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I'll fix it up when I do an edit sweep. XD I think what I was trying to do was describe the fact that Bill's lighthouse is on a cliff that can only be accessed by going along the road next to the beach. So, while the ocean's beyond the beach if a person goes straight out of the forest, the beach eventually meets the cliff if that someone follows the beach to the south.

It might just be easier to not mention the cliff at all, so maybe I'll do that.

lol yeah probably

And everything else in the universe. XD Bill's other name is "Fate's Whipping Boy."

Face-to-face (if you can call it that), yep. He's also had a discussion with Adam in Polaris, when Adam told him to get off his tail and do something.

Or if you meant this is one of the first of many times, oh yes. Adam's going to be back to choke Bill many times in the near future. ;D
sounds like bill is going to be busy in the future lol

You know, you're the second person I've encountered who got confused about where they are. O_o Maybe I'm not entirely clear about things.

Basically, they're headed to Hoenn, as mentioned by Adam in the middle of the chapter. However, to keep Bill calm so he doesn't end up getting dropped into the ocean (because Electric-type XP-494 can't carry weight that well, and Steel-types like Bill are heavy), Adam is keeping Bill asleep by distracting him in his dreams. On top of that, to make Bill feel comfortable talking to it, Adam manipulated Bill's mind so that he's dreaming that he's A) human and B) near his home in Kanto.

Long story short, they're actually in Hoenn, but the entire first scene is taking place in Bill's mind. As a result, Bill sees a forest in Kanto when that's not actually where he is physically.

Like I said, because you're not actually the first person who thought they're now in Kanto, I think I might have to do a bit of revision there. ._.
ah, ok, thanks for clariyfying that

lol sorry for the very late review, i've been busy working on my own fic