Ha! I decided to make this one more shippy!
Rated: PG
I do not own Pokemon, or the characters.

The ship's huge horn broke the silence...

Dawn, a blue haired coordinator was standing at the dock, ready to departure, but for some reason, she was torn. Her deep blue eyes filled with grief. Facing her, were her good friends, Ash Ketchum, and Brock Lee. Memories of her journey flashed before her eyes, the high fives, the cheerleading, the contests, tag battles.. All of these memories had one thing in common--they included Ash. Why did she feel so close to him? Was it his bravery? his kindness? She felt inseparable from him... was it... love?
"Ash.." she started.
"Dawn, good luck, we'll miss you," he said.
"I have to go. But, I know we will meet again!"
"Before I heave, I want you to have this..."

Dawn handed Ash a blue scarf, very much like hers. She had made it, in her spare time.

"Dawn! Thank you. I have something to give you too."

Ash took Dawn's delicate hand, and placed a pokeball in her palm.

"Ash! Why? You didn't have to!" she exclaimed.
"Its an Eevee. I found one and I caught it. I didn't need it, so I decided to give it to you! Battle well!"
"Ash. Close your eyes."
"I wanna give you something."

Dawn leaned over to Ash, and pecked him to the cheek. Brock grinned. He knew that Dawn had something for Ash.

"Huh? What happened?" Ash questioned when he opened his eyes.
"Ash! You idiot!" Dawn exclaimed.
"What did you give me?"
"Never mind!"

Dawn waved one last goodbye to Ash, and boarded the ship. She knew that they would meek again... someday!

Horrible story!! I can't write a conversation!! Don't bother pointing out any syntax errors, and grammatical errors.. I don't care.. Just thought I would leave my imagination on the internet in the form of a story! XD

I just hope that Pearlshipping happens in the end! XD

Enjoy the rest of your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!