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    Default ○ Fullmetal Alchemist Shipping Discussion ○

    ○ Fullmetal Alchemist ○
    Shipping Discussion

    Yes, this is the shipping discussion thread for Hiromu Arakawa's best-selling manga as well as the anime(s).
    This thread is for all Fullmetal Alchemist shippers to have fun with each other while discussing about ships in the manga & anime(s).

    Of course, every place we go to, there has to be rules, right?
    1. All SPPf rules apply. Whether they are general rules, forum-specific rules or such, follow them.
    2. Do not bash other ships or argue with other shippers just because you hate the ships they support. Otherwise, you'll go bye-bye from this thread.
    3. When you post something that has yet to be aired/published outside of Japan, please put them in spoiler tags just in case, OK? Be fair to those who dislike spoilers.
    4. When you post fan art(s), please credit the original artist. No one likes theft, right?

        Spoiler:- :



        Spoiler:- Feel free to discuss these topics at any given time:

    Let's start!

    1. What are some of the ships you support? Why?
    Well, first off, my favourite definitely has to be Roy x Riza. Riza has always been by Roy's side and supported him through all obstacles in life. Roy, in turn had shown some hints as Riza seems to be one of the most important people in his life.

    *will continue answer later*

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