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    Default Pokémon: Legends

    Pokémon: Legends

    Rating: PG-13 [Some language, mild violence, character pairings]

    By Super_Nerd

    Well, first of all, an introduction! To keep from cluttering the IC, story parts, I think I'll put all of me talking in spoiler tags.

        Spoiler:- OOC stuff!:

    Prolouge: The Legend of Arceus

    At first, there was nothing… then—there was Arceus!

    Who can say from whence the Creator came? Perhaps It was always there, simply waiting; perhaps it came to this universe from somewhere else, somewhere that we cannot hope to begin to comprehend…

    But there is no question that Arceus was and is supreme.

    It began its work by creating other Beings, each to have a portion of Its unlimited power. There was Dialga, who could control Time; Palkia, who governed Space; Giratina, embodiment of Chaos; Regigigas, the Guardian; Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf, the Messengers; and Darkrai, of all servants the most gifted… and the most ambitious.

    Then Arceus turned Its attention to the shaping of the World. At first it was a simple thing, a mere orb, empty and lifeless. But then Arceus created three more beings: Rayquaza, master of the skies; Groudon, master of the land; and Kyorge, master of the seas. These It instructed to go out and shape the surface of the World, giving it air and earth and oceans.

    Soon the World was complete; it but needed to be populated. So Arceus made the Mews, giving them the ability to assume any form they wished; and It told them to create the common Pokémon as they wished, and to spread out and multiply the World.

    But Its work was not done; and while the Mews sought to discover the extent of their powers, Arceus created still more Pokémon—those whose strength the Mews’ own could not rival; and these were the Deoxys, shape-shifters and clone-creators; and the Lati- race, servants of Rayquaza; and the Cele- race, time-travelers; and Ho-oh and Lugia, the great birds, and their servants Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. Finally it made Jirachi, whose purpose was known only to It. And then It paused.

    But Ho-oh did not feel that the work of creation was done; and it sought permission of Arceus to make for itself servants, of a kind. And this granted, it brought to life Suicune, and Entei, and Raikou.

    And then Arceus declared that, save for what the Mews became, there were to be no more Pokémon; for It was introducing a companion-race: humans. This caused a great deal of debate and controversy among the higher Beings, some of whom thought the World should be solely for Pokémon; but Arceus did not heed them.

    So it was that humans entered the World; and at first they were lonely and helpless, and looked ill-fit to survive. But Arceus revealed Its wisdom, and the Pokémon the Mews had become came upon the humans; and the two kinds began to assist one another, and live together in mutual harmony.

    So the plan was revealed; but not all were pleased. In particular among the Beings, there were two: Darkrai, who became jealous of Arceus, and Regigigas, who hated the humans. Darkrai was too cunning to act overtly, at least not until he believed himself to have a chance at succeeding; so he quietly removed the Deoxys from the World, and passed them some of his power, and began to instruct them in his dark ways.

    But Regigigas was not so cautious, and without his Master’s blessing he created three beings: Regirock, and Regice, and Registeel. These he placed in the World, and instructed them to destroy the human race in its entirety. But the humans had by now a strong bond of loyalty and friendship with their Pokémon; and they fought the Regis, and locked them away, where they could do no harm.

    Arceus’ anger was terrible to behold; and he ordered the Beings to seize Regigigas and bring him forward for judgment. But Regigigas fought, and he was very strong; and Darkrai took advantage of the turmoil to unleash his long-planned assault. Deoxys by the thousands emerged to attack the Beings, with him at their head. And there was war among them.

    When It saw this, Arceus’ rage grew, such that none who looked upon It could bear to see. And It entered in to the conflict, scattering the Deoxys before It; and when Darkrai attempted to attack, It struck him down with such force that all the fighting ceased entirely.

    Then Arceus spoke, and said: “Fools are those who would rebel against Me; am I not your Master, more powerful than any of you could hope to be? It was doomed from the start; and now that you have lost, you shall pay the penalty.”

    Then It took Darkrai and cast him into another dimension; and Regigigas after him. The Deoxys were forbidden from setting foot in the World again, on pain of death, and banished to the empty space beyond.

    So peace came to the World. It is said that Arceus now sleeps, Its work done; though others believe It remains vigilant, watching over human and Pokémon alike.

    And some remember that Darkrai vowed to escape from his prison and return, someday, to destroy all that Arceus held dear…
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