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Thread: GDE's Palette Thread (Re-Run)

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    Default GDE's Palette Thread (Re-Run)

    Here are the palettes


    Electric, Ice, Earth, Water, Fire, Sky
    Mountain, Moonlight, Sunlight, Twilight, Cybernetic, Dark,
    Light, Soul, Love, Courage, Wisdom, Ashes,
    Pineapple, Watermelon, Strawberry, Plum, Bronze, Silver,
    Gold, Swamp, Peach, Neon, Chocolate, Amethyst,
    Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Angel, Foundry, Ghost,
    Toxic, Othello, Cotton Candy, Lemon-Lime, Calico, Oasis,
    Spring, Autumn, Celestial, Demonic, Nova, Royal,
    Alexandrite, Exotic, Luck, Carbon, Requiem, Aura,
    Tundra, Moss, Hatred

    You might remember me from a looooong time ago, well anyways, I abondoned this thread because at the time, my palettes weren't very good, but now I'm back, and with 57 palettes (WHAT THE F- *explodes*) I'm feeling better than ever. While I was away, I was at marriland (my marriland username is Faze), running my recolor shop, which is where I got the inspiration to make more palettes. On this thread I have posted my palettes and I will soon start making hundreds upon hundreds of recolors for your entertainment, all of these recolors will be posted here of course. So yeah, welcome to my palette. TA-FREAKIN-DAH!

    Electric Recolors

    (If you want to use these palettes for yourself, please ask first)
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