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Well, you know how holographic foil Pokémon cards look, yes? They're distinguishable by the sparkles in the background. The Digital World in the Adventure seasons always had what looked like "sparkles" to help separate it from the real world. The objects in fact may not always "be there", as some of them are "hollow" like we saw in the very first episode. Of course, it doesn't make things any less solid, but it's the Digital World, things seem to kind of change based on different coding. Does that make sense?

Here are some examples.

Real world for comparison.
Ah, thank you! I cannot be certain since it's been so long, but I don't think I noticed that as a distinct effect at back when I was watching those seasons. But the examples you provided were helpful, and I now understand completely what you meant.

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Did You Know Anime had Tai's English VA as the guest speaker for DYKA Digimon, and he said he'd like to come back for Tri.
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YES. The more of the original digi destined cast that is able to return the better.
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Oh yeah, it's ideal, but I honestly doubt all of them will come back but I dunno, Saban hasn't reached Young Hunters yet. I shouldn't keep my hopes up/fingers crossed they all make their return, even though along with Joshua Seth I would like Mona Marshall to return as Izzy, and I can still see Lara Jill Miller reprising as Kari.
I think this would be great! I watched the first three seasons of Digimon when my ability and interest to recognize voice actors in animation started developing. So I remember finding out some of their names, noticing the same voice actors doing other characters in Digimon, recognizing a few of them in random commercials and a few other shows. It was pretty cool. The added familiarity for another season would be better than I could expect after this long!

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It also doesn't have any of Saban's traditional dub jokes, so there's not as much inserted dialogue into the show.
Since I have almost zero knowledge of the original Japanese of any season, I'd really like to know which jokes are Saban's traditional dub jokes. It occurs to me that if some of the things I thought were dumb were only in the dub, then I can be relieved that they were not original, and simultaneously frustrated that they were ever added!

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There is only one major exception to this and that would be the BomberNanimon episode (who became Citramon as a reference to Bobobo-bo), and even then the reason why they changed it so much was because otherwise Disney would've cut it.
I think I saw like just a small part of that episode in the dub. However, I remember seeing passing references to that while reading posts in this thread. So as long as I'm not going to regret asking this...what was it that caused someone to get the idea to cut or edit?

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For all of the consistencies the scripts had, I don't think it made up for a lot of cuts and scene changes that they had to do under Disney, which is probably why it's not that popular.
If you can forgive me for stacking up a third noob-ish question, what sort of changes were made? (It's weird, I'm not even entirely sure why I want to know.)