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    *sigh* It's been quite some time since I've been here, too many damn games, but now everything's settled down. Still, it's been how long since I've seen this, & god knows how my memory has been acting as of late. However, since it's another part of the TG line, I'll try my best.

    - We see Looker in disguise inside a factory of some sort, when all of a sudden, oh noes!! His cover is blown by Jupiter, & he's under attack by a swarm of Golbat!
    - Then, an explosion comes out & engulfs the entire area. What the hell happened? That get's answered later, though.
    - We now get to Ash & the gang, who is now at Floaroma, to discuss on where to go for Dawn's next, & hopefully last, Gouge-your-eyes fest.
    - Just as they continue walking, they find TR's Meowth out cold. Brock, being the soft-hearted breeder, tends to Meowth's wounds.
    - After recovering from his ordeals, Meowth reluctantly tells them what exactly happened: TG was in the Fuego Ironworks, working on a little something that'll activate the Red Chain, & as soon as Looker got exposed, TR stepped into the fray for some strange reason. Unfortunately, it's to no avail, as now they are both imprisoned inside the ironworks with Looker.
    - In the meantime, another expeditionary force from TG has now uncovered another set of ruins on Mt. Coronet, & this time, their Spear Key actually works. With that, everything is going to plan.
    - Back with Ash, they travel via TR's balloon to Fuego, but then, a Swarm of Golbat comes after them, in which Pikachu & Piplup just brush aside.
    - They do, however, also find Jupiter, in which they have a bit of trouble beating her Skuntank into submission. They eventually use Toxic in order to get away.
    - With her gone, they all decide to find TR & Looker, & once they did, they've figured out on a way to get them free.
    - What's even better is that they've left some "evidence" behind in the form of a small, red gem, in which Looker takes & send to the International Police HQ to analyze.
    - At HQ, the analysis begins to go underway in order to find out what the hell TG is up to, but then, the screen turns fizzy, & then it shows Charon's face with his tongue sticking out. Hmm???
    - The machine then begins to overload. Oh no, it's a trap!! RUN!!!!
    - The said trap wipes out the entire database so now the International Police are back to square one. Brilliant thinking on Charon's part. Still, they have tabs on the three lakes, so there's still hope.
    - Just as said, the Lake Valor surveillance reports that there is a huge airship up above the lake.
    - The explanation? Cyrus has enlisted the help of none other than Hunter J to capture the Lake Trio. My, my. Unfortunately it ends here.

    Dammit, I knew this is going to take more than a measly half hour to finish this off, but still, if the International Police do get involved in this, they better damn well authorize the use of deadly force against them...

    I'm not exactly sure that this is a vivid recollection of this episode, but that's all I've got, I'm afraid...
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