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Thread: The Battle Finale of Legend! (620)

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    i actually caught this episode i wish they would have thrown giritina and maybe arceus in there and dialga and palkia at LEAST could have had an uberly epic battle but all in all it was pretty good

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    You do not want to know the ratings for this episode. Let's just say they were very bad.

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    When the Red Chain was summoning Dialga & Palkia, did anyone see the gold beam and the silver beam that Dialga & Palkia eventually got out from? If this episode aired before the announcement of HGSS on May 8, 2009, I would have thought of that as a hint to a GS Remake. It does seem kind of ironic, right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jigglypuff5000 View Post

    - Cyrus dying [a first for anything living in the animé?]
    - Spear Pillar being inside the mountain [not on top, as per the games - something completely silly].
    Uh, no. Spear Pillar being on top of a mountain seems far more "sensible" than it being in a cave. Those legends needs "space" ya know. At least, I thought it made sense in the games. Being in a cave seems constrictive, IMO.


    - Not an ounce of time dedicated to Giratina, who was only the main threat from Platinum, the only reason for 'Lookers' existence... [yes, Giratina had his own movie, but so did the other two, three times over]
    Yeah, I kind of do wish they had Giratina in this, but otherwise I'm fine with it. This was all time for the 3 pixies, so I'm not completely surprised.

    Quote Originally Posted by Torpoleon View Post
    When the Red Chain was summoning Dialga & Palkia, did anyone see the gold beam and the silver beam that Dialga & Palkia eventually got out from? If this episode aired before the announcement of HGSS on May 8, 2009, I would have thought of that as a hint to a GS Remake. It does seem kind of ironic, right?
    I'd say you're looking into this a tad much. But, I wasn't really paying attention to that, so, just me.

    Quote Originally Posted by cohenmarioman View Post
    Cyrus = Goku/Greiger/...
    Jupiter = Marc Thompson
    Mars = Lisa Ortis
    Cyrus = Sean Schemmel
    Charon = Mike Pollock

    Going by what he said then.

    Quote Originally Posted by Torpoleon View Post
    DP150 & DP151 were nicely spaced out. They really should have had two more episodes to the arc and have Giratina, the Distortion World & Arceus. That's why I would not give it a ten.
    Yeah, at least having Giratina involved would have been good. I mean, especially considering all the references to Platinum at this point. Oh well, hopefully Giratina gets a cameo of some kind (oh wait, didn't it get like a 5 second cameo about 3 episodes prior?).

    Overall, I actually enjoyed this in English far more in Japanese (understanding it may have had something to do with it... maybe). I actually thought that they handled Cyrus quite well; something they didn't really do with the other teams of last gen. I mean, Cyrus really proves that he's gonna do what he wants, and there's not a damn thing your gonna do to stop him (figuratively of course, he "escapes" so to speak).

    Decent use of movie 5 music, even though it's one of the most overused tracks around (seriously, if you heard it, you know which one I'm talking about). Not that it's a bad thing, just an observation of mine.

    Cynthia was more or less a supervisor, but at least she was actually doing something (which reminds me, why the hell did they use Lance back with TA/M instead of Steven? Especially considering Steven only got 1 episode back in Hoenn...). Still, her using more than just Garchomp would have been nice...


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    Really enj0yed this episode thought the idea of Cyrus throwing himself in was very self obtained but can also for the older viewers knew what he was doing. Also liked the idea of Cynthia coming back as well and getting involved. Lets hope that Team Galatica are now safe in prison

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    By far one of my favorite episodes in the Sinnoh saga. But, I do agree with some of the people who felt it was rushed a little bit.
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    The Episode was Brill!
    Epic Episode but it was rushed a bit.
    I't would of been more Brill if garatina was involved.

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    I wonder why Nintendo didn't come up with the trio system sooner.
    2 pokemon-angry 1 pokemon comes and saves the region
    And then there's the central pokemon that supposedly made everything(Mew came and then Arceus kicked it out of the spotlight).
    Here's what Nintendo will do; they will say that Arceus only ruled and made one collection of dimensions. There will be a Super Alpha pokemon that is even higher in power. Super Alpha made (a number of collection of dimensions) and (a number of Arceus Eggs). And Nintendo will just keep doing this until there are more legendary pokemon than we can count!

    Dialga Giratina Palkia

    Uxie Mesprit Azelf

    __________________________________________________ ________________
    Kyogre Rayquaza Groudon

    ?(Maybe Mew)? Hoenn
    Registeel Regice Regirock

    Hoenn and Sinnoh are the same, sort of.
    Johto and Kanto don't have a system.

    Moltres Articuno Zapdos

    Mewtwo<copyer!Mew Kanto

    __________________________________________________ __________________
    Johto had more of a system.

    Raikou Suicune Entei

    Ho-oh Lugia
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    ...and so ends the dark and shameful tale of Team Galactic.

    Dialga and Palkia. At long last we meet!

    An awesome conclusion to the Team Galactic story arc!

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    Jupiter's 'Fine by me!' was by far the best. It really showed how much she felt for the aspirations of her Leader (even if it was blind stupidity...!) Also, Mars wanting to go with Cyrus! He sure was a ladies man, eh?
    My other favourite part was when Dialga and Palkia were released by the lake trio, and the first thing they do is (presumably) smash Cyrus' new universe. That was the epic finale the TG arc needed.

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    This whole thread makes me laugh.

    OH MY GG
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    Sinnoh has the longest Team saga we've ever seen. Not even Team Aqua and Magma can top them. But Cyrus is a total b*tch to beat in the game and in the show they make it seem so easy with all of them. Well of course.

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    If Dialga and Palkia battled with each other it would have been epic....just like Kyogre and Groudon

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    Jupiter going mad was awesome - she just didn't care she was going to die. Overall an epic episode - slightly rushed but it was pretty darn epic. Dialga and Palkia were cool, the Lake trio were just fantastic. Cyrus was some proper weird, wonder what did happen to him in his little world. Excellent ending to the Galactic arc, and a nice way to send them out.
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    This episode was cool. It was great to see Palkia and Dialga for the 1st time in the Anime. It was cool to see how the Spear Key opens and unlocks the Spear Pillar. It was so cruel how Cyrus used the Red Chain to summon Dialga and Palkia, and to have them all trapped. Finally Croagunk was able to defeat and knock out Toxicroak. It was great that they finally destroyed the Crystals on the Trio's forheads that were controlling them. It was great to see Spacial Rend and Roar of Time for the 1st time. They were finally able to break the control devices surrounding Palkia and Dialga. It was great how they were able to command the Lake Trio.


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    This episode was very cool one of my faves. It was really cool to see Dialga and Palkia. I'm glad that Croagunk was able to beat Toxicroak. This episode was incrediblely EPIC especially when they destroyed Cyrus' new universe 10/10

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    Awesome episode! the Legends look really awesome! think its my fave legend episode from this season ^^
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    Now that I have actually seen this episode I can review.

    I thought this episode was pretty good, I mean there are some things I wished had more in. Like more of Cynthia's Pokemon and her battling (But I guess it was something Dawn, Ash and Brock had to do themselves with the Lake trio and Cynthia understood that, instead of show boating she let them do most of the work while assisting, although I don't see Garchomp taking on Dialga/Palkia too long if that had actually happened lol).

    It was a nice connection between the Lake trio and Ash and co. The battle could have gone on for a bit longer and there could have been a fourth parter but the writers might have been afraid that if they drag it too long then people wouldn't like it as much).

    TR lol thinking they actually did much, okay so they captured Jupiter.. Oh wait that was Cynthia, so tell me what exactly did they do in this episode, aside from guard the prisoners TR and Looker didn't do much, so I don't think TR had taken TG down, however they did play a part in it from the previous episode. They were the reason Ash and the others even knew anything was going on.

    I think it's clear Cyrus is pretty much dead as well since the two legends destroyed the other world didn't they? Two deaths in a row (Well actually more since J's crew probably died as well). Mars definitely looked like she was really affected by it, I wonder if it was the fact Cyrus could be dead or the fact he technically betrayed her and Team Galactic. Saturn looked pretty upset by it (Jupiter not really, perhaps she knew he was going to leave all of them to die anyways and had accepted that fate).
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    TR lol thinking they actually did much, okay so they captured Jupiter.. Oh wait that was Cynthia, so tell me what exactly did they do in this episode, aside from guard the prisoners TR and Looker didn't do much, so I don't think TR had taken TG down, however they did play a part in it from the previous episode. They were the reason Ash and the others even knew anything was going on.
    I hated that. TR did nothing but be backup to other characters (first Ash and co., then Looker), yet they obnoxiously shout that they're the ones who "beat Team Galactic". Their ego in thinking they're better than Hunter J and Team Galactic wasn't funny; it was just annoying and rubbing in the fact that these losers are who we usually get in episodes while real villains only rarely appear.

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    This episode was AMAZING! Dialga and palkia were awsome and the storyline was great.
    its a bit ironic how cirus got destroyed in his own universe.

    to be honest, it is really mean how cirus betrayed the whole of his team, but hey: thats what karma is for
    Happiny is awesome

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    This episode was my favorite episode of 4th gen anime ! It was so action packed !
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    There are two things I really like about this episode. First of all, that's it for Team Galactic. No more of them after this point. Good riddance, I never did like you.

    Plus, I like the part where Team Rocket AND Looker get their disguises burned off. It makes me LOL because I believe it's the first time in the series we see someone else lose a disguise and the outfit underneath stays undamaged like it's made of Teflon. Nice to see it happen to someone besides Team Rocket.

    I also would enjoy seeing Gary here again more if it wasn't for the fact that we haven't seen him since, and I don't know if we will. The show seems like it's dumped most characters that aren't the twerps, Team Rocket, Giovanni, or Pikachu, and who knows if we'll see older characters like Gary again. We probably will, but it's not encouraging.

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    I...LOVE this episode. Saturn was epic and awesome, unless you count when he gets arrested. And the Mars screaming part was just funny and...uh, almost gave me a heart attack the first time I heard it. I mean, if you were sitting at your computer and relaxing, not knowing that someone was going to start SCREAMING, it does make you sort of jump.

    The only part that really got to me was when Cyrus died and all the commanders looked like they were really, really depressed. That was stuck in my head for a week. Seriously, why did that have to happen?

    And the "heroes" were getting on my nerves, trying to "save the day" and basically being annoying. I HATE Ash, and have hated his guts since the beginning of the Pokemon anime. And also, their little "be nice to Pokemon" thing is - undescribabley dumb. I mean, that is just a waste of time in my opinion.

    And the most ironic part? When that - that stupid thing of Brock's defeated Toxicroak. If you think of it logically, it's pretty much impossible. Yuck. I hate Brock's guts too.

    And seriously. Cynthia and her little friends are WAY overpowered, like, they are so cheating. And sometimes, I just don't get them. Like when Cynthia threatened to kill Jupiter? Honestly, what kind of heroe is she. And when Ash didn't try to stop Cyrus from commiting suicide. That was, like stupid.

    Ash: Cyrus, don't do it! *stands aside and watchs him die*

    WTF is wrong with him, he has mental problems. He watches people die, then walks out calmly and starts getting happy because he "saved the day" and doesn't even care if people die.
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    This is like my fave episode!!! I can watch it over and over! XD But I like cryed when Saturn and Mars got arrested...

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    Me too!! I was all like "Can I just about murder them now?".

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