Fghghgjsdsd! New chapter!

For some reason, the whole chapter had a different (but good!) feel compared to the rest of the chapters, even in the beginning. After I read the entire chapter, it made me realize that this chapter seems to be (in my mind) the start of a whole "arc". We're going out of Mauville, we are formally introduced to the "big baddie", and there's a handful of new characters on board. All in all, a fresh new chapter to satisfy my needs.

The battle between Bill and 009 was just one awesome scene. I felt that Bill was more confident, reacted more than planned this time. Due to that, I found myself being immersed more in what was being said than what was being done. Before, Bill didn't have the ability exchange witty banter while trading blows. Or, trying to trade blows. xD

Steven and Wallace. Welp, I should have expected this. As for Tate, would it be mean of me to admit that I thought, Oh sweet revenge...? He and his twin were such a nightmare in my Sapphire game that finding out one of them got turned into a psychic alien brought a grin to my face. As for how that happened, I haven't the slightest. And that ending line! CREEPY...!

You realize that I have to make fanart for him now, right? I can't get the image out of my head.

Tracey. :3 I always did like him, so I'm glad he's now part of the cast. I still can't seem to grasp the fact that AEM follows canon (barring some adjustments, of course.) When I write, I usually end up throwing canon out the window. Completely. Like it never existed.

And no, I don't think the quality was bad at all. Everything flowed as it should, and description (both in characterization and outer details) was great! Awesome job! ^-^

- Kat