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    I must say, before anything else happens (glares at Glaceon) that this is going to be a one-shot, it is rated PG, and I'm not going to tell you what ship there will be, because: A, I don't know the official name of the ship, and B, it would ruin the entire story. ^^;

    Naughty would also like to say that the bit about the pokemon sacred to Uxie, Mesprite, Azelf, ect. was not his idea. It came from Ysavvryl's fic "Pokemon Mage Ruby". He only used it because he thought it was a good idea, and hopes he isn't committing plagiarism.

    I probably am, but heck with it. On with the fic!

    The Anabel Project

    Anabel sighed. There had been half as many challengers for the Battle Tower since the Frontier was relocated to the Sevii Islands, and she was bored out of her wits.

    She walked up to the tower roof and absentmindedly sent Espeon out of her poké ball.

    Espeon looked up at its owner and said in telepathy, 'You're missing the old tower, aren't you?'

    "Yeah," Anabel replied.

    Espeon gazed out at the setting sun. 'I do, too. But there's nothing we can do about it. Besides, Fortune Island is pretty picturesque, don't you think?'

    The Salon Maiden nodded. "Fortune Island is OK. Although I still miss the old place. And do you know what? The government is yelling at me for building the tower too high. Apparently there's a building code that says that buildings must be 5 stories tall or shorter! Brandon and Scott said that this change of scenery would be good!"

    Alakazam popped out of its ball and noted, 'There's no building code for palaces, pyramids, pikes - What is a pike, anyway? — And domes. The factory doesn't care about the code, one of Noland's co-workers is afraid of heights.'

    Anabel ignored Alakazam and watched the ground. Suddenly her heart leapt. Could it be? No, the person she was thinking about would have gotten taller by this time. At least it meant a challenger. Anabel rushed down the stairs like there was no tomorrow.

    'What's with her?' asked Espeon.

    'Shush. I'm trying to figure out what a pike is,' Alakazam replied.

    Espeon used Psychic to open a secret door which lead to the pokémon living quarters. The attack also lifted up Alakazam and carried him after Espeon, the humanoid pokémon still muttering about various battle facilities.

    She eventually dropped Alakazam off in the knowledge room, while Espeon herself walked into the emotion room. Her mate, Girafarig, was waiting for her.

    Ordinarily, a girafarig would have no business being in the room for pokémon sacred to Mesprite, and would have been blasted to bits by an explosion of emotions as punishment. However, Mesprite loved romance, so Girafarig was allowed in the room as long as he was on egg duty.

    Girafarig himself grinned when Espeon entered. 'Time for me to go. I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date with Anabel!'

    He galloped out of the room while Espeon padded into it. She looked lovingly at her precious egg and curled her body around it, falling asleep immediately.

    Meanwhile, in the sacred room of Uxie, Alakazam was clutching his head. He had given up on trying to figure out why the Battle Pike was called the Battle Pike, but that didn't deter from the fact he was having the Dimensional Scream. Images flashed before his eyes: Anabel running down the stairs, Girafarig battling a Snorlax, a heart shaped locket, a broken computer.

    He immediately used telekinesis to assemble two miniature working airplanes out of a Wii, two toasters and an MP3 Player to warn his friends of his predicament.

    In the willpower room, a meditite was Meditating. It felt a collision on one side of its head, breaking the trance. Meditite grumbled and picked up the airplane, which said, 'Meet me on top of the tower. Alakazam.'

    As if anyone else would send a metal plane to smack into my forehead when they could have just used telepathy, she thought grumpily.

    Unlike Meditite, Espeon had purposely made sure her dowsing skills were active when she went to bed, a common practice of mother Psychic-types. So, when the plane came within a two meter radius it imploded. She asked a trustworthy Mime Jr. to watch the egg while she walked out of the room and met up with Meditite.

    'Wonder why Alakazam planed us?' Meditite asked.

    Espeon replied that she had no idea.

    When they reached the roof, Meditite asked Alakazam grumpily, 'Alakazam, you better have had a Dimensional Scream. I was about to beat Greta's Medicham's time on Meditating.'

    Dimensional Screams (for all you all non-Mystery Dungeon 2 players) were when Alakazam occasionally saw a set of images in his mind coming from either the future or the past. They usually involved some sort of mystery, even if it seemed like an unimportant one. The group had figured out some very interesting stuff, such as Mew's favorite flavor of whiskey from the length of time between when Brandon divorced with Argenta to the present.

    'Yes, I did. We need to figure out why Anabel bolted down the stairs.'

    'Let's follow her course, then. Most likely she just saw a challenger,' Espeon noted as they ran down the staircase.

    Once the gang arrived in the battlefield room, they found that Anabel had indeed seen a challenger. She was currently battling a Snorlax with Girafarig.

    Meditite rolled her eyes. 'You call this interesting? Noland's speeches on pokémon research are more stimulating than this.'

    'I don't think we've solved the entire mystery,' Alakazam protested, 'Anabel had a challenger last week, and she didn't act half as happy.'

    'I say it's time to look at Espeon's emotional record,' Meditite suggested.

    Espeon kept track of what emotions people had using a tiny computer on her collar. She said, 'Okay,' and looked at the computer screen. After a minute, Espeon summarized, 'Apparently, there have been three prominent cases of the emotion I came across. Two from Anabel, one from me. Anabel's are when she ran down stairs and when she met a challenger back in Kanto.'

    'Maybe it's recognition?' Meditite observed.

    'No, recognition is a relatively common emotion. There would have been more recorded cases,' argued Espeon.

    'What was yours, then?' Alakazam asked irritably.

    'When I first met Girafarig.'

    Alakazam thought for a few seconds. Suddenly he grinned. 'Oh boy, Anabel is going to kill us If she finds out we know this.'

    'What is it?' Meditite and Espeon pleaded.

    'Anabel has fallen in love with one of the previous challengers,' he whispered quietly.

    Both pokémon broke into wide smiles. 'I wonder who it is,' said Meditite.

    'How about we find out, then,' Espeon suggested, 'We'll split up and look for clues. Meet you back here in half an hour.' All of the pokémon then ran off, searching for said clues.

    Alakazam wandered for a bit and his feet lead the way to the front lobby. He looked at the computer and found that there was an online list of all of the Battle Frontier challengers.

    The Psychic-type started typing furiously.

    An incident similar but not quite the same occurred to Meditite. She found a computer screen with a window entitled "".

    Her fingers flew across the keys.

    Meanwhile, in Anabel's bedroom, Espeon was pondering something.

    I wonder why Raikou hasn't blown Anabel off the tower roof. He specifically taught her not to fall in love. Creselia probably smacked him before he got to using his powers, the morning sun pokémon thought.

    She hopped up onto Anabel's nightstand and sniffed a heart shaped locket. Satisfied that this might be an incredibly good clue, Espeon grabbed the necklace and raced back to the arena.

    'Oh, of course, Meditite isn't here,' Alakazam muttered grumpily.

    'I'm dowsing, I'm dowsing. Don't use explosion on yourself,' Espeon said crossly.

    She and Alakazam walked into the room where Meditite was playing on the computer.

    'Meditite, this really isn't the time,' growled Espeon.

    'Hang on a sec. I'm trying to break into the Pokémon League headquarters,' Meditite replied.

    Alakazam peered over the Fighting-Type's shoulder and said, 'Ooh, a codebreaking website! I love these!' before jumping onto a computer next to Meditite.

    'Well, I suppose I'll have to open this locket myself!' Espeon announced loudly, causing the other pokémon to wheel around and the computers to say simultaneously, "TERMINATED BY PERSIAN GUARDS."

    'How do you think it opens?' asked Meditite.

    'There's an opening spell Raikou taught me that might work,' Espeon suggested. She closed her eyes and muttered an incantation.

    Slowly, as if the locket wanted to make the event dramatic, it opened. Everyone peered into the small case. All that was inside was a picture of a boy with dark hair and a tiny snippet of paper that had some odd symbols on it.

    Meditite, after looking at the piece of paper for some time, said, "The symbols on the paper say, 'Ego amor'."

    'Contemplating that this is doubtless a challenger,' reasoned Alakazam, after thinking about those words for a while, 'would it not be feasible to scour the archives for this individual's photograph?'

    'We can probably find this guy in the computer,' Meditite translated.

    'It is improbable we will not unearth his transparency there,' continued Alakazam.

    Meditite didn't translate that, merely shouting, 'Shut your educated trap!' and racing off to the front lobby. Espeon, who didn't want to be caught with Alakazam while he was in Geek Forme, hastily followed suit.

    By the time Alakazam had stopped talking in sentences too difficult for the human mind to comprehend, Espeon had completely wrecked the lobby's computer. She certainly didn't have a mind for any machine besides her emotional recorder. Thus, Alakazam and a few maintenance Metang spent about an hour and a half fixing the machine. During this time, Espeon and Meditite played patty-cake. This was surprisingly difficult for Espeon (namely because she had paws instead of hands).

    After one hour and a half of computer-fixing and patty-cake-playing, Alakazam announced, 'Stop acting like children and come look at this.'

    Espeon and Meditite did as they were told as Alakazam fed the picture from the locket into the computer. Only one match was found. He squinted at the screen and read the name that went with the picture.

    Paul pushed his way through the pine trees on Fullmoon Island. This is ridiculous, he thought. "Ursaring, use hammer arm!"

    The bear-like pokémon popped out of its poké ball and used the attack commanded. Ursaring's arms glowed white and quickly slashed off all of the tree limbs in Paul's path with one mighty stroke.

    'I see you have gotten much stronger,' a voice chuckled.

    Paul whirled around to find Cresselia floating on top of a small moon-shaped pool beside him. "Hello, Mother," he said coolly, "I have something to tell you. When I was back in Kanto, I met this girl, and-"

    'Ooh, was she attractive? Nice? Smart?' Cresselia interrupted. She floated over to Paul, whose face seemed to have the same coloration as a tomato at this point, and ruffled his hair fondly.

    "I never said I liked her!" Paul protested angrily.

    Cresselia tutted softly. 'I am both your mom and the legendary pokémon of beauty. Do you really expect me to believe any of that hocus pocus?'

    "Never mind!" the teenager shouted. He turned around and stomped back into the forest, leaving Ursaring with Cresselia.

    '(bleep!), what's with him?' Ursaring asked.

    'Sometimes,' sighed the lunar pokémon, 'people his age have difficulty spotting what's right under their noses.'

    I hope you like it!
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