Hi, im new to shipping and im here to write a story about a digglet wrangler. I was inspired to write this from pokemon season 2 in which a digglet wrangler saved a town from voltorb. Please dont get on me for an occaisonal spelling mistake, Im doing my best. I have permission from mod sapphireL to use her name. im also going to flip flop between stories of Jeremy and Lydia

Narator: Welcome to the world of Digglet wrangling. A digglet wrangler is someone who protects people and does Dirty jobs with digglet. sometimes they just act cool, but Generally they are respected for there work. In this story two rivals, Jeremy and Lydia Just got there digglet wrangling license and both are trying to reach the goal of finding and capturing the golden digglet. this digglet is a legend amongst the digglet wranglers as its been seen once and it is told that is knows the ultimate pokemon moves. It was compared to Mewtwo for its power and speed, and is beleived to be arceus ultimate creation by some.

Jeremy: Finnaly with my license I can start my quest to the Golden digglet. WOAH, hunh
Digglet: Dig-let
Jeremy:*laughs* dont worry digglet, im taking you all on my Journey. without you guys, i wouldnt be nothing
Lydia: You got that right.
Jeremy: *grumbles* great.
Lydia: I feel sorry for your digglet, having a poor trainer and all.
Jeremy: You take that back! Ive raised my digglet ever since they hatched, and there top-notch right now, even Ash said so!
Lydia: Ash ketchum? they pokemon league champoin? he wouldnt say that
Jeremy: he sure did. well I have to go.
Lydia: *giggles* See you when I have the golden digglet.

Chapter 1 Jeremy: Save pallet town!
Citizens: HELP US! HELP US!
Jeremy: hunh?
narrator: in the distance, a Gyrados was using dragon rage and storming the town making it a hell hole.
Jeremy: our first job. *throws out 6 pokeballs*
Digglets together: digglet.
Jeremy: guys, this is our first misson, we have got to stop that gyrados, its making a bigger mess of that town than obama is with cash for clunkers!
narrator: at this point gyrados is heading toward the lone digglet wrangler, Jeremy
Jeremy: Oh god, what do I do what do I do? hmm....... Everyone, Dig a giant hole
Narrator: the digglets dig around Jeremy in formation making a giant hole 10 feet deep.
Jeremy: on my signal, once gyrados comes above the hole, use a combined Stone edge attack.
Narrator: a massive stone edge attack comes out of the giant hole and hits gyrados knocking it out of the sky to land in front of the church. Jeremy then runs to it.
Jeremy: wow, It actually worked. oh sh--
Gyrados: ROOOOOOOOOAR! *shoots hyper beam*
Toasted and injured Jeremy: ouch. I knew it wouldnt be easy, well I guess I have to pull out the heavy artillery, my best. *pulls out final pokeball*
Dugtrio: trio
Jeremy: charge up a soler beam attack. when the time is right, shoot gyrados down.
Dugtrio: trio-trio. *charges up soler beam*
Jeremy: guys, I want you to circle eachother as fast as you can in a double team.
Narrator: A giant twister forms from the dugtrio. This further pisses off gyrados who makes his own twister. the two twisters clash knocking everyone out of the town.
Dugtrio:TRIIIIIIIIII-OOOO!!! *A massive soler beam launches directly hitting the giant gyrados*
Jeremy: wow my half-ass plan worked!
Mayor: what you did was bitter-sweet. You eliminated the gyrados threat, but you also managed to cost us pallet town.
Jeremy: the thing would have destroyed the town anyways!
Mayor: right.....
Jeremy: if it makes you fell better. Digglets and dugtrio! fix this town, but dont put to many holes in it.
Narrator: the team of digglet and dugtrio fixed up the town underground. they spend hours but finnaly, because there ground types, the restored the town to the way it was, minus the holes.
Mayor: well I suppose I have to thank you.
Jeremy: what? no rewards?
Mayor: the reward is being a wrangler and having the pleasure of saving lives.
Jeremy: *mumbles* prick
mayor: what was that?

Narrator:Jeremy left the town and continued to veridean city. but he soon had a quizical expression on his face, as his dugtrio had a letter in his mouth. he then took it and opened it. It read -
You have helped people like a wrangler should. Next time you should be more modest, but Im glad your a wrangler to help people unlike some greedy people who only do it for the money. The more you save towns and help others, the more letter you will get from me. maybe someday I will let you see me.

Jeremy: who is this person? I dont know.

Narrator:and so Ends our day of the digglet wrangler Jeremy. Who is this mysterious person? could it be professor oak? Obama wanting Jeremy to take that comment back? who knows.

Chapter 1 Lydia: save Floaroma
Lydia: a new day. Im kinda sorry for saying those things to Jeremy, but I have to show him Im better than him. maybe someday, we can be friends instead of rivals. I would like that.
Narrator: as Lydia heads off to Floaroma town she notes an unstrange presence of carnivines everywhere.
Mayor of floaroma: You! arnt you a digglet wrangler?
Lydia: sure am. Whats with all the carnivine in town?
Mayor: thats what I need your help for! its killing all of our beautiful flowers.
Lydia: what should I do..... Oh Ive got it! I can just dig under the carnivine and unroot them, them capture them all.
Mayor:take these 100 pokeballs and get them than, but there hard to catch.
Lydia: easy. Go digglets, unroot all these carnivine for me!
Narrator: after half an hour of hard work for the digglet, all the carnivine were uprooted and captured.
Lydia: well that was easy.... WTF!!!!!
Narrator: another set of 100 carnivines popped out of the ground!
Lydia: how can this happen? is there a source there coming from?
Go Dugtrio! dig as far underground as you can, and tell me if theres something unusuall in the ground!

Narrator: after 5 minutes, dugtrio came above ground with a very suprised look on its face! it then drew a picture in the ground by holes and drew a giant carnivine.
Lydia: oh god. Team, go underground and uproot this giant carnivine by using a EarthQuake attack.
Narrator: the town then shook very hard and then a giant carnivine came up in the center.
Lydia: now that its here, everyone! use a combined Hyper beam attack!
Narrator: the digglets use a hyper beam like no one has ever seen, just to have it reflected into the air.
Lydia: use your stone edge! *thinks* I cant use earthquake or the town will be destroyed!
Narrator: the Stone edge attack also deflects and lands in lake valor way far away, which a bunch of magikarp surface, fainted.
Lydia: UGGHH!! Everyone use Fissure on it. Put this thing in Hell where it belongs!
Narrator: the digglets and dugtrio made a giant fissure that led into the center of the earth. the digglets and dugtrio, quicklet balanced the land back with the dirt that had flew everywhere.
Mayor: thanks for saving the town! you have our gratitude, and in reward, take these 2 gracidia flowers! these are the rarest in the world!
Lydia: thank you alot! but I dont deserve these.
Mayor: dont be modest, I hate modest people! NOW GET OUT
Lydia: ......

Narrator: the team then left and where on there way to the forest when dugtrio came with a letter. Lydia opened it with a puzzled look on here face. It read-
Modesty is great, just dont be too modest. thank you for eliminating one of the threats that plague the ground. I have been trying to get rid of it for a while, but now its in hell where it belongs. You are deserving, but you still need to prove yourself. The more you help others, the closer you are to me.

Narrator: Lydia thought that it was from the floaroma mayor. But she would find out soon enough.