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    Excellent episode. One of the best episode that was properly made.

    The colosseum scenery was a great place for a last get together location and a battle.

    In a long time, TR have finally made a carefully thought out plan to almost getting away with snagging some Pokemon. The decoy mech was something that I never though TR would have done in years. Finally an exploding mech that was actually put into good use. I give TR props for this round.

    The double battle between Dawn/Ash and Khoury/Lyra was well done. There was a lot of strategic/synchronizing activity going on in this double battle. Such as Lightscreen being used other than solo battles, Monferno helping out Cyndaquils Smokescreen for cover up, Totodile charging while Chikorita powers up with Solarbeam, Monferno Digging and taking Cyndaquil with him, and powering up Cydaquils Flamewheel with Flamthower. Double battles like this always make things very interesting.

    I have to agree with most people here, Cyndaquil being overpowered when it was newly hatched. Hydropump should had took him down.

    Tododile evolving into Croconaw was a nice touch for an awesome battle. Still, evolving wasn't enough to win the battle.

    And lets not forget that awesome matrix panning camera view with Monfernos Machpunch. Epic.

    I guess being the last episode of the Johto arc, they went full out details on this one.

    At the airport, I was hoping for a plane, not a blimp. =/
    Blimps are the slowest flying vehicles. Will take days to reach their destination in that antique.

    Great to see Khoury gifting Brock a Pokegear. I just hope we will be able to see Khoury and Lyra somewhere along their adventures. I'm going to miss those two.

    Overall, Excellent episode. 8/10.

    Time for HG and SS
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