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    Default HeartGold/SoulSilver FAQ

    This thread is for frequently asked questions about Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver.

    Please read before asking any questions, as many common questions shall be answered here.

    Please go to the HeartGold/SoulSilver help thread if what you are looking for is not found here.

    This FAQ will be expanded further whenever I have the time

    -Helpful links for users with Japanese copy
    (Note: Translatios provided by Misaki-Chi.)
    *Link 1- Types and movelist
    *Link 2- Natures, Stats, and Characteristics
    *Link 3- Items

    Q1: What’s the new Johto Pokedex?
    A: For the most part the Johto Pokedex has pretty much remained the same except with the addition of a few 4th generation Pokemon. Click here to see the full Johto Dex.

    Q2: I heard that new breeding methods were introduced in HG/SS, what are they?
    A: There is now a new way to transfer IVs from parents to the offspring. The new method allows the parents IVs to be passed on to the offspring by holding a specific power item. The power items are:

    -Power Anklet: Speed
    -Power Band: Sp. Defense
    -Power Belt: Defense
    -Power Bracers: Attack
    -Power Lens: Sp. Attack
    -Power Weights: HP

    In addition to all of this, HG/SS introduces new egg moves to Pokemon. Click here to see the entire list of new egg moves.

    Q3: Stupid Farfetch’d, I can’t seem to solve its puzzle.
    A: For the first one just take the long way around and approach it from the back. For the second one, chase it to the top right corner. You'll notice three squares that look like they have some logs spread on the floor. Walking on any of the tiles will make the Farfetch'd look towards your direction. Your goal is to make the Farfetch'd face right and then approach it from the left.

    Q4: What legendary Pokemon are available in HG/SS?
    -Lugia: (Level 45 SS, Level 70 HG)
    -Ho-oh: (Level 45 HG, Level 70 SS)
    -Suicune: (Level 40)
    -Raikou: (Level 40)
    -Entei: (Level 40)
    -Articuno: (Level 50)
    -Zapdos: (Level 50)
    -Moltres: (Level 50)
    -Mewtwo: (Level 70)
    -Groudon: (Level 50; SS only)
    -Kyogre: (Level 50; HG only)
    -Rayquaza: (Level 50; Groudon & Kyogre must both be obtained)
    -Dialga/Palkia/Giratine: (Level 1; Available only when “Fateful Encounter” Arceus is transferred over.)
    -Latios/Latias: (Level 35; Special required event needed to encounter counterpart)
    Click here for full detail on how and where to get them.

    Q5: Are there any interactable Pokemon I can obtain?
    A: The Pokemon available through are interacting are pretty much the same, here’s the list:
    -Sudowoodo: (Level 20)
    -Lapras: (Level 20)
    -Red Gyrados: (Level 30)
    -Snorlax: (Level 50)
    Click here to find how and where to obtain these Pokemon.

    Q6: What about gift Pokemon, will I get some of those?
    A: The gift Pokemon are pretty much the same as from the originals, except there are now a few additions:
    -Togepi: (Level 1)
    -Spearow: (Level 20)
    -Eevee: (Level 5)
    -Shuckle: (Level 20)
    -Tyrogue: (Level 10)
    -Dratini: (Level 15)
    -Bulbasaur/Charmander/Squirtle: (Level 5)
    -Treecko/Torchic/Mudkip: (Level 5)
    Click here to find how and where to obtain these Pokemon.

    Q7: What are the Swarm Pokemon and how can I find them?
    A: Swarm Pokemon are now available in HG/SS. You’ll have to check Oak and Daisy’s radio talk through the PokeGear in order to find their locations:
    -Chansey: (Route 13)
    -Ditto: (Route 47)
    -Marril: (Mt. Mortar)
    -Yanma: (Route 35)
    -Dunsparce: (Dark Cave)
    -Snubbull: (Route 38)
    -Qwilfish: (Route 32)
    -Remoraid: (Route 44)
    -Poochyena: (Route 1)
    -Wingul: (Vermillion City)
    -Ralts: (Route 34)
    -Sableye: (Route 9; HG only)
    -Mawile: (Route 9; SS only)
    -Gulpin: (Route 3; SS only)
    -Swablu: (Route 45)
    -Wiscash: (Violet City)
    -Baltoy: (Route 3; HG only)
    -Clamperl: (Route 19)
    -Relicanth: (Route 12)
    -Ludvisc: (Route 27)
    -Kricketot: (Viridian Forest)
    -Buneary: (Route 25)

    Q7: Are there any PokeWalker exclusive Pokemon?
    A: Yes, here’s the list:
    -Skitty: (Hoenn Field)
    -Carvanha: (Warm Beach)
    -Wailmer: (Warm Beach)
    -Feebas: (Quiet Cave)
    -Castform: (Tree House)
    -Kecleon: (Tree House)
    -Tropius: (Big Forest)
    -Snorunt: (Cold Mountainpath)
    -Shellos: (Rough Sea)
    -Spiritomb: (Quiet Cave)
    -Finneon: (Rough Sea)
    -Snover: (Cold Mountainpath)
    -Pikachu: (Yellow Forrest; Pokemon Event activation required; Also, note that these Pikachu can be found with special moves such as surf, fly, volt tackle, etc.)

    Q8: What are the Unobtainable Pokemon in HG/SS?
    A: Here’s the list:
    -Sinnoh Starters
    -Sinnoh Fossil Pokemon
    -Drifloon line
    -Glameow line
    -Stunk line
    -Sinnoh Psychic Trio
    -Phione & Manaphy

    Q9: How can I change my Deoxys/Rotom/Shaymin/Giratina’s form in HG/SS?
    A: Here’s the locations and requirments:
    -Deoxys: (Meteorites in Southwest part of Route 3)
    -Rotom: (Take Rotom to Silph Co., make sure it’s on slot 1 of your party, go to elevator and Rotom will guide the way introducing you to a new room with the appliances.)
    -Shaymin: (Obtain Gracidea flower from Goldenrod Flower Shop; Platinum’s Status and Time affects still apply)
    -Giratina: (Choose Level 1 Giratina from Arceus ingame event and it should be holding the Griseous orb.)

    Q10: What are the version exclusive Pokemon?
    A: Here’s the list:

    -Mankey line
    -Growlithe line
    -Spinarak line
    -Gligar line
    -Mantyke line
    -Phanpy line
    -Baltoy line

    -Vulpix line
    -Meowth line
    -Ledyba line
    -Teddiursa line
    -Gulpin line

    Q11: What’s the deal with partner Pokemon? What can they do and is there a way to disable them?
    A: First off, there’s no way to disable a Pokemon from following you. You’ll just have to deal with it. Secondly, partner Pokemon can be found with items from time to time. The items can be accessories, berries, or shining leaves.

    Q12: I’ve heard a lot about the Pokethlon, what exactly is it?
    A: Pokethlon is a new game feature. It can be found west of National Park, there you will find the Pokethlon Dome. The Pokethlon consist of various activities that Pokemon can participate in. You can always enter with three Pokemon. There are 10 different activities in the Pokethlon. You can choose five categories: Speed, Power, Technique, Stamina, and Jump. From there, three activites are chosen based upon that. If you win the activity, you will get ‘Suron Points’ which you can then exchange for prizes. (Serebii)
    Click here for full information on Pokethlon.

    Q13: Is it possible to find Sinnoh or Hoenn Pokemon in HG/SS?
    A: Yes, it’s possible. You can find various of the Sinnoh and Hoenn Pokemon through the radio, which can be found in the PokeGear. The radio plays the “Sinnoh Sound” and the “Hoenn Sound.” These stations allow the player to find Pokemon not native to Johto/Kanto across the region. “Sinnoh Sound” is played Thurdays, while “Hoenn Sound” is played Wednesday. One downfall of this is that you’re required to switch back to the radio station after every battle.

    The Pokemon that can be found with “Hoenn Sound” are:

    Pokemon that can be found with “Sinnoh Sound” are:
    -Meditite (According to Serebii, I think it may be “Hoenn Sound.”
    Click here for full detail.

    Q14: Are there any in-game trades in HG/SS?
    A: Yes, there are. Here’s the list:
    -Bellsprout for Onix
    -Drowzee for Machop
    -Krabby for Voltorb
    -Dragnair for Dodrio
    -Haunter for Xatu
    -Dugtrio for Magneton
    -Pikachu for Pikachu
    -Forretress for Beldum
    -Bonsly for Rhyhorn
    -Any Pokemon for Steelix
    Click here for full details on where to find the Pokemon.

    Q15: Who are the gym leaders and what are their teams?
    Johto/Kanto gym leaders and teams.
    Johto/Kanto gym leaders and teams rematch.
    (*Note: Read complete article. Rematches now require gym leaders to be found, phone numbers obtained, and battles are take place at the Fighting Dojo in Saffron City.)

    Q16: Who are the Elite 4 and what are their teams?
    A:Elite 4 team.
    (*Note: Rematch team is included in the article.)

    Q17: Who is red, what is his team, and where can I find him?
    A: “Like in the original games, after you get all 16 badges from Johto & Kanto, you can go to Professor Oak. He tells you that Mt. Silver is now accessible for you and gives you HM08-Rock Climb. Go there through Route 22 and you can travel up to Mt. Silver. If, when you get into the cave, you take the east path, climbing up the cave with Rock Climb, you will eventually get to the peak of Mt. Silver where red is stationed.

    Red is the highest leveled trainer of any Pokemon game so you have to prepare for an epic fight. Luckily, as you are on top of a mountain, the Hail Weather Effect is running so that can help you in taking 5 of his Pokemon as Lapras is immune. Once defeated, the game cuts to the credits and further things are unlocked in the game.” –Serebii

    Red’s team consists of:
    -Pikachu (Level 88)
    -Venusaur (Level 84)
    -Charizard (Level 84)
    -Blastoise (Level 84)
    -Lapras (Level 80)
    -Snorlax (Level 82)

    Q18: So, what’s up with Team Rocket?
    A: Team Rocket’s plot has expanded a bit and 4 new Rocket members are introduced, they are:
    -Rocket Executive Lance
    -Rocket Executive Athena
    -Rocket Executive Lambda
    -Rocket Executive Apollo
    Click here for full Rocket plot details and teams.

    Q19: Hey, there’s no VS Seeker, how can I rematch trainers?
    A: The VS Seeker is no longer included, but instead, you can now call trainers and ask them for battles. Rematches with trainers only happen on certain days, click these links for specific days and time:

    Q20: I heard there’s a new Safari Zone, fill me in, please.
    A: The Safari Zone is no longer located in Kanto, that place is now a Pal Park, instead it’s located west of Cianwood. The new Safari Zone has many new features, so make sure to read every detail.

    Q21: Awesome, I heard there was a battle tower. Does it bring anything new?
    A: The Battle Tower in Johto is the same on you find in Platinum. The facilities remain the same.

    Q22: Is the Bug Catching Contest still here?
    A: Yes, it is. The contest take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. You are given 20 Competition balls and are allowed to carry 1 Pokemon with you to help you battle against wild pokemon. After the Elite 4, more Pokemon are added in the contest. Only 1 Pokemon captured is allowed at a time. Once you capture a second, a dialogue box will appear asking you if you want to replace your first Pokemon with the second.

    Bug Catching Pokemon-Tuesdays & All Days Prior to National Dex
    -Caterpie line
    -Weedle line

    Additional Bug Catching Pokemon-Thurs. & Sat. After obtaining National Dex
    -Wurmple line
    -Cascoon line
    -Kricketot line

    First: Any of the evolution stones
    Second: Everstone
    Third: Sitrus Berry
    Consolation prize: Shed Shell

    Q23: Where can I find Headbutt and what Pokemon can I find through that method?
    A: Headbutt is no longer a TM, but instead is taught to one of your Pokemon by a man in Ilex Forest. Every tree in this game is headbuttable, but keep in mind, if the tree does not have any Pokemon in it when you first headbutt it, then it will never have any Pokemon in it. Click here to visit the Headbutt article.

    Q24: Where I can I find <Insert TM/HM here> in Pokemon HG/SS?
    A: Click here for full list.

    Q25: Where can I find <Insert move tutor here> in Pokemon HG/SS?
    A: Click here for full list.

    Q26: Where can I find <Insert Pokemon accessories here> in Pokemon HG/SS?
    A: Click here for full list.

    Q27: What are the courses and Pokemon I can find in the PokeWalker?
    A: Click here for full list.

    Q28:I have 8 badges and I recieved the master ball from Prof. Elm, why can't I go to the pokemon League?
    A: You must have defeated/captured your box bird. Ho-oh for HG and Lugia for SS

    Q29: I got to the Whirl Islands/Tin Tower but my bird wasn't there. How do I make it appear?
    A: You first have to go to Ecruteak City's Dance Hall and beat all 5 Kimono Sisters and recieve your respective bell. Then Lugia/Ho-oh will appear in their respective locations.
    (*Note: Q's and A's for 28-29 have been provided be ijea4444)

    Q30: So, where's Pal Park and how does it work?
    A: Pal Park is located in Fuchsia City, Kanto. As soon as you have access to the Pal Park you’ll be able to use it. Also, you no longer are restricted to 6 Pokemon every 24 hours. You can now transfer Pokemon at any time you please, but only 6 at a time.

    Also, as a reminder, these are the areas you can find certain Pokemon in:
    -Field Area
    -Forest Area
    -Mountain Area
    -Pond Area
    -Ocean Area

    The Pal Park in HG/SS is also done as a Capture Show; as a result, you will be scored. You will be scored depending on the Pokemon that is transferred and the time it takes to capture them. The prizes are:

    3,000 Points
    -Cheri Berry
    -Chesto Berry
    -Pecha Berry
    -Rawst Berry
    -Aspear Berry
    -Leppa Berry
    -Oran Berry
    -Perism Berry

    3,000 to 3,300 Points
    -Figy Berry
    -Wiki Berry
    -Mago Berry
    -Aquav Berry
    -Iapapa Berry

    3,300 to 3,500
    -Lum Berry
    -Sitrus Berry
    -Razz Berry
    -Bluk Berry
    -Nanab Berry
    -Wepear Berry
    -Pinap Berry

    3,500+ Points
    -Pomeg Berry
    -Kelpsy Berry
    -Qualot Berry
    -Hondew Berry
    -Grepa Berry
    -Tamato Berry

    Q31: How do I win the Bug Catching Contest?
    A: Your score of your Pokemon will be determined by its rarity, level, and the sum of its stats. The score of the Pokemon will be significantly be higher if it has more HP at the time of the capture.
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    Default PokeWalker Guide

    The following is a guide on how to use the Pokewalker, written by yaminokame.

    For a list of Pokemon, Items, etc obtainable in the PokeWalker Courses, check here:

    By yaminokame

    Accessing the PokeWalker Connection Screen: When you turn on your game (after you have played it long enough to have a save file) you will be brought to the start-up screen which has a lot of options. The option for the PokeWalker Connection Screen is among these. Here is a list of the options:

    • つづきから はじめる - Continue
    • さいしょから はじめる - Start new game
    • ポケウォーカーと せつぞく - Connect with PokeWalker
    • ふすぎな おくりもの - Mystery Gift
    • _______から つれてくる - Bring Pokemon from _______ (Once you've reached Pal-Park)
    • Wi-Fiせってい - Wi-Fi Settings
    • eメールせってい - eMail Settings

    There is no way to loose your Pokemon while it is in the PokeWalker. Running out of batteries will simply make you loose steps and Watts. Your Pokemon will be safe. If you are to loose your PokeWalker, then you can restore your Pokemon back into your games. As a note, if you happen to find your PokeWalker after you have restored your Pokemon, you can not send the other one inside of the PokeWalker back to the game (essentially cloning). To get your Pokemon back if ever your PokeWalker breaks/gets lost, go the the PokeWalker Connection Screen and press & hold:

    • Up + Select + R

    Once you do this, your PokeWalker will be reset and your Pokemon will go back into your box. Your Pokemon will be restored to as it originally was when you put it in the PokeWalker. If you do find your PokeWalker after you have restored your Pokemon, you need to reset the PokeWalker.

    To set a PokeWalker back to it's original settings, go to the PokeWalker Connection Screen and press & hold:

    • Down + X + L

    Once you have done this, either a new PokeWalker, or an old one that you reset will be able to be synced with the game as you did when you first set it up.

    Once a Pokemon is in the PokeWalker, you will have two important choices that you can choose from on the PokeWalker Connection Screen (on the DS). These are:

    • Return from walk (おでかけから かえす) - This is the top (default) choice. It will take the Pokemon from the PokeWalker and return it to the game along with all other Items, caught Pokemon and Watts.
    • Receive Present (プレゼントを うけとる) - This will not return your Pokemon to the game from the PokeWalker, rather, it will return your Watts, caught Pokemon and items to the game and leave your Pokemon in the PokeWalker.

    Sometimes when on a course with no Pokemon in the PokeWalker, a wild Pokemon will automatically take the role as your lead Pokemon. When this happens, you will not be able to put a Pokemon from your box into the PokeWalker until you take out the wild one that joined you. The way to do this is as follows:
    • Go on a walk (おでかけに いく) - This option is for putting a Pokemon from your box into the PokeWalker. If a wild Pokemon takes over, you will not be able to use this option until you have returned it.
    • Return from walk (おでかけから かえす) - This option will take the Pokemon in the PokeWalker out of it. If a wild Pokemon joins you when you have no lead Pokemon, you must use this button first and then use the 'go for a walk' button as listed above.
    • Receive Present (プレゼントを うけとる) - This will not return your Pokemon to the game from the PokeWalker, rather, it will return your Watts, caught Pokemon and items to the game and leave your Pokemon in the PokeWalker.

    Other important information:

    • 20 steps = 1w
    • Each course has three pre-set advantaged Pokemon types.
    • Walking with a Pokemon that has an advantaged-type will bring the required steps to find a certain Pokemon down by 25&#37;. It also appears to make rarer Pokemon easier to find.
    • Each PokeWalker course consists of three groups. Each of these groups have two Pokemon in them. When a Pokemon is sent to the PokeWalker, the PokeWalker will randomly pick one Pokemon from each group. The Pokemon that did not get randomly selected within a group will not ever appear during that walk.
    • Pokemon can only gain 1 level per walk
    • 1 exp for every step (A Pokemon will not gain any more experience once it has enough for one level, but it will continue to gain happiness)
    • Random Pokemon will fill in for the lead Pokemon sometimes if no lead Pokemon is in the PokeWalker. You will know when this happens because this speech balloon will pop-up:
    • The greater a Pokemon's happiness, the better chances are it will find a higher number of Watts for you periodically. Aside from finding Watts, a Pokemon can also find items. In order to take these found Watts/item from your Pokemon just press the center button when one of the below icons appear:
      • = 10w
      • = 20w
      • = 50w
      • = Item

    Note 1: Keep in mind that sometimes even though one of the speech balloons show up doesn't always mean that they will be holding Watts or an item.


    • Description: The PokeRadar is one of the features available inside of the PokeWalker. Once used, you get the chance of searching for a Pokemon inside of one of four patches of grass. Once a Pokemon is found using the PokeRadar, you get into a small battle with it. Rules are very similar to that of the normal Pokemon games, you have to knock the wild Pokemon's health down to low, and then throw a Poke Ball to catch it. There are three options that you are given to battle, which are:
      • Attack (こうげき) - [Left Button] Hits the opponent to lower HP.
      • Catch (つかまえる) - [Center Button] Throw a Poke Ball in order to catch the wild Pokemon.
      • Dodge (かわす) - [Right Button] When the opponent Pokemon goes to attack, you can dodge it and do damage with a counter attack.

    • There is a limit of up to three Pokemon that you can catch at a time on the PokeWalker. For any wild Pokemon that you catch after your box maxes-out at three, you will have the option of switching-out with one of your previous catches. If your Pokemon is knocked out during battle on the PokeWalker, you will loose up to 10W. Opposing Pokemon are not knocked out, if they run out of life then they run away. Here are some of the situations that might happen for each option:
      • Attack (こうげき):
        • Normal Hit (-1 Life Bar)
        • Critical Hit (-2 Life Bars)
        • Opponent Dodges
      • Dodge (かわす):
        • Counter Attack (-1 Life bar)
        • Stare-off (Neither Pokemon takes damage)
        • Opponent runs away
      • Catch (つかまえる):
        • Succeed
        • Fail (Wild Pokemon will run away if the Poke Ball fails to catch it)
    • Cost: 10W
    • Limit: 3 Pokemon

    Item Finder

    • Description: The Item Finder is another one of the many features that the PokeWalker holds. When used, you get a total of two chances to search out an item among six patches of grass. Similar to the PokeRadar, the Item Finder also holds a limit of three. You can only bring back three items at a time to the games, so once you pass the limit of three items, you have to start switching out old items for new ones if you see fit. There are one of two messages that will appear if you do not find your item the first time. They are:
      • ちかくに はんのう - Response from close (In a patch on either the direct left or right hand side)
      • とおくに はんのう - Response from far (In a patch two or more away from where you searched)
    • Cost: 3W
    • Limit: 3 items


    • Description: If you connect to a friend's PokeWalker, you can both receive items. You are only allowed to communicate with the same friend once per day. There is a limit of ten items that you can hold when receiving items via this method. This is also the option that you use to send your Pokemon from and to the game.
    • Error Messages:
      • あいてがいません - There is nothing to communicate with (make sure you are close enough)
      • つうしんしっぱい - Failed while communicating (just retry)
    • Cost: --
    • Limit: Same friend only once per day; up to 10 items (Communication with the game is unlimited)


    • Description: This is the option to find out information about the PokeWalker's current status/owner/walking information. When you select this option, you will be brought to a screen that will have 3 lines:
      1. Trainer Name
      2. Current Course Name
      3. Current Time

    • Press right up to seven times from there and you will be brought to a screen with four lines:
      1. Day (-1 ~ -7)
      2. Steps
      3. Total number of days
      4. Total steps over the number of days in line 3


    • Description: This is where to check what items you have and what Pokemon you have caught. Simply go through your list using left and right to see what you have.


    • Description: This is the place to change either sound (left) or contrast (right) settings. Sound has 3 different settings; Mute, Medium, Loud. To change the contrast just scroll through the contrast bar until you get the contrast you like.
    • Sound
    • Contrast

    For a list of Pokemon, Items, etc obtainable in the PokeWalker Courses, check here:
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