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    Before we get started with the story, I'd like to give a little introduction about myself. Although this is my first post, I am by no means a newcomer to the world of Pokémon. I've been playing the games since very long ago and always find myself coming back to the series in certain periods. At this point I'm eightteen years old and I have been playing the games since I was six or something. There are always periods of months where I totally forget the existence of the games. After that, I always return and find myself totally addicted again. This is a phase I find myself in now. I've never written a fanfic. I have written some comedic stories in my native language (Dutch) which were very well accepted on a different forum. I consider my English very good, but I'm always trying to improve, so please give me feedback if you'd like. I am a lover of culture and languages and Asian culture is my favorite. I love the whole mysterious feeling about everything and I plan to study for half a year in Japan in 2015.

    I've chosen to expand on the canon of the Johto-games. Because the region is based on a certain region of Japan, I've always found myself being the most interested in the mystery this region holds. The story is going to be formed in the same way as the storylines in the games, although there will be focused more on the main character here. After this all, let's proceed with the story.

    It's been three years since revolutionary things have happened in the Johto region. A little kid named Ethan from New Bark Town gathered all the badges, defeated Team Rocket on his own and conquered the Indigo League, learning a lot in the process. Legendary Pokémon have returned to the region and since that period, a lot has changed in the region. A lot of new Pokémon have appeared in the region, which made collectors and scientists very enthusiastic. Johto became a very tourist place with people coming here from all different regions. There has been a increase of strong trainers hailing from everywhere. Due to the big interest in the Johto region, the government here decided to create their own Pokémon League.

    In the meantime, I've been here for like forever. Let me introduce myself, my name is JayDee. I'm an eightteen year old guy and I haven't done anything interesting in my life at all. I consider myself lucky by following a high level of education, but I'm not really doing anything at all besides that. I watch a lot of tv, I am active on the internet and I knew a lot of people. That being said, I don't have a lot of people who I am really close with, though I consider myself pretty social. I see little kids arriving here in Violet City with Pokémon, training them on a high level and moving on. All those kids have the dream of becoming a Pokémon master and repeating the beautiful things Ethan did. To be honest, I'm getting sick of my current life, so I want to move on with my life. I want to see beautiful places and not only here in the Johto region. The furthest I've ever been is Cherrygrove, only to swim or wait I think Goldenrod to go shopping for clothes and stuff. So I'm wondering, what is my dream? Getting a hot chick, finish my study and earn a lot of money? Well, that's quite the simple life, I want a challenge. I'm moving up, getting out of here.

    I've been living on my own for a year at this point, my mother thought it would be a good idea to become independent since I'm studying at Violet University right now. It won't be too hard for me to leave, but the only thing I'm worried about is where I should reside during my travels. I won't worry about that now, but the thing I have to worry about is getting a Pokémon. Trainers are beloved in the Johto region and don't need a lot of money to keep themselves alive with food and sleeping places. So the first thing I'm going to do is approach a little kid and ask them all kinds of stuff. 'Let's do this!' I shouted while my neighbour looks at me through the window. He must've heard all the talking I did with myself. Well, I probably won't see him again for a while now.

    I walked outside and saw a little kid with a Zigzagoon. I approached him and had a little conversation with him. He told me that his name was Jeremy and that this was his second day as a trainer. He also told me that Prof. Elm in New Bark Town has a gigantic collection of Pokémon which he hands out for free to beginning trainers. I really don't have any idea how to get there, so I asked Jeremy if he would like to go with me. He needed to get back there anyway, so having a partner to travel a little bit won't be that bad, that's what I thought at least. Jeremy was extremely hyperactive and asked hundreds of questions like: 'What Pokémon are you gonna choose?' 'Who is your favorite Gym Leader?' 'Is it strange that Slowpokes always have the same grin on their face?' 'Have you ever met Ethan?' After a while, I got sick of it: 'Jeremy, shut up for god's sake. I have no answers to all your questions and we probably won't see each other ever again as we seperate our ways in New Bark Town.' I realized that I've gone a bit too far, the guy was very sad after my angry rant where he was very upbeat beforehand. 'Well, Jeremy. I'm going to promise you, when I get my Pokémon I am going to battle you first. You like that don't you?' After this, Jeremy was as energetic again as he was before my rant. This was already the first big lesson of my adventure: don't let your own ego rise above the positive traits of other people.

    After a long and uninteresting walk where we really didn't see anything except from some old men playing childish games and a heck a lot of Geodudes doing pushups we finally arrived in New Bark Town. 'Here we are' said Jeremy. 'There is the Lab, this is the busiest place I've ever seen.' He sure was right, I haven't seen a row of people like this since the tickets for the Daft Punk concert in Goldenrod were going into sale. I figured there would be nothing left but waiting. I looked for a good comfortable rock to sit on and found one in a very short time. Jeremy looked at me and said: 'You lazy prick! What are you doing? The Pokéballs won't come to you this way, this is no game of bowling!' This was the thing I hated about myself and a little kid schooled me about this. I'm too lazy. I got up and eventually saw that unlike the incredible amout of people standing here suggested, I could walk into the lab without much of a hassle. I walked straight to the professor and we shook hands. He looked like a very nice person. 'So you came here to get a Pokémon? Where are you from, young man?' he asked me. 'I'm from Violet and yes, I would like to get a Pokémon. I'm tired of my old life and living in the same old city for ages. I want to see the world and meet people.' I responded. 'I like that attitude, I think I have the perfect Pokémon for a guy like you. You sound very smart, I think you got a lot of potential, but you really need to work hard to reach your potential. Let me grab the ball which contains the Pokémon.' Having said this words he went to what must've been a stock room where all the Pokémon were.

    After a few minutes of waiting, Elm returned. 'Thank you for your patience, young man. Here is your Pokémon, it's a Riolu. Riolu are very loyal and capable of becoming very strong. I think that a Pokémon like Riolu could keep you motivated for the whole time. Take good care of it, great things could happen when he becomes very happy.' There it is, my own Pokémon. It felt surreal for sure. 'Wait, before you leave. Have a Pokédex, if you see any rare Pokémon, I will receive all data that the Pokédex registrates. See, it's a win-win situation for us both. Good luck with your goal, you're welcome any day of the year.' he concluded. I gave Elm my very sincere thanks and went outside where Jeremy was waiting. 'Ready for the battle dude?' I figured I had no choice and sent out Riolu who I chose to name 'Juninho'. I didn't made my love for foreign names a big a secret at all.

    As I did know a lot already about Pokémon, I figured that I had a type advantage. 'Juninho, my man, check him with a little Force Palm.' The thing I disliked about other trainers is how robotic they give orders to their Pokémon. I was always fantasizing about cool sentences like: 'A yo Blastoise, give them a little spray of Hydro Pump.' or 'Houndoom, no one on da corner got swagger like you, show 'em.' Juninho tried to slap Zigzagoon in the face who simply evaded the attack and countered with Headbutt. Jeremy didn't even had to say anything. Juninho was caught completely offguard and got knocked out instantly. 'Wow' I said, 'I don't know what to say, but still I'm saying something.' I've got a lot of training to do. Jeremy seemed very happy and passed me his phone number so I could always fight again with him. I thanked him for his help and he ran back in the direction of Violet City, ready to challenge the gym. I guess that I should move to the newly built Pokémon Center here in New Bark Town and rest with Juninho. It has been a long, but a good day.

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    Nice to meet you bro, welcome to the fan fiction forums

    Let me just say I think it's great that you love Pokemon an are sometimes caught between different phases. Lol that reminds me of myself.

    Ok, so before I read your story I'm going to recommend that you fix your formatting. Huge blocks of text can really put people off and are bad for the eyes. Once you do this, I'll be giving your story another go but I thought it was quite interesting that your OC is eighteen. That's quite an age to be starting his journey.
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    Thanks for the kind words, I was already a bit worried about the formatting. I looked at some other fanfics to gain some inspiration for improving. As I'm louded with thoughts and got a lot of spare time on my hands at the moment, I'm going to continue the story. I chose for an older main character to go through the world of Pokémon with a different vision. I thought it would be quite refreshing.

    I am by no means an early bird. Luckily, the day of a Pokémon trainer starts off just at the moment you'd like yourself. As the lazy bastard that I am, that would be at 12. The nice lady in the Pokémon Center told me that my Riolu was fully recovered and I thought that it would be the right time to move forward.

    I figured it was time for some training, so I went to the place with Geodude doing pushups.

    I prefer to let Juninho live out of his Pokéball, because I think that he would figure out earlier and better how to move in this world.

    Juninho greeted the Geodude and they were very friendly. We weren't a threat to the Pokémon. I asked them if they could buff up my little man for a little while I was going to do some training myself. They immediately climbed the mountains and started smashing rocks.

    After some hours I sat down, totally exhausted. Sports is one of the things I always loved to do, but I wasn't talented enough to become a pro. Nevertheless, I always enjoyed pushing myself to the limit. The thing is though, I'm sweating pretty hard right now and there is no shower here at all.

    As I was thinking, Juninho came back with the Geodude. He was very happy to see me, I wondered how he could be so happy to see me when he only knew me for one day.

    At the same time, a shady figure entered the area. It was a man who looked like 40 years old. I saw that Juninho was feeling terrified. He must've felt his aura, one thing I learned at school.

    The man approached us and spoke: 'The regio sure has been peaceful, hasn't it? My name is Gregor and I am from very far away. After hearing about the myths and legends from Johto, I chose to come here.'

    'I bet you are a Pokémon trainer? I think you can tell me all about the Ruins of Alph, don't you?'

    'Well', I responded. 'I've never been there really, although I live in Violet City. I've been more busy with studying, sports and partying to be honest.'

    Gregor looked at me with a very strong face. 'I'm sorry to have wasted your time, I probably overestimated your intelligence.'

    Gregor left and I saw that he had a Elgyem with him, who followed him immediately. As instructed by Elm I used my Pokédex on it. The Pokédex told me that Elgyem are very rare in Johto. In fact: they have never been seen earlier in the region itself. Well, that's a first.

    Riolu was happy that the man had left and a relatively big Geodude came rolling of the mountain. They seemed very friendly with each other and the Geodude made it clear that he would like to join us on the trip.

    I grabbed a Great Ball out of my pocket, one that I got from my grandmother who is a bit delusional. She always thought that I would be the first guy to win the Johto League, but to be honest, I never see that happening.

    I used the Great Ball to catch the Geodude and as I predicted, he didn't show any resistance at all. I chose to name him Patricio which is a name related to rocks. Just as with Juninho, I preferred to keep him out of the ball.

    We moved on quickly, so that we would be able to get back to Violet City again. From there, it would be the easiest to move on to the next city. Since there is no gym anymore in Violet City, it wouldn't serve me at all to stay there any longer.

    I had several options for my travels. I could go west to Goldenrod via the National Park or I could go south to a route fully loaded with trainers. I figured that I wasn't ready yet to battle a lot, so I went west.

    Connected to Goldenrod are three cities. Ecruteak City to the north and Azalea Town to the south are well known places in Johto.

    The third city I'm talking about is fairly new. It is located southwest from Goldenrod. The cities are connected by a very big bridge which is called 'The Sky Route'. The city is called Aeron City and it is the new place of Falkner's Flying Gym.

    I realized that I could also go first to Ecruteak City. Maybe the place I'm the most interested in of the whole region. I opted to go there first and train my Pokémon there.

    Before I left Violet, I grabbed my bike at home. All that walking is just a waste of time when I can easily use my bike.

    I only let like two people know that I was going to leave. They were kinda shocked, but they could understand my decision. I invited both of them to meet up in the future and they couldn't give me a definitive answer at the point. It was quite strange for a guy past his childhood to pursue a living as a Pokémon Trainer.

    But I don't care, this is what I wanted and that is going to be what I strife for.

    I always thought that Ecruteak was way further located from Violet than it actually was, it took only a few hours to get there per bike.

    I threw my bike in a parking spot and let my guys out of their storage balls. What a beautiful city this is! The air was peaceful and life looked much easier than in Violet here.

    I saw a little playing ground with a basketballcourt, where a very friendly match was played. I saw a lot of happy people in traditional Japanese clothing walking happily with their Pokémon.

    I walked some more and I heard the sound of a guitar-like instrument. The sound was acoustic and it was beautiful. The playing switched from slow to fast and I could recognize different genres of music in the playing.

    Juninho pulled me with him as he wanted to see where the music was coming from. He probably felt a positive aura.

    Sitting there was a beautiful girl playing the Koto, which is a Japanese traditional instrument. I felt my heart pounding because of the immense beauty the girl possessed. She seemed very kind.

    She stopped playing when she saw us arriving, she was probably shy. I said something: 'Beartic.'

    'What?' She said.

    'Well now I broke the ice.'

    No, just kidding. If I need to give my advice, never start with something that cheesy. Instead I said: 'Wow, I love your Koto-playing, you're extremely talented, you know that?'

    'Well thank you.' She said. 'But this isn't a Koto. We call this a Gayageum. The difference is the amount of strings. But it's not a shame that you couldn't spot the difference. I was already surprised that you know about the existence of the Koto.'

    'Are you interested in music?' She asked me.

    'Yeah, I love a lot of styles, I just like culture in general. I want to see the world. That's why I'm here, I started a journey as a Pokémon Trainer, I am on an adventure really.'

    'Really?' She said. 'I would love to see a lot of the world too. I'm kinda stuck here, but I don't really see a opportunity to leave.'

    In my thoughts I already asked her to join me on my travels, but it's quite strange to ask someone who you just met to go with you on a trip around the region and maybe even further.

    'Ehm, well. why is that then?' I asked the girl.

    'Yeah what should I do, I don't really know what my dream is. I love playing music but I don't see myself doing that as a career. Instead I'll study and just get a good job.'

    'That's what I though about doing myself, but you know, you got to do what your heart desires. That's what I'm doing myself. I was studying too, but I wanted to experience things, that's what life is about.'

    'You're right' she said. 'Are you in a hurry?'

    'Well I've just arrived here and I got a lot of sightseeing to do here. So not really.'

    'Ok, that's cool. My name is Kyungri.' She told me. 'I'm going to show you around town and maybe after that, if I have enough confidence. I could join you on your adventures, but only if you don't mind.'

    Wow, I was shocked. I have never met a girl this beautiful at University and I'm only away for two days and I meet someone like her who wants to join me on a trip around the region or maybe the world. I'm lucky.

    'Well of course I don't mind, travelling with another person is always more fun right? My name is JayDee. By the way, do you know a place where I can crash today? I'm tired of all the moving I did.'

    'Oh yeah of course, the Pokémon Center always accepts travelling trainers. Didn't you know that? But if you are tired, I will see you tomorrow. I'll be at the Pokémon Center at 10 A.M. Be ready. See ya!'

    Of course I knew that, but deep in my heart I only wanted to be together with her. Well, I need to snap out of it. She is just beautiful, I don't even know her. I can't be in love right?

    I took my guys with me and went to the Pokémon Center to chill out. I don't even want to know how my feet look right now after all that walking and cycling. Oh wow, by the way. I still haven't showered.

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