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    That chap was GREAT!!!!!! I look forward to the next one!

    All your base are belong to US.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark_Charizard
    That chap was GREAT!!!!!! I look forward to the next one!

    Haha! You ain't seen nothing yet!

    Chapter 2

    Black Jack and co. were at the arena watching as audience members. On the battlefield stands a medium built man in with brown short hair and beard with blue determined eyes. He was a wearing a blue-buttoned shirt, black trousers and brown shoes. He was also holding a black briefcase.

    “John…” Black Jack said to himself.
    “You know him?” Cassandra asked, hearing what Black Jack said.
    “He’s my brother.”

    That shocked everyone and the pokemon, except his Tyranitar. Nidoking couldn’t help but notice.

    Ash ran up Black Jack, “You have got to be kidding!” he said.
    “Do you see me joking about?” Black Jack replied.

    Before anyone could say another word, a man in a red suit came out of the entranceway. A man in a black suit followed behind, holding a briefcase. “That guy looks familiar,” Black Jack thought to himself.

    “Mane!” John yelled. “Where’s my family!?”

    “John has a family of his own??” Black Jack asked in a shocked tone.

    “Calm down, my dear opponent,” Mane replied in a calm tone and a posh accent. “We don’t want to make a scene in front of our audience now, do we?”

    He turned his head to his right to see Black Jack and the others. John did the same. To his shock, he saw Black Jack. “Jack!?” he said in a shocked tone. “I thought this would be a private battle, Mane!”

    “I wanted it to be a surprise, my friend,” Mane replied. “We have both seen Black Jack and Ash Ketchum get into the grand final, so I decided to give them a little treat.”

    John growled at Mane. “Calm now, Hummingburg,” Mane said. “If you want your family back, all you have to do is beat me in a pokemon battle. But if you fail, not only will they remain in their cells, but you’ll also be joining them and you’re company will be mine!”
    “That’s not gonna happen!” John shouted in response. “Not only am I gonna win this battle, but I’ll also smash your head in!”
    “Then let the game begin.”

    Elsewhere in a stadium, a man with short light purple hair, a woman with long dark purple hair and a Meowth were cleaning out lavatories, they were all in cleaners uniform. “Of all da jobs that we coulda chosen,” said the Meowth. “We had to choose dis? Why’s dat?”
    “Because this is the only job we can find available!” complained the woman. “And also because of those twerps that keep on ruining our plans to capture that Pikachu, there would be no way that the boss would be paying us! And if you two would stop fooling about when we did catch Pikachu, we would’ve gotten away with it! And…”
    “Yes, yes alright!” the man moaned. “Gosh, there was no need to be so harsh, Jesse.”
    “Of course there is, James! We’re bad guys! And it’s a good thing that we finished cleaning this dump!”
    “Where do we clean next, Jess? Meowth asked.
    “That stupid stadium!”

    Back at the battlefield, John and Mane walked to their respective parts of the battlefield. The man that was accompanying Mane opened the brifcase and it revealed six pokeballs, each containing a pokemon. Mane picked out one of them, while John got one of his pokeballs out from his own briefcase.

    “Well, Black Jack,” Max said. “What do you think John’s chances are?”

    Black Jack clenched his fist, his eyes turned from shock to determination. “I don’t know, kid” he replied. “But no matter what, I won’t hold anything back to help him.”

    He leaned forward. “John!” he cried. “You have to believe in your pokemon!” John turned to look at his brother as he continued encouraging him. “It takes more than shouting out attacks and strong pokemon to win! Everything is at stake here! If Mane wins, you won’t be the only person losing something important! Cos I’ll be losing you as well! And I don’t want that to…”

    “Black Jack!” Ash interrupted. “Just calm down, okay?”

    Black Jack breathed deeply in and out.

    “It’s alright, Jack,” John thought to himself. “I won’t be needing help in this one.”

    Mane took out a coin out of his pocket. “Ready, Hummingburg? I will flip a coin to decide who call out their pokemon first. Heads, I’ll go first. Tails, you’ll go first.”
    “Just flip it,” John replied.

    “If John has to go first,” Black Jack said. “Then Mane would have the advantage, and that could be a big problem for him.”

    Mane flipped a coin. As it landed on the ground, it showed the tail symbol. The man standing near Mane went to pick up the coin for him. “Shoot!” Black Jack cursed.

    “I go first then!” John shouted. “So what? You still won’t beat me! I choose you! Machoke!”

    A Machoke popped out of his pokeball. It showed some muscle poses.

    “A Machoke?” Mane replied with a confident smile. “This is going to be such fun. Go! Pokeball!”

    Mane tossed out a pokeball and out popped… A Suicune!!

    Shock appeared on everyone’s faces. “Mane does have a big advantage!!” Max shouted.
    “I can’t believe it!” Ash said. “How is anyone gonna beat that?”

    Black Jack’s eyes narrowed with suspicion. “Mane must be a tough trainer to catch a pokemon as rare as Suicune,” he thought. “Unless…”

    He then spotted a very small microchip on Suicune’s back. “Wait a minute,” he thought. “What’s that microchip for?”

    “I don’t care if you have the rarest pokemon around! I’ll still beat you!” John shouted with determination. Having heard that, Black Jack took his eyes off the microchip. “Machoke! John ordered. “Karate Chop!”
    “Suicune!” Mane ordered. “Counter with Water Gun!”

    Suicune opened its mouth and shot out a huge and powerful foam of water at Machoke. Machoke got caught and was shoved by the attack until his back got smashed into the stadium wall. He was no longer able to battle as everyone watched in horror and shock.

    “That looked more like a Hydro Pump than a Water Gun!” Max cried.
    “This stinks!” Black Jack cursed as he pounded his fist into his hand.
    “That Machoke didn’t even land a finger,” May said.

    Jesse, James and Meowth were coming up the stairs of the stadium to clean out the rubbish. To their surprise, they found Black Jack and the others staring down at the field. “It’s the twerps!” James moaned.
    “What are they doing here?” Jesse moaned.
    “Never mind dat,” Meowth said in an interested tone. “Come ‘n’ look at dis!”

    Jesse and James looked at what Meowth was looking at they both gasped in amazement. “It’s so beautiful!” Jesse said. “Just like me!”
    “Hey, guys!” Meowth said. “Are you guys tinkin’ what I’m tinkin’?”
    “I’m sure am!” Jesse replied in a determined tone.
    “I’m not,” James replied. “What is it? Lunch?”
    “We’re going to bring that Suicune back to the boss, you moron!”
    “Oh, yes…”
    “And I got a plan for it.”
    “Wot? We’re not gonna catch Suicune in front of dose twerps are we?”
    “Of course, you’re right. Those brats always mess things up! I have a better idea…”

    The three ducked down, keeping out of sight to make a plan.

    “Machoke!” John ordered. “Return!”
    Machoke returned to his pokeball and John picked out another one. “Venusaur! I choose you!”

    Venusaur popped out of his pokeball and gave out a loud roar, as he prepared for battle.

    “This should be a good move,” Lao Ping said. “Grass types are an advantage against water types.”
    “Let’s hope so,” Brock replied. “Otherwise, Suicune will do more damage.”

    Black Jack sat down with his arms folded, concentrating on the match. “C’mon, John!” he thought deeply in a desperate tone. “Beat that creep!”

    “Venusaur!” John ordered. “Leech Seed and Toxic!”

    Venusaur spat out a huge purple goo out of his mouth and sent out three small seeds out of the flower on his back.

    “Suicune!” Mane commanded confidently. “Right Guard… I mean Safeguard!”
    “What?!” John shouted in shock. “No way!”

    An aura surrounded Suicune, blocking the attacks that Venusaur sent out. “Oh dear,” Mane said. “I should stop remembering the name of that deodorant, today isn’t my shopping day. Now Suicune! Aurora Beam!”

    Suicune shot out a shining beam out of its mouth and it hit Venusaur, knocking him out. John growled with frustration. “I cannot be defeated…” he said to himself.

    “This is bad…” Black Jack said with desperate eyes. “The battle has just started and John lost two of his pokemon already.”

    “Hmhm,” Mane thought evilly. “If everyone is surprised to see a Suicune in a trainer battle, they haven’t seen anything yet… hahahaha… HAHAHAHA!”
    More coming! Reviews please!
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    Pokemon Impact (PG13):
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    Starring Black Jack, a veteran pokemon trainer who saves the lives of others while breaking necks of his enemies in cold blood. You want action? You got action!
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    Weee! Think I'm gonna complain 'bout a legendary? No! Anyway, keep it up!
    All your base are belong to US.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark_Charizard
    Weee! Think I'm gonna complain 'bout a legendary? No! Anyway, keep it up!
    I just hope others would keep up with this, I'm placing another chapter today. Why? I'll explain tomorrow.

    Chapter 3

    At that moment, Mane was in the lead with two wins to zero. He had one of the legendary pokemon called Suicune on the battlefield, waiting for the next pokemon to defeat.

    Black Jack noticed that Suicune was behaving rather strangely. He also noticed that a microchip is attached to the back of Suicune. “A microchip,” he said, catching his acquaintances’ attention. “That must the reason why that pokemon is acting so strangely.”
    “Are you really sure about that?” May asked, also noticing the microchip. “Are you sure that they are not robots or something?”
    “I’ve been with pokemon more than you have, kid. That Suicune is definitely real… and tough to beat. But still, don’t count out my brother out yet. He’s got the same toughness that I have.”

    On the battlefield, Mane had a confident look in his eyes. John’s eyes turned from determination to frustration. He took out another pokeball out of his briefcase. “Haunter!” he cried. “I choose you!”

    Haunter popped out of his pokeball and gave a battle cry.

    “Suicune, return,” he ordered, as Suicune returned. “Perhaps I have been a bit rough on you my dear fellow. Maybe I should use a pokemon that I have less experience with. That way, you’ll have a bit of advantage.”
    “Bad move, Mane!” John warned. “You’re gonna regret that! Not only for choosing a pokemon you’re weaker with, but also for kidnapping my wife and daughter! If you laid one finger on them, I’ll…”
    “Calm down, Johnny. Keep your focus on the game if you want to win. Saving your family would be a bonus as well, wouldn’t it? Haha!”

    Elsewhere, behind the audience seats, Jesse, James and Meowth were peeping out to see what was happening. “Hey,” Meowth said. “Where’s dat Suicune?”
    “Has someone lost already?” James asked.
    “I just hate that word!” Jesse complained. “What’s going on now?”

    Mane placed Suicune’s pokeball back into the briefcase and picked out another one. John still had that frustration in his eyes. “Go! Pokeball!” Mane cried as he tossed out another pokeball. This time it was… Zapdos!

    The shock expression appeared on everyone’s faces again. “You have got to be kidding me!” Black Jack yelled.
    “How’s that an advantage!?” Max cried. “How can anyone beat Mane if he has Zapdos and Suicune?”

    “Oh look, Jesse!” James said with glee. “Imagine what the boss would think if we brought that pokemon to him too.”
    “Oooooooohhhhh!” Meowth replied. “I can picture it now. We would become Team Rocket executives, we would get lots ‘a’ money, we would be getting a luxury house, we…”
    “Stop imagining things, Meowth!” Jesse complained. “To get all that, we’ll need to get them for the boss!”
    Suddenly a Wobbuffet appeared. “Wobbuffet!”
    “This doesn’t include you! Get back inside!” Jesse complained as she held out her pokeball.

    “Haunter!” John commanded. “Night Shade attack!”
    “Zapdos!” Mane cried. “Thunder shock attack!”

    Haunter shot out a dark beam while Zapdos shot out a bolt of lightning. Both attacks collided and both pokemon were pushing their limits to inflict damage against each other. Haunter began losing his strength and the Zapdos’ thundershock zapped him, making him dazed.

    “Now Zapdos!” Mane ordered. “Drill Peck attack!”

    Zapdos dived directly at Haunter while spinning like a whirlwind. It swooped upwards as soon as he hit Haunter, sending him flying and knocking him out. As John have noticed was floating down motionlessly from the sky he got him to return. “Haunter return!” he cried.

    “Hmhmhm! Three down,” Mane said. “Three to go!”

    “This is the one pokemon that has never been defeated after a hundred matches!” John snarled as he picked out another pokeball.

    “A hundred matches, huh?” Black Jack thought.
    “You better get ready to release my family!” John shouted. “Go! Pokeball!”

    John tossed out another pokeball, which turned out to be… Tyranitar! Black Jack had a surprise look in his eyes. His Tyranitar looked at John’s Tyranitar and gave a loud roar to him. John’s Tyranitar looked at Black Jack’s Tyranitar and roared back.

    “You had an advantage until now!” John shouted. “Because now my Tyranitar is out and ready to smash your head in, and all of your pokemon will fail you!”

    “I beg to differ,” Mane replied. “I think you have just made your final mistake. You should’ve saved the best until last. Zapdos! Thundershock attack!”

    Zapdos shot out a bolt of lightning at Tyranitar. But he dodged the attack as he leapt into the air, making the lightning attack hit the ground instead. Tyranitar leapt as high as Zapdos was flying.

    “Tyranitar!” John commanded. “Body Slam attack!”

    Tyranitar quickly grabbed Zapdos and brought down to the ground, slamming him in the process.

    “How dare Johnny hurt such a beautiful bird,” muttered Mane in his thoughts.

    “Now Tyranitar!” John cried. “Finish it off with Body Slam and Earthquake attack!”

    “That’s our move!” Black Jack said to Tyranitar. “Let’s see if his Tyranitar’s move is more damaging.”

    The Tyranitar on the field lifted Zapdos up to his head’s height and then slammed him on ground, almost making a hole in it. The impact was so hard that it would seriously damage an army tank if slammed on.

    Zapdos was knocked out, no longer able to battle.

    “Just the same,” Black Jack commented with a happy smile. “At least Zapdos is knocked out.”
    “Looks like your brother does have a chance!” Misty said.

    “Johnny,” Mane said. “I’m impressed by the strength of your Tyranitar. But strength alone isn’t enough.”
    “Even though I hate you so much, I couldn’t agree more!” John replied with a frustrated tone. “It also takes heart and spirit to beat the likes of you!”
    “I hope that Tyranitar’s ‘heart and spirit’ is higher than his strength,’ Mane said has took out another pokeball. “Because this pokemon I have in my hand is guaranteed to make things even more interesting!”
    More coming! Reviews please!
    Formerly known as Brian Powell

    Check these out:

    Thanks for the card, Skiks
    Pokemon Impact (PG13):
    Series: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 (Cancelled)

    Starring Black Jack, a veteran pokemon trainer who saves the lives of others while breaking necks of his enemies in cold blood. You want action? You got action!
    (Continue or Reboot? That is the question.)

    Goldenrod High (Chaptered Comedy Multishipping fic PG13) Updated: 02/12/09
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    Wee! A lil short but bah! Keep it up!

    All your base are belong to US.


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    Sorry I didn't post in a while, I was playing the GBA game Fire Emblem and not reading fan fiction for some time. I read all the chapters that you've written on Pokecommunity as a non-member (but I won't spoil, I promise) and they're absolutely awesome. This story kicks butt.

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    Dark Charizard: Thanx, DC
    Double G: Yep, these games can get really addictive, huh? Don't spoil anything after this story, because I have an announcement after this chapter. Thanx for d review by d way.

    Chapter 4:

    Mane stood in the battlefield holding a pokeball. “Things are getting interesting,” he said. “You’ve just taken out Zapdos, one of my favourite pokemon. Now I’m going to give you a surprise for your effort.”

    Black Jack and the others were observing the match as spectators, desperately hoping that John would win this match. Jesse, James and Meowth were also watching the match but from somewhere else in the stadium.

    “A Zapdos knocked out by a Tyranitar?” Meowth exclaimed. “Anuder pokemon dat we can catch!”
    “I can imagine the boss giving us more than just a raise!” James said happily.
    “Not now James!” Jesse complained. “Let’s just see what that Mane guy has in store.”

    “Go! Pokeball!” Mane cried as he tossed out another pokeball. This time it was… Mewtwo!!

    Shock expressions came onto the faces of Misty, Brock, Ash and Black Jack. How can a pokemon trainer catch Mewtwo!?
    “Huh?” May asked. “I never seen or heard of that pokemon before.”

    Realising that the others have seen the genetic pokemon on the field, Black Jack had to give some information about him. “That pokemon’s name is Mewtwo. One of the most rarest and one of the most powerful pokemon.”
    “What?” Ash asked in a surprised tone. “You know him?”
    “Yeah… we met on a couple of occasions and battling him wasn’t pleasant… but I liked it. And judging by your tone, you seem to know him as well.”
    “Yeah, we met him at one time when he was in trouble and…”

    Black Jack stopped him by raising his hand as he noticed another microchip. This time it was on the back of Mewtwo’s neck.

    “I knew it!” Black Jack snarled angrily. “It IS the microchip! Mane must’ve used some annoying gadgets to not only to capture them but to control them as well!”
    “Wait a minute!” Ash said. “If Mane captured Mewtwo, what happened to the other pokemon?”
    “He must’ve captured them too,” Black Jack replied. “Let’s concentrate on the match. John needs all the help he can get.”

    Everyone agreed as they watched the match again with high hopes for John.

    Team Rocket also saw with their mouths wide open. “I can’t believe it!” Meowth cried. “Dat guy’s either used some special gadget, or he’s got some other method of catching and using pokemon!”
    “The boss would give us a big promotion if we get that thing!” James said excitedly.
    “Not only that!” Jesse continued. “He’d give us a big raise, a paid holiday, a very big house…”
    “Dis could go on forever…” Meowth mumbled.
    Suddenly, Wobbuffet appeared again. “Wobbuffet!”

    “Mewtwo!” Mane cried. “Hyper Beam attack!”

    Mewtwo raised his hand and shot out a huge beam of light at Tyranitar, who barely dodged the attack.

    “That was close!” John commented. “Tyranitar! Tackle attack!”
    “Mewtwo! Barrier!” Mane commanded.

    Tyranitar ran at Mewtwo to take him down, but Mewtwo’s eyes glowed as he stood. John and Tyranitar thought that they got him, but to their surprise, Tyranitar bounced away from Mewtwo. “The barrier that Mewtwo used must be invisible!” Black Jack thought.

    “Gotta use a long range attack!” John said in frustration. “Tyranitar! Hyper Beam attack!”

    Tyranitar leaned backwards as he breathed in. Mane and Mewtwo just stood where they were. “What’s the matter, Mane?” John taunted. “Scared?”
    “Well, this is hardly a horror movie,” Mane replied.

    Tyranitar shot out a huge hyper beam of his own. “Mewtwo! Mirror Coat attack!” Mane yelled.

    Mewtwo raised his arm as his eyes glowed again. The beam bounced right off his hand and it hit Tyranitar instead in the gut, knocking him out!

    After seeing that knockout, John had disbelief on his face. “No…” he whispered “NO!”
    “I told you that you should’ve save the best for last, didn’t I Johnny?” Mane taunted.
    “Tyranitar is only one of my best,” John replied, getting back his determination. “Magmar! Go!”

    Magmar popped out of his pokeball. “Magmar…”

    “Magmar!” John shouted. “Flamethrower attack!”

    Magmar spat out a huge flame out of his mouth, aiming for Mewtwo. Mewtwo easily dodged out of the way, making the flame going for Mane.

    “That’s it!” John cried. “Scorch him good!”

    “John must’ve wanted Magmar to hurt Mane instead of Mewtwo!” Ash said.
    “I bet you would do the same if Mane hurt your family as well,” Black Jack replied.

    Mane stood calm as the flame was reaching for him. But all of the sudden, Mewtwo stopped the attack with his psychic powers. He formed the flame into a ball and tossed it back at Magmar, causing an explosion on impact.

    Magmar fell to the floor, heavily damaged. He slowly picked himself. “Magmar!” John cried. “Are you alright?”

    Magmar nodded in response, as he knew what was on the line.

    “Alright then!” John said. “Magmar! Fire punch attack!”

    Magmar quickly ran at Mewtwo as fireballs appeared on his fist. “What a bore!” Mane commented. “Mewtwo! Psychic attack!” he ordered as he snapped his fingers.

    Mewtwo’s eyes glowed again as he stopped Magmar in his tracks. Magmar was lifted into the air; he was then slammed down on the ground numerous times. “Now Mewtwo!” Mane commanded. “Mega Punch attack!”

    Mewtwo, still using his psychic powers he brought Magmar close to him and he punched him in the gut sending him flying, unconscious.

    “Someone tell me I didn’t see that!” Brock said.
    “That Magmar…” Misty said, feeling sorry for it.
    “Things are looking really bad now,” Cecilia said.

    “Five of my pokemon gone…” John said after calling back Magmar. “Rattata, you’re my only hope now.”

    John sent out his Rattata. The pokemon stood his ground, waiting to receive orders.

    “A Rattata?” Mane replied with a smirk. “It’s your last pokemon and it’s a Rattata? Well, I guess the truth is that you spend more time with your products than you spend time training. Guess you didn’t see this battle coming, didn’t you? Mewtwo return!”
    “Huh? Why are you returning your Mewtwo?”
    “I just felt there’s one more surprise I need to show you and our dearly beloved audience.”

    “Great,” thought Black Jack in a down tone. “What’s next?”

    “Go! Pokeball!” Mane cried as he threw out another pokeball, containing a… Rayquaza!

    Shock expressions came on to everyone’s faces again. Only Black Jack snarled in frustration.

    “Rayquaza!” Mane shouted. “Hyper Beam attack!”
    “Sandra… Alice… I lost,” John said, losing all hope after seeing Rayquaza. “I’m so sorry…”

    Rayquaza leaned his head backwards as he breathed in and then he let out a huge Hyper Beam. John shut his eyes slowly as it hit Rattata, causing a huge explosion on impact. After Rattata lay on the ground unconscious, John looked down in defeated manner as he called back his last defeated pokemon.

    “There are no more pokemon you can use,” Mane said. “That means you lose, my stout fellow. You have also lost your only chance of saving your dear wife and child. But don’t worry, I do have a proposition for you.”

    He snapped his fingers and another man in a suit came out carrying another briefcase. The man held out the briefcase to Mane and opened it. Mane took out a contract and a pen.

    “If you want to be with your family, all you need to do is sign here,” he said in joyful tone.
    “What’s the catch?” John asked.
    “Nothing much, you just have to hand over your company to me. And you and your family will be employed as my servants. If not, you’ll have to spend the rest of your life wallowing in sadness as you sit by your desk”

    As much as John hated to do this, he wanted to be with his family even more, so he had no choice. He took the pen out of Mane’s hand and his hand shook, as he was about to sign. Suddenly, a hand knocked off the pen off John’s hand. “I pick door number three!” Black Jack shouted. It was him who knocked down the pen.

    “Mane,” Black Jack snarled. “Just because you used those rare pokemon, it doesn’t mean you are the strongest. I challenge you to a battle and if I win, you’ll release John and his family and never hurt them again!”
    “This is certainly interesting,” Mane replied.

    Before he could say another word, Ash interrupted. “Hold it!”

    He jumped down from the audience stands and walked over to them. “You can’t use mind control on the pokemon!” he yelled. “You can’t treat them this way! Either you release those pokemon or you can have a real taste of a trainer!”

    “Even more interesting,” Mane replied. “Okay then, how about this? Tomorrow is the grand final, isn’t it? I suggest that the better trainer can challenge me. If Black Jack wins and defeat me, John’s family will be released. If Ketchum wins, then he can challenge me to gain the pokemon’s freedom.”

    Ash and Black Jack’s eyes turned from anger to shock. “Wait a minute!” Ash demanded. “How about it if one of us beats you, you’ll release the pokemon AND John’s family?”
    “Nice try,” Mane replied. “But I’d be losing everything at once.”
    “You were born to lose,” Black Jack muttered.

    Mane turned to John. “My dear fellow, Johnny,” he said. “Why don’t you spend more time with your brother.”
    “What?” John replied in shock. “How did you know?”
    “It doesn’t matter,” he replied as he turned around to leave the stadium.

    “Mane, wait a minute!” John cried. “What about my wife and child?”
    “Oh, they’ll be fine, I assure you,” Mane replied as he continued to walk away. “hahahaha… HAHAHAHA!”

    “No! Wait!” John cried as he tried to go after Mane. Mane ‘s men stepped in front of him and were about to beat him up.

    “Lay one finger on him,” Black Jack warned, clenching his fist. “And you’re dead.”

    The men took a few steps back, scared of Black Jack. “Hold it right there!” Ash demanded. But Black Jack stopped him.

    “No kid,” he replied. “You shouldn’t. If we go after Mane and his men, who knows what he will do to John’s family. For now, we have no choice but to play his game.”

    John fell to his knees with tears flowing coming down his eyes. Black Jack walked over to him.

    Elsewhere in the stadium, Jesse, James and Meowth had seen and heard everything. “Now what, Jess?” Meowth asked.
    “Well, whether it’s Black Jack or the little brat that wins the battle, we can follow them to where Mane’s hiding the pokemon and himself. Finding the pokemon’s exact location will be the most difficult.”
    “Nice one, Jesse,” James said as the three sneaky trio sneaked away from the stadium while s******ing.

    “Why?” John sobbed as he looked down on the ground. “Why is this happening to me?”
    “I’m sorry, brother,” Black Jack as he kneeled down and took out a photo, containing two kids and two adults, which turned out to be John and Black Jack’s family when they were children. “We have lost one family, but I won’t let you lose another.”

    John looked up to Black Jack. “Thank you… I’ll never forget this.”

    John hugged his missed brother and sobbed like no one has sobbed before. Black Jack’s head turned to look at Ash.

    “I guess we can’t hold it any longer,” Ash thought.
    “Just a couple more fights,” Black Jack thought. “Just a couple more.”

    Next episode: It’s Black Jack Vs Ash Ketchum! And the championship isn’t the only thing on the line!
    Now the announcement... I'll be taking a break for this fanfic for 2-3 weeks as I'm going away for my Christmas Holiday. This fanfic is not yet complete. If there are people who want to read the completed version, go to

    During these 2-3 weeks, I ask, no, wait, I BEG you to not delete or close this fic, because I haven't finished it yet.

    Asking me for a magic password? Alright, Please... *offers you a huge jarful of cookies*

    Until next time... More coming! Reviews please!
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    Pokemon Impact (PG13):
    Series: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 (Cancelled)

    Starring Black Jack, a veteran pokemon trainer who saves the lives of others while breaking necks of his enemies in cold blood. You want action? You got action!
    (Continue or Reboot? That is the question.)

    Goldenrod High (Chaptered Comedy Multishipping fic PG13) Updated: 02/12/09
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    I spent all morning reading the first page of the thread. It's very good; a good turn from all those clichèd trainer fics I see.

    The only problems I see is there isn't much description. Instead if "Black Jack sent out his Nidoking." you could put "Black Jack threw the bi-colored ball and out of the crimson light came out his purple goliath, Nidoking."

    Also, some Pokemon names where misspelled, Sneasel (as Charizard said), Kirlia (Kirla), and Gardevoir (Gardevior).

    Other then that, keep it up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Housyasei-san
    I spent all morning reading the first page of the thread. It's very good; a good turn from all those clichèd trainer fics I see.

    The only problems I see is there isn't much description. Instead if "Black Jack sent out his Nidoking." you could put "Black Jack threw the bi-colored ball and out of the crimson light came out his purple goliath, Nidoking."

    Also, some Pokemon names where misspelled, Sneasel (as Charizard said), Kirlia (Kirla), and Gardevoir (Gardevior).

    Other then that, keep it up!
    Hiya, folks! I'm just taking time out from my busy schedule *Reads review*.

    Thanx, Housyasei-sen for the review.

    Wow! Takes you all morning to read the first page? I think I might've made the chapters too long.

    About the descriptions, you're probably right. I think I'm putting in more descriptions about the battle scenes rather than the other parts of the fic.

    And the misspelling of the names, I got those names from some other guy. I'm not gonna mention anyone, cos I don't want to embarrass him.

    I'll change them when I have the time. Thanx again!
    Formerly known as Brian Powell

    Check these out:

    Thanks for the card, Skiks
    Pokemon Impact (PG13):
    Series: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 (Cancelled)

    Starring Black Jack, a veteran pokemon trainer who saves the lives of others while breaking necks of his enemies in cold blood. You want action? You got action!
    (Continue or Reboot? That is the question.)

    Goldenrod High (Chaptered Comedy Multishipping fic PG13) Updated: 02/12/09
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    OMG! *doesn't believe it took 5 days to review* Dat was koolie! Enjoy your holidays ^^!

    Off topic: Yahoo! Only two days for Xmas Eve! *dances around*

    All your base are belong to US.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark_Charizard
    OMG! *doesn't believe it took 5 days to review* Dat was koolie! Enjoy your holidays ^^!

    Off topic: Yahoo! Only two days for Xmas Eve! *dances around*

    Thanx for the review again, DC. You enjoy your holidays as well.
    Formerly known as Brian Powell

    Check these out:

    Thanks for the card, Skiks
    Pokemon Impact (PG13):
    Series: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 (Cancelled)

    Starring Black Jack, a veteran pokemon trainer who saves the lives of others while breaking necks of his enemies in cold blood. You want action? You got action!
    (Continue or Reboot? That is the question.)

    Goldenrod High (Chaptered Comedy Multishipping fic PG13) Updated: 02/12/09
    Who says school is just for learning? ^^

    Check out my other stories, and everyone else's in the Completed Fics forum!

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    Default Episode 7: Black Jack Vs Ash Ketchum

    Phew! That was a nice two weeks! Right, back to the my main fiction...

    Chapter 1

    It was nighttime. John was sitting in one of the audience member seats looking down on the field. Black Jack walked in and spotted his brother there, he then walked over to him to start a conversation.

    John turned around to see his brother. “Jack.”
    “It has been a long time.”
    “Far too long if you asked me. It has been fifteen since you last called me.”
    “Sorry. But I have been a bit busy.”
    “So, what’s happening with you lately?”

    Black Jack sat down next to his brother and began his life story…

    Meanwhile, Ash’s pokemon (Pikachu, Bayleef, Charizard, Swellow, Snorlax, and Tauros) and Black Jack’s pokemon were sitting around a campfire, warming themselves up from the cold night air. Nidoking remembered that Tyranitar wasn’t shocked earlier about the fact John was Black Jack’s brother.

    (Author’s note: The pokemon will be talking in this part, so I decided to do a little bit of translation.)

    “I noticed that you were not surprised, when Black Jack said that John’s his brother,” Pikachu said.
    “I’m Jack’s first pokemon, I’ve been with him since I was a baby Larvitar,” Tyranitar replied. “He wouldn’t keep any secrets from me.”
    “Well then,” Feraligatr said. “If you were a baby when you first met Jack, where were you at birth?”

    Tyranitar looked down in sadness. “I also suffered the same loss that Jack did…”

    “My mom was giving birth to me and my brother. After she gave birth, she passed away, leaving my dad to take care of us. We never got to know our mom, since we were only eggs.

    “At one point, we hatched out of our eggs. Our dad loved us so much and we loved him back. We ate together, we bathed together, we watched the stars together, we did everything together.

    “Everything was great until a lot of poachers wanted to capture us. Our dad told us to run for our lives because he didn’t want to see us captured. We ran deep into the forest until heard a gunshot. We felt that we need to run back to find out what happened. We saw our answer… our own dad shot dead… we had no one to protect us but ourselves…

    “Somehow we walked into a city nearby. It was full of humans, who were strangers to us. We were hoping someone would help us out but it was no good, nobody wanted to help us, until Jack and John came…


    Two Larvitar were very tired and hungry as they walked round in a park. They sat down next to a tree, thinking that no one would be there to help them. But to their relief, two little boys, who were a few inches taller than them, came round holding some cookies and sweets. They were both identical twins as they wore stripped jumpers and overalls; they also had brown eyes and brown hair.

    They offered the two hungry Larvitar some of their goodies and they quickly and happily accepted. They ate the food so quick that began to choke, much to the amusement of the twins, yet they helped them to choke out the food.

    -End Flashback-

    “We played each other all day that day. After learning that we were lost, Jack and his brother took us in. I had a feeling that Jack saw me more than a pet, he saw me more as a friend.

    “Jack likes to wander about all the time, his life’s ambition was to travel. His parents agreed to let him do so when he reached the age of ten. But Jack’s happy life didn’t last forever. We discovered that both his parents died of murder. Jack wanted to find the murderer, but John wouldn’t let him.

    “The next day, his dream came when they gave him his trainer card, certifying him that he’s a pokemon trainer. And I went along with him. The saddest part was when I had to leave my brother behind. If I can talk human language, I would’ve told Jack about it.”

    Feraligatr’s head leaned against a nearby tree and started crying. “That’s the saddest story I’ve ever heard,” he sobbed.

    Tyranitar smiled at Feraligatr’s sympathy. He got up and patted him on the back. “It’s all right,” he replied. “I’m the one who was supposed to be crying, not you.”
    Feraligatr immediately stopped crying and smiled. “Oh yeah,” he replied in a low realised tone.

    “So that’s why he’s never in a good mood, even when something good turns up,” Pikachu said as Tyranitar and Feraligatr sat back down.
    “There’s more to it then that,” Blaziken replied. “He used to be a Team Rocket agent.”
    “TEAM ROCKET!?” all of Ash’s pokemon cried in shock.
    “Yep,” Tyranitar replied. “But he was forced into it, just to protect us from harm.”
    “Yeah,” Nidoking replied. “They had guns aiming at us.”
    “So,” Tyranitar continued, ignoring Nidoking’s remark. “Jack worked for them for so long, he became a bad guy himself, earning himself the nickname Black Jack. Having enough of treating pokemon badly he quitted and helped us destroy one of the Team Rocket bases.”

    “Wow!” Bayleef commented. “Must’ve taken a lot of guts to get out of there. Isn’t that right, Snorlax?”

    She turned to Snorlax for a reply, but he was already asleep. She then had a small anime sweat drop at the back of her head.

    “Well, that’s my story,” Tyranitar said. “Anyone want to share something?”

    “I have a question for you guys,” Salamence said. “Do you make friends with a trainer first or does he have to face you first?”
    “Usually, Ash make friends first before battling them,” Tauros answered. “I guess having a great bond with us made us stronger than just our usual training.”
    “I second that,” Pikachu replied. “But we all have other reasons that goes along with that and I got another reason why.

    “I don’t battle for Ash, I battle with him. Outside of battle, we spend a lot of time together, and have fun together. When I get in danger, Ash is always there to help me out. When I get hurt and there’s no pokemon center nearby, he’ll heal me up and help me recover. But… we also had our bad times as well. One time, despite my fear, he wanted me to face a gym leader in Vermilion City. When I did, I figured out why the other pokemon had to visit the emergency rooms.”

    Pikachu looked at Charizard. “Hey, Charizard. You had some bad times with Ash as well right?”
    “Yeah,” Charizard replied. “When I was a Charmander, I became Ash’s pokemon after I heard that creep, Darryl, abandoned me. Called me a weakling he did. After some time, I evolved into Charmeleon. Ever since that time, I felt the need to battle worthy opponents without Ash’s guidance.

    “At some level, we were at one of the Orange Islands and a trainer and his Poliwrath challenged us. Ash ordered me what attacks to use, but as usual I fought this battle my way and it caused nothing but trouble as Poliwrath’s Ice Beam attack froze me. If it wasn’t for Ash that cared for me that time, I would’ve been hurt for the rest of my life, or worst. While I was being unfroze I noticed that Ash really cared about me. Ever since then, I became stronger because of him.

    “At some point, we were on the Johto region and I had to make a choice whether to stay with Ash or stay at the Charizard village to become stronger. Ash made the choice easier for me, he realised how much I wanted to stay at that place. I was happy on the outside, but seeing Ash running away and leaving me behind I couldn’t stand it.

    “It’s a good thing I came back to save his butt a couple of times. And I also became part of the Johto League Championship, where I had to face a Blaziken. It was one of the toughest battle I have ever faced, let me tell ya.”

    Charizard and Blaziken stared at each other with determination, knowing that they might be facing each other tomorrow.

    “I wonder if it’s fate that gets us along with our human pals,” Nidoking said. “If my fate was to stay with Black Jack forever, then I’m thankful for it. I mean, just look at Feraligatr and me. When we were Nidoran and Totodile, our dream was to become the toughest pokemon in the entire world. If it wasn’t for Jack we wouldn’t be so tough.”

    “Ahh, sweet memories,” Feraligatr said in a relaxed tone as he looked at the stars. “We remember the time when we first met Tyranitar, well, when he was a Larvitar. He had a difficult time trying to get an apple of a tree. Me and Nidoking, I mean Nidoran, tried to help out to grab the apple but we were too short to reach them. Luckily, Jack came by and helped us out by grabbing a bunch of apples for us. That was then we found out that Larvitar was Jack’s pokemon. Not wanting to see our friend go away, we decided to tag along.”

    There was a moment of silence. Each pokemon were remembering the time they’ve first met their trainers.

    Blaziken stood up. “Well, that’s enough talk about the past,” he said. “We got a big day tomorrow.”
    “Yeah!” Pikachu replied as he stood up with determination in his eyes. “You guys have been strong in your previous battles. But tomorrow, we all must do our best, because everything is at stake.”
    “We must do our best tomorrow!” Charizard yelled. “For everybody!”
    “YEAH!” everyone cried as they stood up and raised their paws in a triumphant manner, except Snorlax, who was still sleeping.

    Back at the stadium, Black Jack had just finished off his story.

    “So you were a member of Team Rocket?” John asked.
    “Yeah, I felt so bad, I never had the guts to call you anymore,” Black Jack replied.
    “That doesn’t matter, what matter is that blood is thicker than water.”
    “No matter what you do, you’re still my brother.”

    Black Jack smiled at that remark. “Thanks, bro. So what’s been happening with you lately?”
    “Oh, my family’s been captured… but you already knew that didn’t you?”
    “I know that, but why? What does Mane want with you?”
    “I was told that he wanted to get hold of all of my work at Burg Corp. He gave me a choice, either I give my work to him or I give up my family. It was a difficult decision for me to choose, but then he gave me a third choice, he said that if I battle against him and win, he would release my family and I would never hear from him again. I chose the third option and well… you know the rest.”

    John buried his face in his hands as he went into tears, thinking of what it would be like without his wife and daughter. Seeing that, Black Jack wasn’t going to let Mane get away with it.

    “Don’t worry, Johnny,” said Black Jack. “I’ll battle and defeat Ketchum and Mane, not for the championship, but for your family.”
    John lifted his face from his hands. “Do you promise?”
    “I swear it.”

    Black Jack got up from his seat and began to walk away. “Jack,” John called.
    “What?” Black Jack asked as he turned around.
    “You’re family as well.”

    Black Jack smiled. “Thanks, bro.”

    Elsewhere in the arena, Ash was at an entranceway underneath the audience stands. He listened to both Black Jack and John’s story. “I got to do everything I can to help Black Jack,” he said to himself.

    He turned round to see a green ninja who was standing behind him. “I can give a suggestion,” the ninja said.
    “Who are you?” Ash asked.
    “I am Seed, a friend of Black Jack.”

    Ash looked up and down on Seed, felt nothing but suspicious about this man. “What can you do to help?” he asked.

    “The only thing you can do to help him is to battle him in the finals,” Seed replied.
    “So you secretly watched the match between John and Mane, huh?” Ash asked.
    “Correct, Mane has been using some underhanded technology to command the pokemon. A bad omen to this world.”
    “I realised that. But why that suggestion?”
    “It’ll help you two to get stronger and to also find out which one of you two would battle Mane.”

    Ash looked down in doubt. What if he defeats Black Jack? Then Black Jack will never see his family. What if Black Jack defeats him? Then Mane would use the powerful pokemon for any sick purpose. Then again…

    He rose his head and said, “Seed, I… huh?”

    Seed had already disappeared. Ash became puzzled, but he then showed his face of determination. “I will get stronger… Black Jack will get stronger… Mane will be sorry that he ever messed with us!”
    More coming! Reviews please!
    Formerly known as Brian Powell

    Check these out:

    Thanks for the card, Skiks
    Pokemon Impact (PG13):
    Series: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 (Cancelled)

    Starring Black Jack, a veteran pokemon trainer who saves the lives of others while breaking necks of his enemies in cold blood. You want action? You got action!
    (Continue or Reboot? That is the question.)

    Goldenrod High (Chaptered Comedy Multishipping fic PG13) Updated: 02/12/09
    Who says school is just for learning? ^^

    Check out my other stories, and everyone else's in the Completed Fics forum!

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    Wow! Pretty good. I wanna see teh Jack/Ash vs Mane!

    All your base are belong to US.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark_Charizard
    Wow! Pretty good. I wanna see teh Jack/Ash vs Mane!

    You'll see who, DC. You'll see...

    Chapter 2

    It was a bright afternoon at the Hoenn League stadium. It was the grand final of the tournament. Fireworks were exploding in the sky and the audience were waiting patiently for the finalists of the Hoenn League championship. Ash and his Pikachu came out of the entrance and made their way to his respective part of the arena.

    “Introducing first, from Pallet Town of Kanto… Ash Ketchum!”

    Ash Ketchum: Before he started his pokemon journey, he made a vow that he would become the greatest pokemon master ever. He grew up his whole life training his pokemon to be the absolute best. He participated in four different regions so far, the Kanto region, the Orange region, the Johto region and the Hoenn region. He was in the top six in the Kanto region; he was the Orange League champion, he participated in the Johto region League and at the moment he’s at the grand final of Hoenn League championship tournament. He grew up his whole life wanting to do this. Pokemon was his life and destiny.

    As soon as Ash and Pikachu stood in their respective part of the arena, Black Jack made his way out.

    “And his opponent, the man on his winning streak of 2003 – 0… Black Jack!”

    Black Jack: He and his pokemon earned the reputation as the toughest SOBs of the pokemon world today. He started his pokemon journey at the age of ten a few months later after discovering that his parents died of murder. After twenty years of training, no one has more will to win than him. No one was more intense than him. No one had more wins than him. His current winning streak was at 2003 – 0. But much the same can be said for his opponent, Ash Ketchum.

    They both stood in their respective parts of the arena as the announcer told everyone about the rules. “In the final round,” he cried. “Both trainers will use all six of their pokemon each, but only one at a time! The trainer who defeats the opposition’s sixth and last pokemon will be the winner and the Hoenn League champion! Now get ready for one of the most historic battles ever!”

    Almost everyone who Ash and Black Jack have met and known on separate occasions were there as part as the audience, most noticeably Misty, Brock, Max, May, Delia, Professor Oak, Tracey, Gary Oak, John, Cecilia, Cassandra, her Gardevior, Lao Ping and others. Half of the audience were cheering for Ash, while the other half were cheering for Black Jack.

    The man in a red tuxedo walked down the stairs and looked at his ticket to see where his seat was. Following him was a man in a black suit. “Ah,” he said. “Over there.”

    Cassandra noticed the man in the red tux and immediately recognised him. “Mane,” she snarled quietly with evil look in her eyes. That caught the others’ attention; they turned to her to see what Cassandra was looking at. They turned to see Mane and gave him a nasty look. Mane spotted them and responded by waving politely at them while showing a polite smile. “What nice people,” he said as he sat down, while the man in the suit sat next to him, which turned out to be his henchman.

    The big screen of the stadium selected Black Jack to be the first to pick his pokemon. “Before we start, kid,” Black Jack said. “I just want you to know that it’ll be a real honour battling you. And you’ll be always be the kid that I’ll respect the most.”
    “Likewise,” Ash replied as he showed a small smile.
    “Having said that,” Black Jack continued. “Don’t expect me to go easy on you and I want you to give me your best shot, cos you know that there’s more on the line here than the title.”

    “He’s right,” Ash thought. “He wants his family free from Mane. I want Mane to release them too but I also want the pokemon released as well, but Mane would just keep either Black Jack’s family or the pokemon no matter who wins. But I can’t hold anything back, because if I lose, Mane would use the pokemon for whatever sick use he has in his mind.”

    “Now without further ado,” the announcer cried. “LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!”

    “Alright, Ketchum!” Black Jack said. “Get ready to be broken! Go! Feraligatr!”

    He tossed out a pokeball and Feraligatr came out, giving a loud roar as he prepared for battle.

    “We’ll see who gets broken!” Ash replied. “Tauros! I choose you!”

    He tossed out his pokeball and Tauros came out, ready to battle.

    “How’s that for starters?” Brock commented.
    “Not much advantage I see here,” Cecilia said. “Normally, the trainer who picks first would be at a disadvantage. We all know that Ash has a Pikachu at his disposal that would or could take out Feraligatr in a single electric blast. But seeing Black Jack battle during the whole tournament, Ash sees that Black Jack’s has an uncanny ability of being unpredictable. Therefore, Ash, being cautious, would be using Pikachu for later use. Even though Ash is using Tauros, Tauros is not the pokemon to be messed about with.”
    “Wow!” Max thought as he heard everything Cassandra said. “It looks like I’m not the only pokemon encyclopaedia around here.”

    “Tauros!” Ash cried. “Tackle attack!”

    Tauros charged at Feraligatr like a speeding bullet.

    “Feraligatr!” Black Jack cried. “Grab his horns!”

    Feraligatr grabbed his horns to stop him from charging. Both pokemon struggled to push or throw each other. “Feraligatr!” Black Jack cried. “Headbutt attack!”

    Feraligatr lifted his head and smashed his head against Tauros. Only Feraligatr received damage, but Tauros wasn’t even fazed.

    “Shoot!” Black Jack thought. “That didn’t work, Tauros’ head is harder than Feraligatr’s!”

    “Now! Tauros!” Ash cried as he noticed Feraligatr was losing strength and balance. “Seismic Toss!”

    Tauros used his horns to throw Feraligatr up into the air. Feraligatr instantly recovered from his dizziness and regained his balance as he somersaulted and landed on Tauros’ back, squashing him.

    “What?!” Ash shouted in shock.
    “Should’ve predicted that, shouldn’t you Ketchum?” Black Jack replied. “If Nidoking can do that, so can Feraligatr.”

    Feraligatr quickly jumped off Tauros’ back. Tauros’ quickly stood up also. Although Tauros didn’t show it, he felt the pain on his back.

    Back at the audience balcony, everyone was amazed of what Feraligatr did.
    “You see?” Cecilia said. “Even when Black Jack’s pokemon are struggling against the opposition, they always manage to come back big time.”
    “I agree,” Cassandra replied. “I never predicted what his Salamence did to my Absol in our battle.”

    (Author’s note: For Cassandra’s battle with Black Jack, refer to Episode three: Rustboro Ghetto, chapter five).

    “Hmm?” Max murmured. “You know, Black Jack has age and experience on his side. That must be the reason why Black Jack is unpredictable.”
    “I think you’re right there,” Brock continued. “Knowing Ash for so long, he has also gained experience but not as much as Black Jack, but he and his pokemon does have youth and agility on their side and he also relies on his instincts than on knowledge.” “Both of them have high trainer statistics to become pokemon masters,” Gary said. “Even though Ash and Black Jack have weaknesses and strengths against each other, they have one thing that is very high and mostly equal… their will to win.”
    “Wow…” May said to herself. “My brain hurts.”

    Back on the battlefield, Feraligatr and Tauros stood up again to receive more orders from their trainers.

    “Feraligatr!” Black Jack yelled. “Hydro Pump attack!”

    Feraligatr leaned back as he breathed in heavily.

    “Tauros!” Ash yelled. “Tackle attack!”

    Feraligatr then blasted out a huge foam of water out of his mouth aiming at Tauros. But Tauros dodged the attack and ran until he headbutted Feraligatr right in the gut, sending him flying.

    “Feral…” Feraligatr groaned as he struggled to get to his feet.
    “That Tauros’ tackle attack is one of a kind,” Black Jack thought as he noticed his pokemon being in pain. “Feraligatr may not last much longer.”

    “Tauros!” Ash cried. “Tackle again while he’s getting up!”
    “You’re overconfidence has gotten the best of you!” Black Jack shouted. “Feraligatr! Hydro Pump!”

    Feraligatr quickly shot out a bigger foam of water out his mouth and the water shoved Tauros right into the arena walls, creating a huge crack on it. As the attack finished, Tauros was knocked out.

    “Tauros! No!” Ash cried as he ran to him. “Are you okay?”

    Tauros couldn’t answer, as he was unconscious. Ash picked out a pokeball off his belt. “Tauros return!”

    He picked out another pokeball. “Swellow!” he cried as he tossed it out. “I choose you!”

    Swellow popped out of his pokeball and flew over to the field as he prepared himself for battle. “Swellow!” he cried.

    “Hmm…a Swellow,” Black Jack murmured to himself. “I’ve heard that Swellows have the ability of never backing down. Let’s see if the rumours are true.”

    “Swellow!” Ash cried. “Wing attack!”
    “Feraligatr!” Black Jack yelled. “Hydro Pump!”

    As Swellow flew towards Feraligatr, he leaned his head backwards as he heavily breathed in the air. “Feraligatr’s charging himself for a big attack,” Ash thought. “Swellow has to get him before he lets it out.”

    Swellow flew directly at Feraligatr like a speeding bullet while Feraligatr was still breathing in. Noticing this, Black Jack ordered, “Feraligatr! Mega Punch attack!”
    “What!” Ash cried in shock.

    Feraligatr closed his mouth tightly as he went to punch Swellow. “Swellow! Dodge!” Ash commanded.

    Ferlaigatr barely missed Swellow as Swellow flew slightly back. “Release the attack now!” Black Jack ordered.

    Feraligatr opened his mouth widely and shot a huge and powerful water jet, catching Swellow off guard as the jet shoved him right into the wall of the arena making another huge crack in it.

    After the attack ended, both pokemon were down but not out. Swellow was struggling to get up, as he felt pain in almost every part of his body. Feraligatr was breathing heavily after his Hydro Pump attack, but evertime he breathed his felt pain in his gut due to the damage caused by Tauros earlier on.

    “Feraligatr, are you okay?” Black Jack asked noticing Feraligatr’s pain with concern. In response, Feraligatr gave a thumb’s up.

    Swellow slowly picked himself and flew back into the field. Black Jack smiled at Swellow’s guts. “So it’s true,” Black Jack said. “That swellow of yours never backs down from anything, Ketchum. I’m impressed.”
    “Ha! The best has yet to come!” Ash replied.
    “The best huh? Let’s end this round then! Feraligatr! Focus Punch!”
    “Swellow! Sky Attack!”

    Feraligatr ducked down as he charged up the remaining of his energies while Swellow flew up high. Swellow dived directly down at Feraligatr with the speed of a meteor while he and Black Jack waited for the right moment to attack. As Swellow dived down, he felt a scorching heat surrounding him.

    “Brace yourself, Feraligatr…” Black Jack said as he waited. “NOW!”

    Feraligatr gave a huge mighty swing at Swellow. When the two collided, there was an explosive impact, which almost reached Black Jack and Ash. Everyone protected their eyes from the bright light of the explosion. As the dust of the explosion cleared, both pokemon lay unconscious; both pokemon also had burnt and bruised marks on almost every part of their bodies. “Both pokemon are no longer able to battle, Black Jack still leads 2-1.”

    Ash and Black Jack ran onto the field to check on their pokemon, while Pikachu followed Ash closely. “Swellow…” Ash whispered softly with concern. Swellow came round and looked at his trainer and smiled. “I’m glad you’re okay,” Ash whispered again. “Pika pika!” Pikachu cried, trying to cheer Ash up.

    “You okay?” Black Jack asked with concern as he ran up to Feraligatr. Feraligatr opened his eyes slowly and smiled at Black Jack, who was also smiling. Feraligatr then felt that something was in his mouth; he reached inside his mouth and found a lost tooth inside it, he looked it and frowned as an anime sweat drop appeared on his face.

    “It’ll grow back in a day,” Black Jack said while smiling, almost enough to chuckle. “Get back inside, you big baby.”

    Black Jack took out his pokeball and Feraligatr went back in. “Just be happy that you’ve did you’re best and I’m very proud of you,” Black Jack said as he looked at the pokeball.

    Ash called back Swellow back into his pokeball and noticed Black Jack smiling. “Even though he’s rough on the outside,” Ash thought. “He is caring on the inside. But I don’t think he will ever admit it.”

    In the audience balcony, Mane was applauding at what he saw so far. “Oh, that was so much fun. Haha!”

    “Shall we continue with the battle?” the ref asked. Both Ash and Black Jack stared at each other in the eyes with determination.
    “You have to ask?” Black Jack replied. “Neither of us has shown our best yet.”
    “I agree!” Ash said. “This battle’s far from over!”
    More coming! Reviews please!
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    Thanks for the card, Skiks
    Pokemon Impact (PG13):
    Series: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 (Cancelled)

    Starring Black Jack, a veteran pokemon trainer who saves the lives of others while breaking necks of his enemies in cold blood. You want action? You got action!
    (Continue or Reboot? That is the question.)

    Goldenrod High (Chaptered Comedy Multishipping fic PG13) Updated: 02/12/09
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    Chapter 3

    Black Jack and Ash were in the grand final of the Hoenn League Championship. Their friends were part of the audience as they focused on the competition. All of them knew that there was something more at stake than the title of the Hoenn League champion. If Black Jack defeats Ash, he’ll get the chance to battle the villainous Mane to rescue his brother’s family. If Ash wins, he’ll get the opportunity to battle Mane but it’s for the freedom of the pokemon that Mane captured using underhanded technology. At that moment, Black Jack was winning 2-1.

    “I have never seen a battle like this,” Prof. Oak said. “Feraligatr’s Focus Punch and Swellow’s Sky Attack sure made quite an impact.”
    “Mane must be scared stiff after seeing that attack,” Cassandra said.
    “He better be,” John replied with an angry tone. “After what he has done to me and my family… if he laid a finger on them…”
    “Calm down,” Brock said. “Ash wanted to save your family as well but Mane saw this coming and set up this stipulation. The way I see it, being in a tournament is like a test to Ash and Black Jack, they both see this match as a test to see who would be fit enough to battle Mane. In some ways, they found a way to help each other.”
    “Don’t worry, John,” Misty said. “One way or another, we’ll help you get you’re family back.”
    John slightly smiled. “I don’t know how we are going to do it, but I’m certain we will. Thank you, Misty.”

    Back on the battlefield, Black Jack and Ash were waiting for the big screen to select the trainer to pick his pokemon since the last round ended in a draw. The big screen selected Black Jack again to pick his pokemon.

    “Not a problem with me,” Black Jack said as he picked out a pokeball off his belt. “Go! Nidoking!”

    Nidoking popped out of his pokeball and gave a loud roar as he prepared for battle. “My turn!” Ash cried. “Go! Snorlax!”

    Snorlax popped out of his pokeball and caused an earthquake as he landed. Black Jack smiled as he predicts that this round would be something else.

    “Nidoking!” Black Jack cried. “Mega Punch attack!”

    Nidoking gave Snorlax a hefty punch to the face, giving a major damage, so hard that it sounded like thunder. Snorlax staggered backwards and Ash instantly saw what Black Jack was up to.

    “So, you want to see if Snorlax is as strong as Nidoking, huh?” Ash said. Black Jack smiled and s******ed in response, so did Nidoking. “Snorlax, give Nidoking YOUR Mega Punch!”

    Snorlax’s paw glowed as he gave Nidoking a thunderous punch to the face. Nidoking staggered backwards, only slightly further away than Snorlax did when Nidoking punched him.

    “Nice,” Black Jack commented. “Nidoking! Again!”

    Nidoking punched Snorlax in the face again. This time, Snorlax saw this punch coming and stood his ground after he received that punch. Nidoking smiled at the fact that he was facing a tough opponent.

    “Snorlax! You do that too!” Ash cried.

    Snorlax punched back at Nidoking again, this time, Nidoking stood his ground. He and Snorlax then looked at each other with determined look on their faces while their trainers also had determined look on their faces. They kept on ordering their pokemon to repeatedly use Mega Punch over and over until one of them gets knocked down. Each time Nidoking and Snorlax punched each other, it sounded like huge thunder coming down near you or on you.

    Finally, Nidoking knocked down Snorlax. “Got you now, Ketchum!” Black Jack yelled. “Nidoking! Get ready to grab his neck and slam him!”

    Nidoking raised his clawed paw, ready to grab Snorlax by the neck while Snorlax was struggling to get up. “Snorlax! Don’t turn around!” Ash cried. Snorlax, feeling quite dizzy, turned round and got snatched by the neck.

    “But… Snorlax weighs way over a thousand pounds!” Max cried. “There’s no way Nidoking can get him up!”
    “We’ll find out about that,” Cassandra replied, remembering the time when Black Jack’s Feraligatr gave a wild Steelix a Seismic Toss attack.

    To everyone’s surprise, Nidoking used his great strength as he lifted Snorlax up but Ash saw the weak moment of that move. “Snorlax, slip out of that move!”

    “What?” Black Jack cried as Snorlax used his body to slip out of Nidoking’s grip.
    “Now! Give Nidoking your Dynamic Punch!” Ash cried.

    Snorlax’s paw glowed more vigorously than his Mega Punch attack as he quickly punched the confused Nidoking in the face, sending him flying.

    Nidoking landed hard on the field on his back. “Nidoking!” Black Jack yelled. “Get up!”

    Nidoking struggled to but to no avail as he suddenly fainted. “Nidoking is no longer able to battle!” the ref cried. “Snorlax is the winner! Now both trainers are drawing two all!”

    Black Jack smiled at the fact that Snorlax was another tough cookie like Ash’s Tauros and Swellow. “You did well, Nidoking,” Black Jack said as he took out his pokeball with a smile. “Return!”

    “Phew!” Prof. Oak said, wiping the sweat off her forehead. “I thought Snorlax was a goner. That was a breathtaking moment.”
    “I know,” Misty thought deeply. “Ash is battling to save the pokemon and Black Jack is battling to save John’s family. Both of them wanted to save everyone but Mane, being the creep that he is, made the stipulation. I just wish… I just wish that both of them get what they want in the end.”

    Mane clapped his hands as he was enjoying the match. “Superb,” he said. “Snorlax defeated the pokemon who seemed to be on the winning end. Life is so full of surprises.”

    Black Jack closed his eyes, thinking of whom to battle with next. He then quickly opened his eyes and picked out a pokeball off his belt. “Metagross! Go!” he cried as he tossed out his pokeball.

    Metagross came out of his pokeball and yelled out his battle cry. “Metagross!” Ash thought as he showed his determined face. “This is going to be a tough one, even for Snorlax.”

    “Metagross!” Black Jack yelled. “Psybeam attack!”
    “Snorlax!” Ash cried. “Dodge it!”

    Metagross shot out two psybeams out of its eyes but it barely missed as Snorlax moved out of harm’s way.

    “Now, Snorlax,” Ash yelled. “Dynamic Punch now!”

    Snorlax’s paw glowed again as he went to deliver his devastating punch.

    “Metagross!” Black Jack yelled. “Counter attack!”

    Metagross glowed a strange colour as Snorlax delivered his punch. Unfortunately for Snorlax, he bounced off Metagross and was sent flying.

    “No way!” Ash cried after seeing his attack backfired.
    “Now Metagross!” Black Jack yelled. “Body Slam attack!”

    Metagross leaped into the air and dived his head down on the Snorlax, who was falling caused by the counter attack. After Snorlax was caught by Metagross’s attack, Metagross slammed his body to the ground, creating a small but powerful earthquake.

    Snorlax lay on the floor. “Snorlax!” Ash cried. “Try to get up!”

    But Snorlax wasn’t able to get up, as he was unconscious. “Snorlax is no longer able to battle,” the ref cried. “Metagross wins and Black Jack leads again three-two!”

    Ash called back Snorlax. “I need something to beat that Metagross… I got it!” he thought as he took out another.

    “Bayleef!” he cried as he tossed it out. “I choose you!”

    Bayleef popped out of her pokeball and yelled out her battle cry. “Bay!”

    Upon seeing Bayleef on the battlefield, Black Jack noticed how weak Bayleef was compared to Metagross, just by looking at her. “Sorry, Ketchum,” he said. “But Metagross will beat Bayleef with one shot! Metagross! Hyper Beam attack!”

    Metagross shot out two Hyper Beams out of his eyes, but Bayleef barely dodged out of the way. If she did get hit, it would be curtains for her straight away.

    “Bayleef!” Ash cried. “Razor Leaf!”

    “Bay… eef!” Bayleef cried as she swung the leaf on her forehead as the leaves came flying at Metagross. The move connected, but Metagross wasn’t even hurt by it.

    “What!” Ash cried, as he couldn’t believe that the attack didn’t affect them.
    “Bay!” Bayleef cried, as she couldn’t believe that either.
    “You shouldn’t have sent out that Bayleef, Ketchum,” Black Jack said. “Even though she’s tougher than her pre-evolved form, her attacks won’t even weaken Metagross. I admire your guts, Ketchum, but I don’t think that all of your pokemon combined can beat it.”

    Bayleef’s eyes narrowed and grew angry upon hearing that. No one insults her dear trainer, her pokemon friends and human friends and gets away with it!

    To everyone’s surprise, she started to glow and started to change shape. “Interesting,” Black Jack said with a smile. “It’s evolving!”

    Bayleef evolved into Meganium! “That’s more like it!” Black Jack shouted. “Now let’s see if she’s any stronger!”
    “You’ll soon see!” Ash yelled. “Meganium! Vine Whip!”

    Two green vines sprouted out of Meganium’s neck. It quickly reached Metagross’s legs before Black Jack can react. Meganium’s vines lifted the shocked Metagross up and tossed him into the far distance, knocking it out as it crashed on the ground.

    “Metagross!” Black Jack worryingly. Metagross couldn’t respond as it was knocked out.

    “Metagross is no longer able to battle,” the ref cried. “Bay, I mean, Meganium wins the round! Ash Ketchum draws again with Black Jack at three all!”

    “Yeah!” Ash cried. “Great work, Meganium!”

    “Meg! Meg!” Meganium cried as she happily ran to Ash and tackled him, knocking him down.

    Ash quickly picked himself, but was still feeling happy about Meganium’s victory over a strong pokemon like Metagross.

    “Metagross! Return!” Black Jack ordered as Metagross returned back to its pokeball. “Looks we’ve overestimated them a bit, huh?”

    Black Jack smiled at the fact that Meganium liked Ash a lot, maybe even loved him. But love doesn’t conquer everything, as Black Jack was about to show as he picked out another pokeball.

    “Go! Salamence!” Black Jack yelled.

    Salamence popped out of his pokeball and gave a loud roar. Ash and Meganium’s eyes narrowed at her opponent, knowing that he’ll also be tough to defeat.

    “Salamence!” Black Jack yelled. “Fly and Flamethrower attack!”

    Salamence flew high in the skies and shot out countless Flamethrowers, only to have Meganium dodge each and every one of them. “Meganium!” Ash cried. “Razor Leaf attack!”

    Meganium shot out her Razor Leaf attack but Salamence shot out his flamethrower again and burned them to a crisp. “No!” Ash cried.

    Black Jack noticed that Meganium was getting tired out caused by limitless dodging. “Now, Salamence!” Black Jack yelled. “Seismic Toss attack now!”

    “Meganium!’ Ash cried as Salamence was diving down at Meganium. “Dodge the attack!”

    But Meganium was too tired to move as Salamence swooped down and grabbed her. He lifted her up high in the air of a hundred feet!

    Salamence was holding her around her middle, and everyone knew what was coming next.

    Upon seeing that, Ash became desperate to save Meganium from getting hurt. “Black Jack, don’t!” Ash cried. “I don’t want Meganium hurt this way!”

    All of Ash’s friends stood up and yelled out things in an attempt to stop Black Jack and Salamence finishing their attack.

    “Black Jack! Don’t do this!”
    “Don’t become as low as someone you hate!”

    “Wrong answer, people!” Black Jack yelled. “Salamence, say ‘happy landings’ to Meganium!”

    Salamence released Meganium and she fell a hundred feet from the air! Ash can only watch in awe as one of his beloved pokemon crashed on the battlefield like a ton of bricks!

    After Meganium fell, Ash and Pikachu ran over to her with tears in Ash’s eyes. “Meganium!” he cried. When he touched her to comfort her, she let a small but painful cry.

    The ref was also shocked at Black Jack’s actions but he soon came round and announced that Meganium was beaten and Black Jack was in the lead again of four-to-three.

    “Why, Black Jack?” Ash demanded. “Why did you harm Meganium this way?”
    “Pika!” Pikachu cried also demanding Black Jack’s answer.

    Black Jack looked down, feeling sad and sorry for injuring Meganium. “I didn’t want to do it,” he thought to himself.

    He suddenly came round and changed his expression to anger. “You should’ve been prepared for anything, Ketchum!” he yelled. “That is one of the things I plan to do to Mane for harming my brother’s family!”

    Ash looked at his hurt Meganium. “Meg…” she whispered in pain.

    Ash knew that Meganium was trying to say something. “It’s okay, Meganium,” he said quietly as he took out Meganium’s pokeball. “Return.”

    Ash looked at Black Jack and saw the determination in his eyes, even though he was wearing sunglasses. Ash doesn’t know much about Black Jack, but recently he and his friends noticed that he does have a soft side that never wanted to hurt pokemon so badly.

    “That move was a bit rough, Black Jack,” Ash said as he smiled at his devotion. “But trust me…” he continued as he picked out another pokeball. “I have a rough side too, as you’ll soon find out!”
    More coming! Reviews please!
    Formerly known as Brian Powell

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    Thanks for the card, Skiks
    Pokemon Impact (PG13):
    Series: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 (Cancelled)

    Starring Black Jack, a veteran pokemon trainer who saves the lives of others while breaking necks of his enemies in cold blood. You want action? You got action!
    (Continue or Reboot? That is the question.)

    Goldenrod High (Chaptered Comedy Multishipping fic PG13) Updated: 02/12/09
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    Chapter 4

    Black Jack and Ash stood in their respective spots of the battlefield. Ash had two available pokemon left while Black Jack had three and his Salamence was standing on the field waiting for his next opponent.

    Ash picked out another pokeball of his belt. “Go! Charizard!”

    He tossed out his pokeball and Charizard came out, letting out a big roar. Salamence roared back in response. Both dragon-like pokemon kept on roaring to each other louder and louder to intemidate each other.

    “Roaring is not going to get us anywhere,” Black Jack said. “Salamence! Reach for the skies!”

    Salamence flew high in the skies.

    “You too, Charizard!” Ash yelled. Charizard also took flight.

    In the skies, Charizard used his flamethrower attack at Salamence. But he dodged the attack and tackled Charizard in the belly. Charizard retaliated by punching Salamence in the face heavily.

    Salamence used his flamethrower at Charizard, but it was blocked as he used a flamethrower attack of his own.

    This time, Salamence shot out a Fire Blast attack. Charizard realised that his flamethrower wouldn’t be able to stop it, so he used paws to stop the attack. Charizard used his strength to hold the attack away from him.

    Suddenly, he finally found the strength to push it right back at Salamence. Salamence became shocked and could do nothing but dodge the attack. The Fire Blast attack was coming down on the audience. They stared in fright, but the attack disappeared before it reached them.

    “Scary, wasn’t it?” Black Jack asked as he looked at the disappearing Fire Blast. He then turned his attention to the battle. He knew that neither he nor Ash were able to command the pokemon while they were air-borne as they were too far away to hear them.

    Both Salamence and Charizard kept on tackling other and each tackle had given out more pain than the last.

    As Charizard charged at Salamence, Salamence shot out his flamethrower to surprise and hurt him. But Charizard saw that coming and dodged the attack. While dodging the attack, Charizard quickly grabbed hold of Salamence flew around the stadium while taking Salamence with him.

    “That Charizard has got Salamence!” Black Jack thought as he sweated. “And there’s no way to get out of that hold!”
    “We’ve got him now, Charizard!” Ash yelled. “Slam him now!”

    Charizard dived down and slammed him on the ground, head first! The blue dragon was knocked unconscious.

    “Salamence is no longer able to battle!” the ref announced. “Ash and Black Jack draw once again four-all!”

    “Well done, Ketchum,” Black Jack said. “Not only you have avenged your Meganium, you’ve also taken out one of the rarest, but one of my best pokemon as well.”
    “I told you that I would play rough, Black Jack!” Ash replied. “Why didn’t you believe me?”
    “I guess you can be unpredictable too. Now it’s time to fight fire with fire.”

    Black Jack picked another pokeball off his belt and tossed it out. “Blaziken! You got what you wanted! A match against Charizard!”
    “I knew you would use Blaziken against Charizard,” Ash said. “This is what he wanted too.”

    As Blaziken and Charizard stood face-to-face, their eyes burned with passion, a passion to battle each other.

    “Be careful, Charizard,” Ash said. “We have battled a Blaziken before, but this one’s different.”

    Charizard growled in reply and Ash understood what that meant.

    “Charizard! Flamethrower attack!” Ash cried.
    “Blaziken!” Black Jack yelled. “Hi Jump Kick!”

    Charizard flew high in the air and shot out a lick of flame out of his mouth at Blaziken, but missed as Blaziken leaped into the air to dodge the attack and performed a Hi Jump Kick attack at Charizard in the head, knocking him down.

    Chrizard quickly picked himself up and punched Blaziken in the gut, knocking him down. Charizard held his hurt head, while Blaziken held his hurt gut. Both pokemon delivered heavy damage to each other already.

    “Charizard may have received some damage from Salamence from the last round,” Ash thought. “But Blaziken added more. We have to be careful. Otherwise, Pikachu will be my last hope of saving the legendary pokemon.”

    “Charizard have received damage from Salamence and Blaziken,” Black Jack thought. “But by looking at Blaziken right now, there may be a chance that Blaziken may be knocked out after Charizard’s next attack cos he is strong… but knowing Blaziken, he would never let anyone down.”

    “Blaziken!” he yelled. “Low Kick attack!”

    Blaziken ran at Charizard, attempting to perform a sliding kick at Charizard but missed as Charizard flew up into the sky, putting Blaziken at a disadvantage.

    “Now, Charizard!” Ash yelled. “Seismic Toss!”

    Chariazrd swooped down on Blaziken and grabbed hold of him. As he held him tightly he flew around the stadium multiple times, making Blaziken grow dizzy. He then attempted to drive Blaziken’s back to the floor.

    “Blaziken! Counter that now!” Black Jack yelled.

    To everyone’s shock, Blaziken countered by flipping Charizard over, slamming Chariazrd on his back. Charizard’s stomach also got damaged when Blaziken landed onto his when he countered the attack, but Blaziken also suffered the same damage.

    Everyone’s mouths were wide open.

    “I have never seen that counter before!” Gary said.
    “Unreal!” Max commented. “Just before Blaziken was about to be slammed to his defeat, he flipped Charizard over!”
    “I bet Mane never saw that coming!” John thought to himself.

    Elsewhere in the audience balcony, Mane was watching the match with interest. “Shame on you, Ashy boy,” he said. “You never saw that coming did you?”

    Both Blaziken and Charizard lay on the floor trying to catch their breath after Blaziken’s counter. They started to get up slowly. As Blaziken turned round, Ash saw the chance to finish him off.

    “Charizard!” Ash cried. “Mega Punch attack!”
    “Dodge it, Blaziken!” Black Jack yelled.

    Charizard ran at Blaziken to punch him in the face, but Blaziken ducked it. “Blaze Kick now!” Black Jack yelled.

    Blaziken spun round and gave Charizard a flaming roundhouse kick to the face. The impact was so hard that most of the audience members felt it. Charizard felt dizzy as he fell on his front. He was down… and out!

    “Charizard is no longer able to battle!” the ref announced. “Black Jack leads again and Ash has one last pokemon left!”

    Blaziken slowly walked over to Charizard and tapped him on the head. Charizard woke up and saw what he would call from that day forward, a new rival. Charizard picked himself up and smiled. Blaziken also smiled as they tapped paws in respect.

    Ash and Black Jack smiled at the sportsmanship between the two pokemon that had fought valiantly against each other. Charizard turned round and smiled at Ash, giving a light growl.

    “I’m very proud of you,” Ash said as he took out his pokeball. “Charizard, return!”

    Ash placed the pokeball on his belt. “Ready, Pikachu?” he asked in an encouraging tone.
    “Pika!” Pikachu cried in return as he ran on to the field.

    “Pikachu’s is evolved form of Pichu,” Black Jack thought. “But he is also one evolution away from being a Raichu. Out of all the pokemon that Ash has captured, Pikachu’s the most experienced in his group. But I can’t tell whether he’s the strongest or weakest, therefore, I must not underestimate him.”

    He looked at his Blaziken with concern as Blaziken was still feeling great pains in his gut. “Blaziken,” Black Jack said. “Do you want to battle Pikachu?”

    Blaziken turned his head to Black Jack and nodded.

    “Pikachu!” Ash cried. “Thundershock attack!”

    Pikachu leapt into the air and gave massive cry as a bolt lightning was shot out of his body, aiming for Blaziken.

    “Dodge it, Blaziken!” Black Jack cried.

    Blaziken was barely able to dodge the attack. If Blaziken’s gut wasn’t hurting anymore, he would’ve avoided it more easily.

    “Blaziken!” Black Jack yelled. “Hi Jump Kick!”

    Blaziken leapt into the air to perform the attack. “Pikachu!” Ash cried. “Thunderbolt!”

    Blaziken saw the attack and was about to dodge it, but he suddenly felt the pain in his gut again, distracting him from dodging the attack and making the electric struck him.

    “Blaziken!” Black Jack yelled in a worried tone.

    As Blaziken fell on his front, everyone thought that he was knocked out but he struggled to get to his feet and was still holding his gut, trying to stop the pain.

    “That Blaziken’s not giving up!” Ash said. “But we’re not giving up either, right, Pikachu?”

    “Pikachu!” Pikachu cried.

    “Blaziken!” Black Jack yelled as he took out his pokeball. “Re…”

    Blaziken raised his hand to stop him. Black Jack understood what Blaziken wanted to do. Blaziken wanted to battle strong opponents but he also wanted to help Black Jack bring back his brother’s family. Respecting Blaziken’s wishes, he decided to let Blaziken to possibly finish the round and the battle.

    Ash noticed what was going on. “Black Jack doesn’t like a lot of people,” he thought to himself. “But he loves his pokemon. Even though he doesn’t want Blaziken to get hurt anymore, he never failed to respect his wishes.”

    “Pikachu!” he yelled. “Finish him off with a quick attack!’

    Pikachu yelled out another cry and dashed towards Blaziken.

    “Mega Punch attack!” Black Jack yelled.

    Blaziken aimed his punch directly at Pikachu, but barely missed as Pikachu dodged out of the way and hit Blaziken in injured part of his body. Blaziken staggered backwards as he held his mid-section again.

    Pikachu leapt again and spun round to give Blaziken an Iron Tail attack to the face, knocking him down. Black Jack gasped in shock.

    Blaziken fell on his back. He struggled to pick himself up. “Blazi…” he whispered to himself, which meant “master”. Then, he fell unconscious.

    “Blaziken is no longer able to battle,” yelled the ref. “Pikachu wins!”

    “Way to go, Pikachu!” Ash cried happily.
    “Pikachu!” Pikachu cried happily in reply.

    “This is my last chance,” Black Jack thought in a low tone as he picked another pokeball.

    “Go! Tyranitar!” he yelled as he tossed out the pokeball. Tyranitar came out of the pokeball and gave a loud roar.

    That roar did not intimidate Pikachu one bit. “Pika!” he cried in determination.

    Black Jack looked at both Tyranitar and Pikachu. “Ketchum,” he said. “Pikachu won the last round because Blaziken was weakened from his battle with your Charizard. But now, from the looks of this situation, it seems that there is a high chance that Tyranitar will knock the stuffing out of Pikachu. Why don’t you just give up?”

    Ash clenched his fist. He was nowhere giving up, and he knew that Pikachu was nowhere near it either. “No way, Black Jack,” Ash replied. “We have gone too far to give up now!”
    “That’s it! That’s the answer I was looking for!” Black Jack shouted. “I was expecting no less from you, Ketchum! I’d rather take you down when you fight your hardest!”
    “Everything is at stake here,” Ash thought as he closed his eyes. “The tournament, Black Jack’s family, the rare and powerful pokemon, no matter how strong Black Jack and no matter how many cheating ways Mane has, I have to win to save to everyone.”
    “Pikapi!” Pikachu cried, catching Ash’s attention.

    Pikachu also knew what was on the line, and Ash noticed that. “Let’s finish this, Black Jack!” he yelled.
    More coming! Reviews please!
    Formerly known as Brian Powell

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    Thanks for the card, Skiks
    Pokemon Impact (PG13):
    Series: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 (Cancelled)

    Starring Black Jack, a veteran pokemon trainer who saves the lives of others while breaking necks of his enemies in cold blood. You want action? You got action!
    (Continue or Reboot? That is the question.)

    Goldenrod High (Chaptered Comedy Multishipping fic PG13) Updated: 02/12/09
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    Cool! Love it! I hope BJ wins. KIU

    All your base are belong to US.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark_Charizard
    Cool! Love it! I hope BJ wins. KIU

    Glad you did, DC. I now have the result.

    Chapter 5

    Both trainers were down to their last pokemon. Black Jack was using Tyranitar and Ash was using Pikachu.

    “Black Jack,” Ash called.
    “Ketchum?” Black Jack asked.
    “It has been a real honour battling you.”
    “Likewise. And I’m sure our pokemon feel the same way. But now, we must finsh this match to see who gets to battle Mane!”

    At the audience balcony, tensions were so high that you could cut the atmosphere with a knife.
    “Both of them are down to their last pokemon,” Max said.
    “There will be some heavy fighting,” Brock said.
    “Pikachu shouldn’t be counted out here,” Cecilia said. “Despite Tyranitar’s size and power advantage, Pikachu’s electric attacks are effective against him and his speed is much higher.”
    “I’m getting so nervous, just watching this,” Mrs Ketchum said, knowing what was on the line in this battle.
    “I feel it too,” Misty replied, also knowing what was the line.

    “Tyranitar!” Black Jack yelled. “Dynamic Punch!”
    “Pikachu! Ash cried. “Dodge it!”

    Tyranitar clenched paw glowed energetically as he aimed it to slam Pikachu. But missed as Pikachu leapt into the air to dodge it, making him punch ground instead, creating a deep hole.

    Pikachu safely landed on Tyranitar’s head. “We got them now, Pikachu!” Ash cried. “Thunderbolt it!”

    Pikachu gave a massive cry as his electricity spread onto Tyranitar’s body! “Tyranitar!” Black Jack yelled. “Shake it off!”

    Tyranitar ran round the field like a madman as he tried desperately tried to shake Pikachu off and his electric powers. After a long run, Tyranitar began to slow down.

    Tyranitar fell to his knees and then on his front. Pikachu was still wearing out Tyranitar with his electric attack. “That’s enough, Pikachu!” Ash cried. “You can come off now!”
    “Pika!” Pikachu cried as he leapt off Tyranitar’s back.

    Black Jack’s face became emotionless, even after seeing his Tyranitar lying unconscious on the floor.

    The ref raised his flag. “Tyranitar is…”

    Suddenly, Tyranitar quickly stood straight up as Black Jack smiled confidently.

    “… Standing up!” the ref cried in shock. Pikachu and Ash were also shocked.

    “You should’ve used Pikachu against Feraligatr!” Black Jack said in a confident tone. “Now get ready for a pounding of a lifetime!”

    “Tyranitar!” he ordered. “Dynamic Punch again!”

    Tyranitar’s clenched paw glowed again as he aimed his attack on Pikachu.

    “Pikachu, dodge it!” Ash yelled.

    Pikachu leapt into the air and was about land on Tyranitar again but the opposition saw it coming. “The same trick doesn’t work twice,” Black Jack said. “Tyranitar grab it!”

    Tyranitar quickly stopped his Dynamic Punch attack to successfully grab Pikachu in mid-air.

    “Now… Body Slam and Fissure attack!” Black Jack yelled.
    “Fissure!?” Ash cried.

    “Oh no!” Brock yelled from the audience balcony. “A one-hit attack like fissure and it’s all over!”
    “That means Ash won’t be able to save the pokemon,” Misty cried.

    “TAAAR!” Tyranitar cried, which meant “Big one!”

    Tyranitar slammed Pikachu hard on the floor like he was nothing. The impact was so hard that it made a huge crack on the floor.

    After the slam, Tyranitar looked down on Pikachu and smiled, thinking that he’s knocked out. But to everyone’s shock, Pikachu slowly started to get his feet. Unlike Tyranitar, he was battered and bruised. “I’m impressed, Pikachu,” Black Jack said. “You do have a lot of guts.”

    “Pikachu…” Ash whispered with worry. Pikachu instinctively sensed Ash’s worry and turned to give a determined look.

    “Pika Pikachu! Pika Pipi Pikachu!” Pikachu cried, which meant, “Ash, don’t give up because of me! We can’t let Mane get away like this!”

    Ash couldn’t understand what Pikachu was saying but by the tone of Pikachu’s voice, he knows that Pikachu wouldn’t give up when something very important was on the line. He gathered his courage again. “Okay!” he cried. “Pikachu, quick attack!”

    Pikachu ran at Tyranitar with the speed of a speeding bullet. “Tyranitar!” Black Jack yelled. “Mega Punch attack!”

    Tyranitar aimed his punches at Pikachu but kept on missing as Pikachu kept on dodging and attacking at the same time.

    “Pikachu!” Ash cried. “Jump on Tyranitar’s arm and paralyse it with your Thunder Wave!”

    Pikachu leapt on Tyranitar’s left arm and shocked it until the arm was paralysed, while Tyranitar let out a huge roar in pain. After Pikachu’s Thunder Wave attack, Tyranitar quickly grabbed him and slammed him on the ground, injuring it even further.

    Pikachu quickly stood up, trying to ignore the aching pain with every inch of his body, while Tyranitar was suffering the paralysing pain on his left arm.

    “Tyranitar!” Black Jack yelled. “Dynamic Punch attack!”
    “Pikachu!” Ash yelled. “Thunder attack!”

    Tyranitar’s clenched paw glowed more energetically than his previous Dynamic Punch attacks as he charged forward at Pikachu, while Pikachu gathered his electric powers as he charged at him. A huge explosion came upon impact. The explosion was the same size as the explosion a battle with Feraligatr and Swellow!

    After the impact, Tyranitar and Pikachu were knocked down but they slowly got back up to their feet, much to the surprise of the audience.

    “I never thought Ash and his Pikachu would be so tough against Black Jack and his Tyranitar,” Gary thought. “He has certainly came a long way since the Johto League!”

    Both Tyranitar and Pikachu were breathing heavily for air. Both pokemon were sweating, they have been battered, bloodied and bruised.

    Suddenly, a strange dark and light aura surrounded Black Jack. The same aura also surrounded Tyranitar. But neither of them could feel it nor see it.

    A strange aura also surrounded Ash and Pikachu, but it was mixture of the colours of the rainbow but they, too, couldn’t feel it or see it.

    Everyone in the audience couldn’t believe their eyes as they stared in bewilderment and shock, seeing what was happening between the trainers and their pokemon.

    “What’s going on?” Misty asked in shock.
    “Could it be?” Cecilia said. “Are they…?”

    “This has been an awesome match, Black Jack,” Ash said.
    “Yeah,” Black Jack replied. “You fought well, Ketchum, and I don’t want this to end. But it must end now!”
    “Good idea! Let’s end this with one final attack to see who gets to battle Mane!”

    Both trainers yelled their attack at the same time.

    “Tyranitar!” Hyper Beam attack!”
    “Pikachu!” Thunder attack!”

    Tyranitar quickly shot out a gigantic and powerful Hyper Beam out of his mouth while Pikachu screamed his battle cry as he shot out an enormous lightning out of his body.

    “What the…?” Max cried in astonishment. “I’ve never seen a Hyper Beam that big!”
    “I never a Thunder attack that big in my entire life!” Prof. Oak cried, also in astonishment.

    Before anyone could say another word, both attacks collided and caused a massive explosion upon impact! The explosion was much bigger than the collision impact caused by Swellow and Feraligatr earlier as it knocked Black Jack and Ash off their feet. Everyone covered their eyes to protect themselves from the blinding light and dust of the explosion.

    As the dust cleared, Black Jack and Ash slowly picked themselves up and saw their pokemon unconscious on the field. No one knew who was knocked out first. Even the replay cameras had no idea of who fainted first because the explosion covered up the cameras.

    Everyone seemed confused about the whole situation, except the Black Jack and Ash as they ran to their unconscious pokemon.

    “Pikachu!” Ash cried as he ran to him.
    “Tyranitar!” Black Jack cried as he ran to him.

    As they touched their pokemon, both pokemon slowly opened their eyes as they woke up from their unconsciousness. Both trainers became relieved after seeing that.

    “Looks like we have healing hands, Ketchum,” Black Jack said. Ash smiled at that remark.

    “Both pokemon are no longer able to battle!” the ref cried. “This means that this battle is a draw!”

    A short old man walked out on the battlefield with a confused look on his face. He had long white beard and long white hair. He also wore shorts, trainers and cap. “This never happened before,” he said.

    “President Goodshow!” Ash said. “It’s been a while.”
    “A long while if you ask me, Ash,” Goodshow replied. “I like to have a chat, but I have to decide to pick the winner of this league since we never had a draw before.”
    “Let Black Jack have it,” Ash said. “He has been away for so long from pokemon leagues. Now it’s his turn to take the glory.”

    “I don’t think so, kid,” Black Jack replied. He took Ash a few distances away from Goodshow so that he wouldn’t be able to hear what he was about to say. “I had my reasons why I participated this tournament,” he said. “One of them was to find someone who was to find someone worthy challenge me. After what you have done in this battle, Ketchum, I knew that you were the one.”

    “Another reason why you should take the title is because of what I have done in the past. I was a grunt of Team Rocket, I have been injuring pokemon and people and stealing and selling stolen goods. Even though I knew that everything I did was wrong, I did those to protect my pokemon. After the pokemon have been toughened up, we decided to give up our wrong ways and started our winning streak by battling trainers who had the potential to become pokemon masters, but they were all small fries to us. We saw ourselves as tough nuts to crack, but after helping Cassandra out with the kids, I had second doubts about it…”

    Black Jack then remained silent for a few seconds, thinking about the questions that he asked himself a lot. “So until I can find myself, I want you to take the title. I won’t be needing it anyway, I don’t need a title to make a name for myself.”

    Ash smiled. “I admire you, Black Jack,” he said. “And besides, I heard everything last night. For a trainer who looks like a bad guy, you’re not all bad.”

    Black Jack smiled at remark. “Tell you what,” Ash said. “Why don’t we let Goodshow decide. After all, we could arguing about who keeps the title all day.”

    “Good idea,” Black Jack replied as Ash offered his hand of friendship to him. Black Jack accepted it as they both shook hands. What sportsmanship!

    They both walked back and told him about their discussion. “This is going to be tricky,” Goodshow said as he scratched his head. Then he had an idea. “I know! How about I make you both joint champions!”

    The trainers, ref and announcer gasped at that announcement. “Who’s going to keep the cup?” Ash asked.
    “I can’t take it,” Black Jack replied. “I have no where to put it anyway.”
    “Well, it can’t remain here,” Goodshow said.
    “I have an idea,” Ash said with a smile.

    After he, Black Jack and Goodshow discussed the idea, they all nodded in agreement. “President Goodshow has made both Ash and Black Jack joint Hoenn League champions!” the announcer cried.

    Back on the audience balcony, the crowd went wild, except Misty, Brock, May, Max, Lao Ping, Cassandra, Cecilia, John, Prof. Oak, Gary and Delia.

    “So now that Ash and Black Jack have drawn,” May said. “Who is going to face Mane?”

    A tear was dropped from John’s eyes as he began to sob again. “Even if Black Jack doesn’t get to face Mane,” he thought to himself. “I can’t help but thanking him for trying his best…”

    The others couldn’t help but feel sad for John.

    Elsewhere, Mane smiled as his henchman, who was sitting next to him asked, “Sir, now that Ketchum and Black Jack have drawn in this match, should we cancel your match?”
    “No,” Mane replied. “I have a better idea… I’ll challenge them both!”

    His henchman became shocked at that announcement. “Sir… But why??” he asked.
    “I like a little bit of challenge,” Mane replied confidently. “Hmhmhm…”

    The next day, an old janitor was sweeping around inside a corridor. The corridor he was sweeping was famously known as the Hoenn League’s Hall of Fame. The janitor stopped to look at the photo that contained Ash and Black Jack and all the pokemon that they used in battle. Behind the photo was the cup that was given to the joint champions. “I have never seen a match that was good as that,” he said with a smile. “And there won’t be another one like it. He he.”

    Next episode: Black Jack and Ash gets invited by Mane into his base for one last battle before John’s family and the legendary pokemon can be released. What does Mane have up his sleeve?
    More coming! Reviews please!
    Formerly known as Brian Powell

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    Pokemon Impact (PG13):
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    Starring Black Jack, a veteran pokemon trainer who saves the lives of others while breaking necks of his enemies in cold blood. You want action? You got action!
    (Continue or Reboot? That is the question.)

    Goldenrod High (Chaptered Comedy Multishipping fic PG13) Updated: 02/12/09
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    Awesome match there. Hope Ash/BJ vs Mane is even better.

    All your base are belong to US.


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    Default Episode 8: Two birds versus one stone

    Quote Originally Posted by Dark_Charizard

    Awesome match there. Hope Ash/BJ vs Mane is even better.

    Wait and see, DC.

    Episode 8: Two birds versus one stone

    Chapter 1

    It was a sunny morning and Black Jack was standing outside a luxury mansion. The mansion belonged to his brother John and he invited him to be a guest, along with Ash, Pikachu and others.

    It was nearly a week after he and Ash fought each other to determine the champion and Mane’s opponent for the freedom of either John’s family or the pokemon. It turned out that Black Jack and Ash came to a draw in the grand final match and they both became joint Hoenn League Champions. Even more good news was that Mane decided that both Black Jack and Ash can challenge him. Everyone was happy about that but Black Jack had his suspicions.

    “Mane must have something up his dirty sleeve, setting up a two-on-one pokemon battle,” Black Jack thought as he looked up into the blue sky. “No matter what, I’m the one who’s gonna put him out of his misery.”

    He had been standing outside of the mansion for quite sometime. One of the reasons why he was because he didn’t want to disturb the others sleeping, he was also waiting for one of Mane’s henchmen to arrive.

    “Black Jack,” said a voice. Black Jack turned round to see the person catching his attention. It was Cassandra.
    “I’m just waiting for one of Mane’s bozos to come pick me up,” Black Jack replied, as he knew what Cassandra was going to ask him.
    “Aren’t you going to wait for Ash?” Cassandra asked.
    “If he comes late, that’s his loss. I spotted him leaving earlier to go to the nearest pokemon center to check on his Meganium after what Salamence did.”
    “Treating Meganium like that wasn’t really necessary.”
    “I know. But Ash needs to know about the cruelty of our upcoming battle like Mane showed us when he battled John.”

    Whether Cassandra liked it or not, Black Jack made a good point. Both Ash and Black Jack love pokemon but with a difference. Ash trains his pokemon in a healthy kind of way: spending time with his pokemon, training them without hurting them, learning from them, etc. But Black Jack, he trains his pokemon in a harsh way because he takes battling more seriously than Ash, although Black Jack and his pokemon do share times of friendship bonding, as they like to fight a lot for fun, whether it’s against themselves or others.

    “Hmm… I’m going to the pokemon center,” Cassandra said.
    “Suit yourself,” Black Jack replied.

    Meanwhile, Ash, Pikachu, Lao Ping and Misty were walking to the pokemon center. Ash looked down in a sad manner.

    “I knew that Black Jack wouldn’t want to go easy on me,” Ash said. “But I never knew that he would go that far…”
    “Pika pikachu,” Pikachu said, comforting his human friend.
    “I know, no one did,” Lao Ping replied. “I never thought that he would use such violence, even with his brother’s family on the line.”

    While Lao Ping was concerned about Black Jack’s behaviour, Misty couldn’t stop noticing Ash’s sorry feelings about Meganium. “Ash, are you okay?” Misty asked. “Meganium’s going to be fine. You know that and I know that. Because she is strong, just like you.”

    Ash smiled in response and said. “Thanks, Mist.”

    They arrived at the pokemon center, with Ash leading the way. “Nurse Joy,” Ash said as he made it to the desk. “How’s my Meganium doing?”
    “She’s still recovering, Ash,” the nurse replied. “She still needs time.”

    Ash remembered that since he had drawn with Black Jack in the grand final, Mane gave them both the opportunity to defeat him for the freedom of the pokemon and Black Jack’s family in a two-on-one trainer battle. That match would happen on that very day.

    “Can I see her?” he asked.
    “Sure you can,” she replied as she granted them entrance.

    Ash and the others went into one of the rooms to see how Meganium was doing. She was wrapped in bandages, and she was heavily bruised caused by Salamence. Ash kneeled down to look at Meganium’s sleepy face.

    “Poor Meganium…” Misty said sadly.

    Meganium slowly opened her eyes to see Ash, her best friend and trainer. “Meg…” she said weakly.
    “Meganium,” Ash said with a small smile. “Are you okay, buddy?”

    Meganium nodded her head slightly. Her face then showed that she realized something and tried to turn away from him, feeling rather ashamed of herself.

    “It’s okay, Meganium,” Ash said. “It’s not your fault… it was my fault… I’ve made a mistake…”
    “Ash, you shouldn’t blame yourself,” Misty said.

    Ash remained silent. He remembered what Black Jack said regarding the match against Mane.


    Salamence dropped Meganium a hundred feet while flying in the air. Ash had a look of shock and fear in his eyes, so did everyone else.

    “Now do you see how I battle other trainers?” Black Jack shouted. “I treat them with no mercy… that’s exactly what I plan to do when I face Mane!!”

    -Flashback ended-

    “Er… Ash,” Lao Ping said. “If Meganium is going to stay here for the next few days, who is going to replace her?”

    Meganium became shocked of what Lao Ping said. “Meganium!” she cried. She struggled to get out of bed, but every time she tried to move, she felt the aches and pains in her body. Ash and Pikachu hurried to calm her down.

    “Meganium!” Ash cried, getting her attention. “I know how much you want to battle. But after what Black Jack has done to you, I want you to stay and rest. Even though you can’t battle today, you’ll always be part of the team.”

    Meganium felt happy when Ash mentioned those words as she nuzzled her head against his. Misty was also happy, as she felt a great bond between those two. Somehow, this made her feel that she had a completely different bond with him but that was also special.

    Suddenly, a loud thud can be heard from outside. Ash and the others ran to the entrance of the pokemon center. They saw Black Jack holding an unconscious man in a suit on his shoulder. Cassandra, May, Max and Brock were standing beside him.

    “This brat thinks that he can take me to Mane without you, Ketchum,” Black Jack complained as he dropped the man in the suit.
    “Ash, how’s Meganium doing?” Brock asked worryingly.
    “Not good,” Ash replied. “Meganium still needs to stay here for a few days.”
    “If Meganium’s injured,” Cassandra said. “Why not use another pokemon?”

    Ash looked at Black Jack, who had an evil smile one his face as he looked down on the man in the suit. Ash had one pokemon in mind, a pokemon who always had the mind to fight.

    Ash called Prof. Oak by videophone. After the Hoenn League tournament was finished, Professor Oak immediately went back to Pallet town along with Tracey.

    “Hello, Professor,” Ash said.
    “Oh, hello Ash!” Prof. Oak replied.
    “Listen, Professor. I need a pokemon from you.”
    “Oh? Don’t you already have six on you?”
    “Yeah, but after what happened to Meganium, she needs to stay here in the pokemon center for a few days.”
    “Oh, I see.”
    “So, can I get a pokemon from you?”
    “Alright, who do you need?”
    “Hmm… yes, Sceptile will be fine. He was fully recovered yesterday, but since then he has been picking fights with the other pokemon, so I think it would be best that he would be sent to you.”
    “Great! Thanks, Professor.”

    A few moments after getting Sceptile from Prof. Oak, he released him. Sceptile looked around and found that he was in the pokemon center. “Great to see you again, Sceptile,” Ash said happily.

    Sceptile turned his back on Ash, not wanting to look at him. Ash fully understood why Sceptile was being like this. “Sceptile,” Ash said. “I’m sorry for replacing you for Charizard, but I haven’t seen him for a long time, please try to understand.”
    “Pika pika!” Pikachu cried trying to get Sceptile to listen to him.

    (Author’s note: Another pokemon translation)

    Sceptile’s eyes turned towards Pikachu.
    “C’mon, Sceptile,” Pikachu said. “You don’t know how much you mean to Ash.”

    Sceptile remained silent, but he listened to Pikachu intently. “Ash always gives you what you want. I know it was a bit hard on you not taking part in the grand final of the Hoenn League, but Ash hasn’t seen Charizard for a while. Besides, the beatings you took in the first round weren’t helping you heal well.”
    Sceptile smiled and said, “You’re right, bud. Maybe I have been looking forward to it too much.”

    Sceptile looked down in guilt. Charizard wasn’t the only pokemon that Ash cared about. Sceptile himself, Pikachu, Heracross, Swellow, Bulbasaur, and all the other pokemon Ash has on him and back at Prof Oak’s lab in Pallet Town.

    Sceptile turned round to face Ash and gave a thumb’s up.

    (Author’s note: Translation ended.)

    “Ha! This is great! Great to have you back with us!” Ash said.
    “You had us worried there, Sceptile,” Brock said.
    Suddenly, a fist came charging at the back of Sceptile’s head. Sceptile confidently moved his head at a side to avoid the attack.
    “Black Jack!” Ash shouted. “What are you doing?”
    “Just testing,” Black Jack replied, as it was him who attacked Sceptile.

    Sceptile turned round to see Black Jack standing near him. “Not bad,” Black Jack said while smiling. “I just hope you’re good enough to battle Mane.”

    “Scept?” Sceptile croaked.
    “Pika pikachu,” Pikachu replied, which meant, “I’ll explain everything.”

    After some explanation, Sceptile understood why Black Jack and Ash needed his help at that very moment. Sceptile clenched his paw, as he couldn’t wait to battle.

    “Just one problem,” Brock said. “What about that guy?”

    Black Jack grabbed the collar of the man’s suit and began slapping him. “Wake up, you dimwit!” Black Jack shouted.
    “Ow! Stop hitting me!” cried the man in the suit.
    “Take us to Mane! Now!”
    More coming! Reviews please!
    Formerly known as Brian Powell

    Check these out:

    Thanks for the card, Skiks
    Pokemon Impact (PG13):
    Series: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 (Cancelled)

    Starring Black Jack, a veteran pokemon trainer who saves the lives of others while breaking necks of his enemies in cold blood. You want action? You got action!
    (Continue or Reboot? That is the question.)

    Goldenrod High (Chaptered Comedy Multishipping fic PG13) Updated: 02/12/09
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    Wow, that is one cool story! At first (when you PMed me), I thought 'Sounds cool, I guess I'll read it'. But now, this story ROCKS! I hope that Black Jack and Ash beat Mane, if not, this won't end well...

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    hey evil, i've been reading this in a two day period and finally finished. I think its pretty cool that Jack Black and Ash are together on this one. Sceptile is back! Sceptile is my favorite grass type of all. Then Charizard came also. Great, great fic.

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    Wow. That was one powerful chapter. The flashbacks are great, they really add depth to the story. Anyway, here's my review as promised;

    Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar 4/5 - Generally good. Spelling is adequate enough, your use of punctuation is superb and everything seems to fit in place grammar-wise. Good job!

    Length 5/5 - Perfect. Your chapters are long and concise. It gets annoying to read really long chapters or even short ones. Your fic manages to steer away from this. Well done.

    Description 3/5 - So so. While you do go into sufficient detail in battle-situations, it would be nice if you included a little more detail regarding the surroundings, for example. Otherwise, good.

    Originality 5/5 - It might take place in Kanto; it might well have Ash and company in it, but this fic still maintains a high level of originality. The storyline is excellent, and one you would never find in the anime. Impressive!

    Overall 17/20 - This fic is amazing. I should've read this sooner! The title turned me away at first, but beneath the so so title is a fantastic fic. Keep up the good work and I look forward to more chapters!

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    *Gets overwhelmed* I'm speechless... you guys... thank you...

    Overwhelming_Latias: Like you said, don't judge a fic by it's title. 17/20!? It's really that good! Thank you!!

    Thanx, Cs32! Sceptile and Charizard are also my favourites. Two days!? Wow!

    Ashy_GIRL: Thanks, keep your fingers crossed, AG. But first...

    Chapter 2

    Back at John’s mansion, the man in the suit walked Ash and Black Jack to his car. “This better not be a trap,” Black Jack warned.
    “Why would anyone set up a trap for this occasion?” the man asked.
    “I’ll take my motorcycle,” Black Jack said. “I’ll follow you from behind.”
    “I’ll go with you,” Ash said.
    “Pikachu!” Pikachu said.
    “You two are very suspicious,” the man said smiling.

    As the man got into the car, Black Jack, Ash and Pikachu got onto the motorcycle. The car drove off while they followed. Little did Ash and Black Jack knew that they were being spied upon.

    A helicopter was hovering high in the sky as the man driving it was looking down on them. “Sir,” he said, communicating into a walkie-talkie. “Black Jack and Ash are following Johnson by motorcycle.”
    “Let them be,” replied the man, who had a posh accent. “Don’t follow them in case they get suspicious. Return to base.”
    “Yes sir,” replied the helicopter driver. “Over and out.”

    He drove the helicopter away from John’s mansion and into the direction of the base.

    John looked outside of the window and saw the helicopter that was spying on Black Jack and Ash flying away. Brock, Misty, Delia, Cassandra, her Gardevior and Lao Ping were also there. “I’m going there,” he said.

    It wasn’t long until Black Jack, Ash and Pikachu made it to a base, which was surrounded by a forest full of trees and bushes. “This place looks familiar,” Black Jack thought. As they got off the motorcycle, the man came out of the car. “Welcome to one of Team Missile’s headquarters,” said the man.
    “Team Missile?” Black Jack asked curiously.
    “Correct, a team of organised terrorists who steal pokemon and merchandise and sell them for money.”
    “That’s what Team Rocket does,” Ash thought.
    “Now proceed into the…”
    “Hold it!” interrupted a voice.

    Ash and Black Jack’s friends came out from the bushes. The man was shocked seeing them. “I didn’t expect your friends to come here,” he said. “Under my master’s orders, I will not allow anyone else but Ash Ketchum and Black Jack to enter.”
    “Ha!” John said. “This has everything to do with us, cos we are family!”
    “Your boss shouldn’t worry about us!” May continued. “He should worry about Ash instead!”
    “Ahem!” Black Jack coughed.
    “And Black Jack…”
    “We won’t interfere, we won’t even lift a finger,” Lao Ping said confidently. “Cos they are more than a match for him.”
    Ash and Black Jack couldn’t help but smile, appreciating the support they’re getting from their friends and families. “Thanks, you guys,” Ash said quietly as he looked down.
    “Ready?” Black Jack asked.
    “Ready!” Ash replied.
    “Pika!” Pikachu replied in a determined tone.

    Their friends gave their last words of encouragement as they entered the base. Suddenly, the door quickly shut behind Black Jack, Ash and Pikachu, sealing them in. There was only one path in front of them. The whole corridor was made of metal and electricity, like the corridors you’d see in industrial places. As they walked down the corridor, a voice was heard from a hidden speaker.

    “Good morning, Ash and Black Jack,” said a man with a posh accent.
    “Mane…” Black Jack snarled.
    “Pi Pikachu!” Pikachu cried angrily.
    “And welcome to Team Missile’s base. I know that I’m scheduled to battle you in a two-on-one pokemon battle. But I also set up some challenges for you two, you know, so you two can warm up.”
    “Either that or Mane is trying to weaken us,” Ash said.
    “Now why would I do a thing like that?” Mane asked.
    “Cos you’re a thieving scumbag?” Black Jack asked in reply.
    “Hmhm, Black Jack, you and your sarcasm, enjoy your training.”

    They saw a huge room up ahead. As they entered, they looked around. The room made them looked like that they were inside a dome, big enough to fit a battlefield for pokemon battles. At the other end of the room was another corridor.

    Suddenly, a small but thundering earthquake was felt and heard. Ash and Pikachu cautiously looked round to see where the earthquake was coming from, while Black Jack stayed calm. Soon, an eight-foot muscular man came from the other side of the corridor.

    “My name is Brickster Tomb!” he shouted in a huge voice. “I’ve heard and seen a lot about you two. But to me, you two are not fit to become league champions, let alone beat the true master of strength like me!”
    “Huh! Who paid you to become a critic?” Black Jack snarled.
    “I know, the truth hurts, doesn’t it?” Brickster asked. “Now which one of you two will battle me first?”
    “Hold on!” Ash said. “We don’t know the stipulations of this match yet!”
    “Only one of you will battle me! If you win, you can continue to the next room. If you lose, and you will, you can get the boot out of this base and be the laughing stock of the pokemon world!”
    “Sounds good to me,” Black Jack replied. “Got a coin, Ketchum?”
    Ash shrugged in response, meaning he has no money on him. “I think I must’ve some money at John’s place,” he confessed.
    “Only one thing for it. Rock, paper, and scissors it is.”

    And they started playing that game. During twenty minutes of playing, they kept on getting a draw. Mane was watching them on a huge via a spy camera and was getting confused about the whole situation. Brickster was also getting confused until finally Black Jack won the match when he showed his hand in a form of a stone while Ash showed his in a form of some scissors.

    “Looks like I’ll be going first,” said Black Jack confidently.
    “We’ll use one pokemon each for this battle,” Brickster said.
    “Agreed, and since you want to see if I’m good or not, I’ll choose my pokemon first.”

    Black Jack picked out a pokeball and tossed it. “Time to whip some, Feraligatr!” he cried.

    Feraligatr popped out of his pokeball and prepared himself ready for battle.

    “Too bad you won’t be able to beat my fighting pokemon,” Brickster replied. “Go! Machamp!”

    Black Jack stood calm and confident with his arms folded. “A Machamp,” he said. “All muscle, I bet his brain is made of muscle as well.”
    “No matter!” Brickster shouted. “Machamp will pound your Feraligatr and you all the way to oblivion!”
    “Then call your attack and find out.”
    “You asked for it! Machamp! Comet Punch!”

    Machamp dashed at and swung many punches at Feraligatr but kept on missing as Feraligatr kept on dodging without moving from where he stood.

    “Slowpoke,” Black Jack said. “Keep on swinging like that and Feraligatr might catch a cold.”

    Machamp jumped away from Feraligatr, not knowing what to do after several of his punches missed.

    “Machamp,” Brickster yelled as he was sweating. “High Jump Kick!”

    Machamp leapt into the air and dive kicked at Feraligatr but Feraligatr and Black Jack saw it coming. “Too predictable,” Black Jack said. “Feraligatr! Mega Punch attack!”

    Feraligatr dodged Machamp’s attack and punched him in the gut. Machamp fell to the floor holding it.

    “But… how can this be…!?” Brickster yelled.
    “You relied on nothing except physical strength and ruthless fighting,” Ash replied, who was standing by the sideline. “You forgot one small thing that would make a pokemon even stronger, and that is your heart connected to your Machamp’s.”
    “Not to mention other abilities and statistics like smarts,” Black Jack continued, mocking his opponents. “Speaking of ruthless and physical strength, I’ll show you how Feraligatr fights his opponents! Feraligatr! Focus punch attack!”

    Feraligatr ducked down while he charged himself up. Brickster and Machamp saw this as a chance to attack him, as they knew the weakness of the Focus Punch attack. The weakness was that no pokemon could move while charging up until they are fully powered up. “Machamp!” Brickster yelled. “Mega Punch! Now!”

    Machamp ran at Feraligatr to punch him, but surprisingly Feraligatr barely dodged out of the way and heavily punched Machmap in the gut again. This time the punch knocked him unconscious.

    “NO! WHY! HOW COME!” Brickster yelled as he saw his Machamp defeated, meaning that Black Jack and Feraligatr won the battle.
    “Let’s just say that I have my own ways of training pokemon,” Black Jack said.

    Brickster fell on his knees in disbelief. “No one has beaten me this easily before,” he thought to himself.

    Black Jack looked at him with disappointment. “Huh! Waste of time,” Black Jack snarled quietly as he walked over to Brickster. He kneeled down and said. “And yes, the truth does hurt.”

    Black Jack picked himself up and looked at Ash. “C’mon, Ketchum,” he said. “Another victim awaits us.”

    Ash looked at Black Jack with mixture of feelings. “There’s something weird about this guy,” he thought to himself as they walked into the corridor.
    More coming! Reviews please!
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    Yes!! Know I have time to give a proper review!

    Spelling/Grammer: No mistakes that I noticed. Spelling is good, I didn't notice anything. But I can never tell, getting excited ver the story. Grammer is nice too. I did notice a few mistakes, but nothing to worry about. I don't enjoy refinding them and pointing them out...

    Description: Very, very, VERY nice! I love how you describe the Pokemon battles! Most people usually take the easy way out, using *Pokemon* hit *Pokemon* with *Attack*. But all the good authors don't. Including me! A little more description in the scenery would be nice, but what you have is fine. I can picture the room, which is all I want.

    Length: Seems fine to me. How long are your chapters normally? At least 4 to 5 is good for an average. However, great chapters are normally between 6 and 8 pages. I prefer to read between 5 and 7, not too much, yet is still good. But your length is fine! ^_^

    Originality: One word, yep! Very original, never read anything like it!

    Overall: 39/40

    Yay! You earned a five star rating!

    I've read James' Moneymaking Scheme. Funny!

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