For some reason, I want to draw Pandora, like some totally made up version I pictured in my head and it's totally not because of my love of Ice Queens. And for the record, after thinking that thought, I totally never thought about an Anima Ex Machina Graphic Novel and definitely not the impossibly unrealistic notion of doing it myself. Because I suck at drawing people. And backgrounds. And pokémon (that aren't ponyta).

Too bad I don't have that much free time xD

I've been re-reading Scott Pilgrim, I bet that's what done it.

Anyway, silly Bill, you may be locked inside the body of a terrifying metal alien, but you simply cannot pull off 'badass' all by yourself. Not yet anyway. Besides, you need a badass opponent to be badass to... Tate is not that person xD. It was nice to see him get all protective over "Ray of" Hope (That's my new nickname for her by the way :P), you make an excellent point in the story when Tate goads Bill by saying that he's been spending a lot more time thinking about his relationship with Lanette than his relationship with his sister. It wasn't even something I'd really noticed until you pointed it out to me. Then I was all like... 'Damn, you're right.'

I mean, it's okay that Bill has been trying to fix things with Lanette because, let's be honest here, he needs all the help he can get (the lovable goof). His sister has seemed unresponsive/sheltered in terms of her social interactions (what with her reversion into speaking only Japanese) and Bill himself can't do a terrible amount because of him being inside the skin of the very creatures that mentally (and possibly physically, I'm not sure of the extent of her experiences with them) scarred the crap out of her. There was probably a little more he could have done though. It was nice of Tate to remind him of that (in his own special way of course)

Also, has Tate mentioned Liza to the extent he did in this chapter before? He referenced her at least twice (I believe) and we've not heard much from/about her. I remember you saying she was alive, so I wonder if she's scheduled for a return any time soon.

One final thing... Meditating under waterfalls? Really, Bill? I would have thought a scientific mind like yours could have come up with something a little less cliché :P