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Thread: Teen Titans: New Generation (Multi-Shipping) PG

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    Default Teen Titans: New Generation (Multi-Shipping) PG

    Ok, Hi there. I'm Dreamer, and i'm still a newbie when it comes to stories. So, please review to help me become better.

    Now, about TTNG. (Teen Titans New Generation for short) TTNG is obviously a Teen Titans story, about 8 new titans by the names of Moonfire, (Mari'ander) Sparrow, Ebony, Michael, Crystal, Spidergirl, the new Kidflash, and Flamethrower.

    Anyway, Here's Chapter 1.

    Chapter 1: Letting Go

    Moonfire's POV

    I woke up to see the Sun Shining in my face. I stretched my arm's out and yawned as I remembered what was to happen in a few hours.
    'Today is the day', I thought.

    I got out of bed, still half asleep. I walked up to my dresser, looking for my comb. It wasn't there.
    "Silkie! Did you take my Comb again?!"
    Yes, over the past few years, Silkie had developed a Craving for combs.
    Ebony thought it was interesting. However, her twin brother, Sparrow, thought it was disgusting.

    "Silkie!" I cried out again.

    Sure enough, Silkie came out of the closet, finishing off Moon's comb.

    "Silkie!" Moonfire groaned.

    Moonfire looked at the time, 9:30.

    "Oh No! I'm late!" Moonfire shouted, quickly running out of her room without looking back.

    Nobody's POV

    Michael came down stairs yawning. "Mornin'." He said to everyone.
    "Good Morning, nephew Michael. Would you like some bacon and eggs?"
    "Sure, aunt Starfire. Hey, Ebony." Ebony looked up from her book she was reading.

    A/N: I bet all of you can guess who Ebony and Sparrow's parents are.

    She looked much like her mom, but with long Black hair. However, she acted a whole lot like her dad. Sparrow on the otherhand, Had short purple hair that was spiked up. He was more like his mom than his Dad.

    "Yeah?" Ebony said in her high-pitched voice.
    "Where's Moon? She's gonna miss Initiation." Ebony stifled a laugh.

    Moonfire appeared before Ebony could say anyhthing. "Morning! Am I late?!"
    "No." Ebony choked out, trying to contain her laugh. "But-But it' 9:30!"
    "No-- I-it's - Not!" Ebony choked out. "It's only 8:00!" She couldn't contain her laughter anymore. "Hahahahaa!!! Priceless! The look on your face is sooo Priceless!" She shouted.

    "EBONY! WHAT DID YOU DO??" Starfire shouted. "I made the time on your clock an hour and thirty minutes ahead of real time. Hehehehehe!"

    A Few Feet away, the Adults were giggling over the kids. (Including Raven)
    "They are funny, yes?" Starfire asked. "Sure" Raven retorted in her monotone voice. "They sure are." BB said.

    "I still can't believe they're already sixteen." Cyborg said.
    "Yeah." The others Replied.

    The kids were really excited, they were going to have their own tower soon! And their own Team! Well, Moonfire's own team. Everbody decided on Moonfire as their leader.

    But, as excited as the Adults were for the kids, they were sad. I mean, wouldn't you be feeling melancholy if your family was going faraway?
    The kids had decided they would go to florida, vistiting the Original titans every holiday.

    And the only reason the adults were letting them go all the way to florida, was because they had called up their friends Crystal, Flamethrower, Kidflash II, and Spidergirl and asked them to join the new titans Florida.

    That was all a few weeks ago. Today, they were actually leaving for their new tower that Michael built. I mean, he was Cyborg's son. But, sadly, Michael's mom Bumblebee had gone missing quite a while ago. So it was just him and Cyborg.

    Michael is a lot like his mom in every perspective. But he doesn't even know it because his mom went missing when he was three. His hair is short, and poofy. And he wears a Bee-Cyborg suit. His dad calls it the BeeBorg.

    As for Moonfire, she has the same black hair her dad has cut short (down to her shoulders), and she wears a blue version of Blackfires's outfit (For safety, cause Blackfire wears metal over her stomach). Her personality is Cute and kind, but sometimes she looses her temper and when that happens, well, World war two looks a a bunch of kids with super soakers.

    The adults all sat there, remebering all the times they had spent with their kids.

    It really was going to be hard to let them go....


    So! What'd you guys think? Any kind of review welcomed! Please let me know if I need improvement!
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    However, you could've put more detail into how Bumblebee dissapeared, and how Moon and Mike look. ^^

    Remember, I'm not flaming, just helping.

    BTW, I have the feeling I'm going to love these new characters! Ecspecially Ebony and Sparrow!

    They are Raven and BB's kids, right? And they're twins! OH, and LOL at the Beeborg! XD
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