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Thread: Diamond/Pearl/Platinum Help Thread [UBER EDITION] [READ THE FIRST POST]

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    Quote Originally Posted by honchkro13 View Post
    Hey guys, with 6th gen bringing ribbons back, I want to get as many ribbons as possible on my red Luxury Ball Gyarados from 4th gen onwards. To do that, I need it to win every single Contest in Platinum.

    My question is in the title: what Poffins should I use to max out all 5 Contest stats without cheating? I do have event berries like Enigma, Rowap, etc. What Poffins should I make with what berries and in what order should I feed them to my Gyarados?
    The easiest way to get the best Poffins is not made by one person. It's made by a group of 4 players, each with a Sinnoh game. After this it is mixing well, and keeping the mix near the top of the bowl.

    The Best thing you can do when feeding Poffins is get a high Level with low smoothness. If you're interested in getting as many Ribbons on the same Pokémon. Try to max out other Pokémon's Contest stats then visiting the Scarf guy in Pastoria City. These Scarfs add to your Pokémon's Contest stats. While consistent the Poffins from the Basement of Veilstone Department Store offers enough to possibly at least one or two stats.
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    Hi guys, in my team i got lv30 Gyarados, lvl 32 Luxray lvl 34 Monferno lvl30 Drifblim lvl29.Staravia and lvl 29 Cranidos. I want to replace 2 of them but i don't know which ones (i want to use Gible (Gabite) and Riolu (Lucario) ).And can you guys please tell me which HMs use one which one ?

    Sorry for my bad english :v

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