May your dreams and wishes all come true.
For when the birthday rolls on near.
Hop on the train and drink some beer.
For the time to celebrate it is here.

When the nigh is upon the hour.
the celebrations will be done.
But the fun will jsut keep rolling on.

And with that another year rolls on by, and what happens when this time of year appears? A bloody lot and to get the ball rolling let me introduce the 2009 birthday celebrations with a present from me to you,lets take a look shall we?

From Arnie you get:

Magical Espeon Plushie
Teaches the Move "Copycat"

Copycat (Psychic)
User sacrifices half of its remaining health to summon two copies of itself. The copies move, breathe, talk, and attack at the same time as the user, also using the same attack/s ordered to the original Pokémon. The user's attack inflicts normal damage, with each clone inflicting half of that. When hit the copy will disappear, but the other will remain until hit again. The move "Copycat" can be used only once per battle, and the copies disappear after the third round or until they've been destroyed.
Contest Category: Smart
Contest Effect: Makes the next Pokémon to appeal nervous.
Appeal Points : <3 <3 <3 <3
Jam Points: <3 <3

A Birthday Pikachu Trading Card.

So there we have it, lets have some cheer, and lets all drink 5 rounds of beer. Huzzah.