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    Default Official Serebii League

    I would like to introduce everyone to the Official Serebii League!

    Moderator Iggly and forum members goldfan, Cousin Dan, phop, and Goketsu have been working hard for over 2 months to get this up and running. But what is "this" you ask?

    The Official Serebii League, OSL for short, is's official WiFi battling league. Just like the video games, there are 8 Gym Leaders and an Elite Four to fight your way through. Once you beat all of these top-notch battlers, you will be declared Serebii's Pokemon Champion!

    If you're interested in partaking in this challenge, visit "The League" forum to learn more about the League as well as the rules and restrictions for the battles and how to challenge each Leader.

    Start training and have fun!
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    My TSVs are 1021 and 1558

    If you have a matching egg, I will gladly hatch it for you! Please send me a PM with your FC, IGN, timezone/availability, and if you want a nickname.

    I am looking for people to hatch the following eggs for me:

    2895, 2653, 1622, 3548, 3208, 0848, 2682, 2844, 2955

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