Well, finally bothered to go watch them (I figured I'd watch them all in consecutive order... not gonna watch them 1 per week.), and I gotta say, I found it surprisingly well done, now that I get it better. Now that I think about it, everything centering around the legendary trio wasn't such a bad thing. Sure, Dialga and Palkia are the poster boys for Diamond and Pearl, but really, they've already had 3 movies; 1 of which they were the so called stars. I guess it was at least decent for them to have longer than a short cameo.

I find Cyrus's lines were surprisingly close to what the game presented in the first place, which proves that the writers actually bothered to put more effort into Team Galactic.

Cyrus was actually pretty well handled in English. Jupiter's voice actually works for her... it's only Mars I have a slight grain towards.

Otherwise, great ep (not mentioning anything Hunter J related, for obvious reasons).