Sorry it's taken me forever to get back to this. Busy weekend + NaNo = "And Jax is managing to write coherent sentences how?"

Here's a hint. She's not. That line up there took an extra minute to write because she was trying to correct typos. Typos like, "There's only one T in it's, and it's not after the apostrophe."

(This may also explain the tone and tangents all over the place here. Sorry!)

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Eeek! You're back! You have no idea how huge of a smile I had when I saw this was updated.
*high fives!* Yep, I'm back! Thanks for the welcome, for being so patient, and for also being awesome.

The battle did not disappoint, though it was creepier than I had anticipated. Ixodia standing up, no problem, with bullets riddling their body? I don't blame Bill for shutting down like he did. That's not something you expect even aliens to be capable of. Hopefully he can learn to push that aside and save the human race. I know Adam will help him do that, one way or another. lol
Thank you! And yep, I wouldn't worry too much about Bill pushing past this. He will, just because I've got plenty more chapters planned for him. *tents fingers*

Luckily, even if he tries to shut down, Adam will most likely unceremoniously boot him back into consciousness. *motions to the middle of the next chapter*

And a new character appears, and she's creepy to boot! Definitely can't wait for you to elaborate on that.
Oh yes. You'll be seeing a lot of her. ;D

*crosses fingers* Don't get turned into ash by that Raikou there, Bill.
Don't get turned into Ash, either. That'd be awkward.

Is it mean to admit that I almost laughed at the image of Bill just dropping to the floor and screaming? xD;
Not at all. ;D This fanfic encourages schadenfreude whenever possible. Because that's a cool word. Schadenfreude.

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Oh yeah, I'd like to be on the PM list, although it would only take about a minute more to find out if it was updated, I don't get PM's anymore. So yeah.
\o/ Added both you and Phantom Kat!

I can admire Bill's courage when faced with such a creature as Raikou. I mean, Raikou has freaking thunderclouds on his back and REAL LIGHTNING! More lightning than his body has room for.
Eeeexactly. And Bill likes not being roasted to a crisp, but tell that to Raikou.

Why is Raikou in this weird place where Bill is? Hmm. Perhaps (because he was in Mauville before) he was put in Wattson's gym and it's the robotic Raikou that he has. It wouldn't surprise me, Wattson is pure win.
    Spoiler:- Would this count as spoiling the next chapter, actually?:

And thanks again to the both of you for the welcomes and the reviews. ♥