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    - Cyrus dying [a first for anything living in the animé?]
    - Spear Pillar being inside the mountain [not on top, as per the games - something completely silly].


    - Obviously rushed [the Lords of Time and Space were out for like five minutes, the Red Chain destroyed so easily and then quickly subdued]. It should've covered two episodes.

    - That Jupiter [creepiest looking animé woman I've ever seen] didn't die along with Cyrus...

    - Not an ounce of time dedicated to Giratina, who was only the main threat from Platinum, the only reason for 'Lookers' existence... [yes, Giratina had his own movie, but so did the other two, three times over]

    - Should-have-been Arceus name drops being diluted to the 'Original Power'. Why...?
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