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Such a waste of complete time...Not even Giratina at the start was real. And those COTDs were really boring.

Yeah I'm surprised they even mentioned Giratina in the summary it only had like 5 seconds of screentime.

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This episode actually looked ok until the end. No Honchkrow or Mismagius! Well, at least a real one. Anyway, can someone explain the middle of the episode to me. The whole part about the boy confused me. One minute he's holding Murkrow, then throwing stuff at it. I'm guessing flashback...but still.
Caution: This might be complete BS but this is what I gathered from that kid:

He was like a wimpy version of Paul. He lost a battle to that girl and her Misdreavus so he was training Murkrow by toss stones at it and having it try to smack them away with it's wing. Murkrow failed at life, had a fit, and flew away.

I never noticed how weak most character of the days were. No wonder gym leaders are held on such a high pedestal in the anime. It makes Ash and Dawn look like elite trainers in comparison. Pikachu one hit KOed that Murkrow, I know it had a type advantage but that doesn't usually lead to a one hit KO in the anime. Misdreavus fainted after a little shock from TR's machine