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Where can i find this episode to watch? Don't say youtube b/c no 1 uploaded it yet. If it is then plz send it to me.
I just watched it from there. I ain't telling you where, that's your problem.

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The contest isn't in Sunnyshore, it's in a place called Asatsuki town. It's along the way to Sunnyshore.
I'm not going to say anything, just reread and rewrite the word slightly and you should get it.

-Cool intro to the episode with Handsome being Captured. Incredibly intense
Him not being phased a bit was pretty neat too.

-Jupiter knows it's handsome and that its a codename. :O
Gotta hand it to Galactic, they're observant. Then again, if they were to be a successful world taking crime syndicate, then obviously they'd need to be prepared.

-The gang has apparently stopped in Floaroma Town and we get to see a Cameo of the Poffin girl and her Roserade and Lotad!
It's pretty bad when I forget for a moment that Fuego is at Floaroma.

-Also, it's the pokegear! Now Brock really is Max!
It's a toy, and it's being used to advertise HGSS. He's gonna use it every chance he gets. Like Dawn's Poketch. Except that she hardly uses anything besides that retarded coin flipper; despite it's surprising use...

-Meowth tells them this was done by Team galactic in an all out brawl and that's how they find out about the ironworks and handsome.
-I liked how Meowth refuses to take their help, saying something along the lines of he'll save J&J himself, but Dawn just says their going anyway to help Handsome.
-The pose skuntank was in when it was watching over Team rocket and handsome's Cell was priceless, as was its laughter when jessie got shocked.
That was pure hilarity. It was even better when both her and James get zapped by it. Then again, I'd expect that from them.

-battle atop the ironworks rooftop. The ironworks sure did provide some scenery that this anime rarely gets to see. Love it.
I wasn't paying attention, but it's great that Fuego got such a big role, despite being a side location. Truthfully, unless you decide to explore (much like Iron Island) you never even have to visit it.

-Also cool music when Jupiter tells the gang about the pixies. I think shes telling them about their relation to them? I dunno.
Initially, I was a bit confused about how she would know about their relations. That was until I remembered that they specifically said that they'd seen them. Back in Celestic town when Cyrus was "undercover". I presume he told them (Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) about this and that's how she knew. She probably just assumed with Uxie seeing as that was the only one that wasn't mentioned.

-It's clear to me that none of the admins really like Pluto. He's more of nuisance to them it seems, and he seems full of himself when he refers to himself as " the genius pluto-sama".
A creepy old coot, but it does add a layer of comic relief to such a serious and very organized group of people.

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After my absence for the previous two episodes, S.Suikun is back and loaded with bullet-point shells.

- You know, Handsome really ought to carry around a Pokemon or two. May save his butt when others are equipped with Pokemon.
Wait, I thought he had mad kung-fu skills? I mean, I recall people mentioning he took down a TG grunt bare handed. Course, he didn't have a stick to whack them with.

- Hey look, it's Roserade Girl and Superhero Roserade! I do hope we get also a cameo of Pikachu bakery old lady.
Maybe, but at least the former was closer to more relevant location.

- Brock: "Look at me and my Pokegear! I'm helping! I'm truly helping!"
He is, he's advertising .

- Route 205? Dang, and here I was all ready to joke about "Generic Flower Field of Woe".
- I'm creeped out by the game accuracy here. You've got the flower field behind Fuego Ironworks with the river running between them and an actual route name?
S.o.B. they really seem to be paying a lot more attention to detail this series. That's impressive.

- Galactic stuff happens. I still love Pluto's cackle and I still hope you dub viewers aren't robbed of his wheezing laugh.
Considering how that hilarious scene in that Rotom episode wasn't changed at all, I think we'll be fine. Doubtful, but they seem to be doing a better job than before.

- Red Chain fragment is Pluto prank. Creates a giant ball of light that...does absolutely nothing except break the glass.
And fries that computer used to scan it. Love the little Charon icon: you've be Plutowned/Chared! (yeah, I'll admit, I was trying to hard there)

Obviously a set-up episode for bigger things. Let's hope those "bigger things" are also "quality things".
So far so good...