WHOMAG!!! Ghosts are running everywhere, and zombies are eating their yearly brains, yes it's that time again where spooks spook, ghosts boo, and witches make weird cauldrony thingamajigs with newts and stuff...yumm >>

BUT here at Fizzby we do things differently. Yes we eat newt brains instead delicious..tender...moistly yummy ne *cough* ANYWAY, onto the newt bra... I mean Halloween, a time of tricking and treating and being lazy I can't be bothered to trick, so here's a nice treat for everyone:

From Arnie you shall be receiving:

Skull of the Forgotten Souls (Hold Item)
For one round only the skull will summon a skeletal ally. When summoned the skeleton will either defend your Pokemon from attack for one round, or attack your opponent with a Bonemerang attack before it disappears. The effect can only happen once per battle and the user can chose only one effect, attack or defend.