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Thread: Arceus & The Jewel of Life! (M12)

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    Oh Arceus, this movie was bad. This has mostly to do with Arceus as a character itself. First off, the voice... the voice!! It's so... bad. I'd rather have him not have a voice at all. Then the writing of its dialogue, with repeating the same line like three times over in the movie, it using "take this" and "alright". Really, come on? We're dealing with a supposedly godlike creature here.
    Secondly, the legends say it is supposed to have created the world and the dimensions of time, space and reverse. Yet it has to offer a part of its very own life force to recover a patch of land. Urgh... how's that work?
    Third, the supposedly godlike creature, with enough intelligence to use human speech, yet is so blinded by rage that it feels the need to destroy life on the entire planet for the betrayal by one man. No... just no.
    Fourth, lol at GOD having its memory re-written at the end of the movie. Lol.

    More lol for everyone in the past calling Pokémon 'magical creatures'. I mean, Pokémon are a normal thing in that world, why aren't they just called animals or something. Although this could maybe be an issue with the translating, I don't know what the original Japanese script uses.

    That scene in the beginning when Pikachu and Piplup almost get sucked into another dimension and then get saved by Dialga. Ash going "cool" instead of freaking out over the entire lake turning into a water tornado and the sky transforming into a black hole, with the rest of his friends just smiling beside him. Yeah, totally natural reaction there. Also funny how they don't even bother trying to run from the 2nd time it happens, minutes after the first time. They just stand there.

    The only thing I liked about this movie was the evil guy with the red hair (did he even have a name?)
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    This movie would have been a lot better IMO if Arceus just used its judgment (and actually say the words) to obliterate michina from existence moments before dialga sent the crew back in time.

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    Seeing this thread, with nothing better to do, I've sat myself down to watch the movie.
    I'm 26 minutes in, where the ruin guardians explain the universes, and I swear to Arceus - if Ash and c/o repeat any more words back to them, I'm going to flipping tear my hair out! I don't remember the Pokémon movies being this horribly contrived. Give me back Spell of the Unown!

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    Default Arceus & The Jewel of Life!

    Geez, I don't get why people hate this movie so much.....Personaliy I think this movie was great, it's probably the best out of the DP movies. I liked how Ash and co. were having fun swimming at the lake. The battle between Ash, Dawn and the twins was cool, and so was the extended version "Stand Up(Battle cry)".

    It's cool how this movie went straight to the action instead of wasting too much time introducing new characters. Geez, Arceus was really angry and wanted to destroy the (Pokémon)world. Even with Dialga, Palkia and Giratina defending, it wasn't enough to stop Arceus....since he was much stronger than them. But I have to admit....the battle was darn intense. The whole reason of Arceus wanting to destroy the Pokéworld was the Jewel of Life, which Marcus didn't gave him back.

    Ash, Brock, Dawn and Sheena traveling to the past to make things right was interesting. They meet up with Marcus found out that it's actually Damos who's gonna use him for betraying Arceus. Everything was working in Damos' favor since it appears that Arceus is gonna die and Damos is gonna live, but Ash comes to stop him just in time. I liked how Ash was forcefully trying to take the Jewel of Life from Damos, it would've even better if he punched in Damos' face to get the Jewel.
    I liked how Ash was trying to get the Jewel of life when it's falling down, there were some good acrobats he showed there.(which he rarely shows)
    Then there's the fading scenes, if it isn't for Ash(mainly him), Marcus and Sheena, the silver water would've killed Arceus and they won't be alive anymore. LOL at Brock's reaction when Sheena was hugging Kevin at the end.

    Overall, great movie. The action sequences were cool and the process of trying to actually KILL Arceus was dark....Well, really dark for Pokémon.

    The only thing I didn't like in this movie was Arceus' voice, he souned like someone with a bad cold.
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