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    The Kids Are Alright- By PrJackWalker

    A Previous January- Chapter !

    I never would've thought that it be so easy to fool me again. I knew it was the right choice when I made it. We had our own places to go and I bravely tipped my hat at our decisions. Sure, it's genuinely difficult to find someone who you just love being around, but I'm not her owner, she can do whatever she wants to. I smiled and grinned at the change all around me as always, sighing-secretly shedding in a tear in the back of my mind- as once again my friends and I parted ways.

    May was special to me- as all my friends are. I knew before, that -at some point- we would have to say good-bye to each other. Strangely, I had grown very affectionate toward her to tell you the truth. We've always poked fun every now and then at each other. I'd just like to remind you, yes I am a boy. I don't see what difference that has to do with anything. May points that out quite often, girls have their own secrets I'll probably never understand. I'm just trying to be nice; you think she would cut me some slack. I don't see that happening at anytime soon.

    She certainly can be incredibly courageous... but still irritating. She goes wild over any romantic signs she sees. Behind closed doors, I think it's adorable. I've thought about it for awhile, how she seemed so enthusiastic at attempting to have her own moment. I really hope she does, she deserves it.

    Us together, No w-we haven't had anything like that happen to us. Well, the closest we've had to having one of those moments was a long time ago, in Hoenn. It was us five, Brock, Max, May, Pikachu and I. You know why I still hold it so close to me? It's the only thing I have left of her. Yeah she visits from time to time and I have the ribbon we both won but...This just holds more...You'd've had to be there to really know what I mean.

    Nothing more so than a lively circumstance. The ice was beginning to melt away from the branches of the trees, as spring was beginning to approach. The winter clouds still loomed over head, obstructing the bright sun from raining down upon Hoenn.

    A chilling gust blew against me, as I walked down the streets of the city. My friends and I had just arrived in. I hugged my sweater tighter around me as I carried Pikachu in my arms, shielding him from the wind. I was really concerned about him; I didn't want him to get sick.


    "I know buddy," I said. "I'm cold too. Don't worry we're almost there."

    I looked over, Brock was walking besides me. He wrapped his brand new brown scarf a few times around his neck, shivering. Brock had just recently bought that scarf at the last town we were visiting. He came prepared. That day, I was toying with the idea of buying one as well, but we had left in such a hurry to avoid the weather that I had missed my chance.

    Our other friends, May and Max walked behind us. Every time the wind blew, I turned back to look at them. May had her arms wrapped around her brother. Max seemed calmer than the rest of us as he stared captivatingly at his PokeNav.

    Max certainly knew how to keep himself occupied, drawing his attention away from the cold. My eyes drifted seemingly toward May, catching a glimpse of her. She had her eyes closed, not compressed tightly but just gently shut. Her nose and cheeks were red, matching along with the rest of her attire, standing out from her usually adorable pale face. Unexpectedly- I guess she sensed my gawking- She opened her eyes. For an instant we gazed at each other, unfathomably epicure. I uncomfortably turned my head around as quickly as I could. My face burned despite the sheerness of the climate. The breeze swayed a soft giggle through my ear, unannounced, I immediately recognized it.

    "Even though it's not snowing anymore," Brock said to me. "The wind is still blowing just as hard."

    I sniffled, taking a look around at my wearisome friends. I've sort of had a cold for awhile now. It just didn't seem to want to give up. My Mom always used to say to me when I was younger, that rest and juice was always the best antidote. Unfortunately I had no time to rest, I was really behind in my training and I wanted desperately to catch up.

    "How much further is the Pokémon Center Max?" I asked him.

    "Not much further now," Max pushed his glasses back as he escaped his sister's clutch, running up between Brock and I. "The PokeNav says its right around the corner."

    "Max come back, you don't have your jacket on," May rushed up to our sides as well, embracing him.

    "May get off me, I'm fine. It isn't even that cold."

    "Excuse Me; I'm just trying to make sure you don't get sick."

    "Man," I shook my head and run up ahead, stopping just before reaching the corner. "Finally, there it is...There's the Pokémon center guys!" I called back. Maybe I can get in some training before it snows again. I thought. It's been snowing around this part of Hoenn for the last few days, on again and off again. It was due for a snowstorm anytime soon.

    "Thank goodness we're here," I looked back, May held Max by the arm and pulled him, despite his objections. Brock walked behind them, hanging on to his scarf with his hand to keep it from blowing it away. May pulled her crimson bandanna off of her head, holding it in her hand. But she seemed more attentive toward the Pokémon center. "The wind is blowing really strong tod-Ahh!"

    A strong burst of wind hit all of us; Pikachu pressed his head deeper into my chest, trying to protect himself from the gust. May threw her arms around Max and held him close; unfortunately she didn't hold her bandanna as close. Another gust blew on us and knocked it out of her hand.

    "Oh no, my bandanna!" she yelled out. It was heartbreaking the way she said it, I could hear the sadness in her voice. That bandanna must've been really special to her. Without thinking I just knew I had to get it back. I ran after it, reaching out with my unoccupied arm to try and grab it. I missed it by just a few inches, and it got away from me. I disappointingly watched it float away.

    "Darn, I almost had it." It really frustrated me. I was so close, how could I've miss it?

    "Pika-pi" Pikachu raised his head from my chest, and crawled up to my shoulder, gently licking my cheek.

    "It's ok Pikachu; I must've been squeezing you pretty hard wasn't I?"



    May ran up to my side, dropping to her knees in heartrending displeasure. She sighed heavily and fell to her hands as well. "My bandanna..." she whispered.

    "May...I'm sorry..." I sighed as well, and knelt beside her. "I tried to grab it, but I couldn't ...I'm sorry."

    Her hand gently brushed against mine. May smiled at me. "It's ok Ash, Thanks for trying. But we have to find it; I've had that bandanna since I was a little girl."

    "I doubt you've ever taken that thing off since then, May." Her brother teased.

    "Max I'm-" I put her hand on her shoulder, catching her by surprise. May blushed and looked over at me." Ash..."

    "Come on May, What are you waiting for? We have to go out and find it, don't we?" My encouragement seemed to be working. She nodded in reply and stood up.

    "Right, no time for hitting Max on the head, we have to go and find it."

    "Wait you guys," Brock came and helped me to my feet; he wrapped his scarf around his neck again, after it was blown messily around his shoulders by the wind. "While you guys go and find May's bandanna, I'm going to go ahead and get a room at the Pokémon center. It looks like there are a few people there already. "

    I nodded, "Good idea Brock, We'll meet up with you once we find it ok?"

    "Yeah, take care of yourselves and don't get lost ok?"

    "We won't," We all replied at the same time.

    "Don't worry Brock; I'll make sure they won't get lost." Max called back "I have the PokeNav to help us get back."

    "Great Max, I'll be here waiting for you guys, take care." Brock hurried inside the Pokémon center. I felt deceived. He was inside that warm building, while we're out here in the cold. Maybe the heavens will decided to treat us with a good day. Not only will we have better luck finding May's bandanna but I can get better training with a good day. It lifts everyone's spirits instead of spinning around in the flustered weather.

    It was nearly impossible finding her bandanna in that immense city, especially with all the wind blowing around. The weird part was that I didn't mind putting my training on hold for the moment. Of course, I wasn't too pleased about it at first, but just looking at her, I could tell that bandanna meant a lot to her. Looking into her deep saddened eyes, gleaming in the ever forming tears as they rolled down her cheeks, falling to her thin wrist; I watched intently, as she gently rubbed it into her skin. I forgot about my own turmoil and reached out grabbing her hand.

    "Cheer up May, We'll find it." I smiled at her, hoping to somehow lighten her spirits. I guess I succeeded; she gently squeezed my hand back and smiled at me. You never could've known she squeezed back, it was really, really light, but somehow I knew she did. She melted me, right there on the streets, I can't explain how I got back together. A certain kind of feeling inside, I suppose.

    "Yeah May, don't worry," Max spoke up, coming up between us and breaking our entwined fingers from being together. "We'll find it sis, besides your head still looks fine without it."

    "Gee thanks Max, "she chuckled "that really cheers me up."

    "Maybe it flew into the park over there," I suggested.

    The park was enormous from what Brock had told me he had read in his travel guide book; a place where Pokémon and people could interact with each other. Half of the park was an undisturbed region of habitat, where Pokémon from all over the world lived. The ones that could migrate usually left around this time of year to warmer climates.

    The other half was where people walked and appreciated the wonders Pokémon brought them. There was a museum, a carousel, and a small park for the younger kids. It was a great place to be especially in the winter time. The trees where frozen with ice hanging from their branches, and every time a drop of water flew down because of the sun's warmth, it glistened and sparkled until it hit the ground.

    We appreciated the sights but we continued our search; searching behind every tree and underneath every bench, even in the sky to see if it was still hovering above us.

    "Do you see May's bandanna anywhere Pikachu?" I asked him, he still remained curled up in my arms.

    "Pika- Pika," he shook his head.

    I sighed in defeat, after awhile it seemed hopeless. One little bandanna lost in a big city, the odds were against us. I knew we still had time; I wasn't going to give up that easy. "May we still haven't found it but we're not-"

    I was talking to myself, May wasn't behind me. "May?"

    "What's wrong Ash?" Max called from in front of me.

    "Where's May?"

    "Wasn't she behind you?"

    "She's not anymore Max, where did she go?"

    "We got to find her Ash, May! May where are you?"

    "Pikachuuuuuu!" Pikachu leapt from my arms and onto my shoulder, calling out to her. "Pikachuuuuuuuuuuuuu!"

    Max and I retraced our steps through the park. Now not only had May's bandanna gone missing but she had as well. A few minutes more, I really started to worry, how could I lose her, of all people? I was so intent on find her bandana I lost track of May, I'm such an idiot I-

    "Ash, there she is!"

    Max was right there she was, near the carousel. We ran up to her, out of breath and out of patience. "May, where did you go, we looked all over for you and-"

    She wasn't listening to me. Her eyes were hypnotized by the carousel. "May, can you-" there was a thin smile on her face as she observed the carousel with childish curiosity.

    "I haven't seen a carousel in so long." She whispered. "Oh Ash, can we go on it?" May turned to me, her eyes lighting up as If she'd seen a toy she really, really wanted.

    "But May what about your bandanna?" I asked her.

    "Oh, we can take a little break can't we Ash, Please?"

    I sighed and agreed we could, it meant I would only get further behind in my training but I guess it was a small sacrifice I could make. "Ok May, we can go on it."

    "Yippee! Let's go." She ran up ahead to the ticket booth and quickly ordered hers and our tickets. Max and I we're left standing there in disbelief.

    "I can't believe May would get so riled up over the carousel," Max shook his head, and smirked, adjusting his glasses. "That ride's for babies."

    "Aw come on Max, I guess it must mean a lot to May to get to ride it again, you know I haven't ridden one of these in a long time myself."

    "Fine," sighed Max, "I'll get on with you guys."

    "You guys come on, I got the tickets already. The ride's about to start" May called to us, she had already gotten on.

    "We're coming," we called to her. May handed our tickets over to the ride conductor and we climbed aboard, May went well ahead of us, circling the carousel over and over again, gazing at the variation of Pokémon that she could choose from.

    "Come on Ash; help me choose a Pokémon to ride on." She called to me.

    "I got this one," Max pointed to a Treeko in his running stance, and climbed on top. "All right lets go, I'm all ready."

    The carousel wasn't looking too gorgeous to tell you the truth. It seemed older than we were. The paint was peeling off of some of the Pokémon where numerous kids had sat and ridden before. Gum stuck to the bottom of the floor, blackened by everyone who had stepped on it. I sighed heavily; I wasn't too thrilled about taking May to such a depressing place. I still had my doubts.

    "Come on, you slowpoke." She ran back and quickly grabbed my arm.

    I couldn't help but smile as she said that. I didn't really mind as long as she was happy.

    May continued pulling my arm around the carousel, looking at all the Pokémon. I guess she was looking for one that she liked. Finally she settled an old white, fierce Ponyta, its blazing woodened hair flowing, almost as if at any moment it would jump and run off. I knew the ride was about to start, so I took the seat next to her on this poor beat up Pikachu. Pikachu, on the other hand, excitingly cheered as I had chosen him to ride.

    "Pika! Pika-pi!"

    "That's right, I choose you, buddy." I pulled him off my shoulder and hugged him, our cheeks pressing against one another's.

    The ride took off just as I had sat down. The chilling breeze blew against our faces. I wasn't feeling so excellent; I felt a cold coming on sometime later. My sniffling that I had for the past few days came suddenly back to me.

    May meanwhile, couldn't keep a smile off her face. Her head spun around as she kept gazing around as we rode. Gently moving around watching as the world spun around us. "I remember when I was younger, I loved these things" she said.

    "So did I, But to tell you the truth, I never really liked sitting on the Ponyta's."

    "I did, I loved to. Only if it was the one that I liked, would I ride on it. But sometimes I just sat on the bench." She laughed as she always did.

    Her laugh was special to me. It really was. It wasn't as annoying as some other laughs that you hear. Some girls had a nice smile and a rotten laugh. The little things, I guess made much more of an impression on me than anything else. It was a soothing type of laugh, the one that really warmed you up, you feel hot and cold. I enjoyed hearing her be happy; it sometimes, almost made me fall in love with her. It really did.

    I nodded in response. "Yeah, I did too. I always just wanted to sit by myself on the benches. But whenever I tried they're would be a couple sitting there in each other’s arms. I guess it must have gotten into my mind somehow, that you could only sit there if you were with someone else." I shrugged.

    The carousel usually had a decorative bench for the romantic couples who rather sit next to each other than on the Pokémon. I felt really bad, almost as if denying a part of myself whenever I looked at the empty bench on a carousel. Whenever I looked at the benches I never once could imagine myself sitting there, with someone else. I imagined if I sat there by myself, I would look like a desperate boy. Just waiting, Waiting for something, not any specific thing but just sitting there waiting.

    May's face twisted as we continued to converse. "Me too, I thought it wasn't fair. I got my cousin to go on with me and we went on the benches, it was nice. I stared at the world as it spun past; I watched what others were doing."

    By this point I had really started to ache for her. Never had I met someone who had this much in common with me. Had I never suggested we come here I might have missed this all. I knew I would eventually miss this moment again someday but as we sat on our Pokémon, I just couldn't help but smile at her.

    "Yeah come to think of it, I never did sit on a bench. I was an only child and no one ever came to visit. We lived far away from everyone." I laughed. It came out irregular and I regretted having laughed in the first place. "And by the time I did have someone, I out grew it and the thought hadn't crossed my mind until now."

    She sat and thought about it for awhile. She was really quiet. At times I wished she would say something because my sniffling had really started to annoy me.

    May smiled and jumped up. She grabbed my arm and pulled me to my feet. "Well, come on! Let's go sit on the benches!"

    She ran off into one of the nearby benches and sat down, dangling her legs off the carousel a bit, humming as she did so. I sat there astounded at her spontaneous answer. "Um sure...Wait for me." Managing to catch my senses, I ran off to the bench and sat down next to her. Pikachu was nestled in my arm; his eyes peeked out, watching the bewildered sights only made possible by the ride.

    "Is it different than on the Pokémon?" She asked.

    "Oh, I-it's very d-different -" I said. I don't quite remember the reason whether I was speaking in that manner. Whether it was the fascination of sitting on the benches or the enchantment of sitting next to her, I choose not to question the matter. "-Kind of, w-well I don't know."

    "Hard to describe?" She asked, a thin smile appeared on her face as I looked at her.

    "Yeah" I couldn't help but smile back. "I'm glad I did manage to sit on one finally..."

    "I'm glad you finally got the opportunity and that you're able to experience something different, Ash".

    "Thanks to you," I replied.

    "You know, I bet My Eevee would really like this," she said, pulling out one of her Pokeballs. "Come on out Eevee."

    "Vee..." she yawned. Eevee must've been sleeping in her Pokeball. Pikachu's ears perked up, brushing against my arm.

    "Pi?" He jumped off my arm and sat next to Eevee. "Pika- pika-pi- Pikachu,"

    "Vee, Eevee"

    Those two seemed to be really close, about as close as she and I were, perhaps closer. I watched them for awhile. Pikachu seemed like quite the conversationalist. Every time he spoke Eevee seemed to giggle. Once in awhile a small breeze blew across them, and Eevee shivered more times than Pikachu did. What surprised me was that Eevee stood up and cuddled next to Pikachu and Pikachu gently placed his arm around her. That's my buddy. I looked over at May and strangely had the intentions of doing the same.

    But I noticed something behind her. Carved into the worn out bench were names, thousands of them. Each of them carved into the bench, a couple which had an entire heart drawn around them. Others had X's and O's and small pictures, I couldn't stand to see the names anymore, it was too discouraging.

    "So many people carved their names into this." I whispered.

    May raised her eyes to meet my own and looked where my fingers were carefully tracing over the markings. "It's their way of remembering the first time they rode here." She said.

    "I wish we could put our names on it, but I don't really want to cause more damage to the carousel. It should stay here forever so everyone can enjoy it."

    "Great idea As-s-s-h-h-h," She was shivering, the wind blew much more forceful compared to being on the ground. "Oh I love the carousel, but it's so cold here."

    More and more with each passing turn, she inched closer to my open arm. Like Pokémon like trainer, she had the curiosity of doing the same as had Eevee with Pikachu. Her eyes occasionally met with mine again. Whether the cold had frozen me in place or her gaze had, I couldn't move. Every time she did look at me her eyes said ‘If I shiver, keep me warm. ‘I decided to do just that. Well I didn't decide I just let her as she moved closer. I let her and didn't protest. Not even when she laid her head on my shoulder, or when she reached up and grabbed my hand and pulled my arm around her. We stayed like that until the end of the ride.

    That ride ended much faster than I wanted it- well much faster than I expected it to. Before long everyone was jumping off, a few moms helped their kids off as they spoke of a coming snowstorm.

    May smiled and squeezed my hand again as she stood up. A real light squeeze as before, that was her specialty. "I had so much fun." She said.

    "I did too May."

    "Hey Ash, May" Max walked up to us, and embraced his sister, "That ride was so cold but I loved it."

    "Come on let's get off and get some hot chocolate, ok Max?"


    "Awesome, Come on Eevee," May awoke the two from their comfortable slumber. Pikachu looked down as Eevee looked back up at him.

    "Pika-chu" He said nervously scratching his head.

    "Vee," she leaned forward and licked his cheek, before jumping into May's arms.

    "Did you enjoy the ride Eevee?" She asked, petting her on the head.

    "Vee, Eevee"

    "That's great, let's go get some hot chocolate to warm us up."

    Just as I had left my seat, I started back and curiosity got the best of me. Gently, with my fingers, I scratched off the paint from the bench. I had finished the heart surrounding the first two letters of her name: "MA" written. The white paint lightly curled and glided to the floor. This would be my little secret. Like everyone else who had written here before I did.

    "Ash, come on!"

    I looked up and saw them waiting just past the stairs at the bottom. "Uh, I'm coming May," I called back. I picked up Pikachu and jumped down to her side, and I could see what I had written. All I had managed was just that heart, "MA", and a plus sign in between. Although I didn't notice it at the time, I felt embarrassed and regretted having carved it in the first place.

    "Did you enjoy the ride Max?" I asked him.

    He looked at me with cheerfulness in his eyes. "Yeah, Can we go again?"

    "Max I thought you said that this ride was for babies." May spoke up.

    "Uh, well I changed my mind ok."

    I smiled "You guys go get your hot chocolate while I go buy the tickets ok?"

    “Ok, we'll be right back Ash." May said to me, before hurrying off to the hot chocolate stand not too far away.

    As I walked back to the ticket counter, I sneezed. It hurt my throat a lot. My hands ached, as they were red and chapped. I had forgotten my gloves back at the Pokémon center at the last town – I was forgetting a lot of things nowadays- even though they did expose my fingers. They still would've helped a great deal.


    Pikachu jumped onto my shoulder, brushing his tail against my cheek. I guess he grew tired of my arms. He nestled into my shoulder; amazingly, he has always kept me warm wherever we go.

    "Did you enjoy the ride, buddy?"

    "Pika-pika, Pikachu"

    "I enjoyed it too, more than I thought I would. I guess there are some things you just never out grow, huh?"


    "What makes you say that?" I looked at him; he had a serious look on his face. I paid for the tickets and walked back toward May and Max.

    "Pikachu, pika-pika-pi"

    "I was cold, I'm sure she was too, that's why I-"


    "Y-yeah that was the only reason why Pikachu."

    May ran up to my side, in her hand was a nice hot steamy cup of hot chocolate, while on her shoulder Eevee was curled up. "That was fun wasn't it Ash?"

    "Yeah, it's amazing, I thought I grew out of it, but turns out I really missed it."

    "Yeah," she sighed, looking down at the dark pool of chocolate in her cup. "I...This time wasn't like the last time. This time was special."

    "Yeah, it really was...Oh uh May, I got the tickets for the next ride."

    "Awesome," Max walked in between us again; sipping cheerfully his hot chocolate, leaving a russet colored moustache on his lips. "Let's go now."

    "Max," She giggled, "Since when did you have facial hair?"

    "Hmm," He looked down surprised and quickly licked it off. "There I got it."

    "A moustache doesn't look too bad on you Max," I said to him. "Here are your guys' tickets."

    "Wait, aren't you riding too Ash?" May asked me.

    "Nah I'll be fine, besides someone’s got to hold your hot chocolate for you. "

    "Well if you sure, be careful ok." She handed me her and Max's cups and I handed them their tickets.

    "I'll be fine May, hot chocolate is not so hard to control." She sighed as I laughed. I knew what she meant, the snowstorm would hit any minute now and she didn't want me to freeze.

    "Ha ha, Very funny Ash Ketchum"

    "Yeah I'm hilarious; now hurry up the ride's about to start. I'll be waiting right here for you two ok?" She nodded and they both ran up the stairs back on to the carousel. Max, this time picked out a Tailow and jumped on, stretch out his arms to the side, preparing to fly. May sticked with her first choice, her beloved Ponyta.


    "What is it Pikachu?" Pikachu has pointing down to the cups of hot chocolate, and shivering, demonstrating to me he was cold. "You want a cup of hot chocolate too?"

    "Pikachu" he nodded.

    "Ok, let's go Pikachu."

    As walked back, Pikachu proudly held his hot chocolate, taking short sips every now and then. "How's your hot chocolate Pikachu, Good?"

    "Pikachu- Pika-pi."

    "You're welcome buddy." We sat back down on the benches surrounding the carousel. May and Max laughed as they rode on their Pokémon.

    They smiled and waved to me as they spun around; I smiled happily and waved back to them. This time as they did, something else caught my eye. At first I thought it was a sheet of paper or a flyer that had blown in and caught itself on my leg. As I picked it up, I realized it wasn't what I thought it was. It was May's bandanna.

    I jumped out of my seat and ran toward the carousel, waving the bandanna in my hand. Another strong wind could've sent it back in the midst of the city, but I couldn't've cared, I was so happy and I knew May was going to be as well. "May, look I-"

    "Wee, this is so much fun Max!" She laughed happily, her brunette hair flowing in the winter gusts, the snowflakes gently caressing her as they flowed and entwined through her.

    I walked back into the bench and sat back down; it was then that I truly realized that it was snowing. I must've been...mystified.

    I know this is going to be the hardest part of this entire story, But I have to tell someone. I can't tell her how I feel. Yeah, I do like her. I'm not afraid of how she'll feel in return or if she perhaps likes me as well. It's just I love what we already have, our close friendship, the casual hints and jokes about each other, even our bickering I find to be entertaining and fun. If I tell her how I feel and bring love into this, it all might change. We might not focus on what's really important.

    She's still growing and getting better and better each day. I know May messes up sometimes, I want to be there to help her to continue. The same thing for me, while I motivate her and lend her a hand now and then, she holds me back to keep me from losing my head. My fist clenches sometimes when it really shouldn't. When May puts her hand on my shoulder she cracks it open, before I use it and lose my cool. No one has ever calmed me in a way where I don't mumble under my breath things that I don't want them to hear.

    So, I know the risk I'm taking. The risk of possibly losing her to someone else, but at least I can still say to whomever, I'll say ‘you may have the most astounding and amazing person anyone could ever have...But you'll never have what we have...a close friendship, unlike any other. ‘

    I still held her bandanna. I neatly folded it and just held it between my hands; it was warm, so warm, despite it being out in the cold, poor thing. I gently cradle it; pretending it was an injured Pokémon who was lost. I smiled; my imagination was as hard working as ever.

    It really started to snow, almost a blizzard as I sat there. All the while my sniffles were going crazy, I couldn't control them anymore. Everyone soon left the park and the carousel operator was the only one still out there with us. The snow really started to pile on my head. My nose turned red and my lips were sore. I still sat there on the bench watching May ride on her horse. A veil of fog had settled in and it looked as though she was floating in mid air. The snow blew in my face harder as I still sat on the desolate bench, but I never left, never looked away. Pikachu finished his hot chocolate and he took his place between my arms again. Their hot chocolate cups were frozen then and there, and I totally forgot about them. That night, the lake in the middle of the park froze out; the next morning I heard the laughter of the kids skating, and the chirping of the Pidgey as they left for the south.

    As we walked home that night, May was smiling the whole time. "May know we never found your bandanna." I told her.

    Max looked up at me, his eyes wide open "That's right! Oh man it's too dark to try and look for it now." He said disappointed.

    "Hey Max, since where you so keen on helping me find my bandanna?" she asked, a brilliant smirk on her face.

    "Uh cause," Max hesitated, searching for an answer "I'm just used to you wearing it all the time, I miss it I guess."

    Max distastefully crossed his arms on his chest, looking away from us with his eyes closed. May looked at me, and smiled for my approval. Without hesitation, she ran up and hugged her brother from behind, lifting him up from the ground.

    "Oh come on May, Put me down!"

    "Sheesh, I'm just showing a little caring Max."

    May was taking the losing of her head accessory really well, I wonder what was up.

    "You really don't mind May? I know you were pretty attached to your bandanna."

    "It’s alright Ash, I'm sure I could find another one soon, and who knows," she giggled. "Maybe it'll benefit someone else more than me."

    May giggled again, this time looking toward me "Come on Ash, I'm so energetic right now. I'll race you guys to the Pokémon center!"

    Max laughed and ran behind his sister, shouting "You're not gonna win this time May!"

    Is it just me or does May know something I don't? I'll have plenty of time to ponder this later; right now I've got a race to win. "Hey no fair, you guys got a head start!"

    "Pika Pika"

    "Vee, Vee" Eevee smiled and waved as Pikachu and I ran to catch up to them.

    As we ran up ahead to catch up to our friends, I stuck my hand in my pocket. My fingers protecting the object which now would benefit me, in keeping this memory of infiniteness alive. Sure I got back to my training later, much later on account of my cold I ‘d gotten, but work can wait, especially knowing that these kinds of moments are here.
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    Awww! I love this fic!
    Wow, you have all the characters in sync! And the plot and describtion was fairly wonderful! This is a chapter fic right? Correct me if I'm wrong. =]

    I loved the idea of the ride, when it brought them close together. And I laughed and cried which is almost NEVER! ( okay, okay sometimes XD )
    "Pikachu, pika-pika-pi"

    "I was cold, I'm sure she was too, that's why I-"


    "Y-yeah that was the only reason why Pikachu."
    LOLZ! I was laughing and saying aww at the same time! I want to say, that you did an outstanding job! And keep up the good work!

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    Thumbs up

    Great first chapter.

    Was this originally a one-shot, because I think I've read this before, but it is brilliant nevertheless.

    Loved the scene on the carousel and the conversation between Ash and May before they sit on the bench.

    As we ran up ahead to catch up to our friends, I stuck my hand in my pocket. My fingers protecting the object which now would benefit me, in keeping this memory of infiniteness alive. Sure I got back to my training later, much later on account of my cold I ‘d gotten, but work can wait, especially knowing that these kinds of moments are here.
    I like how Ash takes the bandana to remember the memory.

    Keep this story going.

    See Ya!
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    February 3rd- Chapter Two /t&#252;h-hoo/; n, pl, stry chptr nme:

    It might have been just the perfect night. Not much of a peculiar evening to be quite honest. Years had passed since his original departure from Kanto. Ash Ketchum had matured so much during that time; new found goals and new found interests. Her friendship, possessions and memories they’d shared had reminded him every day. He couldn't hold it in anymore, he had to tell her how he felt about her. Miraculously, perhaps she felt the same way as he did at the moment.

    He stood now, just out of reach from the light of campfire. With the tips of his fingers, he lightly held the brim of his hat. A small grin was built upon his face. Every now and then, he took some time off to himself, away from the anxiety and distress his battles sometimes provided. No peculiar thing was on his mind at the moment. The realm of sub conscious thoughts that at times plagued his imagination was anything but horrid right now. A fantastic mood stood poised on his shoulders. In other words, nothing could upset him now. Despite the ambiance and persistence of those thoughts, it couldn't be done.

    Ash brushed back his hair with the palm of his hand and placed his hat back on his head. He turned the brim backwards slightly towards his ear. The wind blew calmly through his slightly protruding ends of hair that hung from the bottom of his hat. He uncaringly placed his hands in his jeans pockets; his mind was set on finding something in there. Something obvious and yet at the same time he knew that his mannerisms were odd. Distraught over not finding his belonging, he sadly turned away, gently kicking the tree on which he leaned upon before.

    Ash walked back toward the campsite, the lingering thoughts still clouded his mind. Against his thigh, he felt his fingers moving ever so slightly on their own, searching for what they still longed to find in the emptiness of his pocket. The wind blew harder against him as he stepped faster. His hat balancing now on the top of his head, his fingers persistently continued searching. Ash closed his eyes hoping to shield off the incoming breeze but instead he managed to find just exactly what he was looking for, what he had forgotten wasn't in his pocket.

    His contemplative frame of mind was interrupted as he nearly walked into the inferno of their campfire. Ash stumbled off to the side, his captured arm breaking his fall. He managed to hold in his outburst of pain so not to wake his friends. Brock and Dawn were sleeping, often he himself wondered why he couldn't get to sleep as quickly as he used to. As he pulled his crushed hand out of his pocket, Ash noticed that it had developed a bruise and his stomach was developing hunger. Knowing he wasn't a very good cook and not wanting to wake his friends for a midnight snack, Ash decided to start on his way toward the Pok&#233;mon center. Savoring the food he hoped to indulge in.


    Ash turned as his eyes adjusted to faint fire behind him from the dyed blackness of the night. "Pikachu," He whispered "Are you up?"


    "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you, I was-"His voice cut off there, the reason being either Pikachu jumping so unexpectedly to his shoulder or whether he couldn't mention why he so hysterically fell into the fire. "-I was just thinking about something."

    "Pika-Pi Pikachu?"

    Ash continued his way, but stopped for a moment as he heard his friend say- what he contemplated so often he would say. Though it was undeniable to him, Ash still at times couldn't bear to bring up the subject. Not at the risk of actually sounding quixotic but once again knowing the generic topic of what could have been. His head bent down towards the ground hiding his revealing expression.

    "No Pikachu, I'm sure that's not the reason why."


    "Yes of course I'm...Sure." Sure was an undermining, a brisk seclusion from the conversation. Over the period of time it would begin to slowly erode at him. The foremost reason for the evasion was he couldn't once imagine what had happened to happen to him again, not even at the closing of a door but the opening of a window. "You ask too many questions, you know that Pikachu."

    "Piiika-ka-ka-ka, Pika-Pi, Pikachu"

    He chuckled. "No harm in asking I guess."

    The Pok&#233;mon center wasn't very far off. Ash arrived at his destination sooner than he had expected. Pikachu had fallen sound asleep upon his shoulder. As he walked in, Ash failed to recognize the girl that stood beside him at the entrance. She had her back turned so we couldn't blame him. However she recognized him immediately, she giggled and walked behind him following him inside, hoping not to be discovered immediately. Her red bandanna ends bobbed as she hurried along.

    It wasn't too late to be honest. Ash was usually asleep by this time, yet sleep was still a secluded consideration which had not managed to catch up to him for some time. Hunger, on the other hand was a stronger emotion at this moment.

    The food was still out; he was relieved at this fact. His stomach grumbled slightly as he served himself on the glimmering crystal plate he grabbed. The aroma soothingly stroked them both, waking them fully from their midnight wandering. Pikachu awoke, graciously beaming with excitement at the variation of the garland created food spread across the tables.

    "Chaaa," He whispered quietly.

    "Finally," he said. "Why did I skip Brock's meal, Pikachu? I really wish I didn't." He thought about that evening's supper and how he had refused to eat, citing that he wasn't feeling well and that his stomach hurt. Ash wasn't lying. He felt anxious and had a need to accomplish something; he just didn't have a clue as to what.

    No one else but him was there. Ash looked around, not moving his hands from his plate. Nurse Joy was behind the front desk, enthusiastic as ever. Her cherry pink hair fell across her face as her eyes demonstrated a jaded expression.

    Another Pok&#233;mon trainer sat at a table, a half eaten sandwich lay in front of him. His Raichu was asleep on his lap; his hand stroked his head kindly as he slept peacefully. Seeing them made Ash think of his own Pikachu, his best friend. He kindly petted his head, assuring him of the security he was providing.

    The Pok&#233;mon Center was now solace and silent. Not as it had been a few hours ago. Never had they seen so many trainers here as they had that evening. The Sinnoh Pok&#233;mon League drew near in the upcoming weeks, that attributed to the over crowdedness and its excuse for being open late. Ash had been training hard with his own Pok&#233;mon. He was anything but worried. He confided in the best of his abilities and his Pok&#233;mon. Still one couldn’t help but wonder. Of course all of his friends would be there to cheer him on- almost all of his friends.

    "I just hope dinner can make me feel bet-"

    His eyes went dark. Someone from behind had blind folded him. At first who wouldn't be panicked in this situation, his eagerness flooded away and he merely chuckled at it. He figured out, that that someone couldn't be taller than him, feeling that the unstable object hadn't fully covered his entire range of vision. Also that this person couldn't be a man, no guy had that high toned voice and could giggle in the manner that she had.

    Finally his invader spoke, "Guess who, Ashy?"


    A smile progressively appeared on his edge. "M-May is that you?"

    The bandana fell from his eyes and was hastily returned to its owners head, tied back to its memorable manner. "Hi." May grinned happily. Pikachu wasted no time in greeting his old friend, jumping to her shoulder and nestling against her cheek.

    She giggled blissfully, "I'm happy to see you too Pikachu" her hand graciously welcoming him, with kind hearted strokes beneath his chin. Ash couldn't help but be envious and coveted so longingly to be in the position his friend was. His hand uneasily rubbed his chin discreetly, before letting loose the words he had wanted to say.

    "May, It's so great to see you."

    "It's about time you said something Ash." May said, smiling at him before rushing over and throwing herself upon him, in a sociable way no less. She hugged him with all the vitality that accumulated since their last encounter at the Wallace Cup.

    Ash awkwardly stood a few seconds, breathing in her hug. In a strange manner which I'm sure has happened to most everyone, as the mind's incredible talent of thought reproduction; Ash wondered if this visit would end as many have before, unwearyingly distracted by the vast happiness of his friends and their presence. His sole wish was not to alternate anything but to augment this visit and tell her his emotions without disruption.

    His arms came around the small of her back, her hair gently ushering in around his hands, holding her close to him, her chest pressing lightly against his. Every time they exhaled, their warmness illuminated his being as did his own breathing did to her. Only a secluded sense of euphoria arises during certain moments of our lives, where and how we choose to go looking for them and how to use them is our own preference. Ash keenly had already made his without regrets.

    "May, I didn't know you were going to come back so soon."

    "What do you mean Ash?" She asked, looking up at him. His eyes stared back into hers, mesmerized for a few moments.

    "It's a surprise to me. You didn't call or anything-" Ash stopped speaking, looking down to study his paces as he walked toward an empty sofa nearby, matching the fine wall printing colors; A merge of white lilies and blossoming emeralds in the early mornings. A carefully chosen color scheme, calming yet metaphoric. He sat down, bewildered, his chin in his hands.

    May placed her hand on his shoulder. "Didn't you get my letter Ash?"

    He looked up at her, his face blank with indecision. "No I can't say that I did." Sighing, May let her arm fall from his shoulder.

    "Oh," she said.

    She staggered across the room and sat on an armchair across from him. May lifted her leg over her knee while the palm of her hand supported her cheek. Her lips twisted in deep seclusion. "I could have sworn I sent that letter."

    "What was in it?" he asked. Ash moved forward arching his back toward her. He seemed deeply interested on the contents of the misplaced letter.

    May's eyes circled toward his direction and glanced at him. An attractive smile appeared on her lips as she scoffed at the idea. "Oh just things, how I was doing, conversation starters, thoughts I had at the time. Dawn told me you had won your eighth badge and that you guys were already on your way towards the Sinnoh Pok&#233;mon league. It was a pretty long letter actually."

    "How long was it?"

    "About eight pages,"

    Ash's eyes opened extensively, an astonished look appeared on his face. "Eight pages?"

    May abruptly let her leg drop to the floor, her hands that held her once pale face fell to her lap. No longer was it pale but had reddened, standing out from her usual facial features. Ash smiled, he had become quite used to seeing this predicament. He took comfort in seeing May blush on more than one occasion.

    "I had so much to tell you, and I didn't know how long it would take you to reply back or for me to get here. I tried to put everything on that was on my mind-"

    Her mouth dangled open, as if she had more to say. Her mouth unexpectedly became desiccated, the phrase was on the tip of her tongue but she couldn't bring herself to finish what she had started.

    Ash's head tilted watching curiously at her humorous expression. His head slanted to the side, almost as if to see if he could come across the description she was looking for. May shook her head furiously, hoping that it would somehow eradicate her vague but apparent memory she had tried to comprehend unaccountable times before.

    "It's nothing Ash, "She finally managed to say "J-just something I wrote, I thought I wrote. But I didn't. I'm sure of it."

    "Um," Ash hesitated to bring forth the matter. He finally understood what she was trying to say. Something that probably hadn't crossed her mind for the longest time yet still didn't abscond from her.

    "Is it about..." he started.

    May lips twisted, her eyes trying to divert his gaze but still managing to find their way up to his. "Is it that obvious?" she asked.

    "Kinda," he said. He had let his words loose before he realized the topic of which they we’re talking about. May had revealed similar feelings for him hadn’t she? Then why was he feeling so down? Ash realized she didn't want to start the evening with such a topic. His faced flushed as he immediately tried to change the subject. "Uh, well..."

    "Yes Ash?" May’s inquisitiveness for her expectations fretfully kneaded her thoughts. She leaned forward unexpectedly smiling.

    "Well, I was just about to have dinner, would you like anything?" Ash stood up half way, convincingly swaying his hand in the course of the food. May leaned back in her seat, disappointed but convinced as well.

    "Well..." May hesitated, her hands moving uncontrollably over each other "If you don't mind, could you get me a glass of milk please, if it isn't too much trouble."

    "No trouble at all May, I’d be glad too." Ash smiled and began to stroll toward the beverage counter. A favorable happiness reflected in his step. "No offense, but you look, a bit, scorching."

    May raised her head, staring back at him. Not knowing what exactly he meant by the comment. In the reflection of the light and the blush on her cheeks, May look a trifle hot where she was sitting. Moisture perspired on her forehead, and began to set in her palms beneath her gloves; gracefully she removed them from her hands.

    I wonder what he meant by that? She thought.

    Ash was perplexed by May's undemanding order. Usually they'd ravish in more of a gluttonous behavior when they were together, with all the fun involved. He was hoping he could share those past memories once more. As he filled his plate and sense of guilt came over him. He quickly doubled on most of his order, in case May would suddenly get hungry.

    May unconditionally placed her gloves into her pack around her waist, as she did so; her PokeDex fell to the ground. Hastily, she bent over and picked it up, her eyes darted from person to person, surveying cautiously, studying to see if anyone heard the loud noise she made; hoping not to draw needless attention to herself. Seeing no one looking, May zipped up her pack and positioned her back closer to the chair. Her eyes closed for a moment and without delay opened once more. Pikachu was now nestled in between her arms. He was incredibly happy to see her again. May smiled and gently scratched him behind his ears.

    Ash was returning from the bars, a glass of milk in one hand and a plate mound with food, messily adorned in an insatiable familiar manner.

    He took a seat at the table. May stood up and joined him, taking the seat across from him. "Here's your glass of milk May." He said handing her the small glass.

    "Thanks Ash," she said taking a sip.

    Ash took a bite of his hamburger on his plate; he could see that May was gawking at his French fries. He smiled, pushing the plate closer to her. She smiled and reached for a French fry, eating it contently.

    "I see you found you bandanna." He said, acknowledging she had on a different bandanna than last time. “The other one was green.”

    "Yeah, but red’s still my favorite color. " she said running her hand across her head and down to her hair, "Actually this is a new one I had at home, we never found my old one remember?"

    "Yeah, you lost it that day when were at that snowy gigantic city.” Ash chuckled nervously “That was a great day wasn't it?"

    "Pika," Pikachu spoke up.

    "You had fun that day too, didn't you Pikachu?" she smiled.

    Pikachu nodded, "Pikachu, pika-pika."

    He smiled, “Hey May, you seem awfully nervous tonight. Are you ok?”

    “I’m fine Ash,” she shook her head nervously. “But could I ask you something?”

    “What is it May?”

    “Why didn’t you write to me? I know you didn’t get my letter before but…why didn’t you still?”

    “I-uh…” He wasn’t prepared for the magnitude of her question. Why hadn’t he written to her? He wanted to and he knew that she wanted to hear from him but, why hadn’t he? He wasn’t too distracted. His training with Dawn had been a handful but nothing they couldn’t manage. “I…I don’t know May.”

    His answer came as unexpected to her as her question did to him. What does he mean he doesn’t know? Why couldn’t he have written to me first? His unknowing, prove to be her breaking point. “In all of this time you hadn’t written to me Ash, why not? How could you say you don’t know?”

    “May I-“

    “I mean, you have time, I know you do. Why couldn’t you just written to me or called me once. You know how I feel about you, you’re my close friend and you’ve always been there for me. But it seems as though you don’t want to hear from me anymore. You know, if you didn’t want me to see you anymore you should have just told me. Ignoring your friends is even worse than not seeing them. Even at the Wallace cup, you were so nervous when I said I was coming. I missed you, you know. ..“

    Her voice ran out of vigor at that point. She had been speaking with such a force between them, nobody else noticed but it blew them both away.

    May raised he glass back to her lips and took another drink, finishing the rest of her milk. She looked back at him, he wasn’t moving nor speaking. His chest gently heaved from his breathing and his eyes were slightly watered.

    Oh no, she thought, I shouldn’t have been so mean to him.

    “Ash…” she whispered.

    “Do you want me to take that up for you?”

    May looked down where Ash’s eyes were pointing. It was to her empty glass. He hoped this distraction could save him from further harsh admonishment.

    May realized his rebuttal, but she couldn’t blame him at heart. She was irritated but only because she longed to hear from him. May secretly smiled. She knew that the Ash she had come to know would be indifferent to her allusions. She would just have to keep trying wouldn’t she? Nudge him in the shoulder every time the subject came up. But for now, May owed him something, something that she deeply meant.

    “Ash…I’m sorry I yelled you.”

    "May, I'm sorry too. I should't've…I should’ve written to you."

    "Ash," May spoke softly; an incoherent sorrow loomed in her voice. "Do you like me?"

    Ash was taken by surprise, countless times as he was by her. He studied her face carefully looking for some sign to her thoughts.

    "What do you mean?"

    "Do you like me, I mean do you consider me a true friend and not just because you think your obliged too?"

    Ash mouth was slightly hanging open in awe, twitching before he finally spoke. "May, I think of you as a true friend. I may have met a lot of people on my travels but you, you hold an extraordinary place in my heart, you're unique and I wouldn't feel obliged to like you, because I already do."

    May's head drifted downward, a shy smile lit on her face. "I-I'm really sorry I yelled at you Ash. I just wanted to hear you say that."

    "May are you ok? You look pale and you're...sweating."

    "I liked scorching better..." she said in whisper.

    "What was that May?"

    "Um...I just haven't been feeling too good that's all."

    "Oh," He sighed. "Do you have a place to stay tonight?"

    “Yeah I'm staying here, remember I...oh right, you didn't get the letter.” She laughed uneasily. “Well, I'm staying here at the Pok&#233;mon Center."

    "Oh ok, I guess you got here earlier than I thought. Brock, Dawn and I are camping out. I'd better head back, just in case they wake up, I wouldn't want them to worry."

    "Ok Ash," she smiled "I guess I'll see you tomorrow morning." May stood from her chair, hugging Pikachu; he melted into her arms as she pressed her cheek against his.

    "Chaaa" he said affectionately.

    “How cute,” she thought. "You'd better get back to Ash Pikachu,"


    "I'm sure Pikachu wouldn't mind sleeping over with you tonight May, I know he'll probably want to see Glaceon again." He chuckled.

    "Really Ash?”

    "Yeah, it's ok, I'm sure Pikachu won't mind at all,” Ash bent down patting his friend on the head gently. He took his eyes of him for a second, as they traveled upward to May; across her chest, over her shoulder and studying her eyes. I hope Pikachu doesn’t reveal too much about all of this. But I think he’ll be a little preoccupied with-

    Something caught his eye, the darkness of the night illuminated by the bright yellow light of the moon shone through the nearby window behind her. It really was a beautiful night; unlike any other he had seen before. This would make a good opportunity wouldn’t it? He thought he’d finally be able to express his feelings and maybe hers as well. He had his information and this time, he was ready.

    “Hey May…You want to come outside with me?”

    “Outside,” she said with an innocent tone in her voice “why outside?”

    “Let’s go outside for a minute May. I heard there’s a full moon out tonight.”

    During the day the sun is bright in Sunnyshore but during the night the moon shone its cool comforting yellow light over the city. With its enormous solar panels the stars and moon weren’t really visible from the city. Only on the coast were they visible. Just past Pok&#233;mon rock, near the sea and foaming mist floating above the surface.

    “Sure Ash, I’ll go with you.” She smiled. Pikachu jumped from May’s arms to her shoulder. Ash reached out and serenely took hold of her hand; she stood up, following him outside.

    Together, their eyes never leaving each other’s serene smiles, pushed the doors of the Pok&#233;mon center open and walked out to the gravel paved streets of Sunnyshore. The hours of darkness sure were mystifying. The soaring solar panels roads created illusions of shadows on the streets below.

    Ash watched all around him as the night created another sense of the city, another entirely beautiful world. May noticed he was distracted; she crept up behind him and tapped him on his shoulder but ran in the opposite direction.

    “Hey!” Ash yelled, laughing as he turned and ran in May’s direction.

    She giggled happily. “Come on I’ll race you to the coastline over there Ash.”

    They raced down the streets, as the pebbles leapt and soared beneath their shoes, the streetlights guiding their search to find true emotion. Laughing happily, May kept turning around to watch him as he frantically tried to catch up to her.

    But as she turned around again, May came to a stop just before reaching Pok&#233;mon rock. In the distant place above the head of the Munchlax carved in stone, was the shimmering evening yellow moon.

    “The moon looks so beautiful tonight,” she whispered. May walked around the massive Pok&#233;mon monument, to have a better look at the sky. The crashing waves of the nearby ocean hummed and pulsated on the beach nearby where they concluded; where May stood upon observing the mystical stars of the night sky. And they were all yellow. “I’ve never been able to see the moon this big…anywhere.”

    “Neither have I.” Ash said, having managed to catch up with the captivated young girl. “You know what May?”

    “What Ash?” May was still preoccupied with sidereal possession, reading the manuscript of the night sky. His words were just as casual as the flow of the wind or the waves of the ocean.

    “I bet you could see it even better from up there.”

    May looked up where Ash’s eyes had landed. A tree stood behind them reaching its arms toward the night sky. Brand new seedlings were sprouting from its branches; Green little blossoms, shyly hiding behind their mature leaf partners on the brushwood. His words hadn’t fallen to the ground this time.

    “Up there Ash, but isn’t it a little high?”

    “Nah, come on May it isn’t very high. Trees always have the best views.”

    That’s Ash for you she thought. A human Aipom as Brock called him once. Shrugging her shoulders informally, “Ok Ash, are you going…first?”

    Ash wasn’t by her side any longer. She turned her to either sides of her. “Ash?” she called out. The freezing air blew, as she shivered in bitter alarm.

    “May, I’m right here.” Ash poked his head from behind the tree. She blinked in disbelief; her eyes stared at him, before her face withered into a frown.

    “Ash, you jerk. You scared me, I thought you had-“

    “Left you behind?”

    She blushed, not wanting to reveal her true demeanor. “Maybe…” Looking up at the tree, in a hastily thought of endeavor; she noticed just how towering it unexpectedly got.

    Had it been this tall before? She thought. She stepped back whimpering silently in dread. “Ash, I don’t think I can climb it.”

    “Why May, are you a little scared?”He asked.

    “No!” she replied angrily, “Just a little, maybe.” She said calmly this time.

    “Don’t worry, I was looking around and I found the easiest spot on the tree to climb; besides I’ll be here to help you.” He smiled.

    “Ok, I trust you Ash.” She blushed again. “Right, let do this.” May stepped up confidently towards the tree and reached up above her head for the closest branch. Her leg reached up to the trunk, the bottom of her shoe gripping the bark. “Um, which one do I grab onto next Ash?” she could feel her fingers start to slip from the slender branch.

    Following her path, Ash scaled the tree; One hand scarcely on her waist and the other on the branch of the other side of the tree. “Just grab that branch next to your wrist May”

    “Alright, I’ve got it A-AHHH!” She made a brave grasp for the distant branch, but missed. In her attempt, her already loosened grip on the tree slipped underneath her.

    “May, Ouch!”

    Her breathing relaxed as she discovered that she wasn’t on the ground. May blinked and looked around her. Ash had held his ground or more specific his branches and the trunk of the tree tightly. She had fallen in between his arms, landing forcefully onto his chest. At first instance she looked at him as he coughed from the ache of her shoulder and elbow, but winningly and secretively moved closer to him, absorbing his presence.

    “Ash I’m sorry, are you ok?”

    “I’m fine May, are you ok?”

    “Yeah,” she said with a sigh. Looking down, gently she rubbed her leg, whimpering as she did. “I have a small cut on my leg. I must’ve gotten it when I fell.”

    Ash tilted his head; his eyes narrowed as he noticed a small red cut on her leg. The crimson graze stood out from the mellow skin on her leg, just as when her cheeks blushed delightfully on her face.

    “Do you mind if I take a look at it once we get up there?”

    “Sure Ash, if you really want to.”

    “Just try not to put so much pressure on it if it really hurts.”

    “I think I’ll be fine Ash, thanks “she giggled.

    “Ok, grab that branch I was telling you- can you reach it?” May was struggling to reach the upper branches. Ash noticed it was just a few feet away from the haven he had discovered on the tree; where they could both stand peacefully without worry.

    “Not really Ash, could you help me a- “Ash without uncertainty, place his hands on her waist, giving her an astonishing boost. Higher than the branch she was intended to grab. “T-thanks for the boost Ash,”

    “You’re welcome” Ash joined next to her, in the comfy spot they had found. He leaned against the tree, sighing as he stared up at the yellow moon. May sat next to him on the supporting branch as she dangled her legs playfully in the air.

    Once again, it was they, by themselves. Watching the world from the point where they stood. She, comfortably position in his secure arms, her cheek pressing against his shoulder, high in a tree, another place to carve two letters and a plus sign.

    On the distant horizon where the sun would rise in a few hours, a glimmering hum approached the cliff sided beach of Sunnyshore. February was the time of the Illumise and Volbeat mating period. The eager Volbeat chased their comparative companions across the oceans’ long distance to see their true equal and spend their eternal time with them.

    “Whoa,” Ash quickly hugged the trunk of tree, losing his balance in the instance of his yawn. “May,” he said in another yawn. “Do you mind if we get down. Another yawn like that, and I’ll be asleep before I hit the ground,” He chuckled nervously.

    May smiled "Sure Ash, it's getting a little cold up here anyways" Wrapping her arms around her; May peeked down at the ground. Her eyes widened as the ground ran from her. "Uh...A-Ash?" she said frightened. "H-how are we...You know...down?"

    Ash laughed and jumped down to the few feet to the ground. "Like That" he yelled to her. May still cringed nervously. Ash blinked a few times before holding his arms out. "Jump" he said

    "B-but Ash"

    "I'll catch you May, Trust me."

    Closing her eyes, she nodded; stepping off of the supporting branch and jumping down. Oh my g-


    "Hmm?" May gradually opened her eyes. "Ash?" she called out.

    "Down... here... May..."

    "Oh," Ash lay underneath her, succeeding in having caught her. Her knees were pressed against his chest; May stared at him, taken aback at the young boy until he opened one of his eyes. "Um, Hi Ash," she waved apologetically.

    "I’m ok, I think I'll just lie here for a while though, if you don't mind." smiling, despairingly as he crawled over, inclining up against the soothing trunk of their tree.

    May curled up beside him, lying on her side, watching his ever attentive eyes stirring about. Ash looked on, enthralled by an immense yellow glowing swarm of Illumise and Volbeat. "May look" he whispered.

    May raised her eyes to the breathtaking sight, lifting up her head."Wow," she said softly.

    The young trainers looked on as the nocturnal Pok&#233;mon danced in the evening sky. The Volbeat called out to their Illumise partners, turning back the Illumise giggled. They flew past and around the curious group of Volbeat, creating complex and amorous designs in the night sky.

    "That so pretty, isn't it Ash?"

    "It is May...It is."

    The Illumise and Volbeat one by one paired off, to flying into the distance to spend the rest of their time together. Ash and May sensed a new beginning in their hearts; Uplifting and powerfully elemental whenever the new experience of sometime special began.

    "Hey May, Do you feel any better no-"

    May had her eyes closed, mumbling as she gave into her weariness. "Ash...gimmie my..." she said softly.

    As the night continued on, and their eyes became heavier, Ash pulled off his hat running his fingers through his hair. May had fallen asleep long before, a tiny smiled was on her lips. He gazed at her, pulling his hat back on his head. Wow, May looks so-

    "Huh?" Inside of his hat something had caught his attention. Oh there it is, how I could forget. He thought I can't believe I didn't notice it earlier.

    Nestled inside his hat was her bandanna the one, he had found. Only he knew it was there, his own little secret. As he put his hat back on his head, laying back into the softness of the emerald yellow glistening twilight grass, with May nestling into the side of his arm, he felt his half of the ribbon they had won; Another faithful possession of theirs, carefully nestled in between her bandanna.
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    Thumbs up

    Another great chapter!

    Favourite Bits:

    "It's about time you said something Ash." May said, smiling at him before rushing over and throwing herself upon him, in a sociable way no less. She hugged him with all the vitality that accumulated since their last encounter at the Wallace Cup.

    Ash awkwardly stood a few seconds, breathing in her hug. In a strange manner which I'm sure has happened to most everyone, as the mind's incredible talent of thought reproduction; Ash wondered if this visit would end as many have before, unwearyingly distracted by the vast happiness of his friends and their presence. His sole wish was not to alternate anything but to augment this visit and tell her his emotions without disruption.

    His arms came around the small of her back, her hair gently ushering in around his hands, holding her close to him, her chest pressing lightly against his. Every time they exhaled, their warmness illuminated his being as did his own breathing did to her. Only a secluded sense of euphoria arises during certain moments of our lives, where and how we choose to go looking for them and how to use them is our own preference. Ash keenly had already made his without regrets.
    This should have happened in the anime when she visited during the Wallace Cup.

    "How long was it?"

    "About eight pages,"

    Ash's eyes opened extensively, an astonished look appeared on his face. "Eight pages?"
    That's a long letter. 'Size of letter is directly proportional to how much you like a person'. May obiously likes Ash!

    Once again, it was they, by themselves. Watching the world from the point where they stood. She, comfortably position in his secure arms, her cheek pressing against his shoulder, high in a tree, another place to carve two letters and a plus sign.
    Nice reference to previous chapter.

    May curled up beside him, lying on her side, watching his ever attentive eyes stirring about. Ash looked on, enthralled by an immense yellow glowing swarm of Illumise and Volbeat. "May look" he whispered.

    May raised her eyes to the breathtaking sight, lifting up her head."Wow," she said softly.

    The young trainers looked on as the nocturnal Pokémon danced in the evening sky. The Volbeat called out to their Illumise partners, turning back the Illumise giggled. They flew past and around the curious group of Volbeat, creating complex and amorous designs in the night sky.

    "That so pretty, isn't it Ash?"

    "It is May...It is."

    The Illumise and Volbeat one by one paired off, to flying into the distance to spend the rest of their time together. Ash and May sensed a new beginning in their hearts; Uplifting and powerfully elemental whenever the new experience of sometime special began.

    "Hey May, Do you feel any better no-"

    May had her eyes closed, mumbling as she gave into her weariness. "Ash...gimmie my..." she said softly.

    As the night continued on, and their eyes became heavier, Ash pulled off his hat running his fingers through his hair. May had fallen asleep long before, a tiny smiled was on her lips. He gazed at her, pulling his hat back on his head. Wow, May looks so-

    "Huh?" Inside of his hat something had caught his attention. Oh there it is, how I could forget. He thought I can't believe I didn't notice it earlier.

    Nestled inside his hat was her bandanna the one, he had found. Only he knew it was there, his own little secret. As he put his hat back on his head, laying back into the softness of the emerald yellow glistening twilight grass, with May nestling into the side of his arm, he felt his half of the ribbon they had won; Another faithful possession of theirs, carefully nestled in between her bandanna.
    Nice reference to the episodes in Hoenn and Kanto with Volbeat and Illumise. Very cute scene with May sleeping on his shoulder.

    Keep up the good work.

    See Ya!
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    If you’ve forgotten what happened in the first two chapters, like I did, I suggest reading them again. The story won’t make much sense without them. While it could, I’d still advise rereading them.

    So this chapter, the Third one, is in Dawn’s point of view and takes place a few days after the second chapter. The kids are no longer on Sunnyshore but somewhere on the Sinnoh Conference Isle. One more note, Dawn flashbacks from present to past several times so to make it easier: Present= not in Italics, Past= Italicized.

    Also Available On-



    __________________________________________________ __

    February 6th Part I- Chapter #

    I woke up. The night air was humid and my mouth was dry. My mind was completely blank. For that moment, I couldn't remember a thing. Where was I, for that matter, who was I? It was an intense and unexplainable feeling, but it felt so breathtaking. No troubles, no problems and no anguish. For those ten seconds I wasn't anyone. My arms quivered beside me but I wasn't scared, I was just a stranger, to myself.

    I sat up, leaning back on my arms and I turned my head from side to side, gathering in what I could to help solve this mystery. It was early in the morning, not even the sun had risen all the way yet. The wind was so cold, but the air on the ground was so warm. The tent door was slightly open and the walls fluttered gently as the morning breeze hit from the outside where it blew calmly through the soaring tree branches. The warm aroma laced itself around me and ran profoundly into its untouched home. One or two leaves drifted to the ground. But one stunning and vibrant emerald one fell next to a snoozing Pok&#233;mon trainer.

    I could see him as I walked down the hill toward the river. Piplup was the one that had pointed him out to me. It was Ash. His left arm was resting underneath his head, while his hair blew gently on and off his face. His right leg was bent and stood instead of lying down like the other.

    What really surprised me though was the person that lay on his right. It was May, a friend of ours who I hadn't seen since we both competed in the Wallace Cup a while ago. She lay inches away from Ash, her hands barely grasping onto his arm above her head. The cool breeze hadn't seemed to bother them much. I wondered how long they had been out here, all night could it be?

    May was still lying where I had seen her last: sleeping peacefully next to me, with her Glaceon sleeping beside her. I lay my head back down next to hers. She whispered silently as she slept, brushing away the occasional lock of hair that fell on her nose.

    As I watched her sleeping, those thoughts and images came back to me. I wondered how long they had been out here, all night could it be? How did they get out here in the first place, did they want to be alone? It was growing into what I feared the most. Since that day, I couldn't close my eyes without seeing them like that.

    I know these kinds of feelings come out of more things unsaid than what we actually say, but is there anything at all with having a boy and a girl sleeping next to each other? Why is it usually me who notices these things? May must see it too, something, anything at all. No one can be as close as they are without having something between them.

    Despite everything, she's one of my closest friends and I shouldn't be suspicious of her. This is just giving me a lot more to think about. Maybe I was being inconsiderate. I knew I couldn't be making anything better by feeling this way. Ash is really special to us both, to everyone really.

    Anyways, it was still too early to get dressed. Five or six it must've been. It couldn't have been later than that. My legs shivered and I pulled the green blanket around me closer. This kind of weather was not meant for me. But we would all have to make do with what we had.

    My thoughts stopped for a minute and I closed my eyes. I could hear May breathing softly behind me, the sounds of the fields, the roaring of the clouds, and the distant gushing waterfall roaring from overhead. The giant water wheel turned and a single Butterfree glistened as it flew out from beneath the water wheel and out of the falls grasp. The boat came to a stop just underneath it and a few minutes later it departed from the Sinnoh league island and returned to Sunnyshore City from where it came. The Sinnoh conference island swarmed with trainers from all across the region. I've never seen a Pok&#233;mon conference so full and overcrowded like this before.

    The endless fields of grass swayed in the wind, as the shadow surrounding the cathedral that was going to house the Sinnoh conference battles walked upon the pale afternoon pastures. They were long and untamed, sitting and waiting to be cared for, adored, to achieve some sort attention- from him.

    I guess my mind was wandering as well. I couldn't think about something for two seconds without having it come back to him in the end.

    His mind was focused on the carelessness of the situation. Distracted long enough to grasp his mind around our mistake; a side so caring and idealistic. By the time we had noticed, we were already too far away.

    I sat on the edge of the pier, dangling my legs across the edge and waving back to the fading boat. The winds were fiercer on the island. I brought my knees close to me and wrapped my arms around them, lonely minded and empty handed.

    "I don't see why we couldn't have gone back with the boat. We don't have any of our things here with us. How were we supposed to know that the bags didn't belong there?"

    "I'm sorry sir. But all travelers must stay on the island until further notice. The opening ceremonies of the competitions will start tomorrow and even with our most careful supervision, people still manage to get lost out here. And on top of that sir, the island is almost full and we're still weeks away from the final rounds and the Elite Four battles at that. We're at our fullest capacity. Your bags will still be there by the end of it all, I promise. With the opening ceremonies; you'll have your hands full."

    "What are supposed to do until then? The Pok&#233;mon Center in Sunnyshore was even filled, what do you expect we should do here?"

    Oh Ash just let it go. We'll be fine. I trust you.

    "I don't know what to suggest sir. Perhaps one of your friends could let you borrow some of their equipment or wait until the Pok&#232;mart receives more supplies, until then-"

    I didn't stick around to hear the rest; I wanted some peace and quiet time, so I decided to leave the pier. But as soon as I stood up, I realized I wouldn't get any peace and quiet anywhere around here for the next several weeks. I looked down and brushed with my foot the dirt from the wooden planks of the pier down into the water. They spread themselves out from where they landed and swam away into their own paths as they sank deeply into the sea.

    The boards creaked under my feet as the final passenger walked off the dock. I could feel their footsteps vibrate through the pier, surging from their steps down to my own. I turned back, to stop and stare at the remaining wanderer.

    He held the strap of his backpack in place with his hand. His lavender hair blew back to reveal his monotonous expression as his eyes frowned. He gazed in disgust at the over occupied island.

    "Paul," I whispered. His eyes rolled to my direction and he walked off, mumbling something I didn't catch.

    If it wasn't for the situation I was having myself, I would've frowned at his constant grumbling but now I found myself agreeing with him. I was hoping this could've been a more private place for us.

    Shaking his head, Paul walked off the dock; in desperation, to the only people in his sight who I think he knew: Ash and Brock. "Hey, do you two have any idea what the situation is around here?" He asked them.

    We were in the exact same position as you Paul. Empty handed, on our own, without knowledge of our surroundings and in the midst of the hundreds
    of sleeping Pok&#233;mon trainers whose undertone crept around us like a distressing and calming haze.

    They woke me from my dream. Their shoes squished underneath the morning dew of the grasses just outside the tent. Everyone else was starting to wake up by now. If they hadn't woke me up, it would’ve still been yesterday.

    I had slept in my traveling clothes last night. I didn't even want to take off my hat and scarf. It was cold whenever the wind blew and shook the tent. I missed the beaches of Sunnyshore. At least they had a beach to enjoy. This island had nothing but cliffs all around. It wasn't very pretty at all. Besides the long grass, thick forests, crazy weather and frightening cathedral, it just didn't seem at all like a celebration would take place here later tonight. The opening ceremonies, it was so much to think of.

    I didn't want to open my eyes but I finally did. The light from the sun was now coming in through the thin walls around us. No one really would be out right now; maybe we could get some training in before breakfast; if we could find breakfast that is. Ash and I had a lot of training to do. We'd taken the last few days off but now we really had to buckle down.

    I was hoping May would join us too, if she wanted. I knew she had a lot of preparing to do. With all of her previous experiences in the Grand Festival, I hoping she could give me some advice to help me out. I told her all about how I was able to get my fifth and final ribbon and how the Grand Festival here was just around the corner. I wondered about her, if she was able to make it to Grand Festival in Johto. That's how it all started.

    "I wouldn't miss this for the world," she said happily. I was glad she had come over to keep me company. I was starting to feel more relaxed. "Ash's battles are coming soon and I couldn't miss out on watching him battle. Also I thought I'd try out for the contests here in the Sinnoh region."

    "What about your contests in Johto?" I asked her.

    "Oh, those are in the past Dawn. I did get my five ribbons, but I wasn't able to win at the Grand Festival again."

    "Oh, so you're going to try your luck at the Sinnoh contests now huh? The contests here are different from the ones in Kanto and Johto you know."

    "Yeah I know, I mean I've been thinking about our match at the Wallace Cup Dawn and to tell you the truth, I was lucky enough to even be runner-up."

    I stared at her in bewilderment. "What are you talking about May, if anyone was lucky, it was me. I mean, going up against such an experienced coordinator like you,"

    She smiled. "Dawn, that day you really gave me a battle that I'll never forget. I wouldn't be surprised if you actually went all the way to the top in the Sinnoh Grand Festival this year."

    "You really think so May? It's barely my first one."

    "Yeah, I really think you have what it takes to go all the way and I'll be here to help you out until you get there." She smiled again. She really had a way of making any one smile; her and Ash both.

    "Thanks May," I smiled back. I never felt like I trusted someone as much as I did her at that moment. I was getting this strange feeling that I usually only got around one other person. "Um actually... I have a one more thing that I was hoping to talk to you about May."

    "Oh yeah, what is it Dawn?"

    "It's just that," I gently bit my lip, "that night, were you and Ash really so wiped out that you guys couldn't make it back to the camp site?"

    She blushed, "Oh um, well we found each other down at the Pok&#233;mon Center and we just sorta caught up and I guess sleep must've hit us pretty hard and we just slept under that tree where you found us, that's all."

    "Oh, so I bet you guys had lots of fun that night right?" I noticed she turned her face away from me as I said that, her lips twisted and her face, deeply colored, glowed in the sun. "Since we last saw each other, lots of things have changed. I wouldn't be surprised if you guys spent the whole night talking."

    "Oh, yeah," she looked back at me, studying me carefully before she replied "Yeah, we talked a lot" she smiled again.

    "Or why May, did something else happen between you and Ash?" I teased her.

    "No, No, No," she shook her hands nervously, "we talked and just camped out under the stars that's it. It was really beautiful and really unlike Ash too."

    "Yeah, doesn't sound like Ash does it? Did you ask him to or-"

    "No, it was his idea." May stood up and leaned against the railing, overlooking the island cliffs beside me. As I looked over at her, her eyes weren't concentrating on our conversation anymore. They seemed cloudy, as if they were looking back, remembering almost, as if having a life of their own. "He just looked out the window and said let's go outside. We stayed out there and fell asleep." She said softly.

    "His idea," I whispered. "I never would've guessed-"

    "God, everyone around here is useless!"

    I tensed up. His voice sounded closer than I thought it was. We looked back and Paul walked back angrily toward where I saw him get off the boat earlier. He walked with his head down as he sulked; his violet hair covered most of his face.

    "What's his problem" May asked surprised.

    "He's usually like that May," I sighed.

    He looked up at us, frowning. "I won't even bother asking you two,"

    "About what?" May asked him, confused.

    "On what the deal around here is exactly. There's no room at the Pok&#233;mon Center and everyone is crowding around out here."

    "The trainers are all taking the best camping spots for tonight, since they can't exactly crowd everyone into the Pok&#233;mon Center here." I told him.

    "I know that," He snapped, "poorly organized if you ask me."

    I could feel my face tightening and my forehead warming with beads of frustration. Why did he have to be like this? "Why, didn't you bring a tent Paul?" I asked him.

    "Of course I brought a tent. I'm always prepared. Why, didn't you?"

    "Uh not exactly," May replied, scratching the back of her head anxiously. "We kinda lost our luggage."

    "How pathetic" he sneered. "I guess you guys are on your own now."

    He turned his back toward us. Paul walked a few steps to the railing of the boarding plank, when suddenly he stopped and looked at us. I didn't recognize him then for that moment; the unwholesome atmosphere around his pupils had disappeared, replaced with an almost sympathetic quality I sensed from him.

    "How could you two stand being around them?" he asked "They're both so childish."

    He meant Ash and Brock. I admit, the situation was childish, but it wasn't their entire fault, it was all of ours. He always blamed everything on them. Paul should take a good hard look at himself once in a while. "Hey, they're our friends and we'd stick by them no matter what. Besides we all lost our luggage." He was really starting to get on my nerves.

    "Hmph," He turned away from us again. His head turned toward the ocean and his hair sparkled up against his cheek. For a second, he could almost be handsome.

    "You know Paul, what you could really use is a girlfriend. Maybe that would soften you up."

    "What?" His eyes were wide, confused with disgust. That's the reaction I wanted from him. I smirked at him and out of spontaneity, I kept at it.

    "I bet if you got one kiss from a girl who really liked you, I bet you'd change your mind." I winked at him.

    "Oh please, I-"

    "Hey Paul!" Ash yelled. He and Brock were running up to meet us.

    "Oh great," Paul sighed, shoving his hands in his pockets as Ash ran up to him.

    "Why'd you run off like that?" Ash asked him, stopping in front of him to catch his breath.

    "Pika Pikachu," Pikachu tensely questioned him as well from Ash's shoulder.

    "Because all of you are getting me nowhere fast,"

    Ash sighed, a silence burst out from them both as their eyes met each other's. "Hey, you know, you've still got all of your stuff together; maybe... you could help us out?" Ash suggested. It was a long shot; I doubted Paul would ever try and help us.

    "Why would I do that?" He looked over at May and I. His scowl disappeared, his eyes lightened and the creases of his frown relaxed to smooth his skin. The look I had seen before had come back again. "Well," he began, "what's your guy's problem anyhow? Did you manage to lose all of your stuff?"

    "Yeah that's it," Ash nervously chuckled, "and we were wondering-"

    "Here," he threw his backpack towards us, landing at our feet. "I can survive the night. I can understand if you guys can't. Besides, the girls shouldn't have to suffer because you guys are irresponsible." Before we could look up from where the bag had dropped, he had already left.

    "Uh, Thanks Paul" Ash stammered, bending over to pick up the backpack. "I wasn't expecting that...What exactly did we say to convince him again?"

    "I don't think we said anything really," Brock replied.

    "No," I sighed. I caught the sight of him as we walked on. He was still watching us, with a blunt look in his eyes but a considerate striking look on the rest of his face. Paul didn't say anything else to us since then and when he realized I was looking at him, he bent down and disappeared once again. "We didn't say a thing."

    That was yesterday. It all happened yesterday actually. I still can't believe Paul did that for us. In just yesterday, we had left Sunnyshore City and arrived on the island, lost our luggage, watched as Paul came to help us for the first time and survived the first of many nights here; so much already.

    And that night, last night, for the first time in a long time we were all together. The four of us and our Pok&#233;mon were curled up together. I was drifting in and out of sleep. So I stayed awake, watching my friends as they slept comfortably.

    Brock had curled up at our feet. His Happiny woke during the night, whimpering and nudging into his arm. Brock woke up and hugged her closely and she didn't fuss anymore throughout the night. May was lying behind me. She had released her Glaceon from her Pok&#232;ball and was sleeping next to her. And Ash was snoring peacefully in front of me; his arms were wrapped around Pikachu. Pikachu was fidgeting all through the night. Ash must've had his arms around him too tight. I guess Pikachu had the same thought as I did, on any other night, except for this one; it would have been a dream to be in his arms.

    Why did every train of thought have to end with him? This was becoming unbearable. What I thought I do, right at that moment, I would tell him how I felt about him and that would be it. And then maybe we could all rest easier. Or at least maybe I would.

    I started to get up so I could tell him. But I stopped myself, inches away from what I thought was his shoulder. I didn't wake him. I just lay back down. It didn't occur to me that if I'd’ve told him, it really wouldn't have made much of a difference.

    I'd tried yesterday but, somehow or another, I didn't make much of an impression. Sometimes I can be really cheerful when I want to, but when something's really bothering me, I get nervous and shy. All of us had our worries; and we probably still do. But I couldn't help wanting to overcome the one that I truly wanted to conquer. I didn't, if you really want to know.

    I lay back down and pulled my arm out from under me. I rolled over and clicked the side button on my Pok&#232;tch to the clock application. Three minutes to seven, it said. 6:57. I thought as soon as it was seven, I'd get up and look for breakfast. Maybe the Pok&#233;mon Center would decide to give out food to the visitors or maybe there would be berries growing on some of the trees around here. I usually never ate much, but just thinking about it got me really hungry.

    I didn't think about food too much after that. I knew I'd probably have to wait until Ash, Brock and May woke up so we could go out and search. Not that I couldn't go on my own but I'd prefer having everyone there, if case we did find something we could all share.

    The cold winds were starting to die down. I didn't remember until now that it was probably colder than it was yesterday because of the rain storm last night. It wasn't as brutal where we were as it was on other parts of the island. While I was staying up, I could see the lightning come down from the clouds and hit the trees on the other side of the island; while all we got was a light drizzle.

    I felt really bad for the people out there. There were most likely other trainers stuck just like us. Now that I think back though, it didn't even seem as though it would rain yesterday. The weather around here was unpredictable. The sky could've been blue or grey and then the next day there would be a huge snow storm that covered everything as far as I could see.

    But I’d probably just hadn't paid any attention to the sky or anything. I was still slightly worried. After Paul gave us his things we just wandered around, wondering what to do next. "What are we going to do now that our bags are gone?" I remember saying. "We have none of our supplies, none of our food...none of my clothes." I figured I was the one who was killing herself most over our missing stuff. Maybe it hadn't hit them as fast as it did me, but everything of ours was gone. It's as if we walked out of the house without any shoes on.

    "Piplup," he sighed, his wings gently wrapped around my head.

    "We'll figure something out Dawn." Brock responded.

    "Yeah but Brock we don't even have our sleeping bags," Ash said to him, "just the blankets they let us have from the boat...and the stuff Paul let us have." He took off his hat and looked at the inside as he carefully rotated it around through his fingers. He smiled before he put it back on his head. "Other than that, we're really going to have to rough it out here these next few days."

    Ash had checked Paul’s bag. There was a tent, some Pok&#233;mon food, a map of the island and some other odds and ends Paul had come across on his journey. The supplies, other than the tent and map, would probably last us less than a few days.

    "We could always get food from the Pok&#233;mon Center," Brock stared back at the building just above the caverns of Victory Road, which loomed in the shadow of the battle conference palace. "But who really knows if there will be enough for everyone."

    "No need to worry," May smiled at us. "I always keep one or two extra little snacks in my pack." Hey, that's what I usually said. May seemed to be the optimistic one today. She dug around at her pack that she held around her waist, stopping with a look of shock on her face. "Uh..."

    "What is it May?" I asked her.

    "Is chewing gum and my last chocolate chip cookie good for the entire week?" she chuckled timidly.

    I sighed, grinning at her amusing effort. "It was a nice try May, I guess it's the thought that really counts." I assured her.

    "Yeah, thanks anyway" Ash came in between us, resting his arms on our shoulders. "Uh hey May, now that you mention it, could I have that cookie?"

    "No way, Ash Ketchum, this is my cookie." She slipped out of his arms and ran off. Pikachu leapt off of Ash's shoulder and onto mine as he ran off in pursuit.

    "You said you would share!"

    "No I didn't!"

    "Hey you two, don't wander off!" Brock yelled out to them.

    "Pika Pika Pi!"

    "We won't!" was their reply.

    I watched as Ash desperately made a grab for the cookie but missed, rolling on the grass next to a hill that overlooked us. He quickly stood up; you could tell he was getting irritated. "Come on Ash, you'll have to try harder than that." May giggled, teasingly waving the cookie in front of him.

    "No fair, you're cheating!" He growled lightly.

    "How am I cheating?"

    "You know chasing anyone around a hill is hard, climbing up and down it. It's a tough workout."

    "I think you're just getting lazy Ash Ketchum," She stuck her tongue out at him.

    "Oh that's it May, gimmie that cookie!"

    Look at those two, I thought. They were both so comfortable running around after each other. It was just a cookie, any old cookie would do. But then again, was it really about the cookie? You couldn't tell from their faces.

    Ash made another grab for the cookie but his arms wrapped around May and he pulled her to the ground. They rolled down the hill, with May landing on top of him, again.

    "Ash, are you ok?" she asked him.

    He opened his eyes "Yeah," he nodded, "Where's the cookie?" He sat up, looking to his sides as May got off of him and sat on her knees at the edge of the hill.

    Ash stood up and looked down, searching for the wayward cookie on the ground. I started to giggle. "There it is," I said. The cookie was crushed on his back; crumbs flickered down his jacket as it slid down to the ground.

    "Aw man," he sighed, picking the cookie flakes off his back, "after all that trouble." He lay back down on the grass. Pikachu leapt down onto his chest. He had a smile on his face, almost as if the cookie hadn't meant anything to him at all.

    As he lay back down, a sharp reflection hit my eye. My hands went up instantly to cover my face. The heat of the light died down and I peeked through my fingers. It came from the very top of the hill.

    The reflection was coming from a metal pipe, holding in between it a pair of swings. Further away a smallish playground loomed in the foreground. It looked incredibly enchanting and hypnotic; before I really knew what was happening, I was racing to the top of the hill.

    "Piplup?" He jumped down from my head and watched as I climbed up the grassy hill.

    "I'll race you to the top Piplup!" I yelled back to him.

    At the very top is where they all were. Suddenly it brought back memories of Twinleaf Town. The areas that went unexplored before my friends and I discovered them, and the question that we asked each other: Who put them there in the first place and would they be there forever?

    Once we had found a secret playground that was hiding in the trees and vines just on the edge of Lake Verity; our very own playground for us to play on. The one back home was far away, but this one was just as amazing.

    In the middle was a jungle gym that reached just over my head. Though, I could've sworn they used to make them much bigger. Honey shaded picnic tables rested underneath a pair of trees and a pair of strawberry colored swings were waving to us on the left.

    They were the ones I wanted. I ran happily and jumped onto the nearest swing that I could. My knees grazed across the seat, and I quickly grabbed the rope at my sides. I held my balance and the rush of energy I had pushed me forward.

    "Piplup, Piplup!" Piplup jumped up and down on the ground next to me as he finished racing to the top. He wanted his own chance to enjoy the ride. I stopped and picked him up, holding him close as I sat back down. I closed my eyes and gently rocked us back and forth.

    "Isn't this fun Piplup?"

    "Piplup, Piplup" He happily raised his wings.

    "Hey Dawn, wait for us!" I heard May call out. I hadn't realized that they were following me.

    "Wait Dawn," I heard Ash yell out unexpectedly. "Don't move!"

    "Huh, why Ash?" I didn't know what was wrong. I tensed up and waited for whatever was coming. I swear when I felt his hands on my back, I nearly jumped out of the swing.

    "Hang on," he said. Inch by inch we rose higher and higher. The wind pressed against my nose, sending my hair falling over my eyes every time I went back. His hands still remained on my back, "You looked like you could use a push." He said chuckling.

    "This is so much fun," I told him through bursts of laughter. I could see the entire island whenever I swung forward; All of the dense undergrowth of the forest, the grassy meadows and the rocky cliffs.

    I noticed that on any open field, any that I could find, I could see every other trainer already beginning to train. I knew that most of them had only just arrived on the island with us today and it was getting later by the minute. One attack followed another, before a quick change of strategy for a well rounded Pok&#233;mon practice battle.

    I wondered why they couldn't just wait until tomorrow. They had the whole day tomorrow to practice. From what I had heard from the island director on the docks, the opening ceremonies weren't until tomorrow and the battles would take place shortly the morning after. In a way I suppose, time was against them all, against Paul, and against Ash.

    "Hey, Dawn, May, Brock, look at us!"

    "Pika Pika!"

    "Huh?" I looked up. Ash and Pikachu had climbed to the top of the jungle gym, where you usually weren't supposed to climb, and were balancing themselves as they walked across the poles that ran over the entire thing. What was he doing up there? Shouldn't he be training? He could get hurt.

    "Ash, be careful!" May called out to him.

    "Don't worry May, I got it under control." He assured her, waving her off casually. May just shook her head.

    Ash didn't seem too worried about not training. He was having the time of his life up there. I don't think it was anyone else but us who weren't training. I bet the other trainers could probably see us; we were on the highest hill around here. I wondered, what did they think of us, did they think we were amateurs for coming up here in the first place? None of us seemed to think so. We were having fun.

    "Ash, you want to help me out?" Brock called to him. He had pulled out one of the small portable maps that Paul had in his backpack. It showed the entire island and all of its landmarks.

    "I'll be right down Brock." Ash replied. He jumped off, landing in the sand below on his knees and ran over to one of the picnic table where Brock was sitting and helped him unfold the map. Pikachu leapt off his shoulder to the table, as the three of them peered down at the map.

    Brock took turns between looking at the map and the island. "If we hurry,” he said earnestly, “we could still manage to a get a good spot before everyone else settles down for the night."

    Ash looked up at him, "But Brock what about food for tomorrow and everything else?"

    "We should focus on tonight first Ash, I mean we've just got here, let’s take it slow."

    "Yeah but what about the girls, they'll be hungry by tomorrow."

    "We'll think of something Ash, don't worry." Brock assured him, without a gesture of doubt in his voice.

    "Okay," Ash sighed, his sense of urgency fell on deaf ears.

    I listened to them bicker as I sat in the swing, this time about the campsite. Ash finally mentioned his need to train before tomorrow and suggested a clean and open field next to the campsite. Brock agreed but advised him not get his hopes up, in case all of the spots were taken by now.

    During some point in time while I was listening to them, May came by and sat in the swing next to mine. I hadn’t noticed. She wanted to talk more, I could tell. "Hey Dawn?" she said, looking over at me, but I still didn’t look. I didn’t really want to. Through the corner of my eye I could see her looking back and forth between Ash and I.

    “Dawn,” she said again tugging on my shirt.

    Finally I looked over at her. I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed. "What is it May?" I said.

    "Are you ok? You've been staring at Ash and Brock for awhile now." May was giving me a really long glance. All I could do was just look back at her, not knowing what to say or how to explain myself at all.

    "Um, yeah, I was just thinking, again."

    "You still worried about what's going to happen the next few days?"

    "No, I know we'll be ok." I smiled at her and she smiled back.

    We gently swayed in our swings together for a while longer. She really wanted to know why I was staring at the boys for so long, but she didn’t get too far. Finally Ash and Brock stood up, Brock seemed content but Ash looked exhausted. His hands were grasping at his hat and hair.

    Brock just smiled, and put a hand on Ash's shoulder and said to him something that I couldn't hear. Ash nodded and pushed his hair away from his face, he looked slightly better. At least there was another genuine smile back on his face.

    "Hey May, Dawn, " Brock waved to us, "Ash and I found a spot to stay for the night, we're heading over there now!"

    "Ok Brock, we're coming!" May stood up; dusting off her lap and quickly running her hands down her legs and back up. "Come on Dawn, let's go."

    "Oh yeah, ok I'm coming." I stood up and followed them. Brock picked up Paul's backpack that Ash had left by the jungle gym and strolled down the hill; May ran and caught up with him, following him close behind.

    "So how far is this place you guys found?" She asked him curiously.

    "Not too far," he answered, "it's just past the bottom of the hill, next to the entrance of Victory Road. We couldn't really find any other open places close by. "

    I started after them. I hadn't taken more than a few steps when I noticed that Ash wasn't following. When I turned back he was still sitting down. He stood up and stretched when he noticed I was looking at him, hoping to make it seem as if he was on his way.

    I knew something was still up about him. I laced my fingers behind my back and casually walked up to him. I don't why but as I approached him closer, I started getting really nervous again. Whenever the wind blew, I began to shiver uncontrollably.

    I stood next to him. I was going to ask him if he was coming with us or not but my mind went blank. I was standing with my mouth open, not knowing what to say. Ash probably thought I had something really terrific to say, but when nothing came to mind, it only made him laugh.

    "The breeze up here, sure feels good, doesn't it Dawn?" he said.

    "Yeah, it sure does Ash," I replied, trying to hide the fact that I was still shivering. "Are- are you coming with us to the campsite or-?" My words tripped and stumbled across my lips. I was really nervous. I didn't know why.

    “Yeah, I was just coming.” He nodded gradually, “Hey Dawn, are you ok? I mean, how are you feeling, is everything good?”

    “Oh yeah, everything’s fine Ash, thank you,” He was just as nervous as I was. I doubted that it could’ve been over the same reason why I was nervous, although I really hoped it was. “Come on, we’d better-Ahh!” The reflection hit me without warning and blinded me for a second. My hands shot up to protect my eyes. I cried in shock, rubbing my fists into my eyes hoping to get the feeling away. How many times was this going to happen today I thought?

    “Dawn what’s wron- Ahh Hey! What is that?" The brightness hit him too. I was still rubbing my eyes but I felt him digging around next to my legs.

    “What are you doing Ash?” Red little triangles floated in and out of my eyes. As they started to fade, Ash made a short cry of achievement.

    “I got it!” As he lifted up his hand, I could see pinched between his fingers, a really beautiful shimmering sapphire colored stone. Someone must've dropped it. I couldn't believe that something so beautiful could be found, just like that.

    "Oh wow Ash, it's so pretty."

    "Do you like it Dawn?"

    "Yeah," I nodded in reply "I wish I would've found it."

    "Well- you did, if the light hadn't hit your eye, then I wouldn't have picked it up. I think you should keep it."

    "No Ash, it's yours really."

    "Uh... Well alright," He grinned. "But if you insist that it's mine, then I can do whatever I want with it and I want to give it to you."

    "Ash, but-"

    "Here Dawn," He put the rock in my hand and gently closed my fingers around it, his own fingers wrapped around mine. "It's a gift for you. I usually never give my friends gifts, except for maybe on holidays."

    "Thank you." I sighed, smiling to myself, opening my hand to see the stone glitter in the sunlight. Its beams of sapphire light glowed onto our cheeks.

    "You're welcome, don't lose it," He told me.

    I looked at him, "How come?"

    "In case something ever happened, at least you would still have one thing that I gave to you." He shrugged, looking down he noticed he still had his hands over mine, quickly he let them go. His mouth was slightly open. "Uh..." He hesitated.

    I smiled and quickly I said, "Okay, I won't. I promise I won't Ash, thanks." This was unlike him; first it was his and May's late night venture and now this. Even though it was just a rock, it was very pretty and it was from him. I'll treasure it forever. I still have it too.

    He nodded, "You're welcome Dawn." He sighed happily, his hand grasped at the back of his head, before he gently stuck them into his pockets. His hair blew back against him as he stared out toward the sea. Little points of blue were in his eyes from the light of the ocean.

    Suddenly, his eyes darted to the ground, and he knelt down. His fingertips dug into the small gravel patches where we found the stone. He picked up a gravel piece and examined it closely. "Not even close," He whispered and he threw it across his shoulder.

    I watched him for a little; he kept picking up a different rock and throwing it back each time. "Hey Ash," I asked him, “what are you doing?"

    He picked up another rock, "Looking to see if there's another stone like yours, nope." He threw that one too.

    "Oh," How odd. Why would he be looking for another one? I thought it was just for me.

    Ash looked up at me, as if he had read my mind. I wasn't sure if I had said that out loud or not. I could feel my face beginning to light up. "But it's not because I want one for myself Dawn." He answered as he picked up another.

    "Oh... who's it for then, May? She'd want a red one...or maybe a green one." I wasn't too sure which color was May's favorite. "Do you know which is May's favorite color Ash?"

    "Well, actually..." He began, but then he stopped. "Um, yeah she would want a red one."

    "Actually what, was it for someone else?"

    "No, I just wanted to see if yours was the only one that looked like that, the only one of its kind." He stood up and opened my palm again, gently caressing the stone in my hand with the tip of his finger.

    "Oh...Wow...” This- this was probably one of his ways of telling me, of telling me how special I was to him. How he sets me apart from everyone else and how we need each other. This was as good as any chance to tell him, I knew I had to take my shot and quickly. I wanted to say, 'Ash, you don't how much you mean to me. I know you mean a lot to everyone, but I care about you in a different way, a special way. What I'm trying to say is that, I like you.'

    But instead, all that came out was, "Ash… You didn't have to."

    "I wanted to Dawn, I really did." I could feel him start to reach for my hand again. I could sense the warmth from his body come around me as I closed my eyes. I had to; I just had to tell him.

    "Hey you Slowpokes, come on! Don’t get left behind."

    "We're coming May!” I heard him yell back. “Come on Dawn, it's starting to get dark, we should hurry."

    When I opened my eyes he was gone. He was on his way down to meet Brock and May. This time I was the one left behind.

    "Hey look!" I heard May shout, her hand shot out of her pack and into the air. "I still have another cookie left!"

    "That one's mine this time May!"

    "No it isn't Ash!"

    I traced their movements as they chased each other back and forth toward the campsite. When I thought I could finally walk again, from the numbness and disillusionment that my body had felt, I followed them down.

    Every time I thought I had made a small step, she leapt forward and overtook me. I guess in some competitions I'd have the upper hand but in this one, she clearly was the winner.

    Sometimes, as I look down, down towards where everyone is training and running around with their Pok&#233;mon, training and competing against each other, I still look back toward the hill. And every day is just like then, the sun, the sky and everything is like yesterday. But since then I've seen no one else go up there. We were the only ones.

    My Pok&#232;tch beeped. It was seven o’clock already. Because I promised myself I would, I got up and stretched. This time I would wake Ash up, but not for the reason that I really wanted to wake him for.

    I reached across and tapped him on the shoulder, only while I was trying to wake him, I was thinking about something else. Yesterday actually, when I was in the swing and his arms were pushing me higher and higher. They couldn’t have worked without the other. At least for that moment; we needed each other. We really did. That was such a perfect day. Without him, it would’ve been a waste of time.

    I don’t really feel too good talking about him like this anymore. Maybe this would be the end of my constant fixation with him. Maybe I would give him up to May this time. Maybe I would let them be happy. And maybe, time and the island would heal all wounds. Maybe, just maybe though.

    The hesitant feeling I had came around again. I sat up and noticed it wasn’t Ash’s shoulder I was tapping. It wasn’t anyone’s shoulder really. He wasn’t there and neither was Brock. They were nowhere to be found.

    The tent wall fluttered and the door flew open as they once did before and the mist of the waterfall blew in and tickled my face. Far away, the sun would awaken the rest of the stranded competitors from their beds, caught in the shadows of the dark cathedral of the Sinnoh Conference.
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    Another incredibly well written chapter.

    It was nice to see the Advanceshipping hints from Dawn's point of view and even though I don't like Pearlshipping the hints were very cute and the level of description was brilliant and consistent, and that everyone was kept in character extremely well. The italics were the flashbacks right?

    I could see no errors and I cannot pick out my favorite parts as it was all good.

    Keep at it with this great fic, and I look forward to the next chapter.

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