Mystery Dungeon: The Song of a God


Nobody ever knows how their life will turn out. Some fear evil shall be their companion, some fear all and every creature. Some are determined to do something worth recognition. Some just want to see how their life turns out.

I was one of the last ones.

I never meant to start a war. It just happened. How did it begin? I must try to gather my thoughts.

I think it was that nice clam, Sunday morning. It was when I first met my two best freinds. I was young then, much, much younger than I am now. I'm hardly ancient now mind you. Now I think about it more, I'm actually quite young! I think that in human years, I would be what, twenty-ish years old? Yet i feel a lot older than that. A Level 100 Blaziken might, especially after everything I've been through.

Before I begin, I should probably tell you of myself. It's not much, but then you need not to know many things, seeing as I am at the beginning of my story. My name is Blaze, and I was a young, happy and adventurous Torchic. My parents loved me, and overall, I was just a pretty normal Torchic with normal ideas and aspirations. Nothing could ever prepare me for my life since then.

Anyway, let my story begin. I warn you; 'tis not the prettiest of tales, but neither is it devoid of happiness and cheer. It's the story of my life, and I beleive that it is important to entrust you with this, so that you may remember it in years to come, when i have withered away and died, although I mist say that I don't think I shall die too soon.

Without further ado, I present to you: The Song of a God/Blaze Cinders' life.

Chapter one: The End and the beginning.

It was morning on a pleasantly cool day. I was sitting on a small tree stump, I can't remember what type, and was looking out into the horizon, eating my breakfast, a lovely Cheri berry and wheat-crunch mix, like I did every morning. I remember as I was eating it that there was a lovely, soft breeze coming across, that would have chilled my body had I not been a Torchic, who's bodies glow brightly and warmly, keeping not just themselves but some around them warm.

As I was, I heard a small sound behind me. It was Bunnie, my next-door neighbour. Bunnie and I always got on quite well, so I did not feel myself stiffen up as I usually did when I was alone with someone. I didn't like the intimacy of one-to-one coversation, preferring to always be with a group of people. I still do, actually, most of the time. I've grown to realize that occasionally, being alone with one person is better than being with a group.

Bunnie walked calmly towards the tree stump where I was sitting, and sat down next to me. I should probably mention that the tree stump was quite big, so we both fitted comfortably on it.

We were both very young at the time, with bizzare concepts of emotions, but I suppose I beleived then that I "loved" Bunnie. She was the only pokemon apart from my parents and my dead brother Tikol who'd ever shown me much else than just simple "Oh, there's a small insignificant Torchic."

So there we were, Bunnie and I sitting, next to eachother, calmly observing the horizon together.
"Blaze, hello." said the little Buneary, that was what she was, I should mention.
"Hi, Bunnie." I replied back.
We sat in silence for another minute or so, before she spoke once more.
"Blaze, my family's moving away. We're going to the big city." she stated.
I remembered I felt my heart sink a little then. Now that Bunnie was leaving, who would be kind to me? Would I just be a loner for the rest of my life? Bunnie must have noticed my sad expression, for then, she hugged me slightly. I hugged her back. Then, without another word, she got up, and hopped back into the woods where both of our abodes resided.

I sat there in silence for maybe another hour, before I myself got up, after having finished my breakfast, and headed home. Just as was about to enter the woods, something caught my eye. A small Rawst berry had fallen off its small bush. I picked it up. A bad mistake. I felt dizzy suddenly, then I appeared in a completely different location, above ground. I shouted out slightly, then fell down, where I let out a muffled "Ugh." I would never set foot within my home agan, not even within the woods where i had spent the whole of my life up to that point.