven,” he said as he offered to shake his hand. “This was one great match.”
    “I agree,” Steven replied as he shook Ash’s hand. “I will never ever forget this match. And I wish you and your pokemon good luck in the grand final against Black Jack.”

    Dark clouds began to float away as the sun started to shine. “Looks like the future is looking bright for you, Ash,” Steven said.

    “Now!” cried the announcer with excitement. “The places for the grand final have been decided! It’ll be Black Jack versus Ash Ketchum!”

    Everyone in the audience gave another deafening cheer.

    “The grand final will begin in two days! So finalists either rest up or train hard! Everyone wants you guys in top form for your battle!”

    Black Jack started walking out of the stadium while the others continued cheering. “You may have helped me saw the error of my ways, Ketchum,” Black Jack thought deeply. “Sure, you deserve to be the champion. But just make sure your pokemon don’t get their heads smashed.”

    With that in mind, Black Jack s******ed evilly.

    Next episode: Black Jack gets invited to a reunion… an unexpected one.
    More coming! Reviews please!
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    Pokemon Impact (PG13):
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    Starring Black Jack, a veteran pokemon trainer who saves the lives of others while breaking necks of his enemies in cold blood. You want action? You got action!
    (Continue or Reboot? That is the question.)

    Goldenrod High (Chaptered Comedy Multishipping fic PG13) Updated: 02/12/09
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    Default Episode 6: An unpredicted reunion

    Thanks again, DC.

    Chapter 1:

    It was nighttime, Black Jack was sitting next to a window in a pokemon center of the Hoenn League stadium looking outside of the window, arms folded. A clock on one of the walls says that it was one o’clock in the morning. Everyone was asleep, except him. He always suspected that someone or something might come out of nowhere and attack him.

    When morning came, Ash and the others visited the pokemon center; they were also with Cecilia, who acquainted with them after her battle with Black Jack. To their surprise, Black Jack and his pokemon were there, eating breakfast, which were a share of pancakes. Black Jack also had coffee; his Blaziken had small cups of Chinese tea while the others were drinking water.

    “Black Jack?” Cassandra said. “When did you get here?”
    “I stayed here all night,” Black Jack replied.

    Feraligatr and Nidoking were guzzling quickly and noisily through a lot of pancakes while the rest of Black Jack’s pokemon looked on as they had small anime sweat drops on the side of their heads. Feraligatr gave a small burp, hoping no one heard or noticed.

    “Pancakes?” Black Jack offered. “They’re all right.”
    “Sure,” everyone replied.

    Black Jack snapped his fingers. A waiter came by. “Yes sir?”
    “More pancakes,” Black Jack replied.
    “Yes sir.”

    In no time, pancakes were delivered to Ash and the others. Ash took a bite of one of the pancakes and quickly recognised the taste. “My mom’s here!” he yelled.

    “Ash!” a woman’s voice yelled.
    “Mrs Ketchum?” the others called (except, Black, Cassandra and Lao Ping).

    A woman with a red pony tail, pink jacket, yellow shirt, purple skirt, white apron and white high heeled shoes came out of the kitchen.

    “Mom!” Ash cried happily as he rushed over to her.
    “Oh, Ash,” Mrs Ketchum replied. “How’s my little pokemon master?”
    “Things are going great, mom. What are you doing here?”
    “You think that I would miss your matches, hmm, even if you didn’t even contact me? You naughty boy!”
    “Sorry, mom…”

    Ash placed his hand at the back of his head in embarrassment. “Pika pika!” Pikachu said.
    Mrs Ketchum looked down at Pikachu. “I haven’t forgot about you either, Pikachu,” she replied as she picked him up.
    “Pikachu!” Pikachu said happily.

    Black Jack had just finished off his last pancake. His pokemon hadn’t finished theirs yet. “I’ll be out for a sec,” he said as he got up from his seat. “I’ll be back for you guys.”
    “Wait, Black Jack,” Ash called. “You haven’t met my mom yet.”
    “Hi,” Mrs Ketchum said. “My name’s Delia.”
    “Hi,” Black Jack replied as he continued walking away, hands in his jacket pockets.

    “Why is he being like this?” Misty asked.
    “It must be because of his parents,” Cassandra replied theoretically. “Either they never treated him right, or worse.”

    Black Jack walked outside the pokemon center. He was deep in thought about someone important in his life. A relative. A brother. “John,” he said quietly to himself. “Should I call you?”

    Black Jack gave a small smile to himself while he scratched his head. Suddenly, a woman’s voice called out to him. “Mr. Black Jack.”

    Black Jack turned round to see the nurse of the Pokemon center, Nurse Joy.

    “What?” Black Jack asked in a rude tone.
    “A message for you,” she replied.

    She handed the message over to him; he opened it and read it. At some point, his eyes widened with shock. His pocketed the message and hurried off.

    “Where are you going?” Nurse Joy cried.
    “None of your business!” Black Jack shouted back as he ran.

    Ash, Cecilia, Delia, Misty, Brock, May, Max, Cassandra and Lao Ping came running out of the pokemon center after they heard Black Jack’s shouting. Black Jack’s pokemon followed behind.

    “Nurse Joy!” Brock called.
    “What happened?” asked Misty. “We heard a shout from Black Jack.”
    “I have no idea where he’s going,” Joy replied. “I got a feeling that something bad is about to happen.”
    “Do you know where he’s heading to?” Lao Ping asked.
    “I haven’t a clue.”
    “I have an idea,” Cassandra said as she took out her pokeball. “Go! Spearow!”

    Spearow popped out of his pokeball. “Spear!”

    “Spearow!” Cassandra cried. “See if you can find out where Black Jack is!”
    “Spear!” Spearow replied as she flew away.

    As she flew around the Hoenn League village, she spotted Black Jack outside the arena talking to a man in a black suit. The man in the black suit allowed Black Jack to enter. Spearow flew back to the others.

    Back at Cassandra’s location, she spotted her Spearow flying back. “Spearow, did you find him?” Cassandra asked loudly, because Spearow was still in the air.
    “Spearow!” Spearow cried as she pointed at Black Jack’s direction.
    “Great!” Ash replied. “Let’s go!”

    Everyone, except Nurse Joy, ran to the stadium. Brock suddenly stopped and ran back to her. “If it’s nothing,” Brock said, while blushing and gently holding Joy’s hands. “Will you date me tonight?”
    “Huh?” Nurse Joy replied with confusion on her face.
    “Brock!” snarled Misty as she ran back to pull Brock’s ear. “This IS something and something tells me it’s something bad!!”

    She ran towards the stadium again while pulling Brock’s ear. All Brock could do was moan in pain.

    The man in the black suit spotted them coming. “What do you brats want?” he rudely asked.
    “We want to know what’s going on in there,” Ash demanded. “We saw Black Jack going in there!”
    “Black Jack was told to come here,” the man answered. “The reason is none of your concern.”
    “I don’t think he’s going to budge,” Lao Ping said.

    Feraligatr, Nidoking and Tyranitar looked at each other and nodded. They decided to gang up and beat the heck out of that man. The man in the suit couldn’t even defend himself against three of Black Jack’s strongest pokemon as he lay on the floor with swirly eyes.

    “I was mistaken,” Lao Ping said looking at damage that the pokemon caused.

    Ash and co. ran inside the stadium and looked round to see Black Jack standing in the audience balcony with shocked eyes.

    “Black Jack!” Cassandra shouted. “What are you doing here?”

    Black Jack looked at a medium built man in with brown short hair and beard with blue determined eyes. He was a wearing a blue shirt, black trousers and brown shoes. He was holding a black briefcase.

    “I asked myself the same question,” Black Jack replied still with the shocked look. “With a slight difference… what is my brother doing here??”
    More coming! Reviews please!
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