A preview for my new fic, Pokemon mystery Dungeon: Dimesions. It's what I have so far of the Prologue, before the focus shifts to something else.

Prologue- Memories in the Wind

A calm, gentle breeze, swept across the area. It was cool, but not freezing, as if it were afraid to be too hot or too cold. But afraid would not be a good way to personify this wind, which had crossed through here for along time. And not once, never had the wind feared anything. It payed no heed to the desolate ruin this place was, ignored that it had once been a pleasant village. For nature did not care that there was no life here anymore. It merely kept going, despite that no one dwelled for miles anymore.

Dull trees in shades of black and grey, covered in ash, still stood, ignorant of the fact they had nothing to live for. Not a single leaf sat on any of the trees.

Long ago, when living beings still blossomed here, it had become apparent. That which was created by beings would self-terminate, for they deemed themselves unnecessary. They had nothing to live for. Nature too thought itself unnecessary, had nothing to live fore, yet it still endured. That was the difference between nature and machine, and that continues to be the difference between nature and machine.

And then, for the first time in years, someone came.

Hovering a small distance off the ground, a small, frail looking being entered the ruins of the town. Bright red eyes contrasted with it’s dark purple body and black limbs, and paper-thin white wings protruded from it’s back. To the left of the first being, a second being crawled across the rough, rocky surface of the ground. It’s segmented body was a dark forest green. Its wide black eyes looked towards the first being, who spoke in a quiet, raspy whisper.

“I’m… home.”

The second being turned towards the first. “Dad? Is- is this Pokemon Square?” In contrast to his father, his voice was much more normal, although it used the same quiet tone.

He paused for a while. Over the course of years spent burying memories, Butterfree found it hard to speak. Finally, he responded.

“No Caterpie. This isn’t Pokemon Square. It was Pokemon Square. But there’s a difference. And Pokemon Square is gone.” Butterfree said. A moment of silence passed between father and son before he added-


“Dad?” Caterpie asked. “Did you live here your whole childhood?”

“About a year, and a few months.” Butterfree said. It was a lot easier to relive the memories that gushed and flooded through his heart, mind, and soul, now that he had already started. “Before that, when I was your age, I lived in a place nearby… we called it Tiny Woods, but that wasn’t its official name. I… don’t actually know its real name.”

“Is- is Tiny Woods gone also?” Caterpie asked.

He sighed. “Yes. Nowadays, the Martyr-Ash Cemetery stands there.”

“Oh.” whispered Caterpie, his voice quiet.”

“You want to know what happened, I take it?” Butterfree asked. Taking his son’s silence as a yes, he fluttered to the ruins of an oddly-shaped building.

“This was…”