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Thread: Gintama shipping thread

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    Default Gintama shipping thread

    Surely I'm not the only one who watched the Anime or reads the manga on here? Loved the series, hope to see it back on TV again soon

    My all time favorite Gintama pairing has to be Gintoki x Tysuki, if only the guy would let it become canon already. So many hints they've had, manga pretty much confirmed she's love with him, boo!!! Maybe the end of the series.

    Any one else?
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    I would like them to make another Gintama season before I finish what's available.

    To be honest, I don't actually ship like crazy in Gintama; especially with Gintoki. :P Though I agree, Gin/Tsukyo seems plausible to me and I actually don't mind it much. To a lesser extent, I also kinda liked Gin/Otae don't shoot me before the ship tease pretty much died for it. lol Though, if I actually had to pick one, Okita/Kagura wins it for me. So much good fanart/doujin on the two. Canon-wise...Hijikata/Okita's sister (I sadly forgot her name).

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    I love these skeleton brothers and their relationship. I am not sorry.

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