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Thread: Pairings you used to like but not anymore or as much.

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    I used to support Mamoru and Usagi when I first started watching anime. (but I used the dreaded english names, ugh.)

    Also, really used to support advanceshipping, but that's just kind of died out. MangaQuestShipping is one too, but now I ship Crystal with Silver instead. :P

    Gosh, it's really hard to think of shippings I used to support, but now don't.

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    Well, since I took a look back at my shipping list on here (which I made like...five years ago?) a lot of the pairings on there I don't really support any more ^^;; especially Bouldershipping (Ash/Brock), which I don't even remember shipping, but apparently I liked it enough to put it on there! I can't see them in a romantic relationship now, only as best bros 4 lyf~ XD I guess Altoshipping (Ash/Latias) falls into this category too, though I still somewhat like it, but nowhere near as much as I used to since it was one of my first Pokemon OTPs. Comashipping (Ash/Paul) was another OTP for a while but that's inevitably faded with the end of DP.

    also sometimes I start shipping a pairing because of their friendship and interaction in canon and then I decide I like them better as friends...this has happened lately with Hawkeye/Black Widow and Thor/Lady Sif in the Marvel Avengers movies. I think in general I'm more likely to enjoy friendships between characters now than think there HAS to be romance there, which is part of growing up, I guess~

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    well for me i used to like sekai saionji and makoto itou from school days
    until the time where sekai becomes the bad girl to makoto is the moment where i stop to pair them

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    I used to like Italy x Japan from Hetalia, but I don't like it anymore. I'm more of a GerIta fan now!
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